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Peter Parker

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Human/Spider Hybrid



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Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

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Drake Bell


Spider-Punk is a punk-rocker version of Spider-Man from another dimension.

Physical Appearance

Spider-Punk wears a red costume with a web design and blue leggings, it also has spikes on the mask in the shape of a mohawk, a jean vest, and a black triangle on the chest.


Not much is known of him, only that he speaks in an English Cockney accent.

He may be a hero, due to him being attacked by Wolf Spider.

After his defeat by Wolf Spider, he was convinced that all hope was lost when seeing his counterparts share the same fate. He also voiced to Spider-Man that his plan couldn't work. It was not until Spidey showed him and every other spiderman that it was never hopeless.


In Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4, he was one of all the Spider-Men whose life force was being drained by Wolf Spider. When Ultimate Spider-Man stated he had a plan to stop the villain, Spider Punk sadly told his counterpart that it was too late, as there was no future until Spider-Man showed him and every other spider that if there was one thing that they knew it was never hopeless.

When Wolf Spider's power was transferred to Spidey it led to his defeat, therefore giving the life force back to every Spider-Man and freeing them, Spider-Punk included. Punk along with his counterparts thanked Spiderman before returning to his dimension.



  • In the comic book universe, Spider-Punk is the identity of Hobie Brown (better known as Prowler in original Marvel comic universe and most of his incarnation) from Anarchy Universe.
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