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Flint Marko

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Malicious Monstrosity

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Metahuman|Human Mutate



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Snow Day

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Graduation Day: Part 1

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Dee Bradley Baker


Sandman (real name Flint Marko) is a formerly mentally unstable criminal who was caught in an atomic explosion, that enabled him to become the "Sandman". He later became an ally of both Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D..

Physical appearance

Flint Marko is a tall Caucasian male with a muscular build, he has short brown brown hair and brown eyes. Flint wears a shirt with dark and light green stripes, dark brown belt, shoes and light brown pants.[1]

His other persona Sandy, is a young Caucasian boy, with combed brown hair, a rounder face and brown eyes. He wears the same light and dark green striped shirt as Flint, short light brown pants, dark brown belt and shoes.[1]


Early life

Flint Marko was a criminal, when one day he escaped from prison, but unfortunately was caught up in an atomic explosion. The explosion had mutated Flint into sand particles and was enabled to control them which earned his ego name Sandman. Later, Nick Fury and Phil Coulson captured him and left him on an isolated island within the Bermuda Triangle due to him being too dangerous to be kept in a normal prison. He became lonely on the island and for that he created a playmate for himself using the island's sand, which he called "Sandy".

Season 1

Snow Day

When Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Ava Ayala (White Tiger), Danny Rand (Iron Fist), Luke Cage (Power Man) and Sam Alexander (Nova) came to the Bermuda Triangle to take a day off from S.H.I.E.L.D. (due to Nova finding it in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s archives under "Classified"), Sandman discovered them having fun on the beach. While playing volleyball, the ball ends up into the jungle and Peter goes to get it before getting frightened off by Sandman. He then takes on his Sandy form and brings them the ball while asking if he can play too which confuses Peter after what happened. Ava asks what he is doing on the island but Sandman reveals that they live on the island. When Ava asks where his family is, he then reveals that they are around and everywhere. This makes the teens suspicious about him before he runs off into the jungle. They decide to leave but Sandman's powers prevent them from leaving. They then decide to change into their hero identities and go after Sandman's playmate. While they are searching for him, Sandman starts appearing everywhere at once which makes the team confused. He then appears as a teen which gives them all a fright. When White Tiger asks if he is Sandy's brother, he reveals his name while telling that "every friend of Sandy's is a friend of his". He thanks them for playing with him before revealing that they get lonely before Nova jokingly asks about moving to where there are people. Sandman becomes confused with the helmet (due to him not knowing what's going on with the mainland) before revealing that they are a little out of touch on the island. Spider-Man then decides that the team should leave but Sandman stops them by making up that Sandy always loved playing games and hints that he is in the "old ruins". Nova is about to point out that they flew in and saw nothing before they see the old ruins behind them made out of sand. They become afraid and decide to leave but Sandman in his Sandy form appears before them. He accuses them for not being his friends and that they were supposed to play with him before Spider-Man tries to explain that they are suspicious but Sandman refuses to believe him. He then disappears in front of them which shocks them all of how he can do that. When Iron Fist points to what's happening, Sandman takes their ship and puts it on the top of the old ruins before challenging them to come and get it. He then attacks them before they realize that this was classified in the S.H.I.E.L.D. archives and that they are in the Bermuda Triangle. Sandman attacks them again before using both his and Sandy's voices to tell them that they should've played nice which confuses the team. Sandman then tries to sink Power Man but Nova saves him before Sandman continues to attack them. Spider-Man tries to tell him that they get the point, but Sandman doesn't listen and shoots blocks at them before they destroy them. Spider-Man tries to get him to stop before someone gets hurt but Sandman creates walls with spike around them while accusing them of not being fun. He prevents Nova from escaping before using the walls with spikes to crush them before disappearing. After the team recover, Iron Fist asks Sandman of where he has taken them before Sandman answers that they have a new game before creating walls around them again to turn it into a maze and separating them. When Spider-Man asks if they refuse to play, Sandman appears in his true form and reveals that if they don't then they forfeit everything before he attacks Spider-Man and Power Man. They manage to lose him before Nova attacks him to distract him from finding the two. While attacking Nova, he makes hieroglyphs on the walls to show his origins to the team. He then continues his search for them. They manage to escape the maze before Sandman while turning into his different forms reveals that he only tried to make them understand and that he just wanted someone to play with but they wouldn't play nice. He then starts controlling the ground before Nova blasts it which causes Sandman to fall. He then reveals that they have been so lonely and accuses them of ruining it. White Tiger becomes confused about Sandy before Spider-Man reveals that Sandy is just an imaginary playmate and that Sandman made him up. Sandman tells him to not call him his ego before attacking them. They flee to the top and Sandman chases them to prevent them from leaving him. He tries to drown the ship but Spider-Man, Nova and Power Man prevent him. Iron Fist punches him off but he continues to attack them. White Tiger manages to get in the ship but discovers that the engines are blocked with sand. Nova uses himself to fly the ship away but Sandman grabs at it but the engines blast him off. When the team are caught by Director Fury, he reveals about why they left Sandman on the island. When Spider-Man takes sand out of his sock, they discover that Sandman had stowed away before he destroys the controls of the ship which causes it to crash but Spider-Man and White Tiger manage to prevent the ship from touching ground. When Sandman sees the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, he flees to the city and the team give chase. Spider-Man uses his webs to try and stop him but he breaks them, White Tiger tries to scratch him but it has no effect on him and he knocks her away. Spider-Man reminds Iron Fist that he cannot reach dry land and Iron Fist breaks the ice but Sandman manages to continue his destination to New York City. The team become confused on how to beat him before Spider-Man realizes that sand is made out of silicate and tells Nova to heat him up to two thousand degrees. Nova does that and Sandman turns into glass just when he almost reaches the city. Sandman is then taken onto the Helicarrier where he turns back to normal but he is put into a giant hour glass.

Season 2

Sandman Returns

A while later, when Power Man's parents, Walter and Amanda Cage (who have taken Dr. Curt Connors' place due to him having mutated into The Lizard) train the Awesome Android it accidentally eats chemicals and causes a fire, which causes Sandman to break out of his giant hour glass containment. Spider-Man tells him not to try anything and threatens to have Director Fury fire the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier (the Helicarrier having been destroyed by Green Goblin) into space before he lets him out of the lab. Spider-Man shoots webs at him but Sandman dodges and knocks Spider-Man and the Awesome android down before he uses his powers to put the fire out which confuses Spider-Man. Sandman reveals that he was trying to help before asking if he did okay which Spider-Man's confusingly reveals that he did great. Spider-Man and the team are confuses by this before Director Fury reveals that after his capture, they started working with Sandman. When Nova asks how, Director Fury reveals that Sandman is unstable because of his physical condition yet they are trying to rehabilitate him. Power Man believes that the idea is working out due to Sandman saving his parents. Director Fury reveals that they are thinking of making him a candidate for the S.H.I.E.L.D. Training program before White Tiger points out about what happened when they first fought him and points out that when he touches the ground, the city becomes his weapon. Spider-Man believes that he can be reformed and be part of the team but the rest of the team are not sure about it. Sandman is then fitted with a containment suit which helps him keep his thoughts and stable. Amanda Cage points out that if he goes unstable Spider-Man should immobilize him with a watch gadget. Before Spider-Man can tell about not revealing about immobilizing him but Sandman reveals that he already knows what the suit can do and that trust is something that he is going to have to earn. The rest of the team arrive to tell him about trusting Sandman but Spider-Man takes Sandman's side. Sandman is surprised by this before Spider-Man reveals that it is not about taking sides but about proving that he can change. He then takes him on a walk in the park which makes Sandman happy that he is finally touching ground before telling Spider-Man to call him his real name because he is trying to move past his ego. When Director Fury alerts Spider-Man that there is an attack at a S.H.I.E.L.D. instillation but Sandman is not sure because he has anger issues but Spider-Man assures him that he can prove himself to be a hero. Sandman agrees and they head to the instillation which is attacks by Swarm. Sandman saves two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and while Spider-Man is explaining about the villain, Swarm attacks them but the dodges him. Sandman guesses that there is technology in the warehouse before Spider-Man reminds him to stay calm when fighting Swarm. Swarm attacks Spider-Man before Sandman attacks him. When Director Fury makes contact with Spider-Man before reminding him that Swarm eats tech and that he could eat the suit on Sandman. Spider-Man tells Sandman to keep Swarm from eating his suit. Sandman points out that he can handle him but Spider-Man tells him to not get cocky and that they should corner him and web him up. Sandman and Spider-Man do that but Before Sandman can attacks him, Swarm grabs him and starts destroying the suit. Spider-Man suggests taking the suit off but Sandman panics about losing control but Spider-Man tells him that he can beat Swarm without it. Spider-Man takes it off and Sandman starts beating Swarm down. He then starts acting evil and Spider-Man tries to get him to stop. Sandman then reveals that they will and tells him to call him his ego. Spider-Man manages to get him to stop and Sandman calms down and apologizes. Spider-Man asks about whether he's got it under control or to call it off. Sandman chooses that first option before they leave back to the Tri-Carrier. The next night, Spider-Man and Sandman head into the city to do more work which surprises Sandman. Spider-man reveals that he is letting him see the city and to get used to it and Sandman is surprised that he is not angry after what happened with Swarm. Spider-Man tells him that the past is the past. Sandman finds Spider-Man alright and offers to go to a baseball game because he hasn't caught a game for a while. The moment is then interrupted by Batroc the Leaper who is stealing. Before Sandman can attack, Spider-Man tells him to stay calm and that anyone can take down Batroc. Unfortunately, Sandman just goes to take on Batroc. He calls out to him and he attacks him but Batroc dodges and makes fun of him which causes Sandman to starts losing his temper. Spider-Man tries to get him to stop before Sandman angrily asks him why and Spider-Man reveals that Director Fury doesn't give third chances. Sandman is angry about how things are working out and Spider-Man assures him that he just wants to see him win and to choose a better way. Batroc throws a trash can on him and continues teasing him which causes Sandman to lose his temper even more. When J. Jonah Jameson starts accusing him of being an accomplice of Spider-Man and calls him a "Malicious Monstrosity", Sandman becomes even angrier at what he said. Spider-Man defeats Batroc and tries to get Sandman to ignore him. Sandman loses his temper and destroys the giant Daily Bugle screen. He finally loses it and prevents Spider-Man from immobilizing him while telling him that changing is hard. He destroys the gadget which allows him to break out of the suit. Spider-Man tells him that he can still change but Sandman refuses to stop before he makes a sand tornado and then changes into his giant sand form. He then starts wreaking havoc and fights S.H.I.E.L.D. jets. While the rest of the team save civilians from the havoc while Spider-Man tries to get Sandman to stop. Sandman reveals that he likes what he's doing, that he likes that power and that he should admit that he was wrong about him. He attacks Spider-Man before Nova arrives with the Awesome Android which Spider-Man takes. He then enters Sandman's body and Sandman taunts him about being crazy or it being another to get blasted by sand. Spider-Man reveals that since he started this then he is going to finish this. He also reveals that the past isn't defined by their powers but by their choices. Sandman attacks him while taunting him about himself being wrong before Spider-Man points out that he was wrong about him not being ready but it was worth a try. Nova rescues Spider-Man out of Sandman's body before the Awesome Android eats him up until S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives. The Awesome Android spits him out into the containment suit and Sandman is taken into custody again.

Season 3: Web-Warriors

Contest of Champions: Part 2

During The Collector and Grandmaster's game, Sandman is chosen in the game of "Capture the Flag". When Spider-Man is focusing on capturing the flag, Sandman tells him to not stress out. Spider-Man becomes confused on who said that before Sandman tells him that it will all be over before revealing himself. Spider-Man tries to tell him that he is not a villain and that he is trying to turn his life around. Sandman claims that Grandmaster will set him free and accuses Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. for locking him up. He then creates a sand tornado around Spider-Man who asks if they can talk about it. Spider-Man escapes the tornado but Sandman catches him while telling him of never trying to help him. Spider-Man gets out of his grip and Sandman continues attacking him by throwing sand blocks at him before catching him and crushing him. Before he can remove Spider-Man from the game, Captain America, Iron Fist and Red Hulk arrive with Captain America throwing his shield on Sandman's hands. The three then attack Sandman to give Spider-Man some space. Sandman decides to bury them all but the three dodge him. Red Hulk continues to attack him before Spider-Man gets him to get angrier and Sandman swallows him but Red Hulk's power causes him to turn into glass again and breaks. This removes Sandman from the game and Spider-Man is able to win the "Capture the Flag" game.

Contest of Champions: Part 4

Sandman makes a cameo with the other villains when Grandmaster wins the game. Spider-Man and the Collector are able to win the game of "Winner Take All".

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6


Later, Sandman is captured by Doctor Octopus (whose appearance was changed by nanobots to looking like a ninety year old man and configured into a life supporting armor) and taken back to the Bermuda Triangle so that Doctor Octopus can find the Ultimate Sandman for the recreation of the new Sinister Six. He takes him to a secret lighthouse base where he puts Sandman into a machine to clone the parts of Sandman's personality to find the perfect clone. When Vulture (who purposely) leads Spider-Man and Iron Spider to the island, one of the Sandman clones attack them. They try different tactics on him but he is able to take them down. Iron Spider freezes him and Spider-Man realizes that the clone was acting more like a child than a monster. The clone breaks free and turns back to normal another clone appears in the form of Sandy. Sandy wants to have fun but the Sandman Clone wants to crush them. Spider-Man and Iron Spider fight the two and are able to turn them back into one and then stun him. Unfortunately, for them, Sandman recovers fast and splits into four clones. While Spider-Man battles the clones, Iron Spider goes to investigate the lighthouse base. Iron Spider finds Sandman (whom he believed is the one controlling the clones and is a villain). Iron Spider frees him before Sandman asks for help which confuses Iron Spider before he is ambushed by Doctor Octopus. He takes Amadeus Cho out of the Iron Spider Armor and puts a clone into the armor to fight Spider-Man. After Doctor Octopus leaves to see about Spider-Man's defeat, Amadeus angrily tells him that he will show him who is nothing. Sandman tells him that he is wasting his time before revealing that Doctor Octopus has had him down in the base for weeks and even in his sand form he can't find a way out. Amadeus knocks his arm away while calling him a monster but Sandman tells him that he understands and even after what these mad scientists had him pull over the years, he wouldn't want to get too close to himself either. Amadeus tells Sandman that he is just stressed out by him from the above. Sandman reveals that it will get worse when Doctor Octopus gets back and that's when he starts experimenting on them. Amadeus reveals that he is not a freak like him but Sandman reveals that Doctor Octopus doesn't see it that way and that you're either with him or against him. Meanwhile, Spider-Man battles the Sandmen, Doctor Octopus and two Octobots and discovers that Doctor Octopus controls the splinter Sandmen with a control device that will make him see which is the perfect candidate for the Sinister Six. Meanwhile, Amadeus is trying to find a way to break out of the machine and reveals to Sandman that he thought that he was controlling the Sandmen but then realized that Spider-Man was right. Sandman suggests working together and breaking out of the base but Amadeus reveals that he doesn't work with villains. Sandman explains that he had done some bad stuff and he has nobody to blame but himself but he is no villain before revealing that everyone just uses him for what he can do. Amadeus realizes that people don't see past his powers and Sandman reveals that he is no person. Amadeus reveals his problem that everyone he meets just want him to do brain tricks. Sandman reveals that nobody wants to go bowling with him which makes Amadeus think of bowling. Spider-Man crashes with an Octobot into the base. Spider-Man is glad that they've just met and tells Amadeus about taking Sandman down his way before Amadeus tells him that he has learned his lesson and tells him to get them out. Doctor Octopus and the Sandmen clones arrive to prevent them from leaving alive. When Spider-Man asks for help, Amadeus claims that there's no way out but Spider-Man reminds him that he is a genius and that Sandman is there to help. Amadeus reveals that the lock is sonically induced and asks Sandman of how much he can stretch. Sandman then becomes a ball of sand and asks why he is doing this and Amadeus reveals that the second he vibrates frequency. The lock to the machine opens and the two break out. Sandman beats the clones down and Spider-Man is pleased that the two worked together. Spider-Man tells Sandman to control the clones before Sandman reveals that he can't control them as long as Doctor Octopus has the control. Amadeus realizes that it is remote access is the only way that Doctor Octopus is controlling them. Spider-Man then uses the electromagnetic pulse shock the Sandmen and destroy the control in Doctor Octopus's tentacle. This allows the splinters to return to Sandman. Before they can get Doctor Octopus, he has the place self destruct and escapes. Fortunately, Sandman saves Spider-Man, Amadeus and the Iron Spider armor and they escape into the open. They then take Sandman to the Triskelion. Amadeus fells glad to be in the Iron Spider armor again and Sandman reveals that it is how he feels because he had never been in control of his powers and that he feels almost normal. Spider-Man suggests that he sticks around in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy but Sandman declines and reveals that he is not ready for group activities yet and that he needs alone time. Spider-Man gives him a spot to stretch himself on and Sandman agrees and becomes sand near the water. Spider-Man also reveals that S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy is next door whenever he is ready.

The New Sinister Six: Part 2

When Doctor Octopus and his new Sinister Seven (consisting himself, Electro, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, the Ultimate Green Goblin, Hydro-Man and Scarlet Spider (who was secretly the spy for Doctor Octopus and betrayed Spider-Man and everyone else)) attack the Triskelion, Doctor Octopus has Hydro-Man prevent anyone from escaping while Scarlet Spider leaves to get the Anti-HYDRA weapon's key at Aunt May's house. Spider-Man manages to escape through Hydro-Man, he tells Sandman to help and that now is the time to stand up to Doctor Octopus. Doctor Octopus then orders Hydro-Man to destroy the Triskelion while he leaves to help Scarlet Spider to get the key. Before Hydro-Man can destroy it, Sandman prevents him which surprises Hydro-Man. Sandman tells him that his name is Flint Marko but he can be called by his ego. Hydro-Man is surprised by another elemental person before Sandman reveals that Spider-Man showed him nothing but respect and compassion before complimenting if Hydro-Man should say the same thing for Doctor Octopus. Hydro-Man tells him that compassion is overrated before punching Sandman. Sandman tells Spider-Man to go stop Doctor Octopus while he deals with Hydro-Man in which Spider-Man does and Sandman and Hydro-Man fight. Hydro-Man tries to punch him but Sandman dodges and punches him down. Sandman reveals that he wanted to stay out of this war before Hydro-Man taunts him that he should but Sandman reveals that unlike him, he is loyal to the right side. They then notices a green laser in the sky (Doctor Octopus having gotten the key to the Anti-HYDRA weapon and turning HYDRA Island (the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tri-Carrier having been changed by nanobots) into OCTOPUS Island). Hydro-Man takes advantage of the distraction and knocks Sandman down. After Scarlet Spider defects from Doctor Octopus (having realized that Doctor Octopus only treated him like a servant and didn't truly care about him) and destroys the Anti-HYDRA weapon, he stays to crash OCTOPUS Island into the ocean while Spider-Man and Aunt May escape into an escape pod and Doctor Octopus escapes as well. When Sandman tries to save the pod, Hydro-Man tries to interfere. Sandman finally having had enough knocks Hydro-Man down and defeats him for good. He then saves the escape pod while apologizing for the rough landing and that he was occupied.

Agent Web

Later, Spider-Man's Classic Team, the New Warriors and Amadeus are having fun on the beach while Spider-Man is busy with paper work. Sandman who is having fun with them comments that the day needs some fun in the sun before asking about who is up for a game of volleyball. He then makes himself as a net for everyone to play the game.

Graduation Day: Part 1

A while later, after Spider-Man, his classic team, the New Warriors and the Web-Warriors capture Doctor Octopus (whose appearance was changed again by the nanobots to a healthy looking man with a green and yellow costume), Scorpion, a lizard-mutated Crossbones, Kraven, Vulture and Rhino, they find that everyone they know is at the graduation ceremony. Spider-Man is surprised by this before Sandman appears and reminds him that he has helped a lot of people and that they wanted to say thank you. Sandman even thanks him because without him, he would still be a criminal or under Doctor Octopus's mind control. Spider-Man tells him that freeing him was what anyone would've done before Sandman tells him that it's not anyone but him. He then tells him to go and enjoy himself before leaving.


Friends and Allies


Powers and Abilities

  • Psammokinetic Physiology: After the atomic explosion, Flint's body was mutated so that he was able to control sand particles. With it he is able to manipulate sand with his mind. Each and every cell in his body was replaced with a molecule of sand[1]
    • Immortal: Due to his body being made of sand particles instead of biological cells & tissues, he doesn't age, no does he need to eat, rest, or even breathe.
    • Transformation: Flint Marko is able to turn into a being of sand, with it he is invulnerable to physical attacks and can move at incredible speed.[1] Sandman can transform into various objects, he can also use it to enlarge himself and encase his fists with sand.[1]
    • Self-Size Manipulation: He can grow into an enormous size, further enhancing his psammokinetic attacks, superhuman strength & durability.
    • Density Shifting: Sandman is able to shift the density of his elemental sand constructs to be able to hurt his foes.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: Being able to harden his sand into actual rock, his strength is far stronger than that of an average human.[1]
    • Terrakinesis: Sandman can control every particle of sand in his vicinity. [1]
    • Self-Reformation: After Sandman's grains are scattered he is able to mentally reform back to his original form.[1]
      • Invulnerability: By mimicking sand, Sandman is invulnerable to physical attacks.[1]


  • Intense Heat: Sandman has a weakness that he can be turned into glass when the silica in his sand gets heated around 2000 °C.
  • Vibrations: Sandman also can't reform back to his original form if he gets interrupted by vibrations.
  • Water: He is also vulnerable to water since he first never left the island.[1] Hydro-Man was able to physiclal harm him & this caused his self-reformation abilities to slow down as well, because the damaged area turned into mud.
  • Soul Molecules: By physically traumatizing the part of sand which houses his soul & mind, he can attain significant damage.


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Background in other media

  • This is Sandman's fourth animated appearance. Previous versions include "Spider-Man (1967)", "Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends" and "The Spectacular Spider-Man".


  • Sandman's costume in Sandman Returns references a green suit that Sandman created to mix various chemicals with his sand in the Fantastic Four comics.

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