Issue #20
Rival Schools (Part 1)
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - Rival Schools (Part 1) is the twentieth issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


It's the biggest game of the year at Midtown High, but Peter Parker is too busy being Spider-Man to participate...that is, until he gets word about the kidnapping at the big game!


At Midtown High School stadium, Flash Thompson and the other players are getting ready to play the Homecoming football game while Liz Allan and Mary Jane Watson are waiting for Phil Coulson to bring out the game's mascot, Musty the Mustang. On the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier, Nick Fury is teaching the team about evading detection with Spider-Man not listening until he manages to stop a training robot. White Tiger, Iron Fist and Nova point out about him missing out on all the evasion stuff. Mary Jane calls Peter Parker (Spider-Man) that everyone including Liz is crying and that the players are too upset to continue the game because Phil Coulson has discovered that Musty the Mustang has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, at Brighton Beach High School in Brooklyn, five teenage super-villains, are revealed to have kidnapped the mascot which they are glad about their mission being accomplished.


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