Issue #6
Ultimate Spider-Slayer
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - Ultimate Spider-Slayer is the sixth issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


ULTIMATE SPIDER-SLAYER: With Smythe’s unstoppable Ultimate Spider-Slayer stomping through the streets of New York, it’s up to the Ultimate Spider-Man to stop the rampaging robot once and for all!


After the reveal that Dr. Smythe has become a giant robot after gathering all the data from his robots, he chases Spider-Man. Spider-Man tries to shoot Dr. Smythe's head but this has no effect. Dr. Smythe reveals that he gave up his human body to achieve robotic affection. Spider-Man tries to trip the robot by tying his webs round it's legs but to no avail. He continues to flee while Dr. Smythe fires a giant laser at him. J. Jonah Jameson rants about his money going into support of Dr. Smythe but the real problem must be focused on Spider-Man which annoys him. Spider-Man lands at Oceanside Park and realizes that Dr. Smythe knows every fighting technique from him from his robots. He then realizes that he can use what he learnt against Dr. Smythe and remembers what Dr. Smythe told him. He breaks open the back of the neck and reveals to Dr. Smythe that since he first met him, he couldn't stop bragging about his technology changing the world. He reminds him that since his robots don't run on batteries, he uses antennas on his robots. Spider-Man then destroys the antenna which shuts down Dr. Smythe for good. Spider-Man reveals that Dr. Smythe was so focused on perfect robots that he lost focus of what it meant to be human. He reveals that the robot's weakness ended up being the human's ego and that without any power, Dr. Smythe's consciousness is trapped in the robot forever. Later, at Midtown High School, Spider-Man briefs about Dr. Smyth's robots that might come after him and that he won't let paranoia control him to Phil Coulson. Agent Coulson then angrily tells him that a S.H.I.E.L.D. assessment is supposed to be fifteen minutes and that he went over two hours and that they should be discussing his duties and responsibilities. Spider-Man still feels cheerful about being able to talk about whatever is on his mind, that when he is talking this much, nobody's around to listen and they should reschedule another assessment. Agent Coulson refuses to do another one until next year but Spider-Man still wants to do more of these assessments and decides to talk about a theory about food.


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