Issue #8
Miles Before I Sleep
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2016) - Miles Before I Sleep is the thirty-second issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


A friendly face from a parallel dimension pays Peter Parker a peculiar visit… MILES MORALES! But what dragged Miles from his reality into Peter’s? And how’re Spidey and Spidey going to stop a group of vandals who’re running loose around New York?!


Spider-Man is chasing a robber and complaining that he is tired of crime-fighting but though he thinks it's great but he doesn't have social life outside of S.H.I.E.L.D.. However, the robber is already caught in webs and Spider-Man surprisingly sees that it was Miles Morales AKA the Ultimate Spider-Man. The Ultimate Spider-Man reveals that he had just put his Doctor Octopus into prison and was on his way home until a flash of light transported him to the main universe. The two wonder how it all happened, realizing that it could not have been the Ultimate Spider-Man's Doctor Octopus and not the thief that was stopped earlier. It is revealed that there is a lot of vandalism going around but the Ultimate Spider-Man gets the idea that somebody's casting some kind of spell that transported him to the main universe. They search for a magic ritual but keep finding a lot of graffiti around the city. They then realize that the graffiti is actually a pattern an head to the next location of the graffiti vandals. Before they can graffiti a J. Jonah Jameson statue but Spider-Man and the Ultimate Spider-Man appear and stop the two before they can escape. The vandals confess that they were only doing graffiti making that Spider-Men confused and still wondering on how the Ultimate Spider-Man ended up in the main universe. The vandals also reveal that the reason they are doing graffiti on everything related to Jameson is because Spider-Man is their idol and that they wanted to get back at Jameson for all the bad things he says about him. Spider-Man forgives them and he, Ultimate Spider-Man and the vandals clean up the graffiti paint before they can get into trouble. Before they can try to find a way to put the Ultimate Spider-Man back to his universe, he suddenly disappears. Doctor Strange appears and reveals that he sent the Ultimate Spider-Man back to his universe and that Spider-Man must come with him.


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