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Robert Frank

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Mr. Frank

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Avengers (formerly)

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S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy

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Contest of Champions: Part 4

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Robert Patrick


Whizzer is a super hero who fought with Captain America against Arnim Zola. He is now a teacher at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy.

Physical Appearance

Whizzer is an elderly man who wears a S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform. In his hero form he wears a yellow suit with a W on the chest, little wings on his head and a ring on the finger.



Early life

During World War II, Robert Frank as the Whizzer was a superhero alongside Captain America, Bucky, Miss America, and the Human Torch android against Red Skull, HYDRA, Heinrich Zemo and especially Arnim Zola who disappeared after the war but S.H.I.E.L.D. kept some of his old tech in the archives for research purposes.

Season 3: Web-Warriors

S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy

Years later, Whizzer now works at the Triskelion as a teacher. After Spider-Man, his classic team and New Warriors enter S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy and given a tour by Nick Fury, they are now in the classroom. He introduces himself as their instructor and himself as a Golden Age hero. After Spider-Man jokes about his speed, Whizzer speedily stands next to him and strictly asks if he'd like to share his jokes which makes Spider-Man pay attention before he returns to the podium. When Power Man and Nova are playing games, Whizzer speedily turns them off and again returns to the podium. He reveals that he is no spring chicken but in his day, he put the Kibosh on more muscle bound bad eggs and that green horns like them can shake a stick at it. He then announces that they will begin studying "Super Villain Analysis" with Batroc the Leaper. Spider-Man complains about having to learn about him when he has fought him many times until Whizzer decides to show footage of his battles to see how they turned out. After showing Batroc beating Spider-Man up, he points out that it's a combatant underestimating his opponent. Whizzer tells his students that there is no substitute for research and study in a successful superhero career before he tells White Tiger and Iron Fist to stop texting because he doesn't need to see it to know that they're doing it. The next day, the students begin another day at the academy. After learning Advanced Agility with Captain America, they learn Advanced Bomb Defusing with Whizzer showing them how hard it is and hopes that they're getting it all down because there's a test the next day which annoys Spider-Man before they move onto Advanced Showboating with Hawkeye. Later, after Spider-Man and Iron Spider accidentally reactivate Arnim Zola, they decide to search for him. Spider-Man heads to the classroom where he catches Whizzer polishing his Whizzer Ring. He speedily moves to Spider-Man to show it to him and reveals that it was his call to action back in the day, that it hasn't been activated in years but it still vibrates when the students are texting. Spider-Man is fascinated by it before Whizzer repeats that he doesn't need to see it to know that he's doing it before asking what he can do for him. Spider-Man pretends that he is doing independent research on Golden Age heroes and before he can tell him about having anything, Whizzer speedily goes to the podium to get a scrapbook from the glory days. He shows him photos of when he was young back in World War II, fighting alongside Captain America and other heroes against HYDRA. Spider-Man is fascinated by how they fought back in the day before stopping him on a picture of Arnim Zola and asks who he is. Whizzer reveals that Zola was a pioneer in artificial intelligence and cloning and was one of HYDRA's top eggheads. Spider-Man asks what happened to him and Whizzer reveals about his disappearance and them keeping his technology for research purposes. Whizzer suspiciously asks why he is interested in the villain but Spider-Man pretends about what he said on the first day which makes Whizzer remind himself that he did say that. However, Spider-Man, Power Man, Agent Venom and Iron Spider track Zola to an underground laboratory where they fight Zola and his Synthezoids. Unfortunately, they are overpowered by the Synthezoids before Spider-Man tells Iron Spider to send a text when they find that Zola is blocking the signals. Iron Spider is not sure if it worked until Whizzer in his superhero costume speedily arrives and destroys the Synthezoids. He reveals to them that he's still got pep in his step and some zing in his ring when they are texting. Zola recognizes him as his old nemesis and taunts him about growing old while he remains immortal. Whizzer tells him that he is still fit enough to snap his T.V. antenna like a twig. He runs to him but the Synthezoid paste grabs his legs, trapping him. Zola taunts that even at his age, he never learnt that he could never defeat HYDRA and that they will always rise again while he turns that paste back into his minions. Whizzer tells the teens to go for his T.V. antenna on his noggin because that's what's controlling his army. This fails when Spider-Man and Iron Spider are knocked away by its shield and Zola taunts Whizzer about him slowing down and thinking about opening himself to such an obvious attack. He arrogantly taunts that his Synthezoid army is a match for S.H.I.E.L.D.'s agents, that they will crush them, conquer the world and nobody will interfere. Spider-Man realizes this and has Iron Spider to project his his interference signal around Zola which will cut him off from his army. This succeeds but the lab starts to explode but Whizzer speedily takes Power Man, Agent Venom and Iron Spider to safety and tells Spider-Man that they need to leave but not before he closes the book on this blast from the past. He then proceeds to defeat Zola by punching him. Unfortunately, the explosions knock Whizzer out but Spider-Man is able to save him and escape the explosion. Whizzer recovers and thanks Spider-Man for saving his life and Spider-Man is about to ask about not telling Director Fury about what happened but Director Fury is behind them. Spider-Man takes the blame for Iron Spider about reactivating Zola but isn't expelled.

The Revenge of Arnim Zola

Later, Whizzer makes a cameo as being one of the captives of Zola who tries to steal their powers and switch bodies with him. However, Spider-Man, Agent Venom and Rhino are able to stop Zola and free the heroes.

Contest of Champions: Part 4

Later, after the Grandmaster wins the "Contest of Champions" against his brother, The Collector, Spider-Man along with the Collector challenge him to a "Winner Take All" match. While the Collector fights against Doctor Octopus, Absorbing Man and Skurge, Spider-Man frees all the heroes and Whizzer is seen among them surrounding the villains. Spider-Man and the Collector are able to win the game.

Powers and Abilities

  • Self-taught hand to hand combatant
  • Superhuman Speed: He is able to move & react at almost nigh-light speeds.
  • Peak-Physical Condition: Despite him being of an advanced age, he is still as healthy, if not youthful, & strong like a young man.


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  • Second appearance of Robert Frank, the first in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.


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