Issue #11
Field Trip (Part 5)
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - Field Trip (Part 5) is the eleventh issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


Chasing down missing tech for Nick Fury has Spidey and Power Man aching for some R-and-R. But with a solid lead on the location of The Spot — who may not be what he seems — it’s anything but smooth sailing for our heroes. See what happens in this deep-sea, super-power showdown!


Spider-Man and Power Man are still on the set of the Monster Ape vs. Lizard King. Power Man starts to berate themselves for letting the Spot beat them to the tech pieces and that Nick Fury will be furious. However, Spider-Man once again senses something and they find the Spot falling towards them. The Spot then creates another portal hole under them so that he can't let them regroup and track him down later. However, Spider-Man uses his webs to capture him this time but Power Man points that they're falling up. They then find themselves falling into the sea but Spot makes another portal hole to land them in the water. The Spot makes another portal hole to take them to the surface and surprisingly surrenders himself. They are confused about this until the Spot reveals that he is not the enemy and his story is complicated. The Spot reveals that his step-father is an agent of HYDRA who saw him as a chance of getting a promotion and that he studied him in hopes of harnessing and replicating his powers. He succeeded in experimenting on him and it gave him his powers but HYDRA had spread the pieces of the tech into four and separated it into four penny machines in different locations so that S.H.I.E.L.D. wouldn't be able to find it. He reveals that the problem is that the machine is linked to him and that every time it gets used, it weakens him. He reveals that he needed to get to it before HYDRA or it would hurt every time they used it. He reveals that since the machine is not waterproof, they are destroyed so that HYDRA will never use it again. Spider-Man then points out that a HYDRA battle-boat is coming. However, the Spot creates a portal hole to send the HYDRA battle-boat to another location. However, Spider-Man and Power Man still arrest the Spot after being picked up by the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier. They explain everything to Director Fury and guess that the HYDRA battle-boat must've landed on a movie set. The HYDRA agents believe that they have been sent to the end of the world in the future.


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