The Spider-Verse: Part 1
3, 9
The spider-verse part 1
Air date March 5, 2015
Written by Danielle Wolff
Directed by Kalvin Lee
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Spidey, you are definitively not in Brooklyn anymore.

The Spider-Verse: Part 1 is the ninth episode of the third season of Ultimate Spider-Man.


The Green Goblin opens portals to alternate worlds so Spider-Man teams up with alternate versions of himself.


Spider-Man breaks free and they are interrupted by J. Joanne Jameson blaming everything on Spider-Girl. Spider-Girl sadly asks why she even bothers because she saves the city but J. Joanne Jameson keeps blaming her. Spider-Man reasons that she shouldn't let J. Joanne Jameson get to her, especially not now because she's in a lot of danger with Spider-Girl jokingly asking if it's Thursday.

He tries to tell her about coming to save her but she takes this as a joke and asks how a "boy" is going to save her. Spider-Man corrects her on his name before getting through her to her by revealing that he knows about "With great power, comes great responsibility". This is more than enough to convince Spider-Girl of his story, as she asks if he really is her counterpart from another world. He confirms it and they both take their masks off while revealing themselves as "Peter Parker" and "Petra Parker". They both find it awkward at their similar appearance, before Spider-Man reveals that they don't have much time because his Green Goblin is after her and Spider-Girl reveals that her Green Goblin is one of her worst enemies and if he's Green Goblin is anything like her Green Goblin, then she knows where to find them.

At that moment, Norma Osborn is called by her daughter and she criticizes her school performance before going to work. Norma notices something is off until Green Goblin appears and easily subdues her. When she states her name to threaten him, he reveals his name and says they need to talk.

The Spiders are heading for Oscorp and Spider-Man tells his counterpart that his Green Goblin is no joke but Spider-Girl believes that he will be easy if he is a male version of her Green Goblin. They are then confronted by their respective Green Goblins with Spider-Man pointing out that the female Green Goblin isn't a goblin and that his Green Goblin is a goblin. Spider-Girl is confused about her counterpart's Green Goblin, frantically asking on him being a man or a monster before Green Goblin sardonically comments about why he can't be both. He and his female counterpart proceed to throw pumpkin bombs at them but they dodge them. Despite Spider-Man trying to warn her of his Green Goblin's powers, Spider-Girl tells him to take care of her Green Goblin while she deals with his Green Goblin. Spider-Girl manages to kick him off his glider but he uses a gadget to tie her up. He then uses the bat gadget to collect her DNA. The female Green Goblin reminds him that he got what he wanted and she should get what she wanted. He then gives her a vial of goblin serum from his universe. Spider-Girl realises that she underistimated him while Spider-Man frees her while they both wonder what her Green Goblin meant about getting what she wanted which worries Spider-Man. The female Green Goblin then decides to destroy her arch-nemesis and her "sidekick" as a bonus which insults Spider-Man. She then shocks him down until Spider-Girl attacks her. The female Green Goblin throws bats at her which she webs up but they cut free but Spider-Man saves her before they explode. Spider-Girl believes that she is unstoppable but Spider-Man assures her that she's still the same Green Goblin and that she knows her attacks. The female Green Goblin fires missiles at them but they dodge with Spider-Man shooting an electric gadget which shocks her and gives Spider-Girl the advantage to hit her. While Spider-Man's Green Goblin escapes to the next dimension, the female Green Goblin continues chasing Spider-Man and Girl by throwing pumpkin bombs at them which makes them head to Washington Bridge. The female Green Goblin throws another pumpkin bomb but Spider-Man throws it away. Spider-Girl tells him to distract her while she goes for the big knockout which Spider-Man agrees with. The female Green Goblin shoots electric blasts at him but he dodges and taunts her about not being close. This gives Spider-Girl time to shoot her off her glider and she and her counterpart webs her up. Spider-Girl taunts her about getting all the tech and power upgrades she wants but she'll never beat her and her "amazing" friend with Spider-Man glad that he wasn't called a sidekick.

The female Green Goblin tells Spider-Girl that she's doomed and breaks free before shooting an electric blast at her, which causes her to fall but Spider-Man defeats her Green Goblin. While falling, Spider-Girl finds that she has run out of web fluid but Spider-Man saves her and brings her back onto the bridge. Spider-Girl is surprised that she got saved by a "boy" and that she will never live it down. Spider-Man tells her that it doesn't bother him anymore and reveals that her Green Goblin is down but his Green Goblin is still on the loose. Spider-Girl states her wish for him to stay and help but he tells her that she doesn't, except for the falling off the bridge moment, It may be hard being Spidey but she's in control and that she helped defeat her Green Goblin. Spider-Girl is happy about it feeling good and finally admits that it feels good knowing that there's another version of herself fighting everyday which makes her wanting to keep fighting too. Spider-Man admits it as well and thanks her before he leaves for the next universe.


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  • This episode will air in the UK on 6th September 2014 with the others airing every Saturday. It along with the 3 other "Spider-Verse" episodes aired in India on 31st August.
  • The world of 2099 is made in CGI.
  • Spider-Girl is a gender-swapped version of Spider-Man.
  • This is the first animated appearance of Spider-Girl, although it's not May Parker.

Marvel references

  • In the comic series, Spider-Girl is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson known as May "Mayday" Parker.



  • Spider-Man: First off, that's Spider-Man. And someone once told me that "with great power"-
  • Spider-Girl: " comes great responsibility"?

(Spider-Man sees he's gotten through to her.)

  • Spider-Girl: That stuff about you being me from some parallel world, for real?
  • Spider-Man: Yep! (unmasking himself) I'm Peter.
  • Spider-Girl: (unmasking herself) Call me Petra.
  • Spider-Man: This is really-
  • Spider-Girl: Awkward.



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