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Season 1
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Background Information
Name: Season 1
Created by: Stan Lee
Steve Diko
Written by: Paul Dini
Man of Action
James Felder
Joe Fallon
Danielle Wolff
Eugene Son
Brian Michael Bendis
Jacob Semahn
Scott Mosier
Rick Fogel
Frank Tieri
Country of origin:

United States

No. of Episodes:


About the Show
Statue: On-Air
Networks: Disney XD - USA

Disney Channel - USA
YTV - Canada



As the series begins, Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for one year. He has saved lives and fought supervillains, but he is still in the process of learning how to be a superhero. Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. offers Peter the chance to train to be a real superhero and become "The Ultimate Spider-Man". However, Peter will first have to learn how to work with a team of four fellow teenage superheroes: Nova, White Tiger, Iron Fist and Power Man. However, corrupt industrialist Norman Osborn targets Spider-Man in the shadows to collect his DNA to make a spider-soldier army and sell to the government. He uses his henchman, Doctor Octopus, to send numerous super villains after Spider-Man. As well as this, the Frightful Four also battle Spider-Man. One of Doctor Octopus' schemes results in him using a sample of Spidey's blood to create the Venom symbiote, which ends up bonding with Norman's son and Peter's best friend, Harry Osborn. During this time, Spider-Man also allies himself with other heroes, including the Avengers. Threats from Osborn and Octopus include Taskmaster, Dragon Man and Whirlwind, not to mention other solo villains such as Doctor Doom, M.O.D.O.K., Living Laser, Loki, Batroc the Leaper, Beetle, Mesmero and more. In the two-part season finale, Spider-Man learns that it was Norman who was the mastermind behind Doctor Octopus' schemes and Venom's creation, just in time to see Doctor Octopus get his revenge on Norman for the way he treated him by turning him into the Green Goblin.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters




Main Cast

Actor/Actress Character/s
Drake Bell Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Cop (Great Power
Dee Bradley Baker Sandman/Flint Marko
Dr. Curt Connors
Ogie Banks Power Man/Luke Cage
Agent (Venom)
Bully#1 (I Am Spider-Man)
Greg Cipes Iron Fist/Danny Rand
Robot (Flight of the Iron Spider)
Man (Damage)
Cop (Run Pig Run)
Midtown Kid (I Am Spider-Man)
Excited Girl#2 (I Am Spider-Man)
Clark Gregg Phil Coulson
Tom Kenny Doctor Octopus/Dr. Otto Octavius
Wizard/Bentley Wittman
Dr. Curt Connors (Great Responsibility, Me Time and Awesome)
Announcer (Venom and Venomous)
Mr. Moleskin (Why I Hate Gym)
Sci-Fi Narrator (Back In Black)
Cartoon Narrator (Back In Black)
Phone (Venomous)
Whirlwind/David Cannon
Aries (For Your Eye Only)
Computer (The Iron Octopus)
Bob (The Rise of the Goblin)
Matt Lanter Harry Osborn
Flash Thompson
Klaw/Ulysses Klaw
Venom (Back In Black, Venomous and The Rise of the Goblin)
Tiny Octobot (Venom)
Misty Lee Aunt May Reilly Parker
Girl#1 (Back In Black)
Computer (For Your Eye Only)
Cat (The Attack of the Beetle)
Caitlyn Taylor Love White Tiger/Ava Ayala
Chi McBride Nick Fury
Principle (Great Power)
Taurus Zodiac Agent (For Your Eye Only)
Thunderball/Eliot Franklin
Logan Miller Nova/Sam Alexander
J.K. Simmons J. Jonah Jameson
Tara Strong Mary Jane Watson
Cute Girl (Venom)
Girl#2 (Back In Black)
Newscaster (Back In Black)
Woman (Freaky)
Girl (Freaky)
Sandy (Snow Day)
Excited Girl#1 (I Am Spider-Man)
Steven Weber Green Goblin/Norman Osborn
Trapster/Peter Petruski
Venom (Venom)
Horror Narrator (Back In Black)
Cab Driver (Back In Black)
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent #1 (The Rise of the Goblin)

Additional Cast

Actor/Actress Character/s
Troy Baker Loki
Dwarf (Field Trip)
Frost Giant (Field Trip)
Steven Blum Wolverine/Logan Howlett
Beetle/Abner Jenkins
Counselor (Beetle Mania)
Dog (The Attack of the Beetle)
Dave Boat Thor (Flight of the Iron Spider)
Computer Voice (Flight of the Iron Spider)
Leo Headed Zodiac#1 (For Your Eye Only)
Clancy Brown Taskmaster/Tony Masters
Cam Clarke Piledriver/Brian Calusky
Captain Ultra/Griffin Gogol
Jack Coleman Doctor Strange/Stephan Strange
John DiMaggio Wrecker/Dirk Garthwaite
Cheesy Announcer (Damage)
Greg Grunberg Uncle Ben Parker
Mark Hamill Nightmare
Maurice LaMarche Doctor Doom/Victor von Doom
Doombots (Not a Toy)
Stan Lee Stan
Peter Lurie Sabretooth/Victor Creed
Construction Worker (Freaky)
Announcer (Freaky)
Phil Morris Scorpio/Max Fury
Leo Headed Zodiac#2 (For Your Eye Only)
Adrian Pasdar Iron Man/Tony Stark
Rob Paulsen Batroc the Leaper/Georges Batroc
Lab Tech#1 (Venomous)
Kevin Michael Richardson Awesome Android
Juggernaut/Cain Marko
Howard the Duck
Mac Porter
Bulldozer/Henry Camp
Dwight Schultz Mesmero
Teacher (Freaky)
Roger Craig Smith Captain America/Steve Rogers
Keith Szarabajka Living Laser/Arthur Parks
Computer (Flight of the Iron Spider)
Fred Tatasciore Hulk/Dr. Bruce Banner
Police Officer (Exclusive)
Phalanx (Home Sick Hulk)
Travis Willingham Thor