Issue #18
Crime Week (Part 7)
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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - Crime Week (Part 7) is the eighteenth issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics.


Spider-Man joins Crime Master and discovers it's not so bad being bad. Will he change his mind when he comes face-to-face with old comrades?


The bank is being robbed by Crime Master's gang with assistance from Spider-Man. They believe that Guardian Security won't be a problem until Spider-Man points out to them that his old team have arrived and they prevent them from escaping. However, Spider-Man defeats his teammates which shocks them all about him having sided with Crime Master. Spider-Man and the goons leave back to the ship and Spider-Man secretly watches as Nicholas Lewis is promising that Guardian Security will stop Crime Master. Spider-Man is confused about why Crime Master is happy about it until much to the shock of Spider-Man, he unmasks himself as: Nicholas Lewis.


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