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Peter Porker

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Pig/Spider Hybrid





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The Spider-Verse: Part 2

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Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4 (cameo)

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Benjamin Diskin


Spider-Ham is an alternate reality counterpart to Spider-Man.

Physical appearance

Spider-Ham has a humanoid appearance, with pig like features on the face. He wears the same costume as Spider-Man, with the same spider silhouette on the chest.[1]


Early life

Peter Porker was a normal pig until a spider fell into the pancakes his Aunt-Ham was serving him. The spider bit him but it also tranfered it's powers to him. He then became Spider-Ham to use his powers for good and joined the Avengers. However, J. Jonah Jackal made everything about Spider-Ham sound like a failure which made everyone including Spider-Ham see his point. Peter Porker then gave up being Spider-Ham.

Season 3: Web-Warriors

The Spider-Verse: Part 2

When Green Goblin uses the Siege Perilous with Electro as it's power source to open gateways to universes parallel to their own, Spider-Man follows his arch-nemesis to the 2099 Universe, the Gender Flipped Universe, the Noir Universe before heading to the Larval Universe. After falling into a pool of mud Peter Porker gets Spider-Man out while complaining about wanting to wallow in the pool until a "varmint" falls into it. Spider-Man is surprised by him being a pig while Peter Porker just jokes about his counterpart being a monkey in a ridiculous costume. Spider-Man then asks for someone who wears a costume like his but Peter Porker chooses to ignore him. Spider-Man tries to tell him that Green Goblin is after him and his counterpart but Peter Porker tells him that he is wasting his time while calling his counterpart "Spider-Monkey". He reveals that the one he's looking for doesn't exist and Spider-Man leaps onto the storage tower of the barn complaining that Peter Porker wasn't very helpful until he sees Peter Porker's costume as a scarecrow. Peter Porker finally gives in and reveals who he is. Spider-Man guesses that he also got bitten by a radio-active spider but Peter Porker reveals that it wasn't radio-active but normal. He then reveals his origins and that he gave up being a hero. Spider-Man is surprised by this with Peter Porker asking him if he'd felt like a failure. Spider-Man reasons that he may have felt like a failure but people depend on him, that they need a hero when things get bad and warns him that things are about to get really bad. After warning him about Green Goblin coming for his DNA, Green Goblin appears and throws a pumpkin bomb while commenting about it taking more than a pig to save him. This causes Peter Porker to hide in the hen house while his counterpart fights his arch-nemesis. Green Goblin gets broken but gets speedily repaired and reveals that he has heard stories of Spider-Ham and believes that he has scared him off before beating Spider-Man down. This causes Peter Porker to finally see the wisdom in Spider-Man's words to stand up for himself and dons his costume again. Green Goblin attempts to drown Spider-Man but Spider-Ham appears and saves him. Spider-Man is surprised by his change of mind and Spider-Ham reveals that even he never lost a fight to a nut with an anvil and that he's been taking humiliation like that which he isn't worried about. They both beat Green Goblin down and Green Goblin can't believe it after coming so far and that he had to win. Spider-Ham grabs him while commenting "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin". Unfortunately, this gives Green Goblin the advantage to take a few hairs from his chin. He kicks Spider-Man and escapes onto his glider. He passes Iron Mouse while opening a portal to the next world. Iron Mouse arrives at Spider-Ham's home and asks about needing help with Green Goblin but Spider-Ham reveals that they already took care of him until Spider-Man reminds him that he saved his "bacon". Iron Man asks Spider-Ham if he's ready to rejoin the Avengers. Spider-Ham asks his counterpart what he thinks but Spider-Man instead finds out that Tony Stark is a mouse is awesome until Spider-Ham hits him. Spider-Man reasons that he can't tell him what to do and reveals about the "With great power, comes great responsibility" which Spider-Ham pronounces as "With great porker, comes great responsibility". This makes Spider-Man find it weird but Spider-Ham and Iron Mouse are happy to be a hero again. Spider-Ham and Spider-Man bid each other farewell before Spider-Man heads into the next universe.

The Spider-Verse: Part 4

That's All Folks

Later, Spider-Man, Green Goblin and Electro return to their universe and back to the sunken S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. However, it is revealed that Green Goblin had collected Spider-Man DNA to enhance his powers to make himself unbeatable. However, this turns him into an arachnid-like goblin monster and renames himself as Spider-Goblin. Realizing that he is unable to beat his arch-nemesis, Spider-Man uses the Siege Perilous through Electro to open a portal that summons all of the alternate Spider-Men to his universe, forming the "Web-Warriors" (consisting himself, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, Spyder-Knight and the Ultimate Spider-Man). Spider-Ham jokes about an explanation with the Ultimate Spider-Man joking about the explanation being the best day ever. Spider-Goblin believes that there can only be one spider and that he is it but Spider-Man kicks him and thanks Electro. Spider-Goblin angrily threatens to kill Electro for his betrayal but Spider-Man saves him and webs up Spider-Goblin’s face. Spider-Man greets his counterparts guesses that they know why he called them and Spider-Girl reveals that they know because they have to stop Spider-Goblin. Spider-Goblin rips the web off and spits acid spit at them all but they all dodge. Spyder-Knight points out that Green Goblin was monstrous before but has now become a beast beyond imagining. They prepare to fight Spider-Goblin with Spider-Man pointing out to not let him tag them with his web and acid spit with Spider-Ham thanking him for the tip because he was considering letting him do that before shooting his webs at him but Spider-Goblin grabs them and throws him down. They battle Spider-Goblin but he beats them all while revealing that no matter how many of them there are; he is bigger, faster and stronger. At one point, Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham manage to dodge the green web with Spider-Ham joking about the appetizer being nasty but the main course being worse. Spider-Goblin then starts beating Spider-Man down but the Web-Warriors prevent him with Spider-Man Noir pointing that if they can't beat him, they can at least blind him. They all web up his face and this gives Spider-Man and them time to escape. Spider-Ham asks what their next plan is with Spider-Girl believing that they're running away before Spider-Man reveals that they aren't because he has a plan but just needs more room to defeat Spider-Goblin. They make it to another part of the Helicarrier with the energy source. They all try to hide until their senses go off and they discover that Spider-Goblin has quickly caught up with them and ambushes them. They battle him and at one point, Spider-Man 2099 and Spyder-Knight use their webs on Spider-Goblin's extra spider arms to hold him before the other Web-Warriors start hitting him. Spider-Goblin starts fizzing with electricity and breaks Spider-Man 2099 and Spyder-Knight's webs off before they fire more on him. Spider-Man notices this and tells the Web-Warriors to hold him down. He then uses Electro to reverse the effects of the serum which transforms Spider-Goblin back into Norman. The victory is short lived when Electro is finally free from the Siege Perilous. He threatens Norman but Spider-Man prevents him before Electro reveals that he has the power of the Siege Perilous. He then uses his powers to start changing the Helicarrier with Spider-Ham nearly getting crushed in the process but Spider-Man and the others are able to escape with Norman out through a hatch and onto the main land. They discover that Electro has turned the Helicarrier into a giant robot with Electro deciding to not kill Norman but them instead. Spider-Man hopes that they are all in for a fight because all their worlds are at stake. Electro thanks them for giving him enough power from the Siege Perilous and proceeds to crush them but they dodge. However, Electro changes his mind and proceeds to fly out and destroy the city. The Web-Warriors meet up on a roof and Spider-Man Noir asks what their next move is. Spider-Man reveals that he doesn't know what to do anymore but Spider-Girl tells him to snap out of it with Spider-Man 2099 pointing out what he did in their worlds by making a difference, that it's time to do it again but in the here and now. Spyder-Knight points out that he is still Spider-Man and Spider-Ham reveals that they won't let him give up. Spider-Man realizes that he can't think about himself and to think of others first. He points out that they have to take Norman to the nearest hospital and save the day like they always do. Electro terrorizes the city until the Web-Warriors arrive. Spider-Man tells them to tie the robot up and slow it down because they can't allow Electro to use it to fry the city. They all tie him up but Electro uses his powers to break the webs and fire missiles at them. They all manage to dodge them all and destroy the missile launchers with Spider-Girl commenting to Spider-Ham's shot for not being bad for a "ham". Electro then decides to have the robot self-destruct and flies up to the tallest building. Spider-Man 2099 realizes that if Electro has set the Helicarrier's engines to overload, they are in a complete melt down which makes the others worried. Spider-Man decides to enter the robot but Spider-Girl offers enter the Helicarrier to deactivate the self destruct sequence because her Helicarrier is the same as his one while they distract Electro. While the Spider-Girl enters the robot, the other Web-Warriors manage to get Electro out to fight them while refusing to listen to reason. Spider-Girl finds that Spider-Ham has followed her in to help. However, Spider-Man defeats Electro and strips him of the Siege Perilous's power. The Web-Warriors meet up and Spider-Girl and Spider-Ham reveal that they couldn't stop the self-destruct but have set it to enter space. The robot flies into space and explodes, thus saving the city. Spider-Man reveals that the Siege Perilous has enough power to send them back home and it opens six portals to take them back to their own dimensions. Spider-Man thanks them helping him save his universe. Spider-Girl watches as the other Spiders thank Peter for all he did for them and for making them believe and that he also made them "better Spideys". Spider-Ham and the others proceed to go back to their dimensions but before fully leaving, Spider-Ham tells Spider-Man that they maybe "Amazing", "Spectacular" or "Hamtastic" but he is the "Ultimate" and goes back to his dimension.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 1

A while later, much to Miles Morales and Peter Parker's confusion, they hear pig sounds until they discover Spider-Ham in Aunt May's closet. Spider-Ham asks him what his aunt's closet is doing around him. Spider-Man asks him why he isn't in his own universe with Spider-Ham finding it weird before asking what a universe is. Spyder-Knight and Rio Morales appear before the three disappear. After arriving in K'un L'un, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid (a new spider name for Miles Morales) learn from Doctor Strange, Madame Web and Nick Fury that due to their actions of destroying the Siege Perilous, the shards of the Siege Perilous had scattered into many dimensions and now the fragments are pulling themselves together bringing along whatever alternate dimension they happen to be in smashing into each other. Director Fury, Doctor Strange and Madame Web task the two with finding the pieces of the Siege Perilous and putting them back together before they destroy everything. Doctor Strange and Madame Web open up a portal and Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid enter to find the other pieces.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2

Spider-Ham makes a cameo in a flashback when Spider-Man explains that he and Kid Arachnid are trying to get the pieces of the Siege Perilous before every universe can collapse in on itself.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 3

Spider-Ham makes a cameo in a flashback when Spider-Man once again explains that he and Kid Arachnid are trying to get the pieces of the Siege Perilous before every universe can collapse in on itself and that an evil spider named Wolf Spider is trying to gather them for a different reason.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

Spider-Ham makes a cameo, where it is revealed that she encountered the evil Spider-Man, Wolf Spider who had drained the life essence of her and his other counterparts. When Spider-Man allows Wolf Spider to drain his life essence, he finds himself in another world with all the other Spider-People and convinces them to not give up. This succeeds when Spider-Man reveals to Wolf Spider that since all the Spider-People, he drained the power of heroes and since every Peter Parker is a good guy but since he is evil, he poisoned himself with their life forces. Wolf Spider then shatters apart, with his body now trapped in other dimensions he cannot escape and all the life-forces of every Spider-Man he absorbed were restored back to normal. With all of the Spiders free, they ask Ultimate how he knew Wolf would explain and he explains his gamble on their heroics. Getting their answer on why Ultimate is the center of their universes, they all return to their respective dimensions after thanking him.



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Background in other media


  • He's the second spider who's dimension has it's own special physical design, the first one being Spider-Man 2099.


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