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Herman Schultz

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Quilty Mac-Back Stitch
Quilt Head
The Scrooge Who Shocked Christmas

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Burrito Run

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Troy Baker


Shocker (real name Herman Schultz) is a shock-powered super-villain and enemy of Spider-Man. He is a minor antagonist in the third and fourth seasons.


Season 3: Web-Warriors

Burrito Run

Spider-Man, Power Man and Squirrel Girl sneak out to get burritos after a whole day of training with Hawkeye, they are alerted to find Shocker hacking into the city's cell phone and antennae grid. Shocker becomes aware of their presence and fires at them. Spider-Man reveals that he's not the smartest guy he knows but decides that not the brains are everything when Shocker fires at him but he dodges. While dodging Shocker's blasts, Spider-Man suggests that they don't reveal that Shocker defeated them if they "live to tell the tale". Squirrel Girl tackles him before he throws her off and fires at her but Power Man blocks his blasts. Shocker tells them to scram because he has work to do and Spider-Man remarks that they too have a job to do like defeating him. He webs Shocker's shock gauntlets away and before he can tell a joke, Shocker blasts him into Power Man. Squirrel Girl manages to dodge his blasts but he blasts her into a dumpster. This causes Squirrel Girl to get angry at him for frizzling the fur on her tail and attack him. He fires more dumpsters at her which she dodges until she see a truck hurling toward her but Power Man stops it. Shocker continues to use his blasts to push the truck forward while Power Man struggles to push it away. Spider-Man realizes that Shocker has upped his game a bit before asking for ideas. Power Man reminds him of the lesson from Hawkeye about one of them sneaking away and getting the drop on their opponent which makes Spider-Man use a building to sneak around. Shocker claims that they're done until Spider-Man uses his taser webs to shock him down while say that he's done and calling him Quilty Mac-Back Stitch. To the confusion of the teens Shocker recovers and wonders where he is and that the alleyway isn't his apartment. Spider-Man webs him up while telling him to consider it as a home makeover. Shocker tries to tell them that he didn't do anything and that he was framed. The teens wonder about what he was doing before deciding to leave him for the cops while they continue to try and get burritos. Unfortunately, Shocker escapes and it is revealed that he is under Mesmero's control and he meets up with Boomerang and Grizzly. Spider-Man, Power Man and Squirrel Girl manage to keep hypnotized civilians out of the building that they're in before the three villains confront them. Shocker reveals that Mesmero doesn't want them interfering and Mesmero gave him some "friends". The teens and villains battle one another with Spider-Man battling Shocker. Shocker then blasts Power Man to give Grizzly the advantage but Spider-Man prevents him. Shocker blasts at Spider-Man but Power Man saves him by causing a tremor to knock him and Grizzly away. Spider-Man attacks Shocker but is knocked away by Grizzly. Power Man reminds him from Hawkeye's lessons about using their opponents against each other which makes Spider-Man sneak up behind Shocker and shoot web at him. Shocker believes that Grizzly did it and blasts him. Grizzly tells him to watch it while calling him Quilt Head in which Shocker yells at him to not call him that. However, Spider-Man asks him if this hurts while using his webs along with Boomerang's boomerangs to tie Shocker up to shock him and explode which blasts Grizzly in the process and knocking Shocker out. Spider-Man and Power Man reach the roof where they meet Mesmero who is using his amplifier on the satellite to hypnotize people. He then orders his "minions" to protect him. Squirrel Girl (who got hypnotized earlier) and a recovered Shocker, Grizzly and Boomerang appear. Squirrel Girl orders them to attack them with Shocker and Boomerang blasting at them to the edge of the roof. Just as things are hopeless, Spider-Man then reminds Power Man of Hawkeye's fifth lesson into doing the unexpected. Spider-Man takes on Shocker who blasts at him but keeps missing. Spider-Man taunts that he is bad at aiming and decides to show him how it's done by shooting web on his gauntlets and throwing him into Boomerang. After freeing Squirrel Girl from the hypnosis, Spider-Man tells the two to take on the other villains while he goes for Mesmero. Shocker fights Power Man who keeps punching his blasts away before grabbing his gauntlets and kicking him into a wall. Power Man remarks that his quilted costume cushions his knuckles just like punching a clown before proceeding to knock him him out. After Spider-Man captures and subdues Mesmero, he gives him one last chance to free everyone. Mesmero refuses until Spider-Man uses his taser webs to shocker Shocker and Boomerang back to normal. Mesmero releases everyone from his hypnosis upon realizing that the villains are going to hurt for brainwashing them. Mesmero, Shocker, Boomerang and Grizzly are then take to prison.

Halloween Night at the Museum

Later on Halloween, Spider-Man is fighting Shocker who is blasting at him before Spider-Man uses a billboard sign to crush him. Shocker is then taken to prison.

Nightmare on Christmas

On Christmas, Shocker robs a bank and before he can escape, Spider-Man takes the bag of money from him while struggling to comment on Shocker robbing a bank on Christmas Eve. Shocker tells him to call him "The Scrooge Who Shocked Christmas" before blasting at him. Spider-Man dodges each blast while remarking that he won't. After blasting Spider-Man's communicator, Spider-Man tells him that he will be put on Santa's naughty list. He shoots web in his eyes and proceeds to punch him into a light pole which knocks him out while a Christmas sock falls on him. He webs Shocker up and leaves him for the police while telling him to "Have a Happy New Year" in jail. After Spider-Man is knocked out and taken to the Dream Dimension, where Nightmare (acting as Spider-Man's shoulder devil) shows him that past before taking him to the bank in the present to make him believe that nobody will appreciate him. Spider-Man decides to do a better job than before. He takes the bag of money from him with Shocker telling him that he can't take what he just stole. He blasts at him. Spider-Man dodges and repeats what he did to Shocker by shooting web in his eyes and punching him into a light pole which knocks him out while a Christmas sock falls on him and Spider-Man webs him up while trying to make a difference. However, Spider-Man is able to defeat Nightmare and wake up.

Contest of Champions: Part 1

Shocker makes a cameo, being a pawn of The Collector and Grandmaster’s game of the Contest of Champions.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6


During Doctor Octopus's search for valuable recruits for his new Sinister Six, Shocker is shown to be one of them. He attacks Spider-Man but he uses a piece of wood to knock him into a building. Spider-Man claims it to be a touch down before Agent Venom corrects that he hit a home run in which Spider-Man claims that he knew. Agent Venom blasts Shocker into a delivery truck full of water bottles. Spider-Man then jokes to Shocker about coming up short with Agent Venom claiming that they are best friends. Shocker is then taken to prison, thus making Doctor Octopus lose another valuable recruit.


  • Shock Gauntlets


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Background in other media

  • Third animated appearance of Shocker (and Herman Schultz), the first in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and the second in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
  • In the mainstream Marvel comics, Herman Schultz was born in New York City. He was a high school dropout who had brilliant talents as both an inventor and an engineer. Instead of using such talents to gain legitimate employment, he became a successful burglar and the world's best safe-cracker (according to him in later stories). After finally being caught and incarcerated for his crimes, he developed a pair of gauntlets designed to shoot air blasts, vibrating at high frequency.[1]