Spyder Knight
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Peter Parker

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Old School

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Human/Spider Hybrid



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The Spider-Verse: Part 3

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Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

Voiced by

Christopher Daniel Barnes


Spyder-Knight is a vigilante turned guardian of York.


Spider-Verse Part 3

He saved Peter Parker who traveled to Spyder-Knight's dimension to stop the Goblin from taking Knight's blood. Spyder-Knight was informed on how he was him from another universe but didn't believe it and was confronted by Goblin who he tried to battle. Unfortunately, he failed and Goblin jumped to the next dimension.

However, Spyder Knight faced another problem in the Kraken attack. He asked Spider-Man for help though the latter was reluctant as he be trapped but helped anyway. Seeing him fight, Spyder Knight realized he was him from another world. After defeating the Kraken, they find it was operated by Alchemist who previously charged others for protection. Spyder Knight was hailed as a hero for his deeds.

After thanking Spider-Man, Spyder-Knight took Spider-Man to Merlin so that he could open a portal to the next dimension for Spider-Man. Spyder-Knight bid his counterpart farewell.

Spider-Verse Part 4

Ultimate Spiderman later has Spyder Knight come to his world and they work together to defeat Goblin. He also gives his counterpart encouragement to when he falls into a slump and blames himself for the destruction caused by Electro.

After defeating Electro, Knight and his counterparts thank Ultimate for saving their worlds and letting them return the favor. The spider-men then returned to their respective universes.

Return to Spider Verse

He reappears in Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 1, where he is somehow warped to the main Peter's dimension and is fascinated by the difference in universe. Peter questions how he came to his world as Spyder Knight isn't sure before he disappears. This strange phenomena is later explained when it is revealed the Siege Perilous shards are causing an effect on the other universes.

In Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4, he was one of all the Spider-Men whose life force was being drained by Wolf Spider. Spider-Man showed him and every other spider that if there was one thing that they knew it was never hopeless. when Wolf Spider's power was transferred to Spidey it led to his defeat, therefore giving the life force back to every Spider-Man and freeing them, Spyder-Knight included.


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c - cameo


Knight Armor: Spyder-Knight wears a knightly armor which he probably painted/designed to have visual features of a spider. This armor looks a lot like the original Spider-Man. This armor also has retractable blades on both of its wrist bracelets.


  • This is Christopher Daniel Barnes' third role as an alternate universe's Spider-Man, the others being Spider-Man Noir in Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man 2099 in Edge of Time.


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