The Spider Slayers: Part 2
4, 22
Air date October 15, 2016
Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Directed by Jae Woo Kim
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Scarlet and the Spider-Slayers. Sounds like the kind of band my mom would have liked in the '80s.

The Spider-Slayers: Part 2 is the twenty second episode of the fourth season of Ultimate Spider-Man.


Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider have to infiltrate the sunken Hydra Island so Scarlet can destroy the lab that created him.


Mary Jane makes it to the Triskelion where Agent Venom, Iron Spider and Kid Arachnid are training. She asks for their help with Agent Venom asking what she wants and that the training room is dangerous. She reveals that Spider-Man is in trouble and they are the only ones who can stop them. Iron Spider asks what happened and she reveals that he is with Scarlet Spider and Doctor Octopus on HYDRA Island. Agent Venom is angry that Scarlet Spider is alive (due to him having betrayed everyone) but Mary Jane tells them that Spider-Man's convinced that Doctor Octopus is leading them into a trap and that they've got to save them and prepares to leave. Agent Venom attempts to stop her by telling her they've got it and that she doesn't realize how dangerous it could be with Iron Spider pointing out that she doesn't have the skills like them. Hearing this, she promptly changes into Spider-Woman in front of them, which greatly shocks them all before she easily knocks Agent Venom and Iron Spider down which shocks them even more. Having seen her amazing skills, Kid Arachnid votes that she goes with them and they all go to HYDRA Island. During the flight in the Web-Warriors' ship, Spider-Woman points that she doesn't understand because Iron Spider saw where HYDRA go down. He assures that he did but wonders if the fortress has some kind of radar cloak that's still active and that they can't dive into it blindly, that they will get lost and time is of the essence. Spider-Woman then realizes that she didn't know that being super hero meant so much waiting.

Having kept his word, Doctor Octopus escapes after turning Zola on, as Zola controls HYDRA Island to rise which catches the attention on Agent Venom. Iron Spider realizes that the weapons of HYDRA Island are back online and is heading for New York City. In the fortress, Ben (who learned that he is a Half Human/Half Synthezoid) becomes leader of the "Spider Slayers" (consisting of Bone Spider, Ghost Spider and Goliath Spider), they prepare to end Spider-Man until the Web-Warriors arrive. Agent Venom still believes that Scarlet Spider is evil before the two teams fight. Spider-Woman fights Bone Spider by dodging and punching him before struggling with him. Much to the surprise of everyone, Scarlet Spider is revealed to have turned against Zola and has ordered the Spider Slayers to stand down. He reveals that he was pretending to follow Zola before turning against him which angers Zola into attacking them all. However, Spider-Man destroys the life computer which shuts down Zola and Spider-Woman and Kid Arachnid congratulate him. However, the Spider Slayers start melting and require stasis pods. Scarlet Spider asks for help and the others help him get them into the pods. Kid Arachnid forgives Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man hugs Spider-Woman and thanks her for brining the team. She then realizes that there might be something to being a super hero after all until everyone is interrupted by HYDRA Island starting to fall apart without Zola to control it. They take the Spider Slayers with them into their ship and escape the destroyed fortress. After helping the Spider Slayers, Spider-Woman comments that "Scarlet and the Spider Slayers" is something her mother would've liked in the eighties. Spider-Man is proud that with Scarlet Spider, the Spider Slayers helped save the day but Agent Venom still doubts him but Spider-Man defends that his past doesn't matter and that there is a future for him to look to. They then discover that Zola had stowed away into Spider-Man's communicator but he simply throws Zola into the ocean where he can never be found forever. Spider-Man tells the team that it wasn't easy but they have stopped HYDRA for good. They then travel to the Triskelion.


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  • This episode marks the first animated appearance of the white Future Foundation Spider-Man costume.
  • Mary Jane shows her powers to the Web Warriors.
  • Scarlet Spider's survival is reported to the Web Warriors.



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