Issue #4
Out To Get You!
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - Out To Get You! is the fourth issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


OUT TO GET YOU!: The man behind the Spider-Slayers is none other than J. Jonah Jameson! It’s up to Spider-Man to put him and his radical robots out of commission, once and for all.


After it is reveals that J. Jonah Jameson is controlling the robots who boasts that he has finally captured Spider-Man and reveals it's called The Spider Slayer. After trying his web on it's face, Jameson reveals that the Spider Slayer has defenses against every one of his moves. He reveals that since he beat his first Spider Slayer, he spared no expense in building the current Spider Slayer and plots to unmask and humiliate him to become famous. However, Spider-Man uses his flash-webs to blind Jameson into having the robot let go of him (since he is controlling it's hands). After boasting that his Spider Slayer not beating him, Jameson then has it hit him. Spider-Man then distracts Jameson with his attitude and making the Spider Slayer run into an electric generator. However, it still remains standing and Spider-Man realizes that the electrical surge has fried it's systems and it still wants to fight. Jameson finds that he still can't see or hear anything and that the two-way up-link isn't responding. He then starts talking to someone about having paid him to build the Spider Slayer to be under his control but is now out of control. The Spider Slayer starts chasing Spider-Man around the city and Spider-Man works to keep civilians out of harm's way. After knocking it down, Spider-Man heads to Smythe Tech to have it shut down. Dr. Spencer Smythe is trashing his office until he sees Spider-Man in his office. Spider-Man senses danger and realizes that Jameson paid him to build the Spider Slayer and that he's responsible for it's rampage. Dr. Smythe angrily claims that he has no proof that he was responsible. The Spider Slayer arrives and Spider-Man points out that it will destroy his lab and equipment and that there should be a way to stop it. Dr. Smythe shuts it off with a gadget with Spider-Man boasting that he wasted Jameson's money on the robot. Dr. Smythe reveals that he doesn't care about money and he built the robots to prove that they're better than humans. He then uses the gadget to make little killer robots attack Spider-Man. After destroying them, he shockingly discovers that their missiles have hit the fuel tanks which cause an explosion.


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