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Web Beard
Biographical information
Real name

Peter Parker

Alternative name(s)

Web Beard the Sea Lord

Physical description

Human/Spider Hybrid



Personal information

Web Beard's Crew

Production details
First appearance

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2

Last appearance

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4 (cameo)

Voiced by

Will Friedle


Web Beard is a pirate version of Spider-Man from the Pirate Universe.

Physical Appearance

Web Beard has a brown beard and wears a spider mask/bandana, a navy pirate hat, a blue jacket, a red cloth on his waist, navy pants, and brown pirate boots.


He speaks with a pirate affectation, though he briefly spoke with a regular voice.

He is very greedy and stubborn and cross until Spidey showed him and his crew how to work together and he even gave them the piece of the Siege Perilous.

He has always been protective towards his coconut companion Coco, whom he considered him his only "friend".


Early life

At an unknown point in time Web Beard had a crew (consisting of himself, Dread Pirate Duck, Rocket and Cosmo) and treasure but was (correctly) accused by his crew that he wanted to take the treasure for himself, so they stranded him on a deserted island but he managed to take the treasure.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2

When Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid were sent to recover the shards of the destroyed Siege Perilous, they enter into the Vampire Universe before heading to the Pirate Universe. They are about to enjoy themselves until Web Beard appears before them demanding they leave the island before attacking them. He at first gives them two ways to leave with ne of them being easy before changing his that there's only one way and that's the hard way and that he's coconut friend named "Coco" agrees with him. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid are creeped out by this until Spider-Man comments that he's always wanted to be a pirate compliments how Web Beard looks. Web Beard introduces himself and becomes confused by how the appear before threatening them to leave his "booty" which is the treasure. Web Beard attacks them and Spider-Man tries to explain that they are from another universe and that they need a shard of the Siege Perilous. Web Beard is confused by this and mistakes their words for wanting his treasure much to the Spiders' annoyance. Before he can attack them, he is webbed up. Web Beard begs them to not hurt "Coco" but Spider-Man assures him they won't and also assuring that they don't want his treasure and asks what the craziness is about. Web Beard explains his origins and how he was mutinied and stranded on the island. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid are confused by who betrayed who but still point out that he betrayed his crew for the treasure much to his annoyance and he still claims to be the "victim". Web Beard accidentally reveals where the hidden treasure is and Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid discover the shard in the chest. They ask him for it and he once again accuses them of trying to steal his treasure. He orders "Coco" to release him but Kid Arachnid points out that being on the island wasn't very good for him. Web Beard is suddenly released from the webbing with Kid Arachnid thinking it was the coconut but Spider-Man points out that it was Web Beard's crew. Dread Pirate Duck demands that he surrender the treasure but Web Beard refuses while reminding him that he is the first mate. They bot get confused with the pirate talk before Dread Pirate Duck demands that he give the treasure or he and the crew will take it at the count of ten. Web Beard refuses demanding that he try to count with Dread Pirate Duck counting differently which annoyingly reminds Web Beard that he was always the best counter. In order to get the shard, Spider-Man chooses to surrender much to Web Beard and Kid Arachnid's shock but he believes that Dread Pirate Duck is more reasonable than Web Beard. However, they are tied up and are about to be fed to the Kraken. Web Beard believes "Coco" will save them until he sees the coconut in the water and believes it to have traitorously run away. Kid Arachnid uses his venom blast to free them but one of the ropes hits the Kraken in the eye causing it to attack The Groot. Web Beard fights with Cosmo while Spider-Man asks for the shard which Dread Pirate Duck in his annoyance reveals about how it starts with one gold piece until more comes in and that they build a ship out of solid gold which sank to the ocean floor with Web Beard pointing out that they all thought is was a good idea at the time. Dread Pirate Duck demands that Spider-Man get in the water because everything will be normal once the Kraken eats him. Spider-Man asks if it's not appealing and Web Beard accuses Dread Pirate Duck of not understanding anything but his own greed. Dread Pirate Duck rebukes that Web Beard is the greedy one, that he never wanted the mutiny and that he only wanted to be hard but Web Beard never listens. Web Beard asks why they didn't say something but Dread Pirate Duck points out that they did but he never listens. Spider-Man manages to call them out by telling Web Beard to stop being so controlling and listen to his crew and Dread Pirate Duck should trust in his captain's leadership. Kid Arachnid reasons that they might not get what they want but they must work together. When "Coco" is thrust in the air, Dread Pirate Duck saves him but is about to fall to the Kraken until Web Beard saves him. Web Beard thanks him for saving "Coco" andthat he had to save his first mate and accepts his title. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid then manage to save them from being crushed and Dread Pirate Duck rallies the rest of the crew to work together like the Spiders said. The Spiders and the pirate are able to defeat the Kraken by tying it up and it leaves. Web Beard is glad to have his crew back but Dread Pirate Duck tells him that they maybe back but they all get a vote. Web Beard then gives the Spiders the shard as gratitude much to Kid Arachnid's delight.

It then opens a a portal to the next universe, which shocks Web Beard who realizes that their story of other universes was true. This gets him to thinking he should've given them his solid gold boat. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid leave to the next universe.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

Web Beard makes a cameo, where it is revealed that he encountered the evil Spider-Man, Wolf Spider who had drained the life essence of him and his other counterparts. When Spider-Man allows Wolf Spider to drain his life essence, he finds himself in another world with all the other Spider-People and convinces them to not give up. This succeeds when Spider-Man reveals to Wolf Spider that since all the Spider-People, he drained the power of heroes and since every Peter Parker is a good guy but since he is evil, he poisoned himself with their life forces. Wolf Spider then shatters apart, with his body now trapped in other dimensions he cannot escape and all the life-forces of every Spider-Man he absorbed were restored back to all of them from their different dimensions due to Spider-Man being the center of their universes.


  • Sword: Web Beard uses a sword in battle and he is shown proficient in his battles.


Friends and Allies



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  • He's the third spider who's dimension has it's own special physical design, the first one being Spider-Man 2099 and the second being Spider-Ham.
  • His universe is the second universe to have more anthropomorphic animals, other being Spider-Ham's Larval universe.