Issue #22
Rival Schools (Part 3)
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - Rival Schools (Part 3) is the twenty-second issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


Spider-Man and fellow Midtown High superheroes have gone undercover at Brighton Beach High in Brooklyn. Which will be more challenging: fitting in, or finding Musty the Mustang?


In Brooklyn at Brighton Beach High School, the team manage to get into the school after using the Psycho-Suggestive Spy Paper. The team split up to gain the trust of the students to get information of the whereabouts of Musty the Mustang. They fail to get answers and sit at a table in misery until they are joined and greeted by five other kids who sit with them. They introduce themselves as Paul Palmer, Jason Grimm, Mimi Lapin, Serge and Louis Marko and the the team introduce themselves back. They all talk about the school and it's teachers until Luke Cage sneezes on them. This causes a food fight in the cafeteria until the lunch lady takes the ten teenagers to Principle Staine. On the way, Luke mentions to Danny Rand about the feelings he is getting but after mentioning that his throat is getting hoarse, Peter Parker, Sam Alexander and Ava Ayala realize that Musty the Mustang is close. However, Mimi uses a nerve chop to knock the lunch lady out and Jason uses a punch to shock them all. They are revealed to be the ones that took Musty and that they knew that the team were actually there for him and reveal themselves to be super-villains like them. Realizing that Nick Fury's stealth way hasn't worked, they fight their counterparts. The villains reveals themselves as: Arachnikid, Black Rabbit, Skull Punch, Overcharge and Dark Matter. The teams then prepare to fight.


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