Issue #3
It's Just Overkill!
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - It's Just Overkill! is the third issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


IT’S JUST OVERKILL!: Spider-Man’s on the run from a dangerous and destructive robot called the Spider-Slayer! But who could want to get Spidey so badly that they went to the trouble of creating a robot exclusively for Spider-Slaying?!


Spider-Man is being chased by the robot until he decides to get a good look at it. He finds that it has a similar design as the other robot that came after him but much, much bigger. Believing it to have the same weakness as the last one, he uses his taser-webs on it but much to his surprise, it is undamaged. He tries hitting it like doing a move that Iron Fist taught him but it still remains undamaged due to it having so much armor. Spider-Man dodges after it throws a punch of it's own which makes a hole in the wall. He decides to run after it fires missiles at him. He tries calling his team but something is jamming his communicator. The robot continues chasing him around the city. J. Jonah Jameson again tries to prove that Spider-Man is causing the damage and that he is glad that someone had sent the robot to destroy Spider-Man permanently. After passing a photo shoot, the robot finally catches Spider-Man but Spider-Man manages to distract it with ketchup. He realizes that everything he's tried hasn't worked. He tries using a building's heavy item on it's head which causes it to attack him but he uses his webs to trip it into falling. He finds that it didn't self-destruct and thinks that there might be evidence to where it came from. However much to Spider-Man's shock, the robot quickly awakens and grabs him making him realize that it was setting a trap for him and that it was faster than his spider-sense. It then starts boasting that it has captured Spider-Man and it's holographic face reveals it to be: J. Jonah Jameson.


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