Spider-Ham 2

Peter Porker

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Peter Porker

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Pig/Spider Hybrid





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Flight of the Iron Spider (as Peter Parker)
The Spider-Verse: Part 2 (as own character)

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Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 1

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Drake Bell (Season 1)
Benjamin Diskin (Season 3-4)


Spider-Ham is an alternate reality counterpart to Spider-Man.


Flight of the Iron Spider

Iron Man shows Spider-Man a machine that could scatter any physical object's particles inside across parallel universes. Spider-Man briefly envisions himself being turned into Spider-Ham as a result. [1]


Peter Parker transformed in Spider-Ham

Run Pig Run

Loki disguises himself as a hot dog vendor in order to give Spider-Man an enchanted hot dog that turns him into Spider-Ham as payback for Spider-Man ruining his plans. Just then, Asgard's finest hunters led by Executioner arrive and chase after Spider-Man as part of Asgardsreia. Thor comes to Spider-Ham's aid and guesses that Loki had did this to him. While running, Thor tells Spider-Ham that he must keep him alive until the hunt ends at sundown. Thor throws Spider-Ham and his hammer towards Midtown High School. Thor brings Spider-Ham to Phil Coulson, Power Man, Iron Fist, White Tiger, and Nova just as Executioner and the other hunters arrive. Spider-Ham even tries to reason with Executioner that he is not a real pig. Phil Coulson arrives where he and Thor hold off the hunters while the others get Spider-Ham out of there. While on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Nick Fury helps to protect Spider-Ham when the wolves that the hunters ride on sprout wings and attack the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. While Thor, Phil Coulson, and Spider-Ham's team fight Executioner and the hunters, Spider-Ham ends up calling out Loki and fights him. Not wanting his friends to sacrifice themselves for him, Spider-Ham fights Executioner. Before Executioner can land the killing blow on Spider-Ham, the sun sets ending the hunt. Spider-Ham changes back to Spider-Man and punches Loki.[2]


Spider Ham Thats All Folks

That's All Folks

An alternate version of Spider-Man, Peter Porker got his powers from a spider that fell into Aunt May's pancake batter that transferred the vitamins and powers to him, becoming Spider-Ham. He uses his powers for good and even joins with the Avengers, but decides to quit after J. Jonah Jackal turns the public against him.

He encounters Spider-Man (whom he mistook for a monkey) while relaxing by his mud pool. With encouragement from Spider-Man, he decides to become Spider-Ham once again and helps fight the Green Goblin. Although the Goblin still manages to get DNA from his chin, Spider-Ham is offered a spot on the Avengers team again which he accepts.

Spider-Ham appears along the Web-Warriors to help defeat the Spider-Goblin and Electro.

Return to the Spider-Verse

He reappears in Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 1, where he ends up in the universe of Ultimate and is amazed by the concept of his world. However, his appearance surprises Ultimate and both are shocked at their reunion before Spyder-Knight and Rio Morales also enter the room. Rio, Ham, and Knight soon fade away before questions are answered. This abnormality later tells Ultimate that the Siege Perilous is acting up and the multiverse is in danger.

In Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4, he was one of all the Spider-Men whose life force was being drained by Wolf Spider. Spider-Man showed him and every other spider that if there was one thing that they knew it was never hopeless. When Wolf Spider's power was transferred to Spidey it led to his defeat, therefore giving the life force back to every Spider-Man and freeing them, Spider-Ham included.

Physical appearance

Spider-Ham has a humanoid appearance, with pig like features on the face. He wears the same costume as Spider-Man, with the same spider silhouette on the chest.[1]


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Season 1 c 2
Season 2 0
Season 3 2
Season 4 c 2
Overall 6
Infinite Comics
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2015 0
2016 2
Overall 2

c - cameo

Background in other media


  • He's the second spider who's dimension has it's own special physical design, the first one being Spider-Man 2099.


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