Issue #9
Ham-Ilton (Part 1)
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2016) - Ham-Ilton (Part 1) is the thirty-third issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


ANOTHER friendly face from a parallel dimension pays Peter Parker a peculiar visit... THIS TIME IT'S SPIDER-HAM! With the aid of the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and Spider-Ham discover the cause of the mysterious appearances and disappearances of Spider-Men and Women from across the multiverse!


In the main universe, Spider-Ham manages to stop a killer from preparing to murder to opera singers until Spider-Man and Doctor Strange appear before him. After the killer disappears, Doctor Strange explains that his disappearance is similar to what happened with the Ultimate Spider-Man. After explaining what happened with the Ultimate Spider-Man, Doctor Strange reveals that multiple people are being pulled from their realities and that they must team up to discover it. They then discover a female sorceress casting a spell and Doctor Strange reveals her name to be Shazana, a sorceress who has battled him for the fate of the Nether-Realm from where she came from. He also reveals that he banished her to the dimension that they're in where he hoped that her magic would be less powerful but then realized that he was wrong. Spider-Man then starts glowing and Doctor Strange reveals that he needed his genetic template to his hypothesis and that Shazana is using a crystal to augment her abilities and that the crystal's side-effect is responsible for the multiple spiders and people appearing and disappearing. Doctor Strange is about to cast a spell on Spider-Man to understand on how Shazana's power works until Spider-Ham warns him that Shazana is about to cast her spell. Doctor Strange continue with their spell to block her sorcery with an incantation to make sure she doesn't open a portal spell she's doing. However, Shazana finishes her incantation and proceeds to continue her conquest of her realm. However, she is suddenly punched away by Spider-Girl. Doctor Strange tries to warn Shazana that she's pulling Spider-People into the realm they are in but she refuses and reveals that she needs the Crystal of Corialli to leave the dimension. Doctor Strange tells her that the Crystal of Corialli doesn't exist but the Crystal of Criitgural does. While Spider-Man and Spider-Ham explain everything to Spider-Girl, Doctor Strange tries to warn Shazana that the Crystal of Criitgural creates portals but it feeds on physic energies and that it also creates the imaginations of those nearby. As the crystal is shown to be overloading, the Spider-Men are confronted by other costumed people.


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