The Spider-Verse: Part 4
3, 12
The Spider-Verse Part 4 Episode Picture
Air date March 26, 2015
Written by Eugene Son
Directed by Kalvin Lee
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Gobby, meet the Web-Warriors!

The Spider-Verse: Part 4 is the twelth episode of the third season of Ultimate Spider-Man.


When the Green Goblin uses DNA from six alternate Spider-Men to grow his own powers, the original Spider-Man assembles his alternate world counterparts to defeat him.



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  • This episode will air in the UK on 6th September 2014 with the others airing every Saturday. It along with the 3 other "Spider-Verse" episodes aired in India on 31st August.
  • Goblin reveals that he now knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, but forgets that information as well as ever being the Goblin after being reverted back into Norman Osborn.

Marvel references



  • Spider-Man: There's the DNA he stole from the other Spideys, but where's Goblin? (Goblin walks in)
  • Green Goblin: We've only been gone a short while, yet it feels like a lifetime. Don't you agree, Electro? (he's still in the Siege Perilous)
  • Electro: You had what you want, Goblin, now let me out!
  • Green Goblin: I'll consider it AFTER I've gotten the serum. Now be a good slave and start the machine. (Goblin walks into the pod as the machine begins to power up)
  • Spider-Man: (grabbing a cable) This is me messing up Goblin's evil machine of evil. (disconnects all the cables) Say, this is kinda fun.
  • Green Goblin: Spider-Man?! STOP! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU"RE.... (he screams as the machine explodes, sending Spidey flying backwards)
  • Spider-Man: Aw, figures. (recovers from the wreckage) Everything fun always ends with something exploding.
  • Green Goblin: Too late, Spider-Man! (Goblin fizzes with power) Or should I say Peter Parker?
  • Spider-Man: WHAT!?!



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