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Biographical information
Real name

Gwendolyn "Gwen" Maxine Stacy

Alternative name(s)

Gwenny Bear

Physical description






Personal information

Aunt May


George Stacy (father)


Digital sensors in her mask to simulate spider-sense
Wall-crawling (via magnetic grips in gloves and boots)





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First appearance

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

Last appearance

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

Voiced by

Dove Cameron


Spider-Gwen aka Spider-Woman (real name Gwen Stacy) is a teenage superheroine from the Ultimate Universe (the home dimension of Kid Arachnid). She uses hi-tech gadgets to simulate having spider-powers.

Following Miles' decision to stay in the main universe, Gwen takes his place as the new spider protector of the city.

Physical Appearance

Spider-Gwen wears a black bodysuit with white areas that form a spider design, a white hood with the interior lining being magenta with cyan web patterns, matching magenta-and-cyan designs on her upper arms,and cyan soles to her boots


Spider-Gwen is a very heroic person who was very brave to step up and replace Kid Arachnid. She is also very smart as she created all the tech that gives her spider powers. She was open minded, being calm when meeting an alternate Peter and learning of other worlds. Gwen was initially secretive of her activities to her father but happy to see him accept her after he was informed.


A native of Miles Morales' dimension, Gwen Stacy was friends with Peter Parker before his death. She later assumed the role of Spider-Woman after the Ultimate Spider-Man Spider-Man was transported to the main universe. According to Gwen, she discovered Miles’ identity with research.

Using technology stolen from her father's robot program and with the help of Ultimate May Parker, Gwen became a superhero in the Ultimate Spider-Man's absence by simulating spider powers despite having no spider powers of her own. However, due to her activity, she also had to deal with her father's pursuit of vigilantes.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

When Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid (a new spider name for Miles Morales) were sent to recover the shards of the destroyed Siege Perilous, they enter into the Vampire Universe, the Pirate Universe, Wild West Universe, the Noir Universe before heading to the Ultimate Universe. Just as Miles is celebrating on returning to his dimension, he and Spider-Man see Spider-Woman fleeing from the police. Believing that she is a thief, they also chase her. After cornering her in an alleyway, she is surprised to see Spider-Man and that Kid Arachnid much to the latter's confusion of her knowing them but Spider-Man still believes that she's a thief. She reveals her name, that she's trying to be a hero like them and that she stopped a robbery and hasn't returned the money yet. They are then surrounded by the police and Spider-Man sarcastically tells her to return the money and tell the truth. After Captain Stacy demands that they surrender, they are confronted by the police's robots with Kid Arachnid pointing out that the robots did not exist when he was around. Spider-Woman then reveals that the police captain is her father until the robots attack them. Spider-Man admits that her father is hard core until Spider-Woman reveals that it's not his fault and ever since Kid Arachnid disappeared, the criminals got bolder and some of them masquerading as good guys and so the police and to respond. After Ultimate Aunt May reveals where the robots' weakness is, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid defeat the robots and escape into the sewers. Kid Arachnid asks if it really is his universe and Spider-Woman confirms it and is happy that he's back. She reveals that she was best friends with the Peter Parker who died but she and Miles have never met. She reveals that she found out who he was through some intense investigation and when he disappeared, she couldn't stand on the sidelines and that the world needs a spider. Much to Spider-Man's surprise, Spider-Woman reveals that her tech-based spider powers and that she had help and borrowed some equipment from her father's robot program which is another reason she can't tell him. Spider-Man confirms that her father wouldn't approve if he found out which Spider-Woman agrees but still sees him as a cool father. She takes them to a secret lair where the two are amazed by it. Spider-Man recognizes the furniture and Gwen reveals that the one who told her about the robots' weakness was Ultimate Aunt May much to Spider-Man's surprise. Ultimate Aunt May has a moment where she is glad to see a Peter Parker that resembles her deceased nephew but is glad that there's another Peter still out there. She then reveals that when Miles disappeared, Gwen came to her for help and that she was pretty determined with Gwen confirms that she needed mission support. Ultimate Aunt May reveals that she works by computer where she sees the whole city and sadly reveals that she could've helped out her Peter if he was still alive. Kid Arachnid asks for a phone call with Ultimate Aunt May dialing Rio Morales and much to Kid Arachnid's shock, she reveals that they needed Rio to tell them who was walking in her deceased nephew's shoes. However, she finds that she's not getting an answer.

Peter assures Miles that they will get him home soon but now must focus on their mission. They inform Gwen and Ultimate Aunt May of their mission to get the fragments of the Siege Perilous where Ultimate Aunt May much to their surprise, locates it to the police station where Gwen's father works. Kid Arachnid doubts their plan to work but Spider-Man assures him to trust Spider-Woman and Ultimate Aunt May. Spider-Woman is still surprised a fragment is in her father's police station and wonder what the odds are until Spider-Man reasons that if she knew the adventures that they've been on, it would the least crazy thing and Spider-Woman agrees to go with it. Captain Stacy is demanding that Spider-Woman be found until he sees his daughter entering. Gwen reveals that she came by with cookies and jokes that some of them are not burnt. Captain Stacy reveals that it's been a mad house in the station with Gwen agreeing with him. He then reveals that two more vigilantes appeared dressed like the old Spider-Man and that they've got to find them and stop them. Gwen asks if he thinks that they might be doing some good but Captain Stacy sternly tells her that just because they have powers doesn't put them above the law and if they wear masks, they're hiding something. Gwen "agrees" with him and he gently reveals that he's just using her as a reminder of that they're fighting for the honest people in the city. Unknown to him, Gwen secretly puts the interception device in his computer which gives Ultimate Aunt May access to security and Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid enter the station. However, after gaining the fragments, they are confronted by Wolf Spider (an evil spider-person whose been following them around the multiverse.) who reveals to have Rio Morales hostage and gives them a choice of giving him the rest of the fragments or Rio gets hurt. Ultimate Aunt May guides them to a power generator and to use their taser-webs. This succeeds but it also attracts Captain Stacy and the police. While Captain Stacy leaves, Gwen takes the interception device and leaves to change into her superhero identity. During the fight, Wolf Spider, who reveals himself to have four bio-organic spider arms, manages to intercept Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid until Spider-Woman prevents him from killing them and uses her webs to tie him to the wall but he breaks free and claims that only he will survive. However, debris from the force of his strength starts falling but Spider-Woman is able to save her father and he flees. After taking Wolf Spider down, Spider-Man gets the rest of the fragments which fully fixes the Siege Perilous. However, Wolf Spider escapes and the spiders and Rio are forced to flee from Captain Stacy.

At the Morales apartment, Miles celebrates for being back home but Gwen is sad that he can walk in and out with his costume on around the house but she doesn't and has to sneak around. Peter assures and reasons that he thought his Aunt May would be mad at him for keeping his secret from her but she was actually proud and that parents can surprise anyone. Rio enters with the tres leches cake that she saved which surprises Miles. She reveals that she wasn't going to eat it alone, that she froze it and knew that he would make it back. Miles believes that it's time for him and Peter to say goodbye and requests that he say goodbye to the Web-Warriors for him and Peter tells him that they will be missing their "Kid Brother". Rio is confused by the team's name and Miles reveals that they are friends of his who have kind of been like a family to him. The wall is blasted by Wolf Spider who has returned and it knocks Rio out. Miles in shocked on how he knew where he lived and Wolf Spider tauntingly reveals that his world had a Miles Morales as well and that his life will end as his Miles did and knocks him out. Peter reveals that he doesn't care who he is but it was a mistake to attack a spider in their own home. Wolf Spider then reveals that: In every universe, Peter Parker stands for heroism and responsibility but not him. He then takes off his mask to reveal himself as an evil Peter Parker, much to everyone's shock. He then reveals that in his world, his name strikes fear into the hearts of those who hear it and that he destroyed every fool who held such pathetic ideals. He also reveals that until a shard of the Siege Perilous came to his world, he thought he was the only Peter Parker but with the fully complete Siege Perilous, he will be. He steals the Siege Perilous and escapes with it. Gwen asks why he would leave them alive but Peter knows that he's luring them into a trap but they decide to follow him before it becomes the end of all reality.

Spider-Man comments that Wolf Spider maybe an evil version of him but he leaves destruction for them to follow. Spider-Woman agrees with Kid Arachnid assuring that they were not prepared for it. They track him to an underwater cave and discover that Wolf Spider has used the Siege Perilous to drain the life-force of every spider-based character in the multiverse. This causes him to become bigger and stronger and he reveals that he knew that they wouldn't resist his little "invitation". They fight but Wolf Spider proves to be stronger than them until Kid Arachnid shocks him and points that he hasn't got their life forces but Wolf Spider drains Kid Arachnid's life force. When Wolf Spider taunts Spider-Man about his strengths that made him into a hero being a waste, Spider-Woman points out that all Peter Parkers never stop talking while saving Spider-Man. They shoot webs at him until he uses Kid Arachnid's invisibility on himself and ambushes Spider-Woman and begins draining her life force. However, Spider-Man permits Wolf Spider into claiming his life. Once Peter is taken to the world where the Spider people are held, Spider-Woman questions him on letting the villain win. However, Spider-Man reveals that he has a plan and convinces them to not give up. This succeeds when Spider-Man reveals to Wolf Spider that since all the Spider-People, he drained the power of heroes and since every Peter Parker is a good guy but since he is evil, he poisoned himself with their life forces. Wolf Spider then shatters apart, with his body now trapped in other dimensions he cannot escape and all the life-forces of every Spider-Man he absorbed were restored back to all of them from their different dimensions due to Spider-Man being the center of their universes. Kid Arachnid then points out that it was win.

The three then leave the lair but run into Captain Stacy with Spider-Man believing that he's come to arrest them again. Spider-Woman is about to reveal her identity but Captain Stacy reveals that he now knows that his daughter is Spider-Woman because after he followed a trail to an explosion to Miles' apartment, that Rio helped him see things with a new perspective and understands why she couldn't tell him and he and Gwen make amends. Spider-Man along with Kid Arachnid and Rio leave for the main dimension while letting Spider-Woman be the Ultimate Universe's new protector.



Friends and Allies


Powers and Abilities

Gwen uses digital sensors in her mask to simulate spider-sense, magnetic grips in her gloves and boots to climb walls, and copies of Spider-Man's web-shooters to swing from webs.

  • Wall-Crawling: Spider-Gwen use via magnetic grips in gloves and boots to mimic wall-crawling.
  • Spider-Sense: Spider-Gwen uses digital sensors in her mask to simulate having spider-sense.
  • Agility: Spider-Gwen is very agile and can easily do back flips in air. Because of her slender, feminine form, Spider-Gwen is even more agile than Peter Parker.


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  • Spider-Gwen was planned to be released as a figurine for the game Disney INFINITY 3.0 prior to being cancelled.
  • This is Dove Cameron's second animated role and the first being as Mal in Descendants: Wicked World.
  • The primary version of Gwen Stacy in the Marvel Comics was the college girlfriend of Peter Parker who was tragically killed during a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. Her death is often regarded as one of the most iconic moments in comic book history.
  • Although this is the first time that Gwen Stacy's superhero persona of "Spider-Gwen" has been featured in any media (and this is the first media that introduces her-exclusively as Spider-Gwen), Gwen Stacy has appeared in animation before in Spider-Man: The Animated Series and The Spectacular Spider-Man, and in the live-action movies Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where she was played by Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone respectively.
  • Contrast to the show's incarnation, the Spider-Gwen in the comics has spider powers and was the spider-themed superhero of her own dimension rather than being from the same dimension as Miles. Her version of Peter Parker briefly became the supervillain known as the Lizard before he died after his battle with her, inspiring her to become a hero.

Background in other media

  • Spider-Gwen appears in the 2018 movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.


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