The Rise of the Goblin
1, 26
Rise of the Goblin USM 001
Air date October 28, 2012
Written by Man of Action & Jacob Semahn
Directed by Phil Pignotti
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The Lizard
Help me go back, to being small and weak, a mere mortal jealous of Spider-Man? A cure!? I am cured!

Rise of the Goblin is the 26th episode of the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man. It aired on October 28, 2012.


Spider-Man leads his team against Green Goblin and Venom.


Spider-Man follows Harry Osborn, trying to protect him from his father who had become the Goblin. He followed the Limousine to Midtown High, where it was attacked by the Goblin, but the team arrived as well. Spider-Man tried to protect Harry, with the help of the team. Agent Coulson in masked armor arrived and took Harry away to safety. The Goblin was knocked out, but he recovered and electrocuted the team, Spider-Man attacked him but he was still after Harry. Harry angered that everyone keeps attacking his father begins to manifest the Venom symbiote slightly. Blind folded they take Harry into the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. tunnels under the school. S.H.I.E.L.D. troops arrive and surrounded the school.

Harry was taken to the Helicarrier, the Goblin then arrives at the Helicarrier imitating Coulson's voice. He crashes though the window and confronts his son, offering him to join him, appearing to have regained his intelligence. Harry spoke with his father but they put an energy barrier trapping the Goblin. The Goblin goes back out the hole in the carrier. The team ran through carrier to find Doc Connors whose arm had been crushed in the attack. The Goblin steels S.H.I.E.L.D. technology including electro-gloves and Glider. Spider-Man attacked him, but he escapes through a hole blasted by Nova. The symbiote begins to over Harry again, the Helicarrier is evacuated.

The Helicarrier crashed into the Hudson River, while Norman spoke with his son, who had become Venom once more. Now teamed up Spider-Man he fought them both. Spider-Man was then helped by Fury who blasted them both, but the Helicarrier was being flooded. Harry tried to escape the symbiote, but was electrocuted and separated. The Goblin takes the symbiote and escaped. Spider-Man got Harry and Fury and the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to escape pods. But Spider-Man makes it out and meets with the team on the beach and Harry vows his revenge on Spider-Man. The team with nowhere to stay are invited to stay at the Parker house.


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  • Harry Osborn: Yo, what is that thing?
  • Harry Osborn: What does that thing want?
  • Harry Osborn: That can't be my dad.
  • Phil Coulson: Not on my watch.
  • Harry Osborn: What are you going to do?
  • Harry Osborn: Promise me, you won't hurt him.
  • Harry Osborn: Hey, what are you doing?
  • Harry Osborn: Where are we? What's happening?
  • Green Goblin: (as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent's voice) We got him Director Fury. Goblin down, (In his own voice) I repeat: Goblin down.
  • Harry Osborn: Dad! You're alive!
  • Green Goblin: Oh, yes, son. Very. Don't believe Spider-Man, Harry. Don't believe a word he says. Come to Papa.
  • Harry Osborn: Ah...
  • Green Goblin: Give me my boy or I will tear this ship apart, boat by boat.
  • Nick Fury: Got to hand it to you Osborn. You do surprise. A few days ago you couldn't perform a decent word.
  • Green Goblin: I evolved.
  • Nick Fury: Then you're smart enough to understand. I can get you a cure, help you.
  • Green Goblin: Help me? Help me go back to being small and weak?! A mere mortal jealous of Spider-Man?! A cure? I am cured.
  • Spider-Man: Harry!
  • Harry Osborn: Get off me! Get... (in Venom's voice)OFF!!!
  • Spider-Man: That doesn't sound right.
  • Harry Osborn: Dad, please stop. Listen to them. You were attacked with some kind of poison.
  • Green Goblin: Is that what your friend told you? Did he forget to mention that this poison has his DNA all over it?
  • Spider-Man: Let's do this as a team.
  • Nick Fury: Brace for impact.
  • Green Goblin: Such wonderful toys, Connors. This glove... fits like a glove.
  • Harry Osborn: Dad! You have to stop this. Whatever's happened we can fix it.
  • Green Goblin: All ready am fixed, Harry and so are you. You just need a push to evolve.
  • Spider-Man: NO! Get away from him!
  • Venom: Understand now. Father no want Harry. He wants Venom, only Venom.
  • Spider-Man: Like monster like son.
  • Spider-Man: I got a hand it you.
  • Green Goblin: Harry, Harry, ever the disappointment. You're not fit to wear this magnificent creature on your worthless hide but I'll find someone who is. Our dance is far from over Spider-Man, another day, another day.
  • Harry Osborn: All my life I had a father I knew and loved. And you took him from me. One day I will get to the bottom of this. I will have my revenge.
  • Peter Parker: This is Ava. Get a good look now, because that face will most likely be buried in a book the rest of the time she's here.
  • Ava Ayala: Hey, Mrs. Parker.
  • Peter Parker: And this is Luke. Big biceps, bigger heart.
  • Luke Cage: Place is off the chain, Mrs. P. You have cable, right?
  • Peter Parker: This is Danny. He's...chill.
  • Danny Rand: I see you studied Feng Shui.
  • Peter Parker: And last, but will never consider himself least, this is Sam. Let me apoligise in advance for whatever he--
  • Sam Alexander: Thank you again, Mrs. Parker. I- we really appreciate it. And let me know the chore schedule. I'm a mean dish washer.


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