Ultimate Spider-Man Collector
Biographical information
Real name

Taneleer Tivan

Physical description

Elder of the Universe



Personal information

Grandmaster (Older brother)

Production details
First appearance

Contest of Champions: Part 1

Last appearance

Hydra Attacks: Part 1 (flashback)

Voiced by

Jeff Bennett

Taneleer Tivan better known as Collector is a cosmic being that travels the galaxy searching for specimens to add to his collection.

Physical appearance

The Collector disguises his true form, as gentle humanoid being. He is shown to increase his size on various occasions and become giant.


The Collector appears to have changed from his previous appearance and seems developed more morals.

He was afraid of his older brother, due to the latter always winning. It was not until Spider-Man encouraged him, that he not only overcame his fear but defeated him for once. He gained a more confident side, as he used his brother's insult of second place against him.

The Collector also decided to stop collecting to build a new beginning for himself by finding relationships and connections with others. He became more rational, as he refused to fall for his brother's attempt at having a rematch and voiced his retirement of games.


Season 3

The Collector summons Spider-Man to a game of Contest of Champions against his brother Grandmaster.

During Contest of Champions: Part 4, he teams up with Spider-Man and is interested in the things the hero tells him such as love, relationships, and other things. After a long arduous battle, The Collector finally stands up to his brother and attacks him before he is given his brother's staff by Spider-Man and he destroys it, finally victorious.

Afterwards, he tells Spider-Man that he is taking time off collecting to explore the things he learned from the hero. His brother appears and he brings up his previous insult about second place just being "first loser" as the latter isn't amused. The Collector gives Spider-Man a bow of respect and politely turns down his brother's demand of a rematch, stating he officially retires from games. The grandmaster pleaded to him to reconsider but was ignored as they traveled to their ship and flew into space.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality: Being one of the Elders of the Universe, he existed since the dawn of time. He cannot die by natural means and most superficial means.
  • Superhuman Strength: He has massive amounts of superhuman strength, being able to beat down overpowered super villains easily.
  • Superhuman Durability: He is extremely difficult to harm in a human-sized form, let alone in his true size.
  • Superhuman Stamina: He has no need for sustenance for survival.
  • Superhuman Intelligence: He has vast knowledge about mystical & scientific breakthroughs & advancements throughout the galaxies.
  • Self-Size Manipulation: He was able to grow & shrink down at will. If he grows bigger, his superhuman strength, stamina & durability further increase.
  • Cosmic Ergokinesis: As an Elder, he has unlimited amounts of control over cosmic energy & can generate massive amounts of it at will, without any form of effort. He can also form energy constructs, such as force fields, with his powers, as well as energy blasts.
  • Levitation: He is shown to be able to hover and float seamlessly through the air without support or difficulty.
  • Advanced Alien Technologies: The levels of his technology is greatly beyond the likes of even Tony Stark or possibly the Asgardians. With this technology, he is able to teleport himself and others.


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Overall 5

Appearances in other media

  • This version of Collector previously appeared in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.. In that series, he was a villain who attempted to make earth a part of his collection. Collector also became aware of Spider-Man's true identity and he was surprised at seeing the hero was really a teenager. Collector was ultimately foiled by Spider-Man and Hulk.


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