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Real name

Peter Benjamin Parker

Alternative name(s)

Ultimate Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man
Iron Spider
Web Head [2]
Man of Spiders[3]
Impure Outsider Scum
Ultimate Spider-Ham
Puny Parker
Bug Breath
Savage Spider/Man-Spider
Bug man (By Hulk)
Circus Clown
Pesty Kid
Wise Guy
Town Fool
Pusillanimous Spider-Man
Insolent Pest
Pitiful Human
Plodding Simpleton
Devil Dinosaur
Moon Boy
Naive Lackey
The Guy in the Tights
The Nerd
Spider Supreme
Webbed-Brained Dolt

Physical description

Human Mutate





Personal information

Midtown High School
Spider-Man's Classic Team Avengers (reserve member)
New Warriors
S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy


May Parker (aunt)
Ben Parker (uncle) †
Richard Parker (father) †
Mary Parker (mother) †



Production details
First appearance

Great Power (as Spider-Man and Peter Parker)
Venom (as Venom)
Flight of the Iron Spider (as Iron Spider)
Carnage (as Carnage)
The Savage Spider-Man (as The Savage Spider-Man)

Last appearance

Venom (as Venom)
Carnage (as Carnage)
The Savage Spider-Man (as The Savage Spider-Man)
The Revenge of Arnim Zola (as Iron Spider)
Graduation Day: Part 2 (as Spider-Man and Peter Parker)

Voiced by

Drake Bell


Spider-Man (real name Peter Parker) is the main protagonist of the series, and everyone's favorite web-slinging, wall-crawling "menace" of New York, or so J. Jonas Jameson would have you believe. Juggling his life in High School with his hero life isn't as easy as it seems, especially with constant bullying from a certain High School jock and criticism from a "100-foot-tall cranky pants". But S.H.I.E.L.D. decides to make his life a whole lot more complicated by offering him a spot on a team of teenage superheroes, and a chance to become the Ultimate Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is the leader of multiple teams, including his first team comprised of Nova, White Tiger, Power Man, and Iron Fist. He later led a group of inter-dimensional Spider-Men and various combinations of teams made from new recruits and old friends. He was even a temporary member of the Avengers, though is currently a reserve member.


Early life[]


At age 5

Peter being bitten

The spider bite

Peter Benjamin Parker was born and grew up in Forest Hills, Queens, raised by his uncle Ben and aunt May. He had two best friends in Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn all the way through elementary to high school. He even had his own personal bully; Flash Thompson. Because of his rotten luck of being bitten by at least one animal on any of his school field trips, he ended up being bitten by one of Oscorp Industries' experimental super spiders, mutating his genome and giving him his iconic superpowers.[5] Using his powers for selfish purposes initially, Peter's life was changed following Ben's murder by a robber, and feeling immense guilt and greif over this, devoted himself to taking on the responsibility of protecting others through fighting crime and helping people, becoming Spider-Man.[6] During his early career as Spider-Man, he came into contact with Electro, who he later claimed to have had difficulty with at first.[7] He then joined S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1[]

During the first season, corrupt industrialist Norman Osborn targets Spider-Man in the shadows in hopes of collecting his DNA to create a spider-soldier army to sell to the government. To do this, he uses Doctor Octopus as his pawn, having him send numerous supervillains (like Whirlwind, Taskmaster) after Spider-Man and use a sample of Spidey's blood to create the Venom symbiote, which ends up bonding with Harry Osborn, Norman's son and Peter's best friend. In the two-part season finale, Spider-Man learns that it was Norman who was the mastermind behind Doctor Octopus' schemes and Venom's creation, just in time to see Doctor Octopus take his revenge on Norman for the way he treated him by turning him into the Green Goblin.

Season 2[]

With his teammates now living with him, Spider-Man's life had not much changed as the group continued to work efficiently. One night, Spider-Man and the rest of the group went out to confront an assailant. One by one, Power Man, Iron Fist and White Tiger went down, forcing Spider-Man to contact Nova for assistance. As Nova arrived, Spider-Man and the former were knocked down by the assailant, revealing himself to be Doctor Octopus. Much to Spider-Man's surprise, the nefarious tentacled villain had not perished, as he had previously thought. Despite a grueling battle with the villain, Spider-Man was forced into submission when his web-shooters became congested, forcing him to merely dodge Doc Ock's attacks until S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived on the scene. After the villain escaped, Spider-Man took extreme offense to Nick Fury's positive comment regarding Spider-Man and his team's work, pointing out that Doc Ock had still escaped.

He was also thanked by Coulson, who handed over several serums to a literal-disarmed Curt Conners. After Connors received the serums, he asked Spider-Man if he'd stay with him during his testing. Peter wasn't able to, however, as he rushed his teammates back to their home. However, after noticing the very few amounts of space he had at his home with his teammates, Spider-Man took Conner's back on his offer and returned to aid him. As Connors examined the serums with him, Spider-Man started to disagree with several of his suggestions towards its use in the future. When Connors cited Goblin as an example of what it could do, Peter reminded him of how the villain tried to kill him and everyone else.

With his rejections, Connors started to feel saddened, but alas, agreed with Spider-Man's opinions. As the two prepared to depart, Peter accidentally activated the alarm and defense system of Doc Ock's lair. As several Octobots attacked the two, Spider-Man fought them off as hard as he could. Due to the large amount of Octobots, Spider-Man fell flat of strength and was soon to meet his doom as he was trapped underneath a piece of ground. Connors saved him in just in time, after injecting himself with the serum. After defeating the Octobots alongside him, Peter started to argue with Curt until the latter's mutation into the Lizard came into effect. He chased Lizard down to the sewers, all the while being brushed away by the superior-in-strength corrupted ally. Peter was forced to team up with Doc Ock in order to encage the Lizard, however, these plans proved useless as the Lizard's strength enabled him to break out.

With the foe starting to chase him, Peter finally called in for back up as his teammates arrived. Though they were unable to defeat the Lizard with their brute strength, they were able to buy Spider-Man enough time to get an antidote for their once ally. As the group handed Connors over to S.H.I.E.L.D., Peter begged them to take care of him and see to it that he got better. After their promises were assured, Peter rushed his teammates off to their shared home.

Electro's Transformation[]

A few days after Curt Connor's transformation into the Lizard, Peter's rogues' gallery would be accelerated once again by Electro. Having faced the villain before, Peter wasn't exactly put too much difficulty in defeating him. Peter effortlessly dodged several of his blasts and soon caught the villain in one of his webs, resulting in the villain being shocked. As Peter arrived home, he talked to a preoccupied Sam, who was busy playing a handheld game of his. Peter's other teammates were preoccupied with their own distractions until a power outage triggered everyone's attention.

Peter and his friends turned their attention to their television and saw Electro, who had received a drastic change in his physical appearance and was seeking their attention. Electro explained he had taken control of the entirety of the electricity in New York City and told the group to thank Spider-Man for their imprisonment in their own homes. He and the rest of the group hurried to change into their costumes, only to end up in each other. Spider-Man ended up in White Tiger's costume, the latter in Power Man's before the group changed again and made their way outside. Spider-Man struggled to gain control of his motorcycle and was looked on by his teammates. Nova held members of the group as they touched Spider-Man's motorcycle. He explained to White Tiger that his web shooters ran on electricity after the latter asked why he couldn't just web-sling the entire group to Electro. The group fell after Spider-Man hit his head against a light pole and continued to make their way until they were spotted by several citizens, who were embittered over Spider-Man's involvement in Electro's sudden power boost. As they pelted him with trash, he tried to explain his innocence to his teammates, who had previously questioned him earlier.

The group came into conflict with Batroc the Leaper, who had taken the time to extort cash from the citizens during the cities' blackout. Though he and his teammates outnumbered Batroc five-to-one, they proved unable to defeat him as he easily bested the group and made his way. After losing, Spider-Man and the others left to battle Electro.

Season 3: Web-Warriors[]

The Spider-Verse: Part 1[]

Spider-Man tracks Green Goblin to the heli-carrier, where he watches the villain use the Siege Perilous with Electro as it's power source to open gateways to universes parallel to their own, Spider-Man follows his arch-nemesis to the 2099 Universe. After stopping robots from stealing from a tower, one is about to shoot him until Spider-Man 2099 saves him by jumping on and destroying it. Spider-Man is surprised by how he looks and how he is Spider-Man before asking about his costume and asks if that is metallic fiber.

Before he can touch the costume, Spider-Man 2099 grabs and slings him over onto the wall. He then asks himself if that Spider-Man is an android or a clone imposter. This insults Spider-Man who tries to tell him that he is the real thing but he is webbed up by Spider-Man 2099. This satisfies Spider-Man 2099 who believes that he is the quickest gig and congratulates his counterpart for being one of his last catches. However, before he can leave, Spider-Man breaks free and tries to tell him that he is in danger before webbing his shoulder to turn him around but Spider-Man 2099 grabs his web to pull him and punch him to the edge of the tower. He then tries to jump and punch Spider-Man but he dodges it and lands behind him while complaining that now he is the one in danger. Spider-Man 2099 continues attacking him while Spider-Man explains that he is his counterpart and that he knows it's crazy but he isn't. Spider-Man 2099 refuses to listen and continues to punch at him but Spider-Man we slings over to the towers giant satellite. Spider-Man 2099 continues attacking him while Spider-Man comments about giving him an adamantium nail clipper when he discovers that Spider-Man 2099 has claws on his hands and feet and becomes impressed with his speed and enhancements if it weren't aimed at him. Spider-Man 2099 tells him that it doesn't matter because even with all his powers, there's always another crook and that nothing he does makes a difference. He swipes at Spider-Man who dodges it. He tells him that he knows what he is going through. He reasons that it may find it hard to believe but he is his counterpart from a parallel universe before jokingly asking if he said he wasn't crazy. Spider-Man 2099 scoffs at this before they both land on the ground. Spider-Man 2099 scoffs that he is Spider-Man and reveals that Spider-Man is a legend from the past that someone is trying to recreate unsuccessfully. Spider-Man believes that he is talking about his costume before realizing what he said about Spider-Man being a legend from the past. Spider-Man 2099 tells him that he has no idea who he is pretending to be and that it's all just a joke to him. He fires his organic webs and Spider-Man also fires his webs only for both of their webs to hit one another. They struggle to pull and this makes Spider-Man 2099 realize that Spider-Man is his counterpart and comments about never thinking about creating a double-layer intertwined web cable. Spider-Man is about to explain the webbing before deciding that they can talk shop later and that right now, he must listen to him before revealing that there is someone after him. Spider-Man 2099 jokes about welcoming him to his life everyday and asks who it is that's after him. They both sense danger from a missile firing at them but they dodge it. Spider-Man points out that it is Green Goblin. Green Goblin tells his Spider-Man that he made the trip and a friend before telling him that he brought him out into the open for him. He fires missiles at them but they dodge them. Spider-Man 2099 asks about how he knows him and Spider-Man reveals that they go way back. Green Goblin attacks them and Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 kicks him away. Spider-Man 2099 then reveals that if it's true, then he has never stopped Green Goblin. He then reveals his problem about enemies always coming back and causing more chaos until Spider-Man tells him that they need to stop Green Goblin first. Spider-Man throws a robot at him but Green Goblin destroys it. Spider-Man 2009 fires web into his face with Spider-Man 2099 commenting that he's got this but Spider-Man assures they've got this. Green Goblin breaks it off before throwing a pumpkin bomb at them. Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 kick it back at him. Spider-Man points out about teamwork but Spider-Man 2099 also points out that it was too slow. Green Goblin throws more pumpkin bombs at them with Spider-Man 2099 firing webs at them but it blasts him and Spider-Man. Spider-Man is blasted away and Spider-Man 2099 is knocked out. Green Goblin then uses the bat gadget to collect up his DNA and decides to leave a little momentum of his own before firing missiles onto the tower’s satellite. He then orders Electro to open up the next portal and he successfully escapes to the next universe. Spider-Man sees the satellite going down and uses his web to try and hold it up but Spider-Man points out that it's enormous. Spider-Man assists him and believes that it's made out of light weight material but then finds that it's really heavy with Spider-Man 2099 revealing that his web won't hold. After having his web broken off, Spider-Man realizes that his web can't hold it either but if they interweave their webs like before. They follow as plan by combining their webs together to make a big web rope with Spider-Man 2099 realizing that his counterpart is Spider-Man. The web successfully holds the satellite and Spider-Man is happy that he saves this universe. The police arrive with Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 watching. Spider-Man 2099 now believes that Peter is Spider-Man and congratulates him for saving the day. Spider-Man points out that it was the both of them and reasons that without him, people would've lost their lives, that the city needs a Spider-Man and he is it. He also reasons that if he gives up, the legend ends and everyone loses hope. Spider-Man tells him that there is a good reason he is a legend but Spider-Man reveals that he just tries to do his best. They both see the portal and Spider-Man leaves for the next universe after leaving a farewell to his counterpart.

Petra Parker anfd Peter Parker USMWW

Peter meets his female counterpart Petra.

Peter then arrives in the Gender Flipped Universe. As Spider-Man runs out of web-fluid, he is saved by Spider-Girl from crashing. He wakes up, he thinks he's home until he is surprised to find a female version of J. Jonah Jameson named J. Joanne Jameson, who like his J. Jonah Jameson, slanders superheroes. Spider-Girl then calls out to him and uses her web to pull him back into the alleyway. Believing that he is somebody else, she chastises him for thinking that he can shoot webs, that it was dangerous and jokes about him nearly becoming street pizza. Spider-Man gets confused by this until Spider-Girl reveals that she's sick of rescuing fakers and wannabes and accuses him of putting her city in danger and that it's always her job to fix it. She also believes that he is a boy in a costume pretending to be her and jokes about seeing everything. Spider-Man then realizes that she is a female version of him with her insulting him a a "good genius" before web-sling away. Spider-Man follows her onto a rooftop and tries to explain that he is her counterpart and jokes about being convinced that he's saying it. Spider-Girl refuses to believe it by telling him that he doesn't know how it works and reveals that "boys" can't be her ego and that he'll just hurt himelf. Spider-Man tries to tell her about the Siege Perilous but Spider-Girl still refuses to believe him, still thinking he is a "cosplay" and to let the "heroes" do their job. Spider-Man uses his web to stop her leaving, trying to tell her that she's in danger but Spider-Girl decides to make him not miss with the "big girls" and shoots web in the eyes of his mask before kicking and webbing him to a water tower. She then gets a call on her communicator and tells Nicole Fury that she'll be late because she has to deal with something "minor" before ending the contact. Spider-Man is disturbed by a female Nick Fury and breaks free and they are interrupted by J. Joanne Jameson blaming everything on Spider-Girl. Spider-Girl sadly asks why she even bothers because she saves the city but J. Joanne Jameson keeps blaming her. Spider-Man reasons that she shouldn't let J. Joanne Jameson get to her, especially not now because she's in a lot of danger with Spider-Girl jokingly asking if it's Thursday. He tries to tell her about coming to save her but she takes this as a joke and asks how a "boy" is going to save her. Spider-Man properly introduces himself before revealing that he knows about "With great power, comes great responsibility" which somewhat convinces Spider-Girl. She then asks if he is really her counterpart from another world and he confirms it. They both take their masks off while revealing themselves as "Peter Parker" and "Petra Parker". They both find it awkward at their similar appearance, before Spider-Man reveals that they don't have much time because his Green Goblin is after her and Spider-Girl reveals that her Green Goblin is one of her worst enemies and if his Green Goblin is anything like her Green Goblin, then she knows where to find them.

After heading for the Oscorp that is owned by Norma Osborn, Spider-Man tells her that his Green Goblin is no joke but Spider-Girl believes that he will be easy if he is a male version of her Green Goblin. They are then confronted by their respective Green Goblins with Spider-Man pointing out that the female Green Goblin isn't a goblin and that his Green Goblin is a goblin. Spider-Girl is confused about her counterpart's Green Goblin, frantically asking on him being a man or a monster before Green Goblin sardonically comments about why he can't be both. He and his female counterpart proceed to throw pumpkin bombs at them but they dodge them. Despite Spider-Man trying to warn her of his Green Goblin's powers, Spider-Girl tells him to take care of her Green Goblin while she deals with his Green Goblin. Spider-Girl manages to kick him off his glider but he uses a gadget to tie her up. He then uses the bat gadget to collect her DNA. The female Green Goblin reminds him that he got what he wanted and she should get what she wanted. He then gives her a vial of goblin serum from his universe. Spider-Girl realises that she underistimated him while Spider-Man frees her while they both wonder what her Green Goblin meant about getting what she wanted which worries Spider-Man. The female Green Goblin then turns into the true female version of her Green Goblin counterpart. She then decides to destroy her arch-nemesis and her "sidekick" as a bonus which insults Spider-Man. She then shocks him down until Spider-Girl attacks her. The female Green Goblin throws bats at her which she webs up but they cut free but Spider-Man saves her before they explode. Spider-Girl believes that she is unstoppable but Spider-Man assures her that she's still the same Green Goblin and that she knows her attacks. The female Green Goblin fires missiles at them but they dodge with Spider-Man shooting an electric gadget which shocks her and gives Spider-Girl the advantage to hit her. While Spider-Man's Green Goblin escapes to the next dimension, the female Green Goblin continues chasing Spider-Man and Girl by throwing pumpkin bombs at them which makes them head to Washington Bridge. The female Green Goblin throws another pumpkin bomb but Spider-Man throws it away. Spider-Girl tells him to distract her while she goes for the big knockout which Spider-Man agrees with. The female Green Goblin shoots electric blasts at him but he dodges and taunts her about not being close. This gives Spider-Girl time to shoot her off her glider and she and her counterpart webs her up. Spider-Girl taunts her about getting all the tech and power upgrades she wants but she'll never beat her and her "amazing" friend with Spider-Man glad that he wasn't called a sidekick.

The female Green Goblin tells Spider-Girl that she's doomed and breaks free before shooting an electric blast at her, which causes her to fall but Spider-Man defeats her Green Goblin. While falling, Spider-Girl finds that she has run out of web fluid but Spider-Man saves her and brings her back onto the bridge. Spider-Girl is surprised that she got saved by a "boy" and that she will never live it down. Spider-Man tells her that it doesn't bother him anymore and reveals that her Green Goblin is down but his Green Goblin is still on the loose. Spider-Girl states her wish for him to stay and help but he tells her that she doesn't, except for the falling off the bridge moment, It may be hard being Spidey but she's in control and that she helped defeat her Green Goblin. Spider-Girl is happy about it feeling good and finally admits that it feels good knowing that there's another version of herself fighting everyday which makes her wanting to keep fighting too. Spider-Man admits it as well and thanks her before he leaves for the next universe.

The Spider-Verse: Part 2[]

The Spider-Verse Part 2

Peter teams up with his Noir counterpart

When Green Goblin uses the Siege Perilous with Electro as it's power source to open gateways to universes parallel to their own, Spider-Man follows his arch-nemesis to the 2099 Universe, the Gender Flipped Universe before heading to the Noir Universe. Spider-Man finds Green Goblin in a truck being chased by the police. Green Goblin is angry to find his Spider-Man still following him. He throws pumpkin bombs at the police but Spider-Man saves them. Green Goblin wonders where the universe's Spider-Man is and turns on the radio. He listens to the radio with the universe's J. Jonah Jameson yelling about Green Goblin and who can stop him. Green Goblin becomes pleased when Spider-Man Noir appears in front of him. He is pleased with the way he looks before he is grabbed by Spider-Man Noir who mistakes his appearance for a costume. Green Goblin assures him that he is for real and reveals that he has come for him before blasting him. Spider-Man Noir holds on but Green Goblin tells him that he doesn't have to be in one piece but he can scrape what he needs off the sidewalk and blasts him off the truck. Spider-Man saves him while calling him "Trench-Coat". Spider-Man Noir tells him that he doesn't know how he did that before sarcastically asking him if he's some "circus clown". Spider-Man tells him that Nova would say yes before offering to help defeat Green Goblin but Spider-Man Noir shrugs him off by saying, "I work alone." and leaves. Green Goblin is chased to the bridge before Spider-Man Noir appears before him again. They fight before Green Goblin unleashes the bat gadget to collect his DNA with Spider-Man Noir commenting that he doesn't like the look of it but Spider-Man appears and stops it while remarking that he "hates shots" as well. Both of the Spider-Men web him up before he uncontrollably crashes the truck onto the side of the bridge and he falls into the river. Spider-Man Noir asks if it's the last of Green Goblin but Spider-Man reveals that it isn't. Before Spider-Man can explain anything about Green Goblin, Spider-Man Noir disappears back to his home with Spider-Man remarking that Green Goblin has "competition".

Spider-Man follows him and comments about how homey his place is. Spider-Man Noir asks who he is and Spider-Man reveals that he's not from the Noir Universe and this causes Spider-Man Noir to get angry at his snarky behavior and knock him down, taking off his mask. This shocks him at seeing a younger version of himself, as Peter asked him does he look familiar before Noir takes his own mask off to reveal himself as an older version to Peter Parker, which surprises the latter. Peter reveals to him that he is trying to stop Green Goblin before he comes for his blood. Noir Peter asks if Green Goblin is some kind of vampire until Peter reveals that he is a crazed scientist and knows that it's weird. Noir Peter reveals that ever since he got bitten by an exotic spider, his life hasn't been anything but weird and ever since that day, he didn't call himself much of a hero and didn't even want the job in the first place but if he didn't put on the mask, then the city would drown in it's own evil and that the weak will perish. Spider-Man tells him that they need to make a plan before Green Goblin finds him first but Spider-Man Noir tells him that he'll find him first and tells Spider-Man to stay behind because he doesn't want a "pesky kid" tagging along which insults Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man follows him and Spider-Man Noir tries to use his webs to make him stay put but Spider-Man dodges them all. Spider-Man, sees Spider-Man Noir acting like this and mentions the universe's Aunt May. Spider-Man Noir reveals that he hasn't seen her in years with Spider-Man asking why until Spider-Man Noir webs up his legs and reveals that "sometimes the only way to protect someone, is to leave them behind". Spider-Man catches up to him and "tags" him with his own web. Spider-Man Noir tells him to leave because crime fighting is serious business. but Spider-Man shrugs it off by revealing that he knows villains that are more fun than him. Spider-Man then though that Green Goblin was coming but it was actually Jameson's News Blimp which Spider-Man Noir assures to not worry. They then hear the universe's Mary Jane Watson on the radio covering about the new Daily Bugle airship. Spider-Man is happy that she managed to make it as an ace reporter but Spider-Man Noir reveals that he isn't and that he pushed her way as well because bad things happen to dames that hang out with guys like himself. Spider-Man reveals that he thought that as well but reasons that he doesn't have to push friendships away to be a hero. They then hear Mary Jane reporting that everyone in the airship is being attacked by a maniac on a glider and throwing pumpkin bombs. This alerts the Spider-Men that it's Green Goblin before they hear Mary Jane being taken hostage. They head for the location of the airship which takes off and Spider-Man Noir angrily asks Spider-Man if he wants to talk about sacrifices now and leaves for the airship. Green Goblin uses the microphone to bait Spider-Man Noir to come and stop him. Spider-Man reveals that Green Goblin will expect them to web-sling after him and Spider-Man Noir asks what he won't expect. Spider-Man Noir then gets an idea of flying in a giro plane to catch Green Goblin. However, Green Goblin takes handcuffs Mary Jane to the ladder intending to use her as bait. Spider-Man Noir intends to save her but Spider-Man assures him to let him save her which Spider-Man Noir agrees to. Spider-Man saves her but Green Goblin madly uses the wheel to turn onto its side to let a few people fall. Spider-Man Noir arrives and Spider-Man tells him to handle Green Goblin while he saves the civilians. They fight but Spider-Man Noir gains the upper hand and beats Green Goblin down with Mary Jane and a few other civilians cheering him and taking a photo. Mary Jane manages to stop Spider-Man Noir from leaving by calling him "Hard Boiled". She asks him why he brushed her off even after they used to be friends. He finally reveals that he couldn't risk it if aynthing happened to her or anybody else but Mary Jane tells him that he can't live in fear of what might happen, that he cares some much for others and let someone care for him. Unfortunately, this gives Green Goblin the advantage to use his bat gadget to collect Spider-Man Noir's DNA. He believes that one spider is getting closer to his ultimate goal. Spider-Man snatches it but Green Goblin blasts the floats controls and knocks Spider-Man down. He takes the bat gadget back while telling him that nothing gets by him except himself and leaves on his glider. Mary Jane reveals that if the blimp crashes, it will torch Midtown. Spider-Man tells Spider-Man Noir that they will have to crash it into the river. Jameson calls for Mary Jane and she tells him to hold on to his hat because there are two Spider-Men in New York. Jameson calls them menaces but Mary Jane calls him out on his before telling him that they're heroes and reveals that she has photos to prove it. Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir take Mary Jane and a few civilians to safety while the blimp crashes and explodes into the river. Spider-Man tells Spider-Man Noir that good things happen when he he lets people into his life with Mary Jane agreeing with him and this gives Spider-Man Noir something to think about and congratulates his counterpart. Green Goblin appears and congratulates his Spider-Man and claims that he's a winner as well before opening another portal to the next universe. Spider-Man reveals that he doesn't like his nemesis with Spider-Man Noir reminding him that he got his DNA. Spider-Man reveals that he must follow Green Goblin alone and bids farewell to his counterpart and Mary Jane while referring to him as "tough guy". Spider-Man Noir wishes him the same while referring to him as "wise guy." Spider-Man then heads into the next universe.

The Spider-Verse: Part 3[]

When Green Goblin uses the Siege Perilous with Electro as it's power source to open gateways to universes parallel to their own, Spider-Man follows his arch-nemesis to the 2099 Universe, the Gender Flipped Universe, the Noir Universe, Larval Universe before heading to the Medieval Universe.

Spider-Man gets captured and accused of being many things like a wicth or a warlock until Spyder-Knight appears and fends everyone off while Spider-Man frees himself. Spyder-Knight jokes to Spider-Man that either he's training to be his squire or he's the town fool. Spider-Man tries to explain that he is his counterpart but Spyder-Knight refuses to believe him. Spider-Man tries to escape from the people with Spyder-Knight telling him to commence if he values his life. Spider-Man introduces himself with Spyder-Knight mocking his name. Spyder-Knight is then amazed by Spider-Man's abilities until Green Goblin appears and attacks him. He tries to use the bat gadget but it has no effect on Spyder-Knight's armor. Spyder-Knight reveals that it has no effect on his armor before attacking him but Green Goblin knocks him out. He comments that for his sake, he hopes he has a threshold for pain and for his sake, he hopes he doesn't. The bat gadget successfully collects Spyder-Knight DNA from under his chin. Spyder-Knight recovers and attacks him but Green Goblin jumps onto his glider. Spyder-Knight wonders what kind of a monster he is before Green Goblin reveals that he has no intention to stay. Spyder-Knight fires at him but Green Goblin deflects it. He then orders Electro to open the next portal. While Spider-Man tries to get to the portal, Spyder-Knight asks him what Green Goblin took from him with Spider-Man explaining Green Goblin's plan until they see a mechanical creature appearing from the water and attacking York with fire. Spyder-Knight explains about the Kraken and reasons that he maybe hated but he must protect the people and asks Spider-Man to fight with him. Spider-Man reveals that he will be stuck in if he doesn't leave and Spyder-Knight gives him a chance to leave. He tries to break at the tentacle but the Kraken throws him away. The Kraken is about to end him until Spider-Man saves him and convinces Spyder-Knight that they need to take the Kraken head on and not just protect the village. Spyder-Knight believes that it can't be stopped due to it being too powerful but Spider-Man tells him that where he comes from, he calls magic science because he sees it as a robot. After avoiding the Kraken, Spyder-Knight reveals about the taxes that everyone pays to the Alchemist in order for him to keep it away. However, Spider-Man convinces him that the Kraken was built and that they must find a weakness. Spyder-Knight is amazed by Spider-Man's bravery as he watches him tie the Kraken by its tentacles. This convinces him that Spider-Man really is his counterpart, while reasoning if he can take down the machine than he could help. With that, he gets his horse and takes the Kraken down. Spider-Man celebrates about going medieval on it but never understands the saying. They discover the Alchemist in the machine and this makes Spider-Man realize that he is a medieval version of his Doctor Octopus. Spyder-Knight also realizes that the Alchemist had built the Kraken to attack York and charge a fee to stop it. The Alchemist curses them until Spider-Man webs his mouth and they take him prisoner to be strapped to a stockade and Spyder-Knight is hailed as a hero. Spyder-Knight reveals that he is surprised that his counterpart stayed and helped despite knowing that he'd be trapped forever. Spider-Man reasons that he couldn't take off and let him fight alone but he'll have to find another way home or settle in. Fortunately, Spyder-Knight realizes that there is another way for his counterpart to leave. Spyder-Knight tells his about what he calls science, they call magic and takes him to Merlin. Spider-Man is surprised by seeing Merlin being real (and being a counterpart to Doctor Strange). Merlin reveals that some residue from the Siege Perilous still resides in the ether and uses a spell to reopen it. Spider-Man thanks them for helping and for the magic which Merlin questions to Spyder-Knight about his counterpart not being a fool. Spyder-Knight tells Spider-Man that he has taught him and everyone else to face their fears and that they will never forget him and calls him Spider-Man while the latter bids him farewell before heading for the next universe.

The Spider-Verse: Part 4[]

Spider-Man and the Web Warriors USMWW 3

Spider-Man teams up with his counterparts

Later, Spider-Man, Green Goblin and Electro return to their universe and back to the sunken S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. However, it is revealed that Green Goblin had collected Spider-Man DNA to enhance his powers to make himself unbeatable. However, this turns him into an arachnid-like goblin monster and renames himself as Spider-Goblin. Realizing that he is unable to beat his arch-nemesis, Spider-Man uses the Siege Perilous through Electro to open a portal that summons all of the alternate Spider-Men to his universe, forming the "Web-Warriors" (consisting himself, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, Spyder-Knight and the Ultimate Spider-Man). Spider-Ham jokes about an explanation with the Ultimate Spider-Man joking about the explanation being the best day ever. Spider-Goblin believes that there can only be one spider and that he is it but Spider-Man kicks him and thanks Electro. Spider-Goblin angrily threatens to kill Electro for his betrayal but Spider-Man saves him and webs up Spider-Goblin’s face. Spider-Man greets his counterparts guesses that they know why he called them and Spider-Girl reveals that they know because they have to stop Spider-Goblin. Spider-Goblin rips the web off and spits acid spit at them all but they all dodge. Spyder-Knight points out that Green Goblin was monstrous before but has now become a beast beyond imagining. They prepare to fight Spider-Goblin with Spider-Man pointing out to not let him tag them with his web and acid spit. They battle Spider-Goblin but he beats them all while revealing that no matter how many of them there are; he is bigger, faster and stronger. At one point, Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham manage to dodge the green web with Spider-Ham joking about the appetizer being nasty but the main course being worse. Spider-Goblin then starts beating Spider-Man down but the Web-Warriors prevent him with Spider-Man Noir pointing that if they can't beat him, they can at least blind him. They all web up his face and this gives Spider-Man and them time to escape. Spider-Ham asks what their next plan is with Spider-Girl believing that they're running away before Spider-Man reveals that they aren't because he has a plan but just needs more room to defeat Spider-Goblin. They make it to another part of the Helicarrier with the energy source. They all try to hide until their senses go off and they discover that Spider-Goblin has quickly caught up with them and ambushes them. They battle him and at one point, Spider-Man 2099 and Spyder-Knight use their webs on Spider-Goblin's extra spider arms to hold him before the other Web-Warriors start hitting him. Spider-Goblin starts fizzing with electricity and breaks Spider-Man 2099 and Spyder-Knight's webs off before they fire more on him. Spider-Man notices this and tells the Web-Warriors to hold him down. He then uses Electro to reverse the effects of the serum which transforms Spider-Goblin back into Norman. The victory is short lived when Electro is finally free from the Siege Perilous. He threatens Norman but Spider-Man prevents him before Electro reveals that he has the power of the Siege Perilous. He then uses his powers to start changing the Helicarrier but Spider-Man and the others are able to escape with Norman out through a hatch and onto the main land. They discover that Electro has turned the Helicarrier into a giant robot with Electro deciding to not kill Norman but them instead. Spider-Man hopes that they are all in for a fight because all their worlds are at stake. Electro thanks them for giving him enough power from the Siege Perilous and proceeds to crush them but they dodge. However, Electro changes his mind and proceeds to fly out and destroy the city. The Web-Warriors meet up on a roof and Spider-Man Noir asks what their next move is. Spider-Man reveals that he doesn't know what to do anymore but Spider-Girl tells him to snap out of it with Spider-Man 2099 pointing out what he did in their worlds by making a difference, that it's time to do it again but in the here and now. Spyder-Knight points out that he is still Spider-Man and Spider-Ham reveals that they won't let him give up. Spider-Man realizes that he can't think about himself and to think of others first. He points out that they have to take Norman to the nearest hospital and save the day like they always do. Electro terrorizes the city until the Web-Warriors arrive. Spider-Man tells them to tie the robot up and slow it down because they can't allow Electro to use it to fry the city. They all tie him up but Electro uses his powers to break the webs and fire missiles at them. They all manage to dodge them all and destroy the missile launchers. Electro then decides to have the robot self-destruct and flies up to the tallest building. Spider-Man 2099 realizes that if Electro has set the Helicarrier's engines to overload, they are in a complete melt down which makes the others worried. They then plan to distract Electro while Spider-Girl (and Spider-Ham) enter the Helicarrier to deactivate the self destruct sequence. While the Spider-Girl enters the robot, the other Web-Warriors manage to get Electro out to fight them while refusing to listen to reason. Electro then uses his powers to shock the Web-Warriors down. However, Spider-Man defeats Electro and strips him of the Siege Perilous's power. The Web-Warriors meet up and Spider-Girl and Spider-Ham reveal that they couldn't stop the self-destruct but have set it to enter space. The robot flies into space and explodes, thus saving the city. Spider-Man reveals that the Siege Perilous has enough power to send them back home and it opens six portals to take them back to their own dimensions. Spider-Man thanks them helping him save his universe. Spider-Man Noir thanks him for all he did for them and for making them believe with Spider-Man 2099 also pointing out that he also made them "better Spideys". Spider-Man Noir and the others proceed to go back to their dimensions. Spider-Ham then says all of the others spider people are spectacular or ham tastic but Spider-Man is the ultimate Spider-Man.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs the Sinister 6[]

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 1[]

Peter and Miles are at home playing video games before they hear pig sounds which Miles asks if it's a ring tone or if he got a pig but Peter denies starting a farm. They investigate and discover Spider-Ham in Aunt May's closet. Spider-Ham asks him what his aunt's closet is doing around him. Spider-Man asks him why he isn't in his own universe with Spider-Ham finding it weird before asking what a universe is. They then discover Spyder-Knight playing with the light switch and Spyder-Knight asks about the light switch in which Miles points out to being a light bulb. This fascinates him and believes it to be genius. Suddenly, they hear Rio asking where she is and Miles runs to hug her but the moment is cut short when she, Spider-Ham and Spyder-Knight disappear. Spider-Man is then attacked a by a tentacle of the Kraken until Iron Fist arrives to save him and the tentacle disappears. Iron Fist reveals that Director Fury sent him to fetch Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid who are taken to K'un L'un. Director Fury appears to meet them until gamma spiders appear and attack them. Director Fury calls Doctor Strange who closes the rift in their dimension. Kid Arachnid is confused about the situation and Doctor Strange reveals that K'un L'un stands at the border between realities and that is why it was easier for them to infiltrate their universe at K'un L'un. Spider-Man asks about them and Director Fury reminds him of Madame Web and that they set up their current operations in K'un L'un. Madame Web introduces them to the Web of Reality and Doctor Strange reveals that she summoned them because great and catastrophic forces are afoot due to their actions much to Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid's confusion. Madame Web and Director Fury reveal that due to them destroying the Siege Perilous, the shards had scattered into many dimensions and now the fragments are pulling themselves together bringing along whatever alternate dimension they happen to be in smashing into each other. Director Fury, Doctor Strange and Madame Web reveal that they need the two to enter the universes and put the shards back together with Kid Arachnid being quick on the uptake. They then give them a shard that they recovered from an Inhuman City that will act as a compass for them to find the other shards. Doctor Strange and Madame Web open a portal and warn that they have one chance. Spider-Man asks Kid Arachnid if he's okay with the plan and Kid Arachnid reveals that he is determined to save reality and reunite with his mother. They enter with Kid Arachnid not being used to the travel until they are transported to the Vampire Universe.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2[]

After the events of the Vampire Universe, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid enter the portal, where they wonder how Wolf Spider knows Spider-Man's name and his plan before they end up in the Pirate Universe. They are about to enjoy themselves until Web Beard appears before them demanding they leave the island before attacking them. He at first gives them two ways to leave with ne of them being easy before changing his that there's only one way and that's the hard way and that he's coconut friend named "Coco" agrees with him. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid are creeped out by this until Spider-Man comments that he's always wanted to be a pirate compliments how Web Beard looks. Web Beard introduces himself and becomes confused by how the appear before threatening them to leave his "booty" which is the treasure. Web Beard attacks them and Spider-Man tries to explain that they are from another universe and that they need a shard of the Siege Perilous. Web Beard is confused by this and mistakes their words for wanting his treasure much to the Spiders' annoyance. Before he can attack them, he is webbed up. Web Beard begs them to not hurt "Coco" but Spider-Man assures him they won't and also assuring that they don't want his treasure and asks what the craziness is about. Web Beard explains his origins and how he was mutinied and stranded on the island. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid are confused by who betrayed who but still point out that he betrayed his crew for the treasure much to his annoyance and he still claims to be the "victim". Web Beard accidentally reveals where the hidden treasure is and Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid discover the shard in the chest. They ask him for it and he once again accuses them of trying to steal his treasure. He orders "Coco" to release him but Kid Arachnid points out that being on the island wasn't very good for him. Web Beard is suddenly released from the webbing with Kid Arachnid thinking it was the coconut but Spider-Man points out that it was Web Beard's crew. Dread Pirate Duck demands that he surrender the treasure but Web Beard refuses while reminding him that he is the first mate. They bot get confused with the pirate talk before Dread Pirate Duck demands that he give the treasure or he and the crew will take it at the count of ten. Web Beard refuses demanding that he try to count with Dread Pirate Duck counting differently which annoyingly reminds Web Beard that he was always the best counter. In order to get the shard, Spider-Man chooses to surrender much to Web Beard and Kid Arachnid's shock but he believes that Dread Pirate Duck is more reasonable than Web Beard. However, they are tied up and are about to be fed to the Kraken. Web Beard believes "Coco" will save them until he sees the coconut in the water and believes it to have traitorously run away. Kid Arachnid uses his venom blast to free them but one of the ropes hits the Kraken in the eye causing it to attack The Groot. Web Beard fights with Cosmo while Spider-Man asks for the shard which Dread Pirate Duck in his annoyance reveals about how it starts with one gold piece until more comes in and that they build a ship out of solid gold which sank to the ocean floor with Web Beard pointing out that they all thought is was a good idea at the time. Dread Pirate Duck demands that Spider-Man get in the water because everything will be normal once the Kraken eats him. Spider-Man asks if it's not appealing and Web Beard accuses Dread Pirate Duck of not understanding anything but his own greed. Dread Pirate Duck rebukes that Web Beard is the greedy one, that he never wanted the mutiny and that he only wanted to be hard but Web Beard never listens. Web Beard asks why they didn't say something but Dread Pirate Duck points out that they did but he never listens. Spider-Man manages to call them out by telling Web Beard to stop being so controlling and listen to his crew and Dread Pirate Duck should trust in his captain's leadership. Kid Arachnid reasons that they might not get what they want but they must work together. When "Coco" is thrust in the air, Dread Pirate Duck saves him but is about to fall to the Kraken until Web Beard saves him. Web Beard thanks him for saving "Coco" and that he had to save his first mate and accepts his title. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid then manage to save them from being crushed and Dread Pirate Duck rallies the rest of the crew to work together like the Spiders said. The Spiders and the pirate are able to defeat the Kraken by tying it up and it leaves. Web Beard is glad to have his crew back but Dread Pirate Duck tells him that they maybe back but they all get a vote. Web Beard then gives the Spiders the shard as gratitude, much to Spider-Man's delight. It then opens a a portal to the next universe, which shocks Web Beard who realizes their story of other universes was true and gets to thinking he should've given them his solid gold boat. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid leave to the next universe.

The pair head to the Wild West Universe. Web-Slinger is thrown out of the saloon where he meets the two. He believes that they got kicked out of the circus with Spider-Man believing that he is not a nice sheriff before Web-Slinger reveals that he isn't sheriff but Doc Ock Holiday who introduces himself and gives them a chance to hand over the "outlaw". Spider-Man asks what he has done and Doc Ock Holiday reveals that he challenged his authority and that nobody opposes him while he is the law andWeb-Slinger is against the law. Spider-Man believes that it's not right and Doc Ock Holiday takes this as a fight and tells him take it up with his "deputy", the "Phantom Rider". However, Web-Slinger orders the two to flee which has the "Phantom Rider" chase after them. While Web-Slinger escapes, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid are caught and placed in jail. Doc Ock Holiday removes their Web-Shooters and places them in an electrified cell of his design. He taunts them about his invention, that they don't get to be sheriff by being no fool and that he can't say the same thing about who they were supposed to be which he thinks that they are circus performers. The Spiders know that he'll gloat and Doc Ock Holiday reveals that the call wasn't his only invention and that he has yet to unveil the fruits of his newest experiments. However, he hears a blast which annoys him and orders the two Spiders to stay put before he and "Phantom Rider" leave to see what it was. However, this is a distraction from Web-Slinger to free Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid until Doc Ock Holiday and "Phantom Rider" return to confront them. Doc Ock Holiday reveals that he knows what they came for and reveals the shard of the Siege Perilous. He reveals that they weren't the only ones that came for it because a masked man named Wolf Spider came not too long ago but he ran him out of town but he will destroy them and unveils his a pack with four arms with guns attached. This makes Web-Slinger regret breaking them out and Spider-Man agrees with him. Doc Ock Holiday fires at them and manages to injure his shooting hand and Web-Slinger decides to flee. Spider-Man asks him if running away was what his uncle would want him to do but Web-Slinger continues to flee. Doc Ock Holiday calls him out for his cowardice and demands him to face him. Kid Arachnid kicks him into the saloon before helping Spider-Man fight and defeat "Phantom Rider". Spider-Man pins Doc Ock Holiday and tries to make him see that the shard is important and that reality will destroy itself but Doc Ock Holiday kicks him away. Doc Ock Holiday reveals that he will maximize the shard and prepares to shoot Spider-Man but Web-Slinger returns and prevents him. Kid Arachnid reveals that he thought he left until Web-Slinger reveals that Spider-Man was right about his uncle wanting him to continue fighting. Doc Ock Holiday just sees this as another spider to squash but Web-Slinger calls him out on not doing the right things around the town before challenging him to a showdown. He offers that if he wins: the strangers go and he frees the town. Doc Ock Holiday asks him if he wins and Web-Slinger offers: that all their fates are in his hands. However, Doc Ock Holiday tauntingly points out his damaged hand which will never help him win until Spider-Man offers to face him. Doc Ock Holiday asks why he would face him when he has him at his mercy. Spider-Man calls him a coward before revealing that he has a Doctor Octopus of his own who would never back down from a challenge and guesses that he's made of sterner stuff. This causes Doc Ock Holiday to feel insulted and accepts the challenge. The two face off with Doc Ock Holiday shooting at him but misses when Spider-Man uses his web to remove the shard from his pack and give it to Kid Arachnid. This causes the shard's power to free "Phantom Rider" from mind control and reveal himself as Ben Parker much to Web-Slinger's surprise. Ben apologizes for his unwilling actions due to Doc Ock Holiday using the shard to enslave his mind. Doc Ock Holiday tries to flee but is hogtied by Spider-Man who returns Ben’s badge to him. The sheriff again, Ben has Ock placed in jail. Ock yells words of revenge until Web Slinger web shoots his mouth and Ock electrocutes himself on the bars. Ben states the villain will most likely do a long sentence in jail. Kid Arachnid gets ready leave to the next universe but notices Peter standing still. Kid Arachnid asks him what's up, as Peter states he was taking one last look at alternate version of his Uncle Ben. Kid Arachnid comforts him before they leave.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 3[]

Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid enter the Noir Universe, as Spider-Man mentions his last visit and explains the Spider-Man there was a friend. They see and Hammerhead and his gang fighting Thunderbolt and A-Bombardier, both of which Spider-Man recognized from his world. Very soon, they get involved in a brawl until Mr. Fixit (the counterpart of Hulk)arrives. The two gangs fight with Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid trying to stop it but the gangs refuse to listen until Spider-Man Noir saves them. On a roof, Spider-Man Noir is glad to meet Spider-Man again but doesn't remember Kid Arachnid until Spider-Man reminds him of when Kid Arachnid helped him stop Green Goblin in his world, which makes Spider-Man Noir remember and he reveals that he tries to forget his inter-dimensional travel. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid are about to enter the fight again but Spider-Man Noir prevents them and reveals that Mr. Fixit and Hammerhead's gangs are just crooks bleeding the town dry and if they finish each other off, they'll be doing their jobs for them. Spider-Man disagrees with him but Kid Arachnid agrees with Spider-Man Noir because they are trying to find the next shard of the Siege Perilous. Spider-Man Noir revealed that the war between the two gangs has been raging for weeks, thrown the whole town into chaos and offers to let them end each other once and for all. Spider-Man refuses to let it go on but Spider-Man Noir prevents him again. The two counterparts fight each other while Kid Arachnid tries to stop them until he sees the shards in his web-shooters glowing which hints that the other shard is close. Kid Arachnid finally breaks up the fight between the Spider-Men and reveals that the shard is in Hammerhead's gun. Spider-Man Noir realizes that there is more at stake than just a gang war because that weapon is formidable and Spider-Man reveals that the shard is what's causing their universes to crash together. Spider-Man Noir tells him that he doesn't care about what his parallel universe "mumbo jumbo" is but he knows when his city is in danger and that makes them a team now. Spider-Man, Kid Arachnid and Spider-Man Noir then enter the battle and steal the gun from Hammerhead while webbing up all the gangs. After Kid Arachnid destroys the guns, the shard ends up with Martin who uses it's power to change his appearance and give himself powers. He turns Hammerhead into stone while claiming himself as the new boss in town. Kid Arachnid asks if things were bad for Spider-Man when he first came to the universe with the answer being no. Spider-Man then jokes about calling Spider-Man Noir "Mr. Negative" which Martin likes and takes as his new ego. Mr. Fixit frees his gang and orders them to get Mr. Negative but he turns his gang to stone as well. Mr. Fixit and the spiders fight Mr. Negative but he gains the upper hand against them and they retreat. Mr. Fixit thinks about going back to save his gang but Spider-Man reminds him that they don't know what they're up against and that he'll be no good to his friends if he ends up as a "lawnmower ornament". Mr. Fixit agrees to help but they must also return back to his gang because he doesn't leave his gang behind. Spider-Man Noir takes the spiders and Mr. Fixit back to his home with Spider-Man liking what he had done to the place with Spider-Man Noir not taking the joke. Spider-Man reveals that the last time they met, he thought he went to something brighter before his counterpart reveals that things changed. Mr. Fixit enters and agrees with Spider-Man about his home being a dump with Spider-Man Noir angrily reminding him that Spider-Man saved him and if it were up to him, he'd be a statue by now which would have one less monster in town with Kid Arachnid agreeing with him again. Spider-Man manages to stop Mr. Fixit from arguing further and reveals that he knows he's not a monster before he sees the photo of Mary Jane on the wall and believes that she'll agree and knows there's the best in people until Spider-Man Noir reveals she doesn't anymore because she's gone. Spider-Man Noir tells his counterpart to ask Mr. Fixit who doesn't know what he's talking about until he sees the photo which he remembers Mary Jane and tells him that it wasn't on him. Mr. Fixit argues that he won't believe him anyway because he still sees him as a monster and that won't change. Spider-Man reveals that things can change because they need some positivity. Mr. Fixit asks about how Mr. Negative got power from the "cut ice" until Kid Arachnid reveals that it's not from the Noir Universe and that it came from the Siege Perilous like the ones they have. Spider-Man then realizes that the shard absorbs light and color giving it dark energy that feeds Mr. Negative. Mr. Fixit realizes this and should've smashed Mr. Negative and Spider-Man Noir agrees that it would've destroyed both of them and be rid of two "monsters" like them. This causes Mr. Fixit and Spider-Man Noir to fight while wrecking the apartment. After taking the fight to the rooftop, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid break up the fight and reason that they are on the same side. However, Mr. Negative uses his power on the light beacon to turn Kid Arachnid to stone much to the horror of the others. Mr. Negative then tries to turn Spider-Man and his counterpart to stone but Mr. Fixit saves them which gives them all time to escape. Spider-Man berates the two for fighting which caused them to lode Kid Arachnid. Mr. Fixit reveals how he felt when he lost his gang which Spider-Man Noir takes as caring about nobody but himself and asks why he should trust him. Spider-Man reveals that in his universe, his Hulk was treated as a monster but he sacrificed himself to save others time and again. Mr. Fixit believes that it isn't him but Spider-Man reasons that it could if they work together but Spider-Man Noir reminds about never forgetting about what happened to Mary Jane but Spider-Man tells him that Mr. Fixit said it wasn't his fault and that he saved them. Mr. Fixit reveals that he tried to save her. He reveals that Hammerhead set the building to collapse on him and he tried to warn everyone to leave until Mary Jane went into the building to get people to safety. He tried to hold the building as long as he could but in the end it wasn't good enough and reveals that what Mary Jane did was the bravest thing he ever saw. Spider-Man Noir reveals that he never knew and apologizes for not being a better guy to not misjudge him and that Kid Arachnid earned the process. Now working together, Spider-Man reveals that they can't take the fight to him but to make him come to them. They use a blimp to destroy Mr. Negative's beacon which convinces him to fight them in person at the theater. Mr. Fixit doesn't understand the plan until Spider-Man reveals that they have to get the shard of the Siege Perilous from Mr. Negative and the only way to do it is to get him to use up all the power he's absorbed. Spider-Man Noir asks what will happen if he get's the chards that they have and absorbs them in the process. This annoys Spider-Man while his counterpart and Mr. Fixit find it amusing to be a bad idea. Mr. Negative arrives and Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir distract him using their shadows while he blasts at them and demanding they face him like men. The heroes take out the gang and Mr. Negative starts running out of power while turning one of his men into stone in the process. Demanding that they face him, Mr. Fixit appears with a mirror to block agreeing with his statement. Mr. Negative struggles with the shard's power but manages to blast the mirror and prepares to turn him into stone but Spider-Man Noir takes the shot much to Mr. Fixit's surprise. Spider-Man ambushes him but before Mr. Negative can turn him to stone, Mr. Fixit prevents him and takes the shard before using it to turn everyone back to normal and give color to the universe in the process. Spider-Man then jokes about turning Martin into a positive which annoys Spider-Man Noir before he becomes surprised by the new color of his universe. Mr. Fixit is also confused but Spider-Man assures him that he's not a monster but a hero. Mr. Fixit gives the shard to Spider-Man because the kind of power it has doesn't suit the city yet and owes Spider-Man Noir a debt with him agreeing that it won't be the last time. The two agree to be friends until Kid Arachnid arrives. The two piece the shards together and bid farewell to Spider-Man Noir and Mr. Fixit before heading to the next universe.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4[]

Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid land back into the Miles' home dimension, the Ultimate Universe, they discover that a new spider-themed hero called Spider-Gwen AKA Spider-Woman whose real name is Gwen Stacy had taken over being the spider-themed hero after Kid Arachnid and the Ultimate Green Goblin disappeared. It is also revealed that the Aunt May of this universe is a friend of Rio's and calls her for Miles but finds that she's not getting an answer from her phone. It is revealed that May traced a shard of the Siege Perilous to the police station and while Spider-Woman distracts her father, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid sneak into the evidence room and get the last shard of the Siege Perilous. However, they hear muffling and discover that Wolf Spider is also in the evidence room. He thanks them for gathering the fragments for him and that he will take them now. Spider-Man refuses but Wolf Spider reveals that he had kidnapped Rio and tied up and gagged her while using her as leverage, which shocks Kid Arachnid. Spider-Man demands that he let her go but Wolf Spider ignores him and backs them off by walking with her forward. Spider-Man wonders how he found Rio with Kid Arachnid replying that he doesn't know but vows to not let him hurt her. Wolf Spider asks him what matters the most: The Siege Perilous or his mother. This tears Kid Arachnid apart but Aunt May (by communicating) tells them to use their taser webs on a generator. Kid Arachnid uses his webs to snatch his mother way while Spider-Man uses his taser webs on the generator which knocks Wolf Spider down. Rio is happy that her son has come back with Kid Arachnid the same way but wishes that he could've had a smooth reunion. Rio reveals that Wolf Spider found her at work and asks who he is. Spider-Man reveals that they don't know but he has been a pain in their butts while traveling more than one dimension. Wolf Spider recovers and attacks them. Kid Arachnid locks his mother up with the evidence so that Wolf Spider will not harm her. He reveals himself to have four bio-organic spider arms. Captain George Stacy confronts the spiders but Wolf Spider, throws lockers on him to prevent him from interfering. Kid Arachnid tries to use web on him but he is pulled and much to his confusion, their shard is glowing and Wolf Spider reveals that he also has the shard that came to his universe to follow them. Spider-Man attacks him until he uses his bio-organic spider arms to capture the two. He is about to kill them until Spider-Woman interferes and uses her webs to tie him to the wall but he breaks free and claims that only he will survive. However, debris from the force of his strength starts falling but Spider-Woman is able to save her father and he flees. Wolf Spider takes Kid Arachnid and is about to take the rest of the shards but Spider-Man takes him down and reveals to have them. Spider-Man gets the rest of the fragments which fully fixes the Siege Perilous. However, Wolf Spider escapes and the spiders and Rio are forced to flee from Captain Stacy.

Wolf Spider tracks them down to the Morales apartment and blasts the wall which knocks out Rio. A shocked Miles asked him on how he knew where he lived and Wolf Spider tauntingly reveals that his world had a Miles Morales as well and that his life will end as his Miles did and knocks him out. Peter reveals that he doesn't care who he is but it was a mistake to attack a spider in their own home. Wolf Spider then reveals that: In every universe, Peter Parker stands for heroism and responsibility but not him. He then takes off his mask to reveal himself as an evil Peter Parker, much to everyone's shock. He then reveals that in his world, his name strikes fear into the hearts of those who hear it and that he destroyed every fool who held such pathetic ideals. He also reveals that until a shard of the Siege Perilous came to his world, he thought he was the only Peter Parker but with the fully complete Siege Perilous, he will be. He steals the Siege Perilous and escapes with it. While on the way, he leaves destruction to Lure Spider-Man, Kid Arachnid and Spider-Woman into his trap.

They track him to an underwater cave and discover that Wolf Spider has used the Siege Perilous to drain the life-force of every spider-based character in the multiverse. This causes him to become bigger and stronger and he reveals that he knew that they wouldn't resist his little "invitation". They fight but Wolf Spider proves to be stronger than them until Kid Arachnid shocks him and points that he hasn't got their life forces but Wolf Spider drains Kid Arachnid's life force. When Wolf Spider taunts Spider-Man about his strengths that made him into a hero being a waste, Spider-Woman points out that all Peter Parkers never stop talking while saving Spider-Man. They shoot webs at him until he uses Kid Arachnid's invisibility on himself and ambushes Spider-Woman and begins draining her life force. Wolf Spider taunts Spider-Man that he can't win because he destroyed every heroic Spider-Man. He then reveals that the Siege Perilous always guided him to Spider-Man because for some reason, he is the center of the multiverse in which Spider-Man agrees that his Aunt May always said that he was special. Wolf Spider then threatens to kill Spider-Man to become the center of the multiverse, the only Peter Parker and the only Spider-Man who will remain evil. However, Spider-Man permits Wolf Spider into claiming his life.

Spider-Man is taken to a world, where the other Spider-People are and he is met by Gwen and Miles who questions why he let Wolf Spider win. Spider-Man tells them that he has a plan, while his counterparts tell him its hopeless but he convinces them to not give up.

Believing it to have worked, Wolf Spider then suddenly sees all the Spider-People's life forces disconnecting from him and Spider-Man, Kid Arachnid and Spider-Woman's life forces also return. Wolf Spider then starts to break and Spider-Man echoes what he said about every universe where every Peter Parker is a good guy but since he is evil, he poisoned himself with their life forces. Wolf Spider then shatters apart, with his body now trapped in other dimensions he cannot escape. All the life-forces of every Spider-Man he absorbed were restored back normal. The Spider people ask how he knew that would work but Spider-Man says he had a feeling, since all of them were heroes it would succeed in defeating their foe. Spider-Man's counterparts are satisfied with the answer, along with the other spider people from different dimensions rejoice at understanding why Spider-Man is the center of their universes before going back to their homes. With Wolf gone, the Siege Perilous is theirs and the heroes are victorious.

Afterwards, Spider-Man prepares to bid Kid Arachnid goodbye. However, he learns the latter and Rio have decided to come with him and let Gwen be the new hero of the dimension. They then use the Siege Perilous to return to the main universe, where Peter is annoyed by a prank on him by Fury and the others.


Before getting bitten by a Genetically-Altered Spider and becoming Spider-Man, Peter Parker was a normal schoolboy. He was shy and often bullied at school and didn't take action. As soon as he got his new profound powers, he gained more confidence in himself, occasionally making jokes even in dangerous and serious situations, he is particularly known for taunting and insulting his enemies. When his uncle died, Peter decided to become more responsible for other's sake.[5] He can appear tough around people, but he is actually very compassionate. At one point, he decided he did not want to work with a group of young heroes from S.H.I.E.L.D., primarily because he worried for their safety. Spider-Man was shown to be a great leader when he eventually did work with them, so it appears his fears were unfounded.[8]

[5] Peter's lack of an idol or role model as a child may have contributed to him wanting to be a lone superhero. When he eventually became one, he at some point garnered the respect and admiration of Iron Man in a way he had only for a few.[2] Peter's insecurities during high school led him to be comfortable making jokes about his enemies, as he could conceal his identity and avoid any harsh judgments that could prove detrimental to his inflated ego. He is also enthusiastic, and sometimes impulsive, and overconfident.

As a consequence of his beliefs, Spider-Man possess a moral superiority and is always self-righteous, as he constantly forces his morals and ethics on on other super powered kids into joining a life of super heroics rather than pursuing their own life's ambitions. An example of this is when Spider-Man constantly lectures and advertises the super heroic lifestyle to Mary Jane and Scarlet Spider in order make them to join up into a life of crime fighting, despite their constant refusal of his offers.

An example of his self-righteousness was seen when he felt repulsed by Wolverine's beliefs that supervillains must be killed and not rehabilitated for the overall betterment of society. He also encouraged his alternate universe counterparts to keep being better heroes something that they took to heart and followed his advice.

He enjoys new things, such as wanting to add new equipment to his costume and discover new powers. He was also amazed by the fact that they were other universes with other versions of him keeping up his hero work.

Peter cares about both Harry and Mary Jane both, however, there is a hint of romance between Mary Jane and Peter as a result of their history together and the time when they were 12 and decided to get "serious."[9]

Physical appearance[]

Peter Parker is a Caucasian teenage boy of average height with a lean frame, sporting muscular and well-defined build, due to the radioactive spider bite. He has brown hair parted in the middle with long bangs on the sides and blue eyes. He wears a white shirt underneath either his light blue or pink button-down shirt, with blue or brown pants and black sneakers.[5]


His costume is based on an arachnid, with the spider suit's primary colors being red and blue, with a silhouette of a spider on the chest area and a large red spider on the back. The red has a pattern that resembles that of a spider web, with the center of the web being on the topside of his nose. The red and webs only go to the shoulders on the costume. The eyes on the mask are white with a bold black outline.[5]

After meeting Tony Stark, he made the Iron Spider Armor for him based on his powers. It has metal armor in red, with a golden spider symbol on his chest. After S.H.I.E.L.D.'s modification, it can transform into a backpack for Peter.[2]



  • Richard Parker † - Father
  • Mary Parker † - Mother
  • Aunt May - Aunt
  • Uncle Ben † - Uncle

Friends and Allies[]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • Genetically Enhanced Attributes: Through his infusion of radioactive spider DNA, he has gained the strength, speed, equilibrium & healing rate of the common house spider. He also gained a paranormal survival instinct, dubbed as his spider senses.
    • Superhuman Strength: Spider-Man possesses superhuman strength, he is strong enough to easily destroy mechanical robots from S.H.I.E.L.D and hold many tons of weight when needed. It is stated that Spider-Man can lift a max of about 20 tons.[5]
    • Superhuman Speed: Spider-Man can run at speeds greater than the finest Olympic athlete.[5]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Spider-man has been exerting for days without passing out, despite his greatly increased metabolism.
    • Superhuman Endurance: Spider-Man's body is physically tougher and more resistant to some types of injury than the body of a normal human. He has endured blows from beings with a strength much greater than his own, fallen many meters in the air, and even been hit through steel walls. However, he can easily be damaged through bladed weaponry or even the smallest firearms. He did, however, endure being showered in superheated water & being "nuggied" by the Hulk.
    • Superhuman Agility: Spider-Man is very agile and can easily do backflips in the air.[5]
    • Superhuman Equilibrium: After being bitten by the mutated spider, Spider-man can balance himself on any object no matter small or narrow.[5]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Spider-Man's reflexes are above even the finest human athlete. He has shown that he can dodge strikes from beings with supernatural speed, gunfire, and energy blasts.
    • Superhuman Leap and Jump
    • Spider-Sense: Spider-Man has a supernatural survival instinct to sense dangers that happens moments before it actually happens, which enhances his reflexes. It works like an alarm sound when danger is near. It cannot be replicated by any being due to its magical nature.[5]
    • Wall-Crawling: Being injected by the mutated spider, Spider-man can crawl along surfaces much like a spider would.[5]
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Spider-Man's peak-human metabolism allows him a slight healing factor, allowing him to heal epithelial cells/tissues at a faster pace. However, it is likely that this healing ability will not heal damages done to vital organs nor regenerate amputated limbs. He did manage to regenerate his eyesight overnight.
  • Magic Resistance: Due to the last time he worked with Doctor Strange, he gained a certain degree of resistance to magic spells.


Spiderman genius chemist

Spider-Man creating a cure for the Lizard to turn back to Curt Connors.

  • Genius-Level Intellect: Peter Parker, due to his lifetime affinity with science, is a genius of outstanding intellect, with him being even more intelligent than some of the finest professors in the world. He was able to find an antidote for a disease on his own, be able to operate Iron Man's armor and other extraordinary feats that would require genius intelligence.
    • ​​​​Skilled Leader: He has shown to be a remarkable leader & even led his own team to many great victories before being offered the Avengers membership. He also shows remarkable proficiency in analyzing various tactics to create better combat tactics.
    • Stealth Tactics: Spider-Man has shown to be highly skilled at stealth, even before being initiated in S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Avengers.
  • Expert Combatant: He has been extensively trained by Nick Fury and Iron Fist in various martial arts styles as well as to properly supplement it with his superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes. He often toys with his opponents in order for them to drop their guard, due to his seemingly childish nature.
  • Master Martial Artist: Peter initially learned combat from his uncle Ben to defend himself and later developed that into his spider-style martial art. Peter would later learn to improve his fighting style during his training at S.H.I.E.L.D. who have assigned master combatants like Captain America to train him in unarmed combat. His fellow teammate Iron Fist also assisted him to improve in unarmed combat to fight without his Web-Shooters.
  • Iron Willpower: Spider-Man is also determined to accomplish his goals even if it means going against the likes of the Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. He even stuck to his gut to cure Norman Osborn, instead of just having him executed.


  • Web-Shooters: Spider-Man when he began his career created web-shooters to combo with his persona as Spider-Man. They are able to shoot web fluids at high pressure and speed.[5]
    • S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Next Generation Web-Shooters: Spider-Man received a new and enhanced version of his web-shooters from Nick Fury. Unlike his original web shooters if it's activated a small target appears, which can be used to aim more properly. It can also store more web fluid in it and reach farther. It can shoot at a higher pressure and speed. The web-shooter also has a camouflage mode.[5] The web-shooters can also be encased in electricity.It can also transform into a crossbow as seen in Hawkeye (episode).
    • Web Fluid: Spider-Man own invention to come with the web shooters, it's used by him to spin web and sling through the city. Spider-Man can modify the fluid after shooting it for certain situation such as using it as a parachute and as web wings.[5]
  • Spider-Cycle: S.H.I.E.L.D. created an arachnid-based technologically modified motorcycle for Spider-Man. The motorcycle is equipped with automatic aiming web shooters, web fluids, blasters and rocket boosters.[8]
  • Iron Spider Armor: Tony Stark developed the armor when he encountered Spider-Man. It's made in combination with his tech and Spider-Man's powers. Spider-Man later modified the suit to fit him well.[2]
  • Electric Claws: Spider-Man used for a short while the electric claws of White Tiger, to aid against Taskmaster.[10]
  • Spider-Man's Stealth Suit:This stealth suit is a special suit made for Spider-Man for camouflage and can be used for scouting and surveillance.
    • Camouflage: Suspecting that Mac Porter is behind the bank robbery, Spidey infiltrated Damage Control building with the stealth suit, passing all kinds of security in his investigation. After figuring out that the Wrecking Crew are the ones who robbed the bank, he engaged them in combat by using the stealth suit but was at disadvantage when it malfunctioned.
  • Adamantium-Vibranium Armor: It's a special body armor that is able to withstand powerful blows.[11] It is a very durable full-body armor made of the combined adamantium and vibranium metals. Similar to Captain America's Shield.
  • Webcannon 3000: It's a large gun that is able to shoot webs to entrap foes in them.[11] It is used by Spidey to take out many Zodiac soldiers outside the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.
  • Spinning Arachnid Disks: Small arachnid designed flying disk that can be thrown at high speed and can shoot out webs to entrap foes within them.[11]
  • Impact Force Bubbles: Those are small bubbles that can be thrown at foes, upon impact it enlarges to trap foes in it.[11]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Watch
  • Spidey-Inline Skates/Hoverboard
  • Spider-Copter (formerly)
  • Spider-Tank  (formerly)
  • Spider-Pogo Stick (formerly)


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Season 1 26
Season 2 26
Season 3 26
Season 4 26
Overall 104
Infinite Comics
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2015 24
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  • Drake Bell voices Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Bell also portrayed another version of Spider-Man in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
    • Bell is perhaps best known for his role as Drake Parker from the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh, coincidentally sharing the last name as Spider-Man.
    • Bell previously portrayed a Spider-Man parody character called The Dragonfly in the spoof movie Superhero Movie.
  • Robbie Daymond originally auditioned for the role of this Peter Parker, and would go on to portray the character in Ultimate Spider-Man's successor Marvel's Spider-Man.
  • Peter seems to have an uncanny bad luck with animals, theoretically this could relate to the reason why so many of his enemies are animal-based.
  • Over the years Peter would somehow lose any pet he takes care of.
    • One of these pets mentioned was a dog named Ms. Lion. Ms. Lion originated from the 1981 TV series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.
  • Peter notes that he hates field trips due to always getting bitten by animals on those trips. The only exception to this is the trip to Oscorp where the spider bite gave him his powers.
  • Peter seems to a big fan of pirates, as shown expressing his joy upon meeting his pirate counterpartand dressing up as one the following Halloween.


  • Peter often breaks the "fourth wall" when he talks to the audience and is seen by the rest of the characters as if he's talking to himself. Often showing the viewers Chibi versions of his thoughts. Though the latter has been removed by the fourth season.
    • At one point, he was ironically called weird for this by Moon Knight.
  • Sharing similarities with his Ultimate Marvel counterpart, this version of Peter is childhood friends with Harry and MJ, sports hair bangs coming down the sides of his head, was bitten by a genetically engineered spider created by OsCorp, has more interactions with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., shows a more arrogant side in his heroic persona, forms close friendships with other teen heroes, and once switched brains with Wolverine.
  • Peter has become both Venom and Carnage in this series.
  • When coming up with ideas for his spider-themed hero identity, alternate names Peter considered were Arana, Arachnid, The Red Spider or The Spider. The first one being a reference to Anya Corazon in the comics.
  • According to Wolf Spider, he is the center of the multiverse and the other universes branched from his. Whether or not that this is accurate is unknown, as the same has been said about the mainstream comic version.
  • Unlike the traditional red and blue Spider-Man suit, this version lacks the red coloring and web pattern throughout the sleeves, however it's evidenced that Peter has worn the more traditional classic suit during his first year as Spider-Man.
  • Peter almost considered having black on his suit instead of blue. This is a nod to Spider-Man's first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, where the blue sections of his costume were colored black with blue as highlights.
  • It's also likely that Peter worked as a photographer during his first year and taken pictures of his heroic escapades similar to his Earth-616 Counterpart.
  • This version of Spider-Man, or one with a similar design, makes a small cameo in the 2023 film, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Background in Other Media[]

  • This is the "9th" animated incarnation of Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Previous versions include Spider-Man (1967), Spider-Woman, Spider-Man (1981), Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Spider-Man (1994), Spider-Man Unlimited, Spider-Man: The New Animated Series and The Spectacular Spider-Man.
  • In other appearances, Peter Parker was a skilled photographer who works at the Daily Bugle.
    • In the Ultimate Comics, Peter was a web designer for the Daily Bugle rather than a photographer.
  • In the original comics, Spider-Man got the symbiote during Marvel's Secret Wars storyline in 1984. In the Ultimate Comics, the symbiote was an artificial lifeform created by his father Dr. Richard Parker as a potential cure for terminal diseases (namely cancer), but became sentient and carniverous to whoever wore it. Venom's status as a man-made lifeform would be retained for the show, with it's creator being Doctor Octopus instead.
  • This version of Spider-Man differs greatly from his comic counterpart and previous adaptations, mostly in terms of personality.
  • This version of Spider-Man appears in Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., which are in the same continuity as Ultimate Spider-Man.
  • This series marked the second animated appearance of Man-Spider since the 1994 Spider-Man animated series.
  • Spider-Man appears in the Disney INFINITY games as a playable character and figurine.


Season 1[]

Great Power[]

  • Other kids I know start their day with orange juice. Me? I get yelled at by 100-foot-tall-cranky pants.


  • Hulk? Here? In Manhattan? Ungood...
  • Three words. Nose Hair Trimmer.

Me Time[]

  • It's "Arachnid." And you call yourself a doctor? - (to Doctor Octopus)


  • Too weird.

Home Sick Hulk[]

  • I took care of the "Phalanx", I took care of "Hulk" - (to Nick Fury)

I Am Spider-Man[]

  • I'm your second choice to play myself!? - (to Phil Coulson)

The Iron Octopus[]

  • Love the new duds, Ock. Covering your face was a stroke of genius! - (to Doctor Octopus)

The Attack of the Beetle[]

  • Agent Phil Coulson is kind of... cool!?


  • It's not your fault, you don't have to be this "Green Goblin" - (to Green Goblin)

Season 2[]

Kraven the Hunter[]

  • Someone important was taken from me too. I lost someone special to me for no reason at all. Just like you I had an opportunity for revenge, had the guy who did it cornered, helpless, I could have finished it right there but I realized that wouldn't have changed what happened and, worse, I would've become as bad as the creep who took him from me. He always said I could choose what kind of man I wanted to be. I chose to walk away. To be better. To be Spider-Man. - (to White Tiger)


  • Hey, Hawkeye! Where's an Avenger when you need one? - (to Hawkeye)

The Sinister Six[]

  • So how many Sinister Sixers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Answer: six, four to hold down Electro and one to put a lightbulb in his mouth! wah wah waaah! - (to The Sinister Six)


  • If you stop hitting me, I'll brush up on my villains guide to Boston. Pinky swear!

The Incredible Spider-Hulk[]

  • Where is Hulk? "Brain Man" fix Hulk?

Game Over[]

  • Game Over

Return of the Sinister Six[]

  • One on one these guys are tough enough but six at one time!

Season 3: Web-Warriors[]

The Avenging Spider-Man Part 2[]

  • Knock knock, Doc Ock! - (to Doctor Octopus)

Cloak and Dagger[]

  • I am the Spider-Supreme!

The Next Iron Spider[]

  • Here's the deal. Me, Peter Parker: Huge IQ, number one in math, number one in science, top student. The transfer student Amadeus Cho: Uncharted IQ, skipped a few grades, holds several patents, is banned from all TV game shows.

The Vulture[]

  • That's a good thing, right? There must have been some good times. Hold that thought. It looks like we unlocked the mother load on Doc Ock's animal DNA experiments. Hey, he really did make a kangaroo! Looks like Ock offered cash to down-on-their-luck kids to participate in his scientific studies. Aw, but it doesn't say who any of these kids were. - (to Harry Osborn)

The Spider-Verse: Part 1[]

  • Spidey, you are definitively not in Brooklyn anymore.
  • This is really awkward. “Spider-Man to Spider-Girl”

The Spider-Verse: Part 4[]

  • Gobby, meet the Web-Warriors! - (to Spider-Goblin)

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6[]

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2[]

  • I just wanted to take one last look at a world where Uncle Ben was still alive. (to Kid Arachnid)

Graduation Day: Part 2[]

  • So I guess this is it, there's no need to get all sappy. I thought once I became the Ultimate Spider-Man that would mean my work was done. Far from it, this isn't the end, this is only the beginning.


Spider-Man's Secret identity[]


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