Issue #6
The Hole Story
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2016) - The Hole Story is the thirtieth issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


Spider-Man, Luke Cage and White Tiger take on The Spot from sea to shining sea!


Spider-Man contacts Power Man into getting to his location before getting ambushed by The Spot in a warehouse with lots of cars. While White Tiger attacks the Spot, Spider-Man informs the audience of when he and Power Man stopped the Spot back in Hollywood, that they thought the Spot turned over a leaf but hasn't. He reveals that the Spot was stealing cars and Nick Fury sent them to take care of it. They fought until Spider-Man and White Tiger where sucked into one of the Spot's spot portals which forced Power Man to get to their location. While fighting, Spider-Man asks why he is doing this when they thought he gave up crime with the Spot revealing that it's complicated. While fighting and chasing the Spot, he reveals that since the cars weren't people's, he decided to take them from dealerships with White Tiger pointing out that it's still stealing. Spider-Man points out that he didn't hurt anyone which makes the Spot agree with him. White Tiger tells him that he is terrible at being a criminal. After Spider-Man gives him details about using a hole in the bank, the Spot escapes. However, the Spot runs into Power Man who knocks him out. Spider-Man and White Tiger argue on who's fault it was for getting in the way until they are surprised that Power Man had caught the Spot. White Tiger get Spider-Man to carry him while the Spot annoys him about puns being his thing.


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