If anyone understands being a hero, it's you.
— Harry Osborn






Biographical information
Real name

Harold "Harry" Osborn

Alternative name(s)

Black Suit Spider-Man
Study Bug

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Personal information

Midtown High School
New Warriors (temporarily)
S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy


Norman Osborn (father)


Symbiote Watch (formerly)
Patrioteer Armor

Production details
First appearance

Great Power (as Harry Osborn)
Back in Black (as Venom)
Iron Vulture (as Patrioteer)
Anti-Venom (as Anti-Venom)

Last appearance

Carnage (as Venom)
The Symbiote Saga: Part 2 (as Anti-Venom)
Graduation Day: Part 2 (as Patrioteer and Harry Osborn)

Voiced by

Matt Lanter


Harold "Harry" Osborn (formerly known as the Black Suit Spider-Man, Venom and Anti-Venom) is Peter Parker's best friend, Norman Osborn's only son, Venom's first major host, and Anti-Venom's first and only host. He becomes Patrioteer in Season 4.


Early life

Harry learned from his father that with great power comes great might.[1] He first met Peter during a rainstorm and asks if he needs a ride, which Peter accepts.

Season 1

Harry Osborn walked down the hallway when Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson were talking. Harry talked to Peter about Flash Thompson bullying him. Harry was in the cafeteria when the Frightful Four attacked Midtown High School, and Harry was later injured, ensuring Mary Jane's safety. Peter later visited him in a hospital giving him his homework and seeing if he was okay. Harry assured him he'd be out as soon as he recovered.

Harry helped Peter get into school when the door was slammed in his face. Harry reminded Peter to come to his house that night for a movie marathon with Mary Jane. Peter's 'new friends' came and dragged Peter to the cafeteria. When Sam Alexander made a snarky comment about Harry, Harry heard it and got frustrated. Peter chased after Harry, but Harry shut him down. In Harry's home, Harry complained to his father that Peter had ditched him. Norman was distracted by news about Spider-Man and left the house, giving a thousand dollars to Harry for dinner. Harry threw a party as a result - the party ended when the Symbiote appeared and attacked. Harry and Mary Jane hid while Spider-Man and his teammates fought the Symbiote. Harry later cleaned up his house with Peter; seeing a piece of the symbiote and putting it in a bottle, Harry unwittingly ensured its survival.

When Taskmaster appeared at Midtown High, Harry was one of the students suspected of being Spider-Man. Taskmaster kidnapped Harry, but he was freed after Spider-Man defeated the mercenary.


Harry Osborn as Spider-Man

Harry, trying to impress his father, trained the piece of Venom and used it to become the "new" Black Suit Spider-Man, much to Peter's dismay. News of the new Spider-Man spread rapidly and everyone, even J. Jonah Jameson, loved him. He defeated the robotic Dragon Man multiple times; unbeknownst to him, it was a drone sent by Dr. Octavius to test his skills. Black Suit Spidey later humiliated Spider-Man in front of a crowd when Spider-Man attempted to talk to him and he swung away, leaving a crowd of laughing civilians. At one point he revealed his identity to Peter, showing Peter that the symbiote lived in his watch and could crawl out and form the suit whenever he wished. When Peter tried to warn him about the dangers of the suit, he aggressively claimed to have it under control and stormed out. Harry tried to reveal his identity to his father, but Norman shrugged him off before he could say anything. This angered Harry into donning the suit once more and swinging into the city. After yet another battle with the Dragon Man, an overjoyed fan attempted to take a picture of him. For one reason or another, Harry began to transform into Venom, growing a mouth, and attempting to attack the fan before Spider-Man intervened. Harry began attacking Spider-Man, slowly changing more and more into a monstrous creature. After some time, Harry completely lost control and transformed into a massive, hulking creature, announcing himself as Venom. The symbiote slowly began to consume Harry, forcing him to attack Spider-Man. Venom battled Spider-Man across the city of New York, doing massive damage to Spider-Man, but seemingly unharmed by the webhead's attacks. Venom knocked Spider-Man into Oscorp, followed him through, and came face to face with Norman. Harry's father had no idea that it was his son under the suit. Venom proclaimed Norman would never know his identity, and that he never cared about him to begin with before Spider-Man knocked him back out the window and gave chase. The battle raged on across the city until Spider-Man knocked him into a generator, which cut power to half the city and weakened the suit enough that it was vulnerable. Spider-Man knocked Venom into a large television screen, which blew the symbiote off of Harry. Harry admitted to Spider-Man that he couldn't control it. A small piece of the symbiote presumably stayed with Harry without him knowing.

Days later, Harry was taken over by Venom and he brutally beat Batroc the Leaper at night, framing Spider-Man in the process, and leading Jameson to spout more nonsense about Spidey's "brutality." Harry was at school, lying to Peter that it wasn't him. After school, he went to his father but Norman neglected him. Enraged for his father always ignoring and Venom took over his body. Venom attacked Harry's father several times. Spider-Man created an Anti-Venom. While Harry tried to free himself from Venom asking for Spider-Man to save him, Spider-Man injected the serum into Venom, releasing Harry from its grasp.[2]

After finally pulling his grades up to B - from C, Harry went out with Peter and Norman to celebrate, however, both Peter and Norman leave for different reasons. After taking a walk, Harry sees Oscorp on fire he rushes to find his father. After three days, the Green Goblin attacks the limousine that Harry is in outside of Midtown High. Harry is shocked to know that Green Goblin is his father and tries to keep Spider-Man's team from hurting him and, every time they do, it was clear that the Venom symbiote is re-surfacing. After been taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, the news of Green Goblin been taken down made everyone happy except Harry. However, Green Goblin was alive and well, and hijacked one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircrafts and crashed it into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier where he revealed that he matched the voice of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent stating "Goblin down". Green Goblin then tried to get his son to come with him. Green Goblin reveals that the toxin that he was injected with was made of Spider-Man's DNA, which leads Harry to blame Spider-Man. Fury ordered S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to take Harry while they deal with Goblin. Harry escaped the agents and the Venom symbiote emerged again and after hearing Fury saying that they need to deal with Green Goblin. Harry grew angrier and tried to help his father. Green Goblin shocked his son enough to turn him into Venom and they fought Spider-Man together. However, Spider-Man managed to return Harry back to his senses and Harry was finally able to free himself from the symbiote. Green Goblin declared that Harry is unworthy to wear the symbiote and took a sample from the symbiote to find someone worthy to wear it and escaped, leaving his own son to die. Despite Spider-Man saving his life, Harry blamed him for everything that happened to him and his father. Harry swore revenge on Spider-Man and leaves. Spider-Man tried to console him but Iron Fist told him to balance the scales, meaning that Spider-Man is Harry's enemy, while Peter is his friend and told Spider-Man not to unbalance it.[3]

Season 2

Harry watches the Green Goblin kidnap Peter to be forcibly transformed into Carnage. Although Harry stopped Carnage and saved Peter by rebounding with the symbiote, Venom fed on Harry's dark desires, attacking the Goblin until Peter managed to convince Harry to get rid of the symbiote, to which S.H.I.E.L.D. captured to ensure no more harm.

When his father is finally cured back to normal, thanks to the Venom symbiote that bonds him while he was a Green Goblin, and before the suit separates from him and destroyed, Harry no longer bore a grudge against Spider-Man anymore, as well as later now finds out about his father's sins being a villain.

Season 3

After Spider-Goblin's defeat by the Web-Warriors, Harry is glad that his father lost his memories when he was the Green Goblin and feels good to have his father back as a better person.

Season 4

During The Sinister Six's invasion, in cooperation with the international terrorist, HYDRA., led by Arnim Zola, this where Harry found out that Doctor Octopus was the one who created the Goblin serum and turned his father into the Green Goblin. However, as Norman has fully reformed himself after regaining most of his memories, promised Harry that he'd never become the Goblin again, leading Norman to develop an anti-Goblin serum to prevent Goblin serum flowing into the body of the victims like Norman himself and cured the individuals who are infected by that mutation serum, Harry was almost becoming a candidate into the new Green Goblin by Doc Ock, until Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider manage to rescue both Harry and Norman from HYDRA.'s Goblin army and Doc Ock, and helped the Spiders to provide the anti-Goblin serum against the remaining H.Y.D.R.A.'s Goblin army.

Doctor Octopus equipped Vulture with special Hydra armor and sent him (reluctantly) to kill Norman Osborn in exchange for information containing Vulture's past. The two of them, alongside an Octobot, end up fighting Spider-Man, Miles Morales (who took on the name Kid Arachnid), Norman (in his Iron Patriot armor) and Harry Osborn (Patrioteer armor), but Vulture soon realize after taking Norman's Iron Patriot helmet that Norman has nothing to do with involving in experimenting Vulture, it is always been Doctor Octopus, as Spider-Man tries to warn Vulture many times since their first meeting.


During a fight where Harry assisted Spider-Man and Agent Venom against Doc Ock, he became the first host for the Anti-Venom symbiote. Anti-Venom nearly killed Agent Venom, only to be stopped by a positive ion inhibitor by Spider-Man and Iron Patriot which left Anti-Venom unconscious. Harry is left in a coma with S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists not knowing if Harry will recover, though Harry had shown strong life signs.

Harry was shown at Oscorp still in a coma when the Carnage-infected civilians break in. Their attack ends up awakening Harry who becomes Anti-Venom again and wound up neutralizing the Carnage symbiotes on the civilians. At the core of the outbreak, Spider-Man got through to Harry who ended up learning Peter's identity. Harry then sacrificed the Anti-Venom's abilities in order to stop the Carnage outbreak. Afterwards, Harry learns that Flash Thompson is Agent Venom, as well as now realize that their other classmates like Iron Fist/Danny Rand, Power Man/Luke Cage, White Tiger/Ava Ayala and Nova/Sam Alexander, including Amadeus Cho/Iron Spider and Miles Morales are also a SHIELD trainee superheroes like Peter and Flash.

Though the Carnage invasion is over, turns out the symbiote still alive and going to Midtown High where Mary Jane informed the citizens to evacuate to the bridge. Peter and Flash suggest Harry to get to the shelter, but Harry refuses to let his friends died without his help, thus suit up as Patrioteer to catch up with them. On a fully Carnage hived Midtown High, where the heroes are too late to save Mary Jane from turning into a new Carnage, Carnage Queen, Patrioteer manage to catch up with Spider-Man and Agent Venom, with his suit, Harry is vulnerable to Morbius and Carnage Queen's life force absorption. By the time HYDRA captures Spider-Man, Patrioteer, Agent Venom, and Carnage Queen, Patrioteer and Agent Venom manage to break free from HYDRA's control thanks to Carnage Queen resist Morbius' mind control machine, then attempt to absorb their life force. As Morbius' life force draining on Carnage Queen does not affect her, but her draining does on him, Harry, Peter, and Flash tries to snap Mary Jane back to normal by revealing their secret identity each other, freeing her from Carnage's control. Harry soon join S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy afterwards.


Harry Osborn is a spoiled stereotypical rich kid, at first. Always thinking he can buy his way out of things and use money to solve his problems. However, he's naturally charming, as everyone adores him. He is kind, always full of concern for the people he cares about.

He's also loyal to them, for instance, despite his father being the villain, Green Goblin, he will still try to save and prevent his father from going into further danger.

Harry has always looked for his father's approval but was usually either brushed off or ignored. His need of money seems to have come from his father always giving him money and telling him that it can solve all of his problems. Harry once was so mad at Peter, he threw a huge party at his house just to show that he didn't need him. Harry had yet to discover that money and wealth do not give him friendship, and money cannot solve his problems. Harry has been shown to get jealous of Peter anytime his teammates "borrow" him to talk. This may bring him to realize that Peter really is one of his only friends. However, he is shown to get along with one of Peter's first teammates, such as Danny Rand.

Physical appearance


As Patrioteer

Harry Osborn is a Caucasian teenage male and has auburn hair. He wears a black vest over an untucked white shirt with gray pants in the first season but his vest is changed to light brown in the second season. As Black Suit Spidey, he looks the same as Spider-Man, but he wears a black and white suit. After the Venom symbiote takes over, he looks the same but with a more muscular and bulking build. He has a mouth, sharp teeth and long tongue As Patrioteer, he wears a Red, White and Blue suit which gives him powers. As Anti-Venom, he is all white with a black spider emblem covering most of his back and chest, followed by what seems to be a black mask with red-orange eyes.



Friends and Allies


Powers and abilities

  • High Intelligence: He has displayed a significantly higher intelligence than most people, being able to build a containment device for Venom on his wrist. He was even able to utilize the Patrioteer Armor's high-tech capabilities with great skill despite not having trained much.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: He has shown remarkable combat prowess while he was the Black Spider-Man.
  • Resources: He has a vast network of connections & allies. He also has all of OsCorp's inexhaustible finances & technological faculties at his disposal.
  • Patrioteer Armor: In a quest to become a Super-hero & save his father, Harry Osborn utilizes a high-tech suit of Armor to gain superhuman capabilities & fight Doc Ock & Vulture.
    • Repulsor Blasts
    • Missile Launchers
    • High-Powered Pulse Bolts
    • Mach 2 Repulsor Boot Jets
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Scanner Systems
    • Communication's Links
    • Life-Support Systems


  • Anti-Venom Symbiote: Doc Ock's new symbiote managed to attach itself to Harry Osborn on a cellular level. It gives him powers much more advanced than the original Venom or Carnage Symbiotes. This Symbiote's main purpose is to destroy all other Symbiotic Life-Forms. It even has the biological features necessary to easily overpower & destroy all other Venom Symbiotes.
    • Superhuman Strength: He is superhumanly strong even stronger than the likes of Spider-Man. He is far more stronger than any Venom or Carnage symbiote. It was easily capable of overpowering Agent Venom's Symbiotic Powers.
    • Superhuman Durability: He is also far more resilient to physical damage than Spider-Man himself. He is also tougher than the Venom or Carnage symbiote.
    • Superhuman Agility: He is far more agile than a normal human being & this improves his remarkable athletic abilities greatly.
    • Spider-Sense EMP: Because Anti-Venom was made from Venom, which was made from Spider-man's blood, it can hide itself from the paranormal spider-sense.
    • Wall-Crawling: Like Spider-man, he can cling to surfaces instantly & even stick to surfaces without using his hands or feet.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: The Anti-Venom has an accelerated healing factor, superior to the likes of the original Venom Symbiote or the Carnage Symbiote.
    • Purging: The Anti-Venom was designed with "healing properties", which can purge off infections from living organisms. It was also able to seemingly de-power Flash's Venom Symbiote for a few weeks.
      • Anti-Venom: The Anti-Venom's "healing properties" allow it to easily "kill" any other Symbiote Life-Form. Its touch is considered "toxic" to any Symbiote & their hosts, giving them unbearable burning pain, while "killing" their Symbiote Suit.
    • Shape Shifting: The Symbiote's original abilities are its virtually malleable anatomy which allows it to create countless tendrils for transport or modifying weaponry & technologies. It can also use these superhumanly strong tendrils in combat. These tendrils are so strong, that they can easily overpower any other Symbiote's raw strength.
    • Webbing Generation: He can generate his own bio-webs from its hands, similarly to other Vemon Symbiotes & Scarlet Spider.

  • Venom Symbiote: The Venom Symbiote had bonded to his DNA on a genetic & cellular level, thus Venom was a part of Harry's body rather than a Hyde.
    • Superhuman Strength: He is superhumanly strong even stronger than the likes of Spider-Man.
    • Superhuman Durability: He is also far more resilient to physical damage than Spider-Man himself.
    • Superhuman Agility: He is far more agile than a normal human being & this improves his remarkable athletic abilities greatly.
    • Spider-Sense EMP: Because Venom was made from Spider-man's blood, it can hide itself from the paranormal spider-sense.
    • Wall-Crawling: Like Spider-man, he can cling to surfaces instantly & even stick to surfaces without using his hands or feet.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: He has a low-level high-speed healing factor, being able to heal broken bones, ballistic wounds & injuries instantaneously. He cannot regenerate missing limbs, organs or a broken neck. However, his healing factor is able to heal infections to an extent that modern medical technologies cannot, such as AIDS, top-level cancers & tumors. The Venom Symbiote can also instantly regenerate it's bio-mass.
    • Shape Shifting: The Symbiote's original abilities are its virtually malleable anatomy which allows it to create countless tendrils for transport or modifying weaponry & technologies. It can also use these superhumanly strong tendrils in combat.
    • Webbing Generation: He can generate his own bio-webs from its hands.


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Season 4 c f 9
Overall 33
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  • In the original 616 universe, Harry became the second Green Goblin following the death of his father, until he died recently on his redemption, right before they are somehow revived recently.
  • In the Ultimate universe, he became Hobgoblin, similar to his father's version of Green Goblin. He has never bonded with any symbiote.
  • This version can be considered a counterpart to both mainstream and Ultimate Eddie Brock Jr., such as being Venom and Anti-Venom.

Background in other media

  • This is Harry Osborn's eleventh other media appearance and fourth animated appearance.
  • First animated appearance of American Son-like armor.


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