Issue #9
Field Trip (Part 3)
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - Field Trip (Part 3) is the ninth issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


The Spot throws Peter Parker and Luke Cage through a portal with The Scorpion — leaving them stranded in the desert! When the two friends get separated, it’ll take all of their smarts to keep the mission on track…


Spider-Man awakens to find Power Man fighting and defeating Scorpion. They are unsure of which way to go due to them being in the middle of nowhere. Spider-Man senses something and points that they need to go in the direction his spider-sense has told him. After three hours of walking, they find themselves at the Grand Canyon. After a security guard falls from a portal hole, he reveals that the Grand Canyon Gift Shop is under attack. Spider-Man throws Power Man into the portal hole to catch the Spot before it closes, leaving Spider-Man with the security guard. After failing to shoot his webs across the canyon, he tries to think of something else. He then remembers his web wings which he uses to glide across and promises to send someone for the security guard. After arriving at the gift shop, he finds Power Man having things thrown at him from different little portal holes. He reveals that the Spot managed to get the third piece of tech and escaped. They enter a big portal hole that transports them to Hollywood, California.


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