Carnage Shriek

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Frances Louise Barrison

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The Symbiote Saga: Part 2

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Ashley Eckstein

Shriek is a villainess that appeared in the episode "Anti-Venom".




Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6


Shriek makes a cameo of being one of the valuable recruits of Doctor Octopus's new Sinister Six but Spider-Man and Agent Venom defeat her before he can recruit her.

The New Sinister Six: Part 1

Later, after Spider-Man gets a cake for Aunt May's birthday party, he is interrupted by Shriek who is robbing a bank. Spider-Man comments that it's not an authorized withdraw. She then threatens to withdraw from his body. She jumps and attacks him while he tries to keep the cake from being ruined. He tells her that she is putting the cake at risk before she comments about hearing the word "kick" instead of "cake". Spider-Man kicks at her before she throws that bags of money into the air and uses her sonic energy blast on him. She catches the bags of money while he manages to save the cake in time. She then grabs him and comments about hearing "kick" before throwing him away. She sarcastically tells him to enjoy his party but before she can leave, Spider-Man webs up her boots and kicks her into a hot dog stand. He jokes that no matter how fast she runs, he will always be able to catch up while putting ketchup in her face to match with the joke. He then jokes about topping up with that joke. She is then taken to prison.

The Symbiote Saga: Part 2

Later, after the recreation of the Carnage symbiote, it bonds itself with the civilians of New York City but also with Hulk, J. Jonah Jameson and including Shriek. After Harry Osborn's Anti-Venom form awakens to purge the Carnage symbiotes along with the original Venom to "cure" him. Spider-Man along with Iron Fist and Captain America use Agent Venom as bait to lure Anti-Venom to the Carnage-hive. However Carnage Shriek appears and uses her sonic energy blast on the four. Spider-Man is confused by this before Shriek pulls out and begs for help. The symbiote takes over her again before it uses the sonic energy blast again. Spider-Man tries to talk to her about letting them pass but Carnage Shriek continues to attack him. She is then joined by more Carnage symbiotes before using her sonic energy blast again. Captain America manages to uses his shield to protect himself before knocking her down. However, after Spider-Man carries Agent Venom to the top to lure Anti-Venom, Carnage Shriek reappears. Spider-Man comments that she has the worst timing and that he has a friend he'd like her to meet. She jumps to attack them before Spider-Man jumps out of the way which allows Anti-Venom to neutralize the Carnage symbiote off her by punching her. She falls but Spider-Man manages to save her and web her unconscious body up. She is then possibly taken to prison after Anti-Venom seemingly destroys the Carnage symbiote.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sound Manipulation
  • Shield: she can shield herself with a sonic field
  • Sonic Energy Blasts: She can shoot sonic energy blasts from her hands.


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Background in other media

  • First animated appearance of Shriek.
  • In the Maximum Carnage comic story line, Shriek was the lover of Carnage and had a bigger role in the story, while in the series, Shriek had no association with Carnage.


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