Issue #7
Snow Day
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2016) - Snow Day is the thirty-first issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


A blizzard – in the middle of the fall?! Something's gone terribly wrong in Queens... and the whole rest of the city for that matter! It's up to Spider-Man to figure out what's causing the sudden snowstorms and set things right for the cold folks of New York. But how's he supposed to do that and make it to science class on-time?!


Peter Parker becomes annoyed with having to wake up and that because he is Spider-Man, his teachers have noticed his conspicuous absences. He realizes that he must in a project for his science teacher, Mr. Herbert, and believes that he won't fail. Aunt May tries to get him to wear a jacket but Peter refuses because it is Summer until he notices that there's snow outside. Confused by all this, he changes into his costume so that he won't miss handing in his project. However, he notices a man trying to help his pregnant wife and Spider-Man manages to get them to the hospital. A police officer tells him that somebody is stealing electronics like copper wiring, electrical conductors and plugs, which annoys him. After twenty minutes of saving six people, he sees that he has got forty minutes to turn in his project. He also remembers that his project is an electrical field detector which is supposed to see how energy efficient devices are. After finding that it works, he decides to use it to look for an electrical field. Realizing that the snow is actually a byproduct and he hears the electronics store owner getting robbed by Blizzard. When he confronts him, Blizzard lets out electric energy which confuses Spider-Man. While fighting, Spider-Man asks him what he's after and Blizzard reveals that it's more powerful than small electrical connectors. Realizing that Blizzard has become more powerful, Blizzard also reveals that he needed New York City frozen to go on a crime spree to maintain upkeep on his armor. Knowing that he'll be in trouble, Spider-Man uses his project to block himself from Blizzard's icicle stab which shocks and defeats him. Spider-Man leaves him for the cops and leaves to hand in his project to Mr. Herbert. Believing that he'll make it in a minute, he sees a sign that reveals that Midtown High School is closed due to inclement weather. This makes Peter happy at having time to fix his project until he sees the cops going by.


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