Issue #5
Irons In The Fire (Part 3)
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2016) - Irons In The Fire (Part 3) is the twenty-ninth issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


Trapped in the clutches of Hydra scientist Armin Zola and his army of Synthezoids, Iron Man seems to be in over his head! What hope does Peter Parker have against a foe that took down an Avenger? Luckily, he's not just Peter… he's the Ultimate Spider-Man!


Spider-Man in the borrowed Iron Spider Armor is caught by a Synthezoid Hulkbuster Armor until he shocks it. While arguing with Iron Man on the fact of knowing how to beat the Synthezoids, Iron Man reveals that he ran out of power. Iron Man frees himself and prepares to battle Arnim Zola. Spider-Man prepares to battle the Synthezoid Iron Man Armors but they combine themselves into a huge Iron Man Armor. Zola taunts Iron Man about sacrificing Spider-Man for the victory while Spider-Man gets beat up by the Synthezoid Iron Man Armor. Iron Man becomes worried but J.A.R.V.I.S. assures him that he is in no danger. The Synthezoid then rips Spider-Man in half much to the shock of Iron Man. Zola then orders the Synthezoid to destroy Iron Man while he prepares to unleash the army while taunting Iron Man about his strength and ego getting Spider-Man "killed". However, Spider-Man is hiding and he reveals that he borrowed the Iron Spider Armor from Amadeus Cho and reprogrammed it with Tony Stark's computers to fight by itself and project his voice. Spider-Man reveals himself much to the shock of Zola and Iron Man. Spider-Man reveals to Zola that having a lab in a ship seemed smark but he forgot that water and electricity don't mix and that the Vibranium machine will get wet to be repulsive. Iron Man getting the idea shoots one of the Synthezoid tanks and the water over flow onto Zola and the Synthezoid and Zola switches off once again. Spider-Man and Iron Man manage to take the Vibranium crater and escape the explosion and the ship sinks. The two thank each other before leaving and Spider-Man asks Iron Man to help him make another Iron Spider Armor for Amadeus Cho.


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  • This event takes place before the episode, "Hydra Attacks" seeing as that Arnim Zola somehow returned and teamed up with Doctor Octopus.
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