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Peter Parker

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Human/Spider Hybrid





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Aunt May (Ultimate Universe) (aunt)

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"The Spider-Verse: Part 3"


Peter Parker, also known as the superhero Spider-Man, died in battle against the Ultimate Green Goblin and the Sinister Six.



Like his counterpart from another universe, Peter was bit by a genetically-altered spider, giving him spider-like powers and became Spider-Man. He fought crime and numerous super villains, including Norman Osborn, AKA the Ultimate Goblin.

At one point in Peter's life, he engaged in a final battle against the Sinister Six, with Goblin leading them. While Peter defeated them, he was killed in battle, and his secret identity was revealed to the world. After his death, another teenager named Miles Morales was bitten by a similar spider, and was granted spider-like abilities as well, and succeeded Peter as Spider-Man.

One day, Miles encountered who appeared to be the original Spider-Man, who was alive and well, as well as an alternate Green Goblin, who flew on a glider and threw explosives. Miles was confused until realizing that the Peter Parker he was talking to was from an alternate universe, and knew this meant Goblin was after him. After Spiderman noted on his expression when seeing him, he started to explain about the Peter from his world. Miles later brings the alternate Peter to the graveyard where his counterpart is buried, as Spiderman is in disbelief at his fate. After they are attacked by both Green Goblins. The prime Green Goblin spots the deceased Peter's tombstone, finally realizing Spider-Man's true identity. [1]


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  • This version of Spider-Man is the deceased Ultimate Marvel version of Peter Parker.
  • As of the present comic canon however, the Ultimate Comic's Peter is somehow quickly revived by the Oz in him, which making him immortal and wanted to hide himself upon learning his supposed death on the public. By the time he want to return as Spider-Man, as Goblin already revived and attempt to kill both Miles and Peter himself, he soon change his mind and entrust Miles to carry out his legacy as Ultimate Spider-Man.


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