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Thor Odinson is an Asgardian warrior-prince and the God of Thunder who came to Midgard and is a founding member of the Avengers


Early Life

His early life is largely unknown but it was stated that Thor had stopped Loki from taking over Asgard and the Nine Realms earlier before going to Earth[1] and became an Avenger.[2]


When a Frost Giant appeared in the musuem where Spider-Man and his teammates went, Thor had arrived on the scene and easily took down the giant. As Thor reached for the green stone, Spider-Man tried to warn him not to touch that but the god insists. As a result, he was turned into a frog. Thor knowingly suspected that it was Loki. Thor brought the Spider-Man and his team to Asgard to discover it is in covered with ice. They were brought to Loki, Thor watched them fight Loki as he was trapped, he teleported them to safety at the command of Spider-Man. Thor suggested to go to Eitri the dwarf king for help and apologized that he did not show gratitutde for making Mjolnir after Spider-Man convinced him to be humble. Thor returned to the throne room with Spider-Man and his team and fought against Loki and the Ice Giants with new weapons. After Spider-Man talked Loki to transform Thor back, Thor easily took care of Loki.

They returned to Earth and presented the team a two-headed goat.[1]


Due to being a prince, Thor sometimes sees himself as better than other people, especially mortals. Thor has a high level of pride in himself and has a hard time admitting when he does something wrong. He also sometimes overestimates his own power at times, such as when being turned into a frog, declaring Loki would face his wrath.[1]

After heeding Spidey's advice, Thor became humble.

Physical appearance

Thor baby

Thor when turned into a child.


Thor as a frog

Thor, despite being an Asgardian, he resembles a regular  a very muscular Caucasian male, he has blonde hair and blue eyes.[2]

Transformed as a frog by Loki, he looks like a regular frog but still has his appearance minus the hair.[1]

Thor once got turned to a baby in episode Chibi Heroes. Here is a picture:

Powers and Abilities

  • Asgardian Physiology: Thor is arguably the mightiest Asgardian, second only to odin. His attributes are more developed than average Asgardians to a certain extent.
    • Superhuman Strength: Thor is perhaps the strongest Asgardian. Thor's class 100 strength enables him to lift vans and throw them far away, throw the Absorbing Man far away into the sky, fight the Hulk and with his hammer even give him amnesia once. Thor has been seen pushing Hulk back several of times and grappling with him over arguments on several of occasions. Thor has caught the Avengers Jet from falling out of the sky several of times, and his stay on Zarda's island caused powerful tidal waves to threaten New York.Thor was also able to fought the entire Squadron Supreme(except Nighthawk)in Second to Last Stand and hold them off for some time,although he was defeated in the end. Thor was the only being able to break free from the near impenetrable handcuffs placed on him by the Squadron Supreme when he was their prisoner, when even beings such as the Red Hulk could not.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: Asgardians posses a super dense skin that can resist heavy arms fire, all toxins, energy blasts, weighted impacts, falls from great heights, explosions and various other opposing forces, and Thor's skin is even denser than all Asgardians, with the exception of Odin. Thor's durability is far greater than  most Asgardians, with the exception of Odin, and he is extremely resilient to fire, electrocution, all Earth diseases and toxins, he can withstand powerful energy attacks and hits from Thanos and the Hulk with no injury or damage. Hyperion even comments on Thor's durability, saying that of course Thor would not be effected by his vortex breath. He has fallen from extreme heights, been hit to the moon, blasted with Infinity Stones, and been hit over 20 times by the Rock Guard at the learning hall with no physical signs of injury. He needs no air, food, water, or sleep to survive, and is immune to temperature extremes, shown when he rescues Iron Man from the intense heat of the sun.
      • Accelerated Healing: He has a certain degree of advanced healing, due to his Asgardian Metabolism. However, he cannot heal catastrophic wounds nor regenerate limbs without magic.
    • Superhuman Speed: Thor also possesses superhuman speed, reflexes, and agility, shown as when he always moves super-fast, especially when flying. He can fly faster than mach speeds while on Earth, and faster than light speeds while in space.
    • Limited Immortality: Thor, as he stated, is immortal and time only makes Asgardians stronger(they do age physically as Odin is clearly older looking). However, he is not unkillable.
    • Mjolnir: Through the use of this mystical war hammer, Thor gained another vast set of supernatural powers & abilities.
      • Weather Control: The hammer can control the basic elements of a storm. It can create full on storms complete with thunder, lightning, hurricane-force winds, and torrential rains at a moment's notice. Thor can manipulate the elements to his will, such as spinning the hammer around, which releases powerful winds, or by channeling lightning through his body. The hammer can generate lighting, and can manipulate and absorb energy.
      • Worthiness Enchantment: The hammer has enchantment to allow only Thor to lift and control the hammer and access its full potential. Apparently, the connection between Thor and Mjonir can be severed both willingly and in the case that Thor dies.
      • Teleportation: The hammer allows Thor to teleport himself to different places in the universe almost instantaneously.
      • Flight: Thor is capable of hurling Mjolnir with great force and, by holding onto the leather thong, is capable of flying through the air at tremendous speeds and is able to perform several aerodynamic feats and chance his own course through the power of thought. He can also hover in air by only constantly spinning the hammer through the thong. Thor has been seen flying and hovering in the air without Mjolnir though. 
      • Armor Manifestation: Thor can also transport his Asgradian Battle Armor to himself and "armor up" at any time in case he removes the armor or it undergoes battle damage. His armaments includes: his chestplate, the chain-mail sheathing on his arms, the leather wrist cuff(s), his helmet, and his cape.
      • Healing: As as stated in Norse Mythology, Mjolnir is capable of healing injuries, illness, disorders, infections, intoxications etc..., by using its magical powers. Thor can even use this ability on himself.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Thor is the one of the greatest warriors in Asgard. Second only to Odin, he is one of the most skilled fighters to ever walk the planet. Thor is trained in the arts of war and various fighting techniques by his teachers in Asgard. He is an expert marksman, and is masterful in various areas of combat.
  • Master Hammer Fighter: After centuries of practice wielding his hammer, Thor has become masterful in fighting with Mjolnir and is proficient in hammer throwing. He can even block energy shots with it.


  • Like Captain America and Iron Man, his appearance is different from that of the Ultimate Thor. His costume is more of the 2011 Thor costume rather than the Ultimate Thor costume.


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