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Ultimate Goblin
Biographical information
Real name

Norman Virgil Osborn

Alternative name(s)

Green Goblin
Ultimate Goblin
Ultimate Green Goblin
Second Rate Osborn

Physical description

Mutated Human/Goblin hybrid





Personal information

HYDRA (formerly)
Sinister Seven (formerly)




Member of the Sinister Seven (formerly)

Production details
First appearance

The Spider-Verse: Part 3

Last appearance

The New Sinister Six: Part 2 (cameo)

Voiced by

Steven Weber


Ultimate Goblin or Ultimate Green Goblin (real name Norman Osborn) is a supervillain and the arch-nemesis of Ultimate Spider-Man/Kid Arachnid. He is an alternate version of the Green Goblin from the Ultimate Universe, a world where he personally killed Peter Parker. He later returns as a member of the Sinister Seven. He is currently in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. It is unknown what happened to him after the Season 4 finale.


After being mutated through a modified serum, Ultimate Goblin is a monstrous with his skin turned into green scales, with larger pointy eyes, small green goblin ears, a double chin with horns sticking out and yellow eyes without pupils,dragon-like wings, horns, and cargo shorts.


Early life

It can be assumed that Norman Osborn's life either was similar to the Ultimate Marvel version of the character, or somewhat resembles the show's version of the character. If his history resembles the show's version, it can be assumed that Green Goblin eventually further evolved from further doses of the Goblin Serum, which have mutated him even more into a winged, demonic Goblin. He fought the original Spider-Man and the latter sacrificed himself to save New York from the Ultimate Green Goblin. Later, Miles Morales would take on the mantle to continue Peter Parker's legacy.

Season 3: Web-Warriors

The Spider-Verse: Part 3

When Green Goblin uses the Siege Perilous to go after Spider-Men (and Girl) DNA, he comes to the Ultimate Universe. After fighting the Ultimate Spider-Man, the power hungry Ultimate Green Goblin ambushes him while claiming that nobody can crush the Ultimate Spider-Man but him. Green Goblin tries to explain that he is his counterpart but the Ultimate Green Goblin believes that he is a pretender and that there is one true goblin before shooting fire from his eyes. Green Goblin throws pumpkin bombs at him but this has no effect on him. The Ultimate Green Goblin continues to believe that Green Goblin is not him. He grabs his counterpart but his counterpart puts a pumpkin bomb in his mouth which blasts them into crates at the dock. The Ultimate Green Goblin recovers and sniffs the Ultimate Spider-Man's exact location at the graveyard and flies there (with his counterpart following him). The Ultimate Green Goblin ambushes him along with his counterpart's own Spider-Man (who had been following his Green Goblin). He believes it to be a good day to crush both of them and attacks his Spider-Man. He throws the Ultimate Spider-Man into a grave and Spider-Man manages to save him. He then attack's his counterpart's Spider-Man by slamming him into a tree. Spider-Man manages to avoid being burnt alive and tries to shoot web into the Ultimate Green Goblin's eye but his fiery eyes burn it away. Spider-Man avoids being burnt again and latches onto the Ultimate Green Goblin. However, this gives his Green Goblin the advantage to take the Ultimate Spider-Man's DNA and his Spider-Man manages to slam the Ultimate Green Goblin down. Spider-Man and the Ultimate Spider-Man try to prevent Green Goblin from leaving with the DNAs but the Ultimate Green Goblin interferes by knocking Spider-Man into Green Goblin. The Ultimate Green Goblin picks his counterpart up and tells him that only he has the right to crush Spider-Man before throwing him away. The Ultimate Green Goblin resumes fighting his counterpart's Spider-Man which gives his counterpart time to retrieve the Spider-Men DNA and escape (also finding out the identity of his Spider-Man). The Ultimate Green Goblin continues to beat Spider-Man up and is enjoying it. Before he can kill Spider-Man, the Ultimate Spider-Man interferes by shocking him with his venom blast and saving Spider-Man. The Ultimate Green Goblin tells them that they are not leaving alive before asking which of them wants to be destroyed first. The two work together with Spider-Man using his webs to bring the Ultimate Green Goblin down and the Ultimate Spider-Man kicks his head and uses his venom blast on him. He blasts fire at them before chasing them. They are able to web up his arms to make him fall before he breaks out of them but get shocked by Spider-Man's taser webs and the Ultimate Spider-Man kicks him down. Spider-Man uses his webs to bring a tree down on him but the Ultimate Green Goblin recovers fast and blasts the tree off him. Spider-Man and the Ultimate Spider-Man start swinging t around him to distract him while he claims that while they grow tired, he grows stronger. He gets shocked by again by Spider-Man's taser webs and the Ultimate Spider-Man uses his webs to help bring his Ultimate Green Goblin down to the ground. He is defeated when they both use their webs on him to trap him.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Miles From Homes

A while later, Ultimate Green Goblin ambushes the Ultimate Spider-Man by blasting fire on him before grabbing him but the Ultimate Spider-Man zaps his hand to let go so that he can fall to the ground while he lands on a pole. The Ultimate Green Goblin claims that he has already killed one Spider and that he can't wait to kill another with the Ultimate Spider-Man jokingly thinking about all the other supervillains that want him dead before managing to avoid being blasted by fire. Before they can continue fighting, a portal appears in front of the Ultimate Green Goblin and transports him to the main reality. It is revealed that Doctor Octopus along with Doctor Strange's nemesis and HYDRA member, Baron Karl Mordo are using the Siege Perilous to transport the Ultimate Green Goblin to their world. There he encounters their Spider-Man again and blasts him to another roof. Spider-Man recognizes him from their last fight and the Ultimate Green Goblin realizes that he isn't his Spider-Man and accusingly asks what he has done. Spider-Man asks him if he didn't see Baron Mordo doing it before the Ultimate Green Goblin replies that he didn't and continues attacking him. Before Spider-Man can perform a getaway, he grabs his leg and throws him down the building. Ultimate Green Goblin then flies over to Doctor Octopus and Baron Mordo and demands to know why they brought him from his world. Doctor Octopus tells him that of all the other worlds, he is the only Goblin to have successfully killed a Spider-Man and Baron Mordo tells him that HYDRA has summoned him to obliterate another one (and also due to their Green Goblin being fully cured back into Norman Osborn). Spider-Man kicks the Ultimate Green Goblin onto the two while commenting about breaking the job interview. He pins Spider-Man down but Spider-Man webs up his eyes. He believes that the web will stick to his eyes for weeks but the Ultimate Green Goblin easily breaks it off making Spider-Man remember about how strong the Ultimate Green Goblin is. he dodges the Ultimate Green Goblin's fire blasts and hides behind a water tower. The Ultimate Green Goblin reveals that hunting spiders is his favorite pastime and Spider-Man tries to kick the water tower onto him while commenting that he is beginning to miss his own Green Goblin. The Ultimate Green Goblin blasts through the water tower and grabs him. He flies high and throws Spider-Man down with Spider-Man asking why he has an obsession with throwing him. Doctor Strange arrives and saves Spider-Man and tells Spider-Man that the Ultimate Green Goblin’s presence is disrupting the balance of their world before getting blasted by the Ultimate Green Goblin’s fireball. Spider-Man saves Doctor Strange from falling and the Ultimate Green Goblin appears and comments that he likes to see a spider squirm. He continues firing fireballs at him but Spider-Man dodges them all and sings away to safety. Doctor Strange tells Spider-Man that they must put the Ultimate Green Goblin back into his world before the damage to their world becomes critical. They both manage to tie Baron Mordo up, get the Siege Perilous and open up the portal. Spider-Man gets the Ultimate Green Goblin's attention by mocking him while dodging his attacks. The Ultimate Green Goblin believes that the last laugh will be his before Spider-Man taunts him about laughing before kicking him toward the portal. Unfortunately, the Ultimate Green Goblin uses his wings to prevent himself from leaving and reveals that he is not leaving the dimension until he kills Spider-Man. Doctor Strange traps him in a bubble while telling him that reality is on the verge of shattering but the Ultimate Green Goblin refuses to listen and tries to escape the bubble. After Spider-Man manages to bring the Ultimate Spider-Man to his world, they find that the Ultimate Green Goblin has broken out of the bubble and is attacking Doctor Strange. They use their webs to prevent him from destroying Doctor Strange but he grabs their webs to pull them toward him and punches them away. He takes the Siege Perilous with Baron Mordo congratulating him while claiming him to be HYDRA's Goblin. The Ultimate Green Goblin tells him that he’s not their Goblin and that he takes orders from no one. Doctor Octopus believes the Ultimate Green Goblin to be a monster after his very own heart but Baron Mordo argues that the Ultimate Green Goblin cannot oppose HYDRA. The Ultimate Green Goblin knocks Doctor Octopus down and claiming that he has no master. Baron Mordo tries to uses spells on him but it has no effect on him and the Ultimate Green Goblin continues attacking him. Doctor Octopus attacks him but the Ultimate Green Goblin flies away. Doctor Octopus grabs him and slams him to the ground to let go of the Siege Perilous. Believing his time has come; Spider-Man and Miles gain possession of the Siege Perilous and get into the game of "Keep Away". The Ultimate Green Goblin interferes and gains possession of the Siege Perilous, While trying to hit the Ultimate Spider-Man, he hits a brick wall and discovers that it is creating black holes due the blunt force of the Siege Perilous. While attacking Spider-Man and the Ultimate Spider-Man, he claims that not only can he destroy Spider-Man but he can also destroy his world. Doctor Octopus angrily tells him that it’s his universe as well before he pushes a chimney down on him. He tells the Ultimate Green Goblin that he is smarter than this and that he wanted a weapon, not a destroyer of worlds. Ultimate Green Goblin blasts out of the rubble and tells him that what he wants is nothing compared to him before blasting Doctor Octopus away and Baron Mordo saves him before the Ultimate Green Goblin can kill him. Baron Mordo orders him to yield the Siege Perilous and uses a spell to hit him but the Ultimate Green Goblin makes a black hole to block it. He refuses to give it up and attacks Baron Mordo before chases Doctor Octopus around and catches him but Spider-Man saves him by distracting him. Spider-Man uses a web on him but the Ultimate Green Goblin brings him down and pins him to the ground. The Ultimate Spider-Man tries to use his web to get the Siege Perilous but the Ultimate Green Goblin prevents him. Baron Mordo orders him to cease the attack but the Ultimate Green Goblin punches him with the Siege Perilous and it supposedly destroys him. Spider-Man attacks him but the Ultimate Green Goblin grabs him and prepares to destroy him. The Ultimate Spider-Man uses his venom blast to shock his hand. The Siege Perilous shows other worlds before the Ultimate Spider-Man destroys it and the force of the Siege Perilous's destruction blasts the Ultimate Green Goblin off the roof and into the sewers. Doctor Octopus heads into the sewers and meets the Ultimate Green Goblin there. The Ultimate Green Goblin asks if he is running away like a wounded animal but Doctor Octopus tells him that he is not. He also tells him that unlike HYDRA, he is intelligent enough to retreat and that today’s losses are on the Ultimate Green Goblin. The Ultimate Green Goblin tells him that he can never be controlled. Doctor Octopus tells him that he also cannot be controlled and tells him that it was HYDRA who wanted to be his master while he just needed an ally who despises Spider-Man as much as he does. The Ultimate Green Goblin then sees Doctor Octopus as an ally and joins the ranks of the Sinister Six.

Iron Vulture

The Ultimate Green Goblin is only seen in a flashback when Spider-Man explains the events of why Miles is stuck in his world.

The New Sinister Six: Part 1

Later, the New Sinister Six (consisting of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, the Ultimate Green Goblin and Hydro-Man) arrive to attack the Triskelion. Doctor Octopus announces the members to the Web-Warriors and this makes Spider-Man see that Doctor Octopus has finally completed the Sinister Six before telling Doctor Octopus not to be predictable. The Web-Warriors prepare to fight but Spider-Man has them retreat into the Triskelion where they get the New Warriors’ help. Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus tells his allies that the day has come and reveals about Spider-Man and his friends being in their way before asking what they are going to do and they answer that they should destroy them. They all pull the hatch of the roof off and prepare to go inside but Spider-Man, the Web-Warriors, and the New Warriors appear on the roof before them. The teams fight with the Ultimate Green Goblin battling Kid Arachnid (a new spider name for Miles Morales) and Dagger. Kid Arachnid claims to have not missed the Ultimate Green Goblin but Spider-Man reminds him that they have trained for this moment and Kid Arachnid follows his directions before using his Venom blast on the Ultimate Green Goblin's head to knock him out. During the fight with the five members, Doctor Octopus takes the opportunity to get inside and try to take the Anti-HYDRA weapon with Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider finding him. Spider-Man realizes that he only used his allies to distract the teams so that he can get the Anti-HYDRA weapon. Scarlet Spider destroys the force field but Doctor Octopus reveals that he has other defenses. The Ultimate Green Goblin who recovered from his fight with Kid Arachnid appears with his enemy defeated and blasts the wall of the lab onto Scarlet Spider. He gladly believes to have taken two spiders down and decides to take out a third. He fires at Spider-Man who dodges them all. The Ultimate Green Goblin believes that it was his destiny to come to Spider-Man's universe and destroy him. Spider-Man asks him if he is sure about that and jokes about a fortune cookie that said not to get killed by a Green Goblin. The Ultimate Green Goblin fires at him before Spider-Man uses the same tactic as Kid Arachnid did but this time, using his webs to fold the Ultimate Green Goblin's wings to fold him in and kick him onto the wall and debris falls on him which knocks him out for good. It was revealed that Scarlet Spider was the real spy in the Triskelion and that Doctor Octopus actually created the "Sinister Seven".

The New Sinister Six: Part 2

The defeated Ultimate Green Goblin only makes a cameo as being one of the defeated Sinister Seven members. However, Spider-Man along with a redeemed Scarlet Spider stop Doctor Octopus's plan. It is presumed that the Ultimate Green Goblin is taken into custody.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2

The Ultimate Green Goblin is only mentioned when Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid try to find the shards of the Siege Perilous and enter the Wild West Universe where they and Web-Slinger are attacked by Doc Ock Holiday and his "deputy", the "Phantom Rider". Kid Arachnid tries to use his venom blast on him but it doesn't work much to his shock and points out that it always worked on the Ultimate Green Goblin.


Friends and Allies


Powers and Abilities

  • Goblin Serum Enhancements: Unlike his mainstream counterpart, this Green Goblin has taken a serum which has greatly expanded his goblin based evolution and gave him a superpowers beyond the powers, physique & limitations of counterpart. His powers & abilities are far more evolved for even the other Goblin to handle. This Goblin also seems to not use any form of technology or gadgetry, most likely due to his almost unstoppable nature.
    • Flight: Unlike his counterpart, this Goblin has dragon-like wings that enable him to fly at high speeds.
    • Pyrokinesis: Unlike his counterpart, this Goblin can shoot fire out of his eyes and can generate & throw fireballs. He can also breathe fire.
    • Superhuman Strength: Unlike his counterpart, this Goblin has the strength that is at least three times more than the original Goblin.
    • Superhuman Speed: Unlike his counterpart, he is quick enough to catch Spider-Man fleeing by web-swinging rapidly.
    • Superhuman Durability: Unlike his counterpart, he is so durable that he can withstand a high-powered explosive exploding in his mouth. He was also stunned for several moments after being stung by the venom blasts. His hide is also ten times more tougher than the original Goblin.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Unlike his counterpart, he has no need for food, water, air, sleep... etc.
    • Superhuman Sensory Systems: Unlike his counterpart, he was able to smell Ultimate Spider-Man's exact location from miles away.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Unlike his counterpart, he has highly developed metabolism, enabling him to regenerate from any form of physical damage at a faster race than humans. He once took a high-powered grenade to the mouth & got back up a few minutes later, with no lingering effects or any injuries.


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  • In Season 3, this version of The Goblin seems to have a deeper, echoing voice (as a reference to the original's distorted voice). However, in Season 4, Ultimate Goblin's voice is restored to normal.
  • This version of The Goblin is far more evolved than the original version & almost looks like a supernatural demonic fire-powered hulk-sized monstrosity.
  • This version more closely resembles the Ultimate Green Goblin from the original Ultimate Marvel comics, even though the show's Goblin is already based on him (being mutated into monstrous, Goblin-like form). However, this version retains the demonic visage and pyrokinesis the original Ultimate Green Goblin possessed. The only difference between is that this version has developed bat-like wings to fly, while the comics' Ultimate Goblin never developed wings.
    • his version of Green Goblin may have inspired the one seen in the 2018 film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which also had wings.
  • Introduced in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, Ultimate Goblin had been confirmed to appear in Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister 6.
  • This version of The Goblin shares his counterpart's theme music.
  • It is unknown what became of his version of his son.


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