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Air date October 28, 2012
Written by Man of Action & Eugene Son
Directed by Alex Soto
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The Rise of the Goblin
It's not your fault, you don't have to be this "Green Goblin"

Revealed is the 25th episode of the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man. It aired on October 28, 2012.


The plans of Doctor Octopus and Osborn collide.


Peter and Harry celebrate on a night out in Manhattan for doing well in school, with Harry's dad taken them out for dinner. But before they can enter the restaurant Peter is called away on a mission by Power Man and Norman is contacted by Doctor Octopus, leaving Harry alone with his credit card. Spider-Man finds the team battling the Frightful Four in a Oscorp warehouse. The fight is revealed to be a trap and they are attacked by a horde of Octobots. They destroy all the Octobots, but Spider-Man goes missing. He is knocked out and taken to Doctor Octopus' secret lab. The team contact Nick Fury, but a small robot broke free from one of the Octobots and the team decide to follow it. Doc Ock extracts a DNA sample from Spider-Man revealing the true origin of the Venom Symbiote and that he is the key to combining human and animal DNA.

Spider-Man however broke free and battled one of the Octobots, destroying Doctor Octopus' life support system, but he was however electrically shocked by a gauntlet worn by Norman Osborn. Norman reveals that he is the one behind the attacks and he is the employer of Doctor Octopus. He then tries to remove his mask but Doctor Octopus injects Norman with a genetic sample. The team continued to follow the robot but it moved slow so Nova zapped it causing it to overload and move at increased speed. Norman transforms into a green goblin like creature, while Spider-Man is still trapped. Doctor Octopus reveals that the origin of Spider-Man was down to a genetically enhanced spider created at Oscorp.

The team arrive and battle Dock Ock just in time for Osborn transformation to complete. The Goblin creature however breaks Doc Ock's control and attacks him, tearing his suit apart. The team tried to escape through a tunnel but the are electrocuted by the Goblin, they try to fight the creature but he knock them all out but Spider-Man who holds him at bay trying to reach Norman inside. Spider-Man then use the gauntlet against him sending flying above into the Oscorp building. The places caught fire, but S.H.I.E.L.D. arrive to help but the Goblin gets away. The team recovered in the infirmary as Nick Fury spoke with Spider-Man, who decides to go after the Goblin alone.


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  • This is Alex Soto's last episode of directing.

Marvel references

This episode features all three main villians from the Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy 



  • Spider-Man: (regains consciousness) Uh. Where am I? Definitely not in Kansas anymore. (turns to the camera) What? It's a classic!
  • Doctor Octopus: (he's inside a green floating bubble without the tentacles, bold and wearing a new pair of glasses) You and your incensed blather. Do you ever shut up?!
  • Spider-Man: Doctor Octopus? (groans in disgust) You look horrible. Where are your robot arms? I'm not even sure, I can call you "Doc Ock" anymore. "Doc Jellyfish" or "Doc Slug" maybe, but that's as far as I go. (reaches to grab his left wrist)
  • Doctor Octopus: You might it difficult to call your friends, seeing as I took your little communicator. Unlike you, I learned from my mistakes; no Iron Man, no S.H.I.E.L.D., no friends are coming to save you. Tonight it will be just the three of us: You, me and my revenge.
  • Spider-Man: Could you serve up that revenge with a side of fries? I missed out on dinner tonight and..... Wait a second. I got it! "Dr Blow-fish"!
  • Doctor Octopus: (growls angrily)
  • Doctor Octopus: (after his bubble gets popped by Spider-Man) No! So...close!
  • Spider-Man: I don't wanna toot my own horn....(laughs and turns to the camera) I said "toot". (back to a helpless Doc Ock)...but I just punked you, again! (his Spider Sense tingles) Spidey Sense? OK, Doc. What else you got up your tentacle? (somebody tasers him from behind, pinning him to the floor. Spider-Man looks up to see...) Norman Osborn?! (he gets up) Wait, are you telling me in that "I Just Tased You, Bro" sorta way that you work for Doc Ock?
  • Norman Osborn: Work for him!? Hardly! Otto is MY employee. I hired him to obtain your DNA.
  • Spider-Man: Didn't know you were such a fan, Norman. Couldn't I have just given you a signed autograph instead?
  • Norman Osborn: Be silent! (he tasers Spider-Man again, causing him to scream in pain) Such power wasted on such a fool. I will put an end to better use than stopping petty crimes and cracking childish jokes. (he doesn't know that Doc Ock has been slipped away) Imagine an unstoppable arachnid army under my control; I will crush the competition. Neither S.H.I.E.L.D. nor Stark will be able to challenge Oscorp Supremacy. THAT is the true use of power!
  • Spider-Man: My best friend's dad is a homecidal maniac who's been trying to destroy me? How did I miss that?
  • Spider-Man: Well, when you put it that way.... (he screams as Osborn tasers him again)
  • Norman Osborn: I've been following you for so long I know everything about you. I almost feel like we're family.
  • Spider-Man: You have no idea.
  • Norman Osborn: (Osborn goes to take off Spidey's mask, but Doctor Octopus injects him with Spider-Man's DNA) What did you do?
  • Doctor Octopus: I've just given you everything you ever wanted, Norman. Consider this my resignation.
  • Spider-Man: Doesn't pay to turn your back on anybody today. (he gets picked up by Doctor Octopus)
  • Norman Osborn: [Grunting, Groaning, Moaning] Otto, Why? After all I've done for you
  • Doctor Octopus: For me? For me?! You treated me like a slave! Destroyed my lab with me in it! You turned me into this. All you've done for me is give me pain!
  • Spider-Man: Got a point there, Norman. Worst boss ever!
  • Doctor Octopus: It's not use fighting it, Osborn.
  • Norman Osborn: (he goes to grab Doctor Octopus, but collapses weakly) You... You've betrayed me.
  • Doctor Octopus: You arrogant buffoon! If I had cracked the formula, don't you think I would've used it on myself? I've just injected you with a fusion of Venom's AND Spider-Man's DNA. If my calculations are correct, it should produce a most interesting result, only this time one that I control.
  • Spider-Man: Looks like the grown-ups have some talking to do. I'm just gonna....(he wriggles free and spins a web to escape, but is smacked about by Doctor Octopus) Ouch! That hurt.
  • Doctor Octopus: D'you want to know the most delicious part, Osborn, you pompous half-wit? After all of your schemes of catching Spider-Man and stealing his DNA, you never realized he belonged to you all along. His powers are a product of Oscorp's technology! Although I have yet to discover how it happened, Spider-Man is your greatest accomplishment.
  • Spider-Man: (groans in disgust, turns to the camera) Why do I suddenly feel so skeevy?
  • Doctor Octopus: (he puts a shock collar on Osborn's neck and cackles) As an art form, revenge is nothing if not beautiful. Now, there's still a matter of finding out what makes you tick. Fortunately, I no longer need you alive for that. (he pins Spider-Man down and brings out a circular saw blade) If fact, dissection is desirable.
  • Spider-Man: Sounds fun. Let me check my schedule. How 'bout never? That work for ya?
  • Green Goblin: Osborn, No more. Only Goblin.
  • Green Goblin: Spider, Goblin, same blood. Spider, Goblin, family.


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