Issue #2
I Always Feel Like…Somebody’s Watching Me!
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - I Always Feel Like...Somebody's Watching Me! is the second issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE… SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME!: Spider-Man’s spider-sense was right all along – someone’s been creating dangerous robots to hunt Spider-Man down!


Spider-Man finds the robot targeting him before dodging it. Spider-Man realizes that the robot has been following him all day and why it was making him paranoid. He finds that it doesn't talk and fires web at it but it easily breaks the webbing. He tries again but it blasts his web shots. He then decides to swing way from the robot onto a garbage barge hoping it won't follow but it does anyway. He throws a car at it but it doesn't suffer from significant damage making him realize that it's heavily armored. He finds that weak spot at it's neck and he uses his taser-webs to blow it up. He is glad that he is alive but realizes that his taser-webs didn't cause it to explode and that it must've had a self destruct trigger. He believes that it's taken all the evidence with it but finds it's antenna. He analyzes it with his communicator and while waiting, he explains about using his communicator to take pictures of food. After it finishes analyzing, it reveals that the antenna is a similar design patented by Dr. Spencer Smythe, a robotics expert and head of Smythe Tech. J. Jonah Jameson shows footage of Spider-Man's fight against the robot to prove that he has no regard for the safety of the civilians. Spider-Man is confused about how he managed to get the footage so fast since it only happened a few minutes ago. He arrives a Smythe Tech and interrupts Dr. Smythe who is researching something. He asks Dr. Smythe about the antenna and he reveals that it's a receptor for a charging system and that soon that world will have antennas instead of batteries and his company will be responsible. Spider-Man then asks about the robot that attacked him. Dr. Smythe feels insulted that Spider-Man is accusing of him of this and reveals that he prefers machines to people who do what they're told and demands that he leave. Spider-Man again senses something and leaves. However, Spider-Man spies on Dr. Smythe until his spider-sense goes off again and he finds something blocking his view. He finds it to be another robot that is bigger than the one before.


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