The Web-Warriors is a team of spider based super heroes in the main universe.


Season 3: Web-Warriors

It was briefly reformed during Contest of Champions, to evacuate other civilians, heroes and villains of Earth from the Grandmaster's imprisonment.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Spider-Man later reformed the team after Doctor Octopus teamed up with HYDRA and captured the Tricarrier transforming it into Hydra Island. Miles later traveled to Peter's world to stop his world's Goblin, but the Siege Perilous was destroyed and now he's stranded. He rejoined the Web-Warriors eventually taking the name Kid Arachnid to avoid the confusion of having two Spider-Mans.

Scarlet Spider was a spy for Doctor_Octopus all along. However, due to respect for Spider-Man's aunt, Aunt May, he realize when Spider-Man ask if Doc Ock cared for Scarlet, and Ock replies Scarlet is only a tool until he may somehow useless soon enough, thus changes his mind, but sacrifices his life to save the city.

With Scarlet Spider revealed to have survive the crash and seeks to find his true origin, Scarlet is permitted to return to Web Warriors, but not without recruiting his fellow Spider Slayers, who are in Arnim Zola, and formerly Doctor Octopus' control. In the same time upon Spider-Man and Mary Jane are found Scarlet Spider alive, Mary Jane becomes Spider-Woman due to being a perfect host for the Carnage symbiote since the events of The Symbiote Saga, with the help of Dr. Connors to completely control the symbiote, making her temporarily the latest addition to the Web Warriors. However, Kaine, an evil unstable Doc Ock and HYDRA created has more absolute powers to control the Slayers than Scarlet, leaving Scarlet is the only synthezoid Spider-Slayer to survive after the Web-Warriors manage to overload an Ultimate Spider-Slayer Kaine (a form after merging with Scarlet's former Spider-Slayer team).





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Season 1 0
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Season 3 1
Season 4 21
Overall 22


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