Sandman's other persona "Sandy".

Sandy, is a young Caucasian boy, with combed brown hair, a rounder face and brown eyes. He wears the same light and dark green striped shirt as Flint, short light brown pants, dark brown belt and shoes.[1]


Sandy is a playmate created by Flint Marko when Nick Fury captured him and left him on an isolated island at the Bermuda Triangle.

Season 1

Flint was visited one day by Spider-Man and the other trainees, who were on vacation. He decided to play with them, but the trainees escaped with the plane from his dangerous actions. Unnoticed by Spider-Man and the others, Sandman hid inside Spider-Man's unitard. He was noticed by them and they landed the plane on the river that was encased in ice. Sandman tried to get on land to destroy Manhattan but was stopped by Nova, who heated his silica in the sand to glass.

S.H.I.E.L.D. put him in a special hourglass prison that stopped his reformation with vibrations.[1]

Season 4

Spider-Man and Iron Spider's pursuit of Vulture takes them to a nearby island where it was discovered that Doctor Octopus has captured Sandman and cloned him from his sand samples in order to find the "Ultimate Sandman" that would join his Sinister Six. With one of this clone being Sandy.

Powers and Abilities

Same as  Sandman


Child-Like attitude, and same as Sandman


Season 1 

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6 


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