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Real name

Spencer Smythe

Alternative name(s)

Spider Slayer
Ultimate Spider Slayer
Death, The Destroyer of Worlds

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J. Jonah Jameson (formerly)
Smythe Tech
Spider Slayers

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Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - I Always Feel Like...Somebody's Watching Me!

Last appearance

Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - Ultimate Spider-Slayer

Spencer Smythe later known as the Spider Slayer is a an evil robot scientist and the head of Smythe Tech who was hired by J. Jonah Jameson to create robots called the Spider Slayers to capture Spider-Man but then decided to go against him.


He is a middle aged man with grey hair and brown eyes. He wears a lab coat with a sapphire shirt underneath with a black tie, a spruce pants with a black belt and shoes. It is later revealed that he is a robot and can turn his body giant while his face is a screen.


Spencer Smythe is shown to be a reclusive and angry scientist who prefers machines over people because to him they do as they're told. It is revealed that he doesn't care about money but proof that machines are better than humans. This is due to the fact that he is a robot who believes that humans are weak and that robots are invincible. However, this proved to be his downfall, seeing as that he forgets that robots do have weaknesses and that it had him shut down for good.


Infinite Comics

Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - I Always Feel Like...Somebody's Watching Me!

After Spider-Man destroys a robot that's been trying to destroy him, he finds it's antenna and analyzes it. The antenna is revealed to be a similar design patented by Dr. Spencer Smythe, a robotics expert and head of Smythe Tech. Spider-Man heads to Smythe Tech and interrupts Dr. Smythe who is analyzing something and asks for his tech expertise. Dr. Smythe accuses him of trespassing on private property but Spider-Man shows him the antenna. Dr. Smythe reveals that it is not just an ordinary antenna but a receptor for a wireless charging system and that soon that world will have antennas instead of batteries and his company will be responsible. Spider-Man then reveals about the charger being part of the robot he'd fought earlier and asks him about it getting mixed up with it. Dr. Smythe feels insulted that Spider-Man is accusing of him of this and reveals that he prefers machines to people who do what they're told and demands that he leave. However, Spider-Man secretly spies on him until another robot, bigger than the last one attacks him.

Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - Out To Get You!

During the fight with the second robot called the "Spider Slayer Mark II" with J. Jonah Jameson controlling it until it goes haywire by itself after getting a huge shock from an electric generator. Jameson realizes he can't control it and accuses Dr. Smythe of hiring him to build a Spider Slayer to be under his control. Spider-Man then gets the idea of luring it to Smythe Tech to shut it down. Dr. Smythe is angry and trashing his lab about something until Spider-Man appears. Spider-Man senses danger and realizes that Jameson paid him to build the Spider Slayer and that he's responsible for it's rampage. Dr. Smythe angrily claims that he has no proof that he was responsible. Spider-Man warns him that if he's telling the truth, then they are both in danger. The Spider Slayer arrives with Jameson on the screen of it's face telling him to shut it off, which proves that Dr. Smythe was hired by him. Spider-Man points out that it will destroy his lab and equipment and that there should be a way to stop it. However, Dr. Smythe shuts it down with a gadget and Spider-Man boasts that he wasted Jameson's money on the robot. Dr. Smythe reveals that he doesn't care about money and he built the robots to prove that they're better than humans. He reveals that it was supposed to be a proof of concept but now it is personal. He then uses the gadget to make little killer robots attack Spider-Man. Spider-Man is able to sense them. After destroying them, Spider-Man shockingly discovers that their missiles have hit the fuel tanks which cause an explosion.

Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - Paranoid Android

Spider-Man has survived the explosion but becomes confused because Dr. Smythe could never have survived the explosion. While heading for an assessment with Phil Coulson, Spider-Man senses danger once again, but decides to move to an area where there are no civilians. He is shocked to find that Dr. Smythe is still alive. Spider-Man finds that he is unscathed and demands to know the secret of how he survived. He reveals that he is not here to give answers but get revenge and punches him. He then throws a van at Spider-Man but Spider-Man uses his webs to block it. Spider-Man finds him to be strong against him and even his webs after he breaks them. While attacking Spider-Man, he reveals that he wants revenge on Spider-Man for destroying his work, lab and company and that he hates all people. Spider-Man taunts him that he didn't hit him and uses his taser-webs on him but finds that Dr. Smythe is withstanding it. His eyes then change and his face starts glitching which makes Spider-Man realize that he is a robot. Dr. Smythe taunts him about having finally figured it out and decides to not hid what he is anymore. He reveals that he built defenses on himself after he fought the "Spider Slayer Mark I" and then installed the defenses on himself. While flying with Spider-Man around, he claims that robots are superior to humans, that humans deserve to be wiped out and robots have no weaknesses. However, Spider-Man proves him wrong, However, Spider-Man uses a web to take control of his rocket shoes and has him crash into the ground. Spider-Man reasons that he has lost but Dr. Smythe claims that he is the one that hasn't won as long as he can transfer his control program into the Ultimate Spider Slayer. This makes Spider-Man worried until Dr. Smythe reveals to have taken over the jumbo-trons and that his brain has no physical form. He reveals it to be a computer software, control program and that if he can beat his body, he can simply copy his computer program to another body. He then reveals himself to be a giant robot while once again claiming that humans are weak and that robots can upgrade and become invincible. This makes Spider-Man think that he is doomed.

Ultimate Spider-Man (Infinite Comics) (2015) - Ultimate Spider-Slayer

Smythe chases Spider-Man while taunting him about nowhere to run and hide and that he is nothing more than a common, filthy rat and that he is the exterminator and calls himself "Death, The Destroyer of Worlds". Spider-Man tries to shoot Dr. Smythe's head but this has no effect. Dr. Smythe arrogantly reveals that he gave up his human body to achieve robotic affection and that he is immortal. Spider-Man tries to trip the robot by tying his webs round it's legs but to no avail. He continues to flee while Dr. Smythe fires a giant laser at him. Spider-Man lands at Oceanside Park and realizes that Dr. Smythe knows every fighting technique from him from his robots. He then realizes that he can use what he learnt against Dr. Smythe and remembers what Dr. Smythe told him. He breaks open the back of the neck and reveals to Dr. Smythe that since he first met him, he couldn't stop bragging about his technology changing the world. He reminds him that since his robots don't run on batteries, he uses antennas on his robots. Spider-Man then destroys the antenna which shuts down Dr. Smythe for good. Spider-Man reveals that Dr. Smythe was so focused on perfect robots that he lost focus of what it meant to be human. He reveals that the robot's weakness ended up being the human's ego and that without any power, Dr. Smythe's consciousness is trapped in the robot forever.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect: Spencer Smythe has no natural superpowers, but he is a scientific genius and robotics expert.
    • Robot-Engineering: He created the Spider Slayers to do his bidding.
  • Cybernetic Transformation: Smythe's most noticeable feat was performed upon himself. He constructed a specially-modified robot body.
    • Advanced Strength: His robotic body has superhuman levels of strength.
    • Techno-Mind Transferal: Whenever his body is damaged or utterly destroyed, Smythe is able to send his personality to another piece of technology elsewhere, thus giving himself a form of immortality. However, he is forever trapped after Spider-Man destroyed his antenna which shut him off.


Infinite Comics
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  • In the main comics universe, Spencer Smythe is a human scientist who created the Spider Slayers for J. Jonah Jameson to capture Spider-Man but kept failing. Later, the radioactive materials used in the manufacture of the robots poisoned him, dooming him to a slow and agonizing death. He tried to get revenge of Jameson and Spider-Man by shackling them together and set a bomb to go off in twenty-four hours but he died before he could see it blow up but Spider-Man managed to stop it. He is also the father of Alistair Smythe.
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