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Ham-Ilton (Part 2)
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2016) - Ham-Ilton (Part 2) is the thirty-fourth issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


Spider-Man teams up with Doctor Strange, Spider-Girl and Spider-Ham to stop Shazana, a mysterious sorceress whose spells have been displacing spider people from their own dimensions! Unfortunately, her efforts have disrupted a hip hop Broadway musical about a major player in American history; and no, it's not the one you're thinking of! To make matters worse, Shazana's dimension disrupting has also manifested a small army of villainous characters from your favorite non-license-violating Broadway musicals!


Spider-Man, Spider-Ham and Spider-Girl are confronted by many costumed people while the other civilians are fleeing. Doctor Strange and Shazana are battling and she decides that the false crystal is useless to her and that if she can't leave, then nobody will. Spider-Man, Spider-Girl and Spider-Ham are confused by the costumed people acting strange until Doctor Strange reveals that they are specters called out the audience's memories of plays gone by and that they are in much danger as anyone else. Spider-Girl then learns from the William Howard actor that they have to get the audience back on their side which makes her realize that they'd need to create a world to live out their lives in peace by making the audience like what they're seeing. Doctor Strange tries to get Shazana to see reason of getting her back home but she refuses to listen. Spider-Man then appears by throwing a pie at Spider-Ham to make them get the audience to be back on their side. The Spider-People get the audience to like their acting which makes Doctor Strange's magic stronger than Shazana's with the power of laughter and he defeats her and it sends all the costumed people back. Doctor Strange opens a portal and Spider-Man sends her through and believes that she is home until Doctor Strange reveals that he actually sent her to the Twelfth Level of the Realm of Darkness where the Mindless Ones will hunt her magic energies for all eternity. The Spider-People are surprised by this decision since she never hurt anyone but Doctor Strange assures that he wasn't going to leave her there and that it was merely the most expeditious method of removing her from the reality that they are in before she woke up and promises to bring her home someday. Spider-Girl and Spider-Ham are then transported back to their universes and Doctor Strange leaves. The opera continues and Spider-Man leaves.


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