If anyone understands being a hero, it's you.
— Harry Osborn






Biographical information
Real name

Harold "Harry" Osborn

Alternative name(s)

Black Suit Spider-Man
New and Improved Spider-Man
Mr. Black Spider-Venom
Mighty Harry Nator
Goo-Covered Frenemy
Study Bug

Physical description






Personal information

Midtown High School
New Warriors (temporarily)
S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy


Norman Osborn (father)


Symbiote Watch (formerly)
Patrioteer Armor

Production details
First appearance

Great Power (as Harry Osborn)
Back in Black (as Venom)
Iron Vulture (as Patrioteer)
Anti-Venom (as Anti-Venom)

Last appearance

Carnage (as Venom)
The Symbiote Saga: Part 2 (as Anti-Venom)
Graduation Day: Part 2 (as Patrioteer and Harry Osborn)

Voiced by

Matt Lanter


Harold "Harry" Osborn (formerly known as the Black Suit Spider-Man, Venom and Anti-Venom) is Peter Parker's best friend, Norman Osborn's only son, Venom's first major host, and Anti-Venom's first and only host. He becomes Patrioteer in Season 4.

Physical appearance


As Patrioteer

Harry Osborn is a Caucasian teenage male and has auburn hair. He wears a black vest over an untucked white shirt with gray pants in the first season but his vest is changed to light brown in the second season. As Black Suit Spidey, he looks the same as Spider-Man, but he wears a black and white suit. After the Venom symbiote takes over, he looks the same but with a more muscular and bulking build. He has a mouth, sharp teeth and long tongue As Patrioteer, he wears a Red, White and Blue suit which gives him powers. As Anti-Venom, he is all white with a black spider emblem covering most of his back and chest, followed by what seems to be a black mask with red-orange eyes.


Harry Osborn is a spoiled stereotypical rich kid, at first. Always thinking he can buy his way out of things and use money to solve his problems. However, he's naturally charming, as everyone adores him. He is kind, always full of concern for the people he cares about.

He's also loyal to them, for instance, despite his father being the villain, Green Goblin, he will still try to save and prevent his father from going into further danger. This is further shown after he becomes a hero to save his father from Vulture and Doctor Octopus and even save Mary Jane from the Carnage symbiote, Morbius the Living Vampire, Crossbones and HYDRA.

Harry has always looked for his father's approval but was usually either brushed off or ignored. His need of money seems to have come from his father always giving him money and telling him that it can solve all of his problems. However, after Norman reformed, the two of them started getting along very well and Norman allowed his son to join S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy.

Harry once was so mad at Peter, he threw a huge party at his house just to show that he didn't need him. Harry had yet to discover that money and wealth do not give him friendship, and money cannot solve his problems. Harry has been shown to get jealous of Peter anytime his teammates "borrow" him to talk. This may bring him to realize that Peter really is one of his only friends. However, he is shown to have finally gotten along with his teammates like Danny Rand.


Early life

Harry Osborn is the son of the CEO of Oscorp, Norman Osborn. During a rainstorm, they picked Peter Parker up after his bike broke down. Harry introduces him to Peter and Norman decides that Peter should have some friends with Peter replying that it would be cool. He then snobbishly tells Peter to help Harry with his studies. Harry angrily tells him to stop micromanaging his life with his father replying about having reasons not to. Peter tells them that he has just met them but Harry has a great father who cares so much. Norman finds that Peter speaks from experience but Peter reveals that he never knew his father but his Uncle Ben always busted him when he got out of line. Norman then replies that Peter is none the worse for that. Harry finds that his father is smiling and asks about how he did that and Peter tells him that it'’s a gift. Harry and Peter then become best friends forever. Norman then tells Harry that he is an Osborn and tells him that "With great power, comes great reward".

Season 1

Great Power

Years later after Peter became Spider-Man, he reminds himself that he has to pick up a cake for Aunt May and then hang out with Harry and his other best friend, Mary Jane Watson. After refusing an offer to train to become ultimate from the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, Spider-Man heads to Midtown High School. When Peter and Mary Jane talk about her wanting to become a reporter for J. Jonah Jameson and she tells him that kids like them have to be realistic and can't be like Harry when they see him walking down the hallway. Later in the cafeteria, Harry got annoyed with Flash Thompson doing "Locker Knocker Time" again on his friend and calls Flash a "Tool". Harry and his friends are having lunch until the wall blasts behind them. It is revealed to be Wizard, Thundra and Klaw who make the principle reveal the school is now under their control. After announcing themselves as the Frightful Four (who have been sent by Dr. Otto Octavius on behalf of Harry’s father), Mary Jane points out that there are only three of them (Trapster having been caught earlier) until Wizard throws the principle onto a wall to shut her up. Wizard reveals that they learnt that Spider-Man attends Midtown High and makes Klaw use his sound when they refuse to talk. Peter tells them to stop with Mary Jane trying to prevent him from being hurt but Wizard turns to him anyway. Wizard decides to make an example of him and Klaw uses his sound to torture him. Mary Jane tries to help but Harry prevents her until Peter gives in to talk. Peter starts a food fight on the villains in order to change into Spider-Man and the battle the Frightful Four. At one point during the fight, Thundra brings Spider-Man down and rushes to him but Mary Jane uses a jelly plate to trip her and crash into tables. Mary Jane records it in the process to make it her first front page story before Klaw uses his sound to destroy it. Harry protects her before he is blasted by Klaw. After the Frightful Four escape, Spider-Man changes back into his normal form to get to Harry who is unconscious with Mary Jane trying to wake him. Peter blames himself for getting Harry hurt and Norman arrives to take him to hospital. Peter arrives to see Harry who reveals that there is still ringing in his ears but he will be fine the next day.

Great Responsibility

Peter later visited him in the hospital, telling him that he brought him something in which Harry believes it to be cheerleaders but Peter reveals that it's homework much to his disappointment. Norman tells his son that Peter has his best interests at heart and that he is a true friend. He then offers Peter a ride to Midtown High which Peter gladly accepts.


At Midtown High, new students named Ava Ayala, Danny Rand, Luke Cage and Sam Alexander (who are secretly Spider-Man's new team consisting of himself, White Tiger, Iron Fist, Power Man and Nova) enter Peter's life. Peter is shocked when he finds Sam at his table (which he calls the Parker table) and is surprised to find Mary Jane and Harry okay with it. It is revealed that Sam was making a potato sculptor of the new principle, Phil Coulson (who is also a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent) until he and Peter get into an argument which has them sent to detention (which is secretly a way to get them into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier for training).


After a fight with an Octobot (which secretly had taken a sample of his DNA) as Spider-Man, he becomes late for school and the door is slammed into his face. However, Harry secretly lets Peter in through the window. Harry reminds him to buy him a watch and jokes about getting a watch company before telling him that they must hurry up or they will miss home room. Harry jokes to Peter about forgetting where he lives if Mary Jane didn't walk him home and tells him not to be late tonight which confuses Peter. Harry reminds him that his father is out of town in which the penthouse is open for a movie marathon with them and Mary Jane. However, Peter's new friends and team ask to borrow Peter. Peter tries to tell them to wait but Sam forcefully pushes him away to talk in which Harry asks what the deal is. Peter makes it up by claiming that he joined a club called "Sandwich Club" which annoys Sam. Harry then bitterly walks off. During a argument with his team in the cafeteria about blowing away his best friend, Sam makes a snarky remark to Peter about not having to "kiss up to money bags anymore for cash". This causes Harry to get frustrated and leave the cafeteria. Peter catches up with him to explain but Harry angrily tells him that he doesn't need to explain anything and that he has his "detention buddies" to save his "butt" now. Peter claims that they are not his friends until Harry asks what they are in which Peter reveals that it's complicated and Harry brushes him off that it didn't uses to be. During the night, Harry is watching T.V. with Jameson bad mouthing about Spider-Man's fight with the Octobot. Norman is preparing to leave (to secretly meet with Dr. Octavius) until he notices that Harry is upset. He asks if everything is alright but Harry claims that he is fine. Norman asks again and Harry reveals that Peter is hanging out with new friends and sort of ditched him. Norman finds that it's not like him but Harry tells him that ever since the new kids arrived, Peter is distracted. Norman is watching the news of Spider-Man battling the Octobot with Jameson ranting about it. Harry jokingly tells his father that he is going to move into the sewers and train albino alligators for the circus but finds his father ignoring him. Norman tells him these things will worry themselves out that and that these things always do before revealing that he left one thousand dollars in case he gets hungry and leaves. Harry then secretly makes a phone call about what to do with one thousand dollars. The team along with Mary Jane arrive at the penthouse (due to Peter taking Mary Jane's advice on inviting his new friends along so that Harry can get to know them), they find that instead of a movie marathon, Harry had put up a party. Harry reveals that he invited the whole school except for Peter's friends. Peter reveals that he invited them so that they can get to know Harry better but Harry refuses and claims that the whole school are his friends. and calls them all the best which has everyone chant his name. The party is then interrupted by the arrival of a symbiote who has bonded with Flash which causes everyone to flee. In the chaos, Harry and Mary Jane try to find Peter but don't see him and Harry gets a phone number from a girl in the process. Peter's friends escort them out before joining Spider-Man and Nova with battling the symbiote. During the battle, the symbiote (who had bonded to Power Man) throws an electric generator down to where Mary Jane and Harry are and the entrance of the Osborn penthouse. Spider-Man saves them while joking about not getting squished. Mary Jane heads to the top of the roof to get a scoop so that she can get a job at the Daily Bugle Communications with Harry trying to prevent her. After the symbiote bonds with Spider-Man and calls itself Venom, it battles the team. Mary Jane is filming it with her phone and Harry asks if she sees Peter (not knowing he is inside Venom) before she tells him that she can't get a clear shot and Harry lowers himself down while being amazed by the size of the symbiote. Venom sees the two and prepares to attack but Spider-Man starts fighting inside the thing to prevent it from hurting them. Harry nearly falls off the roof but Mary Jane saves him while also pulling his only chest hair in the process. After Spider-Man supposedly destroys Venom, Harry and Mary Jane arrive on the roof looking for Peter. Spider-Man reveals that he is okay. Norman arrives and he angrily finds it destroyed but then changes his mood to a relived look after finding everyone confused. He orders two police officers to get the heroes some help. Norman is relieved that Harry is alright and that he should be glad that Spider-Man was around. Harry and Mary Jane are cleaning up the penthouse with Mary Jane instructing Harry about how to use a mop which he claims about knowing. After Peter arrives, Mary Jane leaves to give those two sometime together. The two apologize for what happened earlier and Harry Forgives Peter as long as he's his best friend. Peter tells Harry about his friends not being bad (except for Sam) and that they can hang out some time if Harry's wants to. Unknown to Peter, Harry finds a piece of the survived Venom symbiote and secretly puts it in a bottle. Harry agrees with Peter on giving a shot with his new friends and asks what the harm is in making a new "friend" (unknown to him, the Venom symbiote plans to take control of him).

Why I Hate Gym

Later at Midtown High, Peter is talking with Harry and Mary Jane. Harry reveals that everyone knows that Spider-Man comes to Midtown High and asks him to help spread the rumor to him due to girls loving super heroes. Mary Jane tells Harry that it probably is him because of him affording all those webs. Peter tells her that it's not a good idea to pose as him before Flash interrupts the conversation by knocking Peter down which annoys him before Principle Coulson breaks it up. He reveals that Mr. Moleskin will be absent after an accident after last night's game. He reveals that Coach Yaeger (who is secretly Taskmaster sent by Norman and Dr. Octavius to find and capture Spider-Man) will be their substitute and he reveals that he looks forward to unlocking their hidden talents. Harry is then one of the few people to try out for the City White Athletic Achievement Contest and only Flash, Danny and himself make it much to Ava's disappointment, believing to be because she's a girl. During the night, Taskmaster activates the S.H.I.E.L.D. security system to prevent anyone from getting in and out and also jams the frequencies to prevent anyone including Agent Coulson (whom he knows personally due to him being a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent) from contacting Director Fury. Spider-Man and White Tiger manage to enter the school and after learning about Taskmaster, they hear Harry screaming. It is shown that they are being chased by the assassin. After triggering a laser which closes them off from Danny after he saves them and tells them to get to safety. After defeating Danny and finding that he's not Spider-Man, Taskmaster manages to catch up with Harry and Flash. He asks which one of them is going to change into Spider-Man. While Flash runs away, Harry gets caught in a web and asks Flash to help him but Flash tells him that he may be the strongest kid in school but he's no Spider-Man. Taskmaster leaves Harry deciding that he's obviously not Spider-Man. Spider-Man appears and fights Taskmaster who easily takes him down (due to his photographic memory that allows him to copy everyone's fighting) while White Tiger manages to free Harry. After White Tiger scratches Taskmaster's mask off, it is revealed to be Coach Yaeger which causes Harry to flee in shock. After Spider-Man and White Tiger defeat Taskmaster, he threatens to expose Spider-Man's identity as "Flash Thompson" to the entire world. Unfortunately, White Tiger points out that Flash along with Harry have arrived thus making Taskmaster realize Spider-Man and Flash are actually two different people. Unfortunately, for the heroes, Taskmaster manages to escape while leaving his fake "Yaeger" mask behind making everyone realize that wasn't his real face. Later, after getting out of the school, Flash is doing an interview with Harry and hugs him while claiming that Spider-Man and him are buds.


At Midtown High, Mary Jane is doing an interview of when she meets Spider-Man. She is shown in the cafeteria with Peter and his friends. She asks Peter what the man on the street thinks and Peter answers what there is to think besides interviewing Spider-Man and that Spider-Man would have to be a bigger fan of hers than he is. Harry comes in and answers that he believes her and asks how she got Spider-Man to agree to an interview before she tells him that she can't reveal her sources with Sam asking Peter how she did it.

Back In Black


Harry Osborn as Spider-Man

Harry, trying to impress his father, trained the piece of Venom and used it to become the "new" Black Suit Spider-Man. When the Dragon Man android attacks, the Black Suit Spider-Man appeared and threw a web into it's chest which removes it's generator. He then lands on it with the people of New York cheering for him. News of the new Spider-Man spread rapidly and everyone, even J. Jonah Jameson, started to love him. Another Dragon Man android was attacking the city until the Black Suit Spider-Man uses his web to throw it to the ground before ripping it's tail off and using it to defeat the android. He then started flexing himself before seeing a kid staring at him in excitement. Spider-Man (who has got the flu) appears wanting to have a chat with him about there being already a Spider-Man. The Black Suit Spider-Man asks him about botherment and arrogantly tells him to give it up and that he's on the case. Spider-Man tells him about the threads being bothered before asking what he is but the Black Suit Spider-Man snobbishly tells him that he's better before web-swinging away. Spider-Man chases him before he is ambushed by the Black Suit Spider-Man who lands on his feet while Spider-Man doesn't. Before Spider-Man can challenge him, he sneezes which makes the Black Suit Spider-Man taunt him about having the flu and that he needs to rest for "years" before swinging away and earning the crowd's joy for him. The next day at Midtown High, Harry finds Peter and notices that he has the flu (due to him not knowing that he's just talked with him as Spider-Man). Peter tells him about something going around before noticing that Harry is wearing a watch. Harry secretly brings Peter to the bathroom in which he is going to tell him the biggest "secret" about the Black Suit Spider-Man. Much to Peter's shock, Harry let's the Venom symbiote out of the watch to transform into the Black Suit Spider-Man in front of him. Peter knowing that it's Venom on Harry shockingly asks if he can take it off in which Harry shows him that the symbiote can return to the watch. Harry at first believes that he freaked Peter out but arrogantly assures him that he wanted him to be the first, that he's going to be "king of the world" and that he's father will finally be proud of him. Peter tries to remind Harry about what happened when the Venom symbiote attacked the penthouse. Harry claims that he found it and that he's totally got it "trained". He excitedly believes that it's been the best thing that's ever happened and not only is he the "New and Improved Spider-Man", everyone loves him. Peter tries to tell Harry that being a superhero isn't so easy. This makes Harry angrily ask him how he knows and Peter manages to cover up that he doesn't and tells him that "With great power, comes great responsibility" which were the words that were said to him from Uncle Ben. Harry reveals that it wasn't what he was told. Harry prepares to leave but Peter stops him and panickingly asks if he can't control the symbiote. Harry tells his friend to give him the support and that he can still control it. Peter tries to stop him but Harry aggressively brushes him off while making a hissing sound. This makes Peter realize that the Venom symbiote is starting to take over. Harry comes to his father's office to tell him about himself being the Black Suit Spider-Man but Norman brushes him off before he asks if it is about his studies before Harry tells him that it's not. During the night, the Black Suit Spider-Man is swinging through the city with Spider-Man secretly following him. However, Spider-Man is ambushed by another Dragon Man android which gets destroyed when the Black Suit Spider-Man shoots a web to destroy it's head before crashing it to the ground and rips its wings off. A man takes photos of him asking him to smile, causing him to reveals his mouth. Spider-Man realizing what's going to happen manages to save the civilian when the Black Suit Spider-Man throws the wings at him before asking who's next. The Black Suit Spider-Man then picks up a taxi in which the driver reminds him that he's a good guy and Spider-Man yells at him to put him down. Instead, the Black Suit Spider-Man throws it at him but Spider-Man manages to save it and allow the driver to leave. The Black Suit Spider-Man starts attacking him and angrily accusing him of always being in the way while slowly changing more and more into a monstrous creature. Spider-Man then realizes that he is starting to become Venom again and manages to dodge all his punches. Spider-Man asks him about having "control issues". Venom reveals that he is in complete control, that he can do anything and that he is the best Spider-Man there is. He then starts trying to grab at him and punch him but keeps missing. Spider-Man tells him to rethink his life until Venom throws him to the ground. Spider-Man tries to make him remember who he is until Venom reveals to have taken complete control and that he remembers who he is. Venom starts to aggressively attack Spider-Man but keeps missing every hit and this makes Spider-Man realize that he's turned evil. Spider-Man tells him that he knows it's him and while punching and kicking him, demands that he let Harry out. Harry's face appears and begs for help and tries to tell him that he can't control the symbiote but it takes control while claiming that he can. Venom catches Spider-Man with his tongue and throws him into a bus before crushing him into it. Spider-Man asks if they can hug it out but Venom grabs him and claims that he wasn't his friend before and that he doesn't need him now. He web-swings through the city while telling Spider-Man that he'll show him and Norman who's the better Spider-Man. Spider-Man crashes into a board meeting that Norman is having. Venom appears and frightens everyone off before licking Spider-Man in the face. Venom turns his attention to Norman and claims that he'll never know and that he never cared. Before can attack him, Spider-Man stops him and sends him back outside. Venom manages to stop himself from falling but Spider-Man manages to hitch a ride on him due to his Web-Shooters running out of web fluid. Venom stops and throws him off into a water tower near a large T.V. screen. Venom continues to attack him by using his tendrils to follow and catch him but Spider-Man knocks him into a building. Venom continues chasing Spider-Man until Spider-Man knocks him into an electric generator, which cut power to half the city and weakened the suit enough that it was vulnerable. Spider-Man took a small thin pole stick but then decided to use a bigger in which he knocks Venom into the T.V. screen, which blew the symbiote off of Harry. Spider-Man saves him from falling Harry wonders what happened. Harry then sadly realizes the truth that he could never control it and almost lost himself. Spider-Ma assures him that he was sick and that he knows what it feels like. Knowing that it's for the best, Harry destroys the Symbiote Watch and thanks Spider-Man and introduces himself. Spider-Man is about to tell him something but sneezes in which Harry reminds him of musing the "Vampire Sneeze". Spider-Man then takes his leave and tells Harry to take care of himself. Elsewhere, Dr. Octavius who was the one sending Dragon Man androids to test Venom, finds out about the symbiote's host being Harry and keeps it a secret from Norman. While sleeping, the Venom symbiote is revealed to be alive in his ear and causing Harry to wake up in fright but still doesn't know that it's still in him.


Later at Midtown High, Mary Jane was with Harry doing her makeup until a confused Wolverine arrived (Mesmero having used his powers to switch Spider-Man and Wolverine's bodies). She saw Wolverine in her makeup mirror thinking that he is Peter and greeted him before he forcefully took her makeup mirror to see himself in Peter's body. He breaks the mirror out of shock and Mary Jane asks what his problem is before he growled at them. She and Harry take this as a funny joke until Peter's phone starts ringing which confuses the mutant before Harry points out that it's the phone in Peter's pocket. Wolverine tried to answer it but didn't know how a cell phone worked until Mary Jane helped him. Wolverine then moved away from the two to talk privately to learn the truth from Peter of switching bodies with him. Later, after defeating Sabretooth, Mesmero is forced to switch Spider-Man and Wolverine's bodies back.


After Batroc the Leaper commits another crime of stealing jewelry, he heads into an alleyway but unknown to him, he is stalked by a shadowy figure. After kissing the bag of loot, he is too late to see the shadowy figure punch him. He doesn't see it disappear behind him until he again is too late to see it kick him. He leaps at it but it isn't there. It kicks him again until he finally sees it and mistakes it for Spider-Man. He tries hitting it with the bag but it dodges and jumps behind him before kicking him. He leaps at it but it easily punches him to the ground. They fight with the black figure punching at him but Batroc dodges before finally punching it. Unfortunately, the figure punches him harder into a wall and dropping the loot. Batroc decides to surrender while admitting his defeat and handing the loot over. However, Batroc suddenly becomes nervous and tells "Spider-Man" to hand him over to the proper authorities. However, the figure reveals himself to be Venom who tells him that he won't this time before brutally beating him, framing Spider-Man in the process, and leading Jameson to spout more nonsense about Spider-Man's "brutality". This makes Spider-Man suspicious that Harry has become Venom again. The next day at Midtown High, Harry is studying in study hall looking all tired. Peter comes in and informs him about the news of Batroc's attack but Harry claims that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Peter notices that Harry isn't wearing his watch and reminds him that he's his best friend and he can tell him anything. Harry angrily reminds him that he destroyed the watch making Peter ask him if it wasn't him playing "anti-hero" in the city in which Harry confirms it isn't. Peter notices him sweating but Harry angrily brushes him off and claiming that he is finished with being Venom before leaving. Harry then leaves for his father's office at Oscorp. Harry tries to tell him about Venom but Norman tells him that it's the wrong time to be bothering him. Harry then rudely tells him to not brush him off before Norman tells him to change his tone and that any teenage drama can wait. Harry then changes into Venom in front of Norman. Norman is surprised but then becomes proud of it. Before Venom can hurt him, Spider-Man arrives on his Spider-Cycle and throws it at Venom. Venom recovers fast and still tries to kill Norman but Spider-Man shoots webs around his arms to hold him back. He tells Norman to get out and that he can't hold Venom back much longer. Norman instead asks about why he would want to hold him back. Venom breaks free and throws Spider-Man against a wall. Before Norman can reveal about how long he had waited, Venom throws him out the window and escapes but Spider-Man saves Norman. Director Fury orders the team to destroy Venom despite Spider-Man trying to persuade them not to kill the person inside the symbiote and refusing to tell them who Venom is but Director Fury puts Spider-Man on bench. The next day, Spider-Man puts up web to prevent his teammates' pods from leaving and coming for Venom who had been sighted at Oscorp again to kill Norman again. Spider-Man chased him and they then crashed into the labs were Norman is. Norman is impressed by the arrival but before Spider-Man can tell him that he will stop Venom, Venom reveals that he will break Norman's soul into pieces. Norman tells Spider-Man to not damage him because he knows that Harry is inside Venom. Norman tries to talk to Harry from the inside but Venom throws him against a tank but Spider-Man saves him. Two scientists take Norman to safety while Spider-Man tries to talk to Harry from the inside to stop hurting his father. The team having eventually escaped Spider-Man's webbing arrive. Venom attacked but Nova hits him in the back towards Iron Fist who punches him. Spider-Man asks them sarcastically what had taken them so long. White Tiger asks him if he was surprised that the group made their way through his webbing so soon before Power Man told her to focus on their mission instead of Spider-Man. Nova then began to blast Venom but Spider-Man webs up his hands. Spider-Man and Nova argued about following orders and nobody getting hurt until Venom attacks Spider-Man but Power Man tackles him and throws him to Iron Fist. However, Spider-Man moves Iron Fist away which gives Venom time to stop himself. Nova angrily asks him if he's with or against them and Spider-Man tries again to remind them that there's somebody in the symbiote and that they don't have to kill him but save him before White Tiger concluded that whoever was inside of Venom was long gone as she took out her S.H.I.E.L.D. issue tiger claws and charged at him alongside the rest of the group sans Spider-Man. The team then throw into a machine which explodes but they find that Venom has escaped once again while White Tiger reveals that she got a sample from him. Later at night at Midtown High during a rainstorm, the team confront Spider-Man about Venom and he finally reveals that it's Harry inside it and that he can't control the symbiote. White Tiger then gives him the sample of the symbiote that she took earlier in the fight. This gives Spider-Man the idea to create and Anti-Venom that will save Harry from Venom once and for all. While Spider-Man prepares the antidote, the team leave to find Venom but much to their surprise, he comes to the school, demanding to know where Spider-Man is. Venom then violently attacked them and gained the upper hand against them by holding them all down. Spider-Man then appeared the with a gun with a needle with the Anti-Venom in it until Venom revealed himself. Spider-Man baited him into chasing him on top of the roof and tries to talk to Harry about not wanting to fight him but help him. However, Venom punched him which knocks the gun out in the process. Spider-Man managed to fight back and uses his webs to throw him over. The team then arrived and attacked the symbiote and kept it distracted while Spider-Man climbed on top of the satellite and spotted the Anti-Venom. Venom climbed up after him but got shocked by lightning. This caused the symbiote to fall and Harry tried to free himself while calling for help. Spider-Man points out that it's him but the Venom symbiote strained Harry and claimed that there is just itself. Power Man then gave Nova his cue to blast it while Spider-Man injected Venom with the Anti-Venom before being thrown off by it. Fortunately, Venom supposedly gets destroyed and turns Harry back to normal. Spider-Man helps him and assures him that it's over and takes Harry to the hospital. Norman visits him and tells Harry that everything is alright before Harry tells him that he doesn't know if Venom is still inside him or not and apologizes for everything. Norman tells him to not apologize or be scared and that he promises to use all the resources at his disposal to help figure it out together. Unknown to Spider-Man and Harry, Norman takes the blood sample of his son and takes it with him to have Dr. Octavius do something with it.


Later after recovering, Principle Coulson announced the science fair, that they cannot stress how important it is and that the winners head into the state finals and glory. He then splits the students up into teams with Harry being partnered with Danny much to their joy. On the day of the science fair, it is revealed that Harry and Danny made a camera which can do x-ray vision which works and that they will get an A+. The two then watched Ava and Sam's ice project and got annoyed by Sam's quips of "It lives!". They also got amused by Sam sleeping when Ava tries to explain what their project is for. They wre then both fooling around with the camera until Principle Coulson got their attention about the science about to begin in fifteen minutes. However, the Awesome Android ruins the science fair but the team are able to stop it.

For Your Eye Only

Harry made a cameo at the Midtown High cafeteria in which Peter in his head is reminded by Director Fury to not be late for training.

The Iron Octopus

A while later at the Osborn penthouse, Harry and Peter are playing video game with Harry playing as Deadpool and beats Peter who is playing as his hero ego. Harry quips that he got "pooled" and Peter jokes about giving in and bowing before the "Mighty Harry Nator". However, Harry reveals his disappointment about having to miss a baseball game that his father cancelled (due to him secretly trying to know about Spider-Man's powers). Peter tries to convince him that he should go easy on his father, that he has to work and it happens. This annoys Harry even further and claims that his father is not the "Father of the Year" type and that he wouldn't understand. Peter reasons that Norman may not be perfect, he's always been cool to him and that he's lucky he has someone cool to be around. Peter then senses something and an unknown assailant crashes into Norman's office. Harry and Peter head for the office but debris falls from the roof and cuts Harry from Peter who tells him to go on and that he'll get "help". Harry continues to the office which gives Peter time to change into Spider-Man. Harry appears and Spider-Man manages to stop the assailant. The attacker then reveals himself to be Iron Man. Spider-Man believes that it can't be Iron Man before Norman yells at Tony Stark for being out of his mind and orders him to get out. Spider-Man tries to talk to him but Iron Man fires at him. Norman and Harry are able to take cover. While, Spider-Man and Iron Man battle each other, Norman asks why Stark would do this to him. Spider-Man tells him that it's not the Iron Man, he thinks he is. Norman decides to help by using a laser gun. Harry and Spider-Man are surprised by it and Norman reveals that if Stark wants to take up arms with him, he will find that he is not without defense. Spider-Man tells him that he can't blast Iron Man but Norman does it anyway. Norman then claims that Iron Man started it. Unfortunately, Iron Man appears again and Norman decides to use one more trick up his sleeve. Spider-Man tells him that he doesn't want him and Harry getting hurt before Iron Man pins him down. Norman uses an electric glove to shock Iron Man down. Spider-Man yells at him for zapping Iron Man before asking what the glove is. In order to cover it up, Norman reveals that it's something that he and his team have been working on for self-defense. Iron Man recovers and is about to kill the Osborns but Spider-Man punches him and they find that the armor is empty. Spider-Man then leaves for Stark Industries and discovers that Dr. Octavius (whom he had fought before) now going by the name of "Doctor Octopus" has returned and has sent an Octobot to hack into the armors to kill Norman (due to Norman firing him for failing to capture Spider-Man and replicate his powers.). On the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Norman is arguing with Stark about his tech almost killing him and his son and Stark argues that he was hacked, that he said that he'll pay for the damage and that he fought the armors and said that he was sorry. Spider-Man breaks up the argument and Director Fury agrees with him. Harry demands that they find out who is behind the attack so that they'll leave his father alone. Director Fury tells him that he and his father are on the Helicarrier for their own safety. Iron Man asks who Doctor Octopus is and Spider-Man adds on why he wants to kill him. Dr. Curt Connors tells them to come to the lab because he has discovered something about the tentacle that Spider-Man took earlier from an Octobot. Dr. Connors reveals that it was made by his old friend, Dr. Octavius. He also reveals his history with him before Dr. Octavius left to work for Oscorp. Norman lies that he didn't know about Doctor Octopus until today but Dr. Octavius is a different story. He claims that Dr. Octavius was like a son to him and reveals about the lab explosion but he lies about Dr. Octavius perishing in his arms. He claims to also find it preposterous of Dr. Octavius being alive. After Harry points out that his father was the victim of the attack, they all try to find an explanation before the tentacle attacks Norman but Spider-Man stops it. Iron Man discovers that it is filled with arc reactor energy before Norman points out that "he" is covered in it. He also asks about bothering with the trial and that he's tried to kill him twice. Iron Man reveals that there's another arc reactor close by. Doctor Octopus arrives and attacks them in his new Iron Octopus Armor. Curt Connors is surprised to find that his friend, Otto Octavius is still alive while Norman pretended to not know. Iron Man attacked Doctor Octopus but he knocked Iron Man and sent Octobots to take him on. After Iron Man flies away with the Octobots, Director Fury has security lock everything down and calls for S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. While Doctor Octopus has Octobots fight Director Fury and Spider-Man, he accuses Norman of taking everything that was important to him away and tells him that he will do the same by taking Harry away. He then takes Norman and Harry and shocks Harry, knocking him out. He then taunted Norman about retribution being at hand. He then escaped with the Osborns and stopped Spider-Man from stopping him. He took them back to Oscorp and told Norman to beg him to show his son the mercy he didn't show him. Norman tells him to let him go because it had nothing to do him but Doctor Octopus tells him that it does now. Norman reminds him that he is his friend, that he saved his life and tries to remind him of the machines that helped him but Doctor Octopus tells him that they were created to enslave him. He then accuses Norman of locking him away so that nobody would know about him like a pet and then tried to destroy him. He tells Norman that he is going to return the favor by destroying him. Spider-Man in the Iron Spider Armor stops him and saves the Osborns. While he and Iron Man fought Doctor Octopus, Norman takes Harry to safety. After Doctor Octopus is defeated, Harry recovers and his father tells him that everything is fine and that they are safe now thanks to Spider-Man. It is revealed that Doctor Octopus has escaped once again. After Iron Man leaves after talking with Spider-Man and Harry thanks him for everything and Spider-Man tells him that it's what heroes do before telling his father he will keep an eye on him incase other villains attack him before leaving. Unknown to everyone, Norman had found Doctor Octopus before S.H.I.E.L.D. and put him into a container and rehires him back.


After finally pulling his grades up to B- from C, Harry went out with Peter and Norman to celebrate. Norman congratulates Peter for helping Harry and that he is a good friend to Harry and his family. Peter claims that Harry did all the work while he carried his books. As they arrive at the restaurant that they planned to go to, Peter is contacted by his team to help them much to his dismay. Peter makes up that he remembered to help Aunt May with a goldfish emergency and to take a rain check. Harry tells him that they just got to the restaurant but Peter apologizes and assures him that he can finally spend quality time with his father before leaving much to Harry's disappointment. After secretly being contacted by Doctor Octopus, Norman also makes an excuse by saying that there is an emergency at Oscorp and gives Harry his card to order himself something but Harry throws it away and leaves for home in disappointment. Later, Doctor Octopus turns Norman into a green goblin creature which is named by Spider-Man as "Green Goblin". After taking a walk, Harry sees Oscorp on fire he rushes to find his father. Green Goblin having escaped earlier after his fight with Spider-Man and his team, sees Harry who is stopped by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents thus regaining some of his intelligence back.

The Rise of the Goblin

Three days later, Harry is heading for Midtown High after sleeping through his alarm clock. After arriving, Green Goblin attacks the limo. He is about to open the door before he is shot in the hand by Nova's blast. Spider-Man and Green Goblin both see that White Tiger, Iron Fist, Power Man and Nova have arrived for the battle. While Spider-Man argues about telling the team to stay out of the way, Green Goblin breaks the limo's door and is about to take Harry but Spider-Man knocks him down with the broken door. Spider-Man webs up Green Goblin's arms and kicks him down. Green Goblin breaks the webs but is then attacked by the team. Spider-Man escorts Harry away and he asks what Green Goblin wants and how he knows him. Spider-Man reveals to him that it's his father but Harry doesn't want to believe it because he believes that his father is not a freak and that he's normal before Spider-Man tells him to say goodbye to normal. The school bell rings and Spider-Man jokes about someone calling a half day with Harry asking if he makes jokes while everyone's lives are falling apart in which Spider-Man apologizes for the bad habit. Harry tells him that he can't just attack Green Goblin if it's his father but Spider-Man reveals that his father was injected with a toxic compound by a "nut job employee", that he's not himself right now and that he's a mindless dangerous creature. Harry refuses to believe until Spider-Man reminds him that he was Venom. Spider-Man tells Harry to go to the gym with the other students until Agent Coulson (in S.H.I.E.L.D. armor and a helmet) tells him that there's been a change of plan and that Harry's coming with them. Harry asks if it's serious and after seeing a car thrown into a wall of the school, Spider-Man confirms it to be that serious before ordering Harry to go with "Agent C" while he helps the team. Harry finally believes Green Goblin to be his father and asks Spider-Man not to hurt him and before Spider-Man can assure that he will help, he is knocked by Nova who was thrown by Green Goblin. Agent Coulson orders that they leave but Harry refuses before he is still escorted into the Midtown High building. Harry angrily reminds Spider-Man that he said they wouldn't hurt his father and after hearing a roar, Spider-Man points out that it's not the "I'm hurt" kind of roar. Agent Coulson and the team assure Spider-Man that they've got his back while they get Harry to the detention room. Green Goblin, however, manages to catch up with them by breaking the door and calling to his son. He pins Power Man down before Nova blasts him off him. Spider-Man makes a web folder to cover Harry's eyes but he refuses while aggressively telling them to stop hurting his father or they will regret it while he's eyes turn black which makes it clear that the Venom symbiote is re-surfacing. Spider-Man still covers his eyes the the web folder and assures him that after they get him to safety, they will help his father. The team keeps on retreating with Harry while Green Goblin carries on giving chase. Iron Fist and Nova manage to keep him at bay before they escape into the Detention Room. Green Goblin finds that they've disappeared (due to S.H.I.E.L.D. having built it to transport them to the Helicarrier.). However, Green Goblin fully regains his intelligence. Harry is then shown that they are on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and they take off. They then learn from a "S.H.I.E.L.D. agent" that they've brought Green Goblin down. They then suddenly see Green Goblin (who is revealed to have fooled everyone with his voice) in a hijacked S.H.I.E.L.D. jet before he crashes it into the control room. Everyone especially Harry is surprised to find that Green Goblin is alive. Green Goblin corrects Harry before telling him that he mustn't believe a word Spider-Man says and that he should come with him. Green Goblin demands that they should give his son to him or he will tear the Helicarrier apart. Director Fury admits that he's got to hand it to Green Goblin and that he does surprise. He also mentions that three days ago he couldn't form a decent word before Green Goblin reveals that he evolved. Director Fury believes that with Green Goblin smart enough to understand that he can get him a cure. Green Goblin denies wanting to be cured back into being a weak mere mortal jealous of Spider-Man and believes himself to be cured. Harry comes to him but Iron Fist and Power Man try to stop him and he manages to throw them off through the Venom symbiote's influence. He then tries to persuade his father to listen because he was attacked by a poison. Green Goblin then evilly points out that the poison had Spider-Man's DNA all over it thus making Harry blame Spider-Man. Before Spider-Man can explain, Director Fury puts a shield around them and Green Goblin starts punching it to get through. He orders some agents to escort Harry to the hold and to hold him for real. Harry angrily asks Spider-Man if it's his fault and Spider-Man tries to explain everything about his father (having learned that Norman was the mastermind in trying to find out about Spider-Man's abilities and to obtain his DNA). While being escorted, Harry demands to see his father and believes that he can talk him down. Through the Venom symbiote's influence, he manages to throw the agents off him before running back to the control room. However, it is revealed that Green Goblin has destroyed the Hellicarrier's engines forcing Director Fury to evacuate everyone if the landing doesn't go as planned especially if Green Goblin survives. Harry appears to both Spider-Man and Director Fury to remind them about if his father survives, they'd said they'd help him. Green Goblin then appears again and asks if Harry's seeing his way. Spider-Man tries to tell Harry not to listen to his father before webbing him up. Green Goblin tells Harry to help him in whom Harry does before the Helicarrier crashes into the ocean and flooding it. Harry tells his father to stop and that they can fix it but Green Goblin evilly tells him that he already is fixed and Harry is as well before telling him that he needs a push to evolve. He then shocks Harry before Spider-Man kicks him. To Spider-Man's surprise, Venom rebonds with Harry again while it believes that Green Goblin doesn't need Harry but itself. Green Goblin attacks him before punching him to Venom who then pins him to the wall. Green Goblin believes that he and his son have finally reached their full potential. Spider-Man dodges one of his attacks and knocks both him and Venom into each other while trying to get Harry to fight Venom off. Venom then pins him down. White Tiger makes contact with him but Green Goblin destroys the communicator. He believes that Spider-Man is up for the hard way and threatens to find the team and kill them after he finishes Spider-Man. Spider-Man tells him that his team are more like family and threatens him and Venom about harming them. Green Goblin attacks but is shot by Director Fury. Venom tries to grab at Spider-Man but misses before knocking Director Fury out. Spider-Man punches him before tackling him into the water. Venom resurfaces and prepares to finish off Director Fury but Spider-Man prevents him and webs him to the wall. Venom swears to make Spider-Man pay for everything but Spider-Man reasons with Harry from the inside about wanting his father's approval but not as a monster and to look at what he's turned him into. Harry's face appears from the symbiote and tells him that Green Goblin's his father but Spider-Man tells him to not let him define him and to come back. Harry listens and starts trying to fight the Venom symbiote off. He finally succeeds by having it shock itself off him and leaving him unconscious. Green Goblin knocks Spider-Man down and decides that Harry is a disappointment and that he is not worthy to wear Venom. He takes the symbiote with him and decides to find someone worthier for it. He tells Spider-Man that their fight is far from over and decides to fight another day and leaves. Spider-Man is unable to follow him due to his web-shooters running out which allows Green Goblin to escape. The Helicarrier starts to sink even further but Spider-Man manages to save Harry, Director Fury and other S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents from drowning and putting them into escape pods while he also escapes before the Helicarrier explodes. Harry then pushes Spider-Man and blames him for everything and making him lose his father. He swears to get to the bottom of it and have his revenge before leaving.

Season 2

The Lizard

Venom is only mentioned when Spider-Man tries to persuade Dr. Connors to not inject himself with the lizard serum or he will end up like other villains. Dr. Connors still does and transforms into "The Lizard".

The Rhino

Harry is only mentioned when Peter offers Alexander Sytsevich (who is being bullied by Flash) to hang out with him, Harry and Mary Jane but he refuses. Venom makes a cameo in Spider-Man's imagination of taking a lot of hits when Alex (who is secretly the Rhino) points out about being a victim of bullying.


A while later, Green Goblin returned and revealed to Spider-Man that had a family matter to attend to. This makes Spider-Man and his team believe that he is after Harry again. Spider-Man orders them to remain in the shadows while he gets up close in his civilian form before White Tiger points out to him that he and Harry haven't been on great terms lately and that he hates him but Spider-Man still believes that they are the bestest of pals. However, while on a ride in the limo, he and Harry are awkwardly quiet throughout the ride. Harry finally breaks the silence by asking what pleasure he has for a "Parker sighting" and reveals that it's old news if it's about his father. Peter claims to have seen him on "T.V." and that he was worried that Green Goblin could come after him and turn him back into Venom. Harry assures him that it doesn't matter because he's given up on him and that he's used to being alone. Peter is about to tell him that he's Spider-Man until he senses something and brings Harry down after the limo is jumped on. It is then revealed to be Green Goblin and Peter and Harry flee before Peter realizes that he has left his costume behind. Green Goblin gives chase before he is attacked by Spider-Man's team but he defeats them by throwing pumpkins which trap them in bubbles. He continues chasing Harry and Peter before he traps them. Harry tells Peter to stay back before he confronts his father about leaving Peter out of it and that it's "him" he wants. Green Goblin reveals that he hardly wanted him and throws Harry aside. Green Goblin walks over to Peter and reveals that he wanted "him" and not Harry before shocking him into unconsciousness. Later at the penthouse, the team discuss about Green Goblin wanting their leader while Director Fury questions Harry about why Green Goblin took Peter and Harry answers that he was after Peter specifically and that it was like he wasn't even there. Director Fury assures him that they will take care of everything until Harry sees something in the distance. Iron Fist and White Tiger believe it to be Spider-Man but Harry reveals it isn't. Power Man then points out that the Venom symbiote can also travel by web and this causes Harry to worry. Everyone believes him to be Venom until it is revealed to be a red and black symbiote named Carnage (Green Goblin having injected Peter with the symbiote earlier and not knowing that Peter is Spider-Man) which ambushes Director Fury and two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. It jump kicks an agent before using a tendril to knock him against the roof before using another tendril to grab a fleeing agent. It then grabs Director Fury who fires at him but Carnage throws him far into the main doors, knocking him out. The team and Harry realize that the symbiote is not Venom before Harry points out that it is still the same symbiote before realizing that Carnage is Peter. The team try their best to protect Harry while finding the symbiote to be different, stronger and fater than Venom and it easily defeats them all. It then attacks Harry who surprisingly orders it to stop. He tells it that it knows who he is, that they were Venom and that they have a bond. The symbiote then bonds with Harry which frees Peter but also turns back into Venom who decides to end it once and for all which confuses Peter. Venom then leaves to confront Green Goblin. Peter changes into Spider-Man to make sure he ends the family feud and follows Venom. He compliments him for what happened but Venom crushes him into a wall while telling him to leave or be destroyed. Spider-Man tries to talk to him about needing him against Green Goblin while asking for it to be a truce making Venom agree to do it once to get it over with before throwing Spider-Man into the lair of the Green Goblin which is in an abandoned church. This makes Green Goblin pleased and pins him down. Green Goblin sees the symbiote and believes that Carnage succeeded and was truly his son before he sees that it is not Carnage but Venom. Venom reveals that he wants to prove himself by ending him and hits Green Goblin. Green Goblin orders the symbiote to obey him and shocks it into coming to him. Before Green Goblin can order him, Venom grabs him and throws him over. Green Goblin starts to violently punch him and shocks it to get it to obey him. Spider-Man stops him from doing this and Green Goblin finds it surprising to see them working together. Green Goblin fires electric blasts at him before Venom throws him again. Green Goblin attacks but Venom stops him before getting itself shocked by him. Spider-Man pins Green Goblin down before he shocks Venom again and is surprised to find that it's his son in the symbiote instead of Peter. Green Goblin uses Spider-Man's webs to tie Venom up and attempts to flee on his glider. Spider-Man and Venom are able to stop him from escaping. Spider-Man starts asking about names due to their teamwork but Venom knocks him down demands him to "get the job done" because he wants this over and that "they" have a score to settle. This makes Spider-Man confused before Green Goblin attacks them before they gain the upper hand against him. Spider-Man decides that it's over but Venom tells him that it isn't while flexing his claws out. Spider-Man tries to talk to Harry on the inside that it's over but Venom reveals that it won't be over till Green Goblin is gone. Green Goblin then recovers and finds it touching but believes he can take care of it. Spider-Man tries to stop the fight but the father and son continue to fight. Green Goblin tries to get Harry from the inside to give up but fails to get the symbiote off him. Venom knocks him out before Harry's face appears revealing that he just wanted to make him proud but since it will never happen, he will make him go away forever. After turning back into Venom, he prepares to kill him until Peter appears to him and asks Harry from the inside to stop. Venom pins him to one of the computer screens but Peter reasons with Harry about being hurt, that he's let him down but they cannot give up on the people they love and reminds Harry that he didn't give up on him and that he will do the same. Harry as Venom tries to tell him that his father is a monster like him but Peter points out that the symbiote is the "monster", that he is his best friend and his family and that he knows that his father can be saved. This makes Harry see reason but the Venom symbiote tries to make him believe that his father is gone and that they are family. Harry tells it that he wants his father back, that he won't give up and in spite of everything, he loves him. Harry then makes Venom remove itself from him before putting it in a jar. Peter is amazed by this with Green Goblin also agreeing with him. He is about to realize that Peter is Spider-Man before Iron Fist (who is in the Spider-Man costume) arrives with the rest of the team and stops him from hurting them. This fools Green Goblin into thinking that Spider-Man and Peter are separate. He attacks before Iron Fist kicks him and Green Goblin finds that there is not much left in the quips reserve. Power Man punches him but he punches him back. White Tiger attacks him but he throws her away. Nova fires at him but he fires back and shocks him. He then grabs Harry and before fleeing, he tells his son that he would be proud of him for the day. He drops Harry but Iron Fist saves him but Green Goblin flees. Peter pretends to see Spider-Man which makes Harry point out that he's obviously in front of them. Iron Fist is shown not good at acting like his team leader and leaves. Peter compliments Harry who takes it. It is revealed that Green Goblin escaped much to Peter's disappointment but S.H.I.E.L.D. recovered the Venom symbiote so that it won't cause anymore trouble. Harry is about to leave in the limo until Peter asks for a ride to hang out in which makes Harry agree. Peter thanks Harry for not giving up on him with Harry saying the same thing to him. Peter believes that he's seeing his ego in a new light but Harry reveals that he still doesn't like Spider-Man and Peter reveals that he understands. Peter then suggests that they catch a movie and that he has no cash but Harry reveals that Oscorp owns the cinema which shows that he and Harry are back on good terms. Green Goblin is last seen watching the Osborn limo leaving for the cinema.

Stan By Me

During a storm at Midtown High, Mary Jane is with Peter and Harry working on a science experiment. Harry suggests that as lab partners, they should be cruising on his genius science skills and not covering because he misses every chem. lab and Mary Jane ends with having to sacrifice their Friday night to make them all up. Peter pretends that it builds character and while trying to light up, the power goes out. Peter tries to not worry before Stan comes in making a horror joke. Mary Jane tries to get Harry to relax but Stan reveals that something is stalking the halls, that he has seen its shadow and has heard it in the walls at night. The three are confused until Principle Coulson tells them that they should call it a night and reveals that he doesn't know why the power is out and it won't be back on till morning before a rumble is heard. They hear some scratching and notice claw marks and that the air vent has been opened. Mary Jane asks Stan if this is the stuff he has been hearing lately and Stan confirms that he has while joking about using fifteen words but one will do. Harry suggests on Principle Coulson's suggestion before they notice that he has disappeared and leave to go look for him. They notice more scratch marks and discover Principle Coulson's shoe. Harry and Peter realize that something's afoot. Peter suggests that Harry and Mary Jane go look for help while he stays. Mary Jane refuses because she has been looking for a great story to launch on the Midtown High journalism blog and that it could be top of page stuff. A piece of the ceiling breaks off and Harry decides that he is not leaving everyone alone. Stan suggests that Peter should go for help and Peter accepts before asking if they will be alright and Stan tells him that they will before trying to demonstrate his skills with the mop which he purposely fails. Peter secretly leaves to change into Spider-Man and finds a hole in the detention centre and realizes that something broke out. Meanwhile, Stan, Mary Jane and Harry are in a classroom and Stan tells them to stay close and reveals that the equipment maybe gone, there is still a hissing in the room. Harry starts to believe that help won't come and that they should've stayed where they were but Mary Jane tells Stan to ignore him because he doesn't appreciate a good journalistic lead and asks him about the hissing. Harry feels that something is behind him and falls with Mary Jane before Stan uses his torch to show that it's just Spider-Man who greets them and asks if they're okay. Mary Jane is happy to see him and tells him that he is just in time and hugs him to his surprise. Harry is angry that he is there but Mary Jane defends him by telling Harry to give him another chance, that he's a hero and that he's just misunderstood which makes Spider-Man comment that he could've said it better himself. While patrolling the hallway, Mary Jane asks what he is doing at Midtown High at night and Spider-Man pretends that his normal self was crying for help which makes her and Harry convinced. Spider-Man is about to escort them out until the light breaks and they hear a hissing sound. Spider-Man senses the danger being close before a creature attacks him. Before the creature can finish him off, Stan arrives to defend him and drives it away. Spider-Man asks him about the way he fought and Stan reveals that he's got to be good with it especially in the cafeteria. He then points the Spider-Man got himself a handful. Spider-Man realizes that there is something on him and throws it off in disgust of Harry who throws it off himself. Spider-Man sees that its reptile skin which makes him suspect who it is and tries to contact the team and his wrist communicator is destroyed. Spider-Man tells them to stay behind him and stay together because this has become very dangerous. They discover that the wires of the electricity have been ripped out which explains the power outage and Harry wonders what did all this. They hear something in the boiler room with Mary Jane suspecting that it is where Principle Coulson was taken and asks if they should go in there with Spider-Man pointing out that they must. They enter until Spider-Man senses who it is before getting knocked away by the creature. Mary Jane flashes the light which reveals that it is: The Lizard (Dr. Curt Connors having been injected to become his evil ego). Spider-Man and Lizard battle each other while the other three hide and watch. Stan tells Mary Jane that if she's looking for a story, then they are witnessing a battle of a lifetime and starts describing everything in the fight. Lizard gains the upper hand against Spider-Man and abducts Harry as another hostage. Later after Mary Jane is taken hostage Lizard, Spider-Man and Stan follow him to the maintenance room which they discover that has been turned into the lair of Lizard. They discover that he has tied Harry and Principle Coulson up and has put Mary Jane into a well full of water. Spider-Man tries to save her but Lizard prevents him and Stan tells Spider-Man to let him help. Stan tells Mary Jane to not sink and to think buoyant thoughts. He then uses a gadget in his mop to use as a rope to get Mary Jane out of the well and takes her to safety. Spider-Man brings Harry and Principle Coulson to Stan and Mary Jane before seeing that Lizard had built a machine. Harry comes to but Principle Coulson is still out cold. Spider-Man tries to call Director Fury but Lizard prevents him and takes Mary Jane hostage while demanding that he be left alone. Spider-Man tries to talk to Dr. Connors from the inside of who is and that he knows that he has built a machine to modify his brain waves and to stabilize them and that they can help him. He tells Lizard that they need a minute or two to finish it and that they can make it work together. Spider-Man asks him to give them the minute they need and that it will be over for the lizard part of him and that they can do this. This distracts Lizard and Spider-Man jumps over while Mary Jane and Stan distract him before heading back to the others. Stan, Mary Jane, Harry and Principle Coulson are able to trip him into the machine. Spider-Man finishes working the machine to drive Lizard out of Dr. Connors. Unfortunately, Lizard reveals that he feels good, that he is Dr. Connors no more and that he is Lizard forever. This shocks Spider-Man into realizing that the Lizard part of him built it to drive out Dr. Connors and that he mistakenly helped with it. While fighting Spider-Man and Stan, Lizard causes a fire and Stan holds him off while Spider-Man takes the others to the elevator. Principle Coulson reveals that Stan can handle himself but Spider-Man refuses to leave Stan. Spider-Man shocks Lizard with is taser web and Stan knocks Lizard into the well but he escapes. Spider-Man uses his webs to bring Stan into the elevator and the group escapes back to the school. Spider-Man admits that they may not be his team but they did a good job. Mary Jane believes all of it to have been awesome but Harry points out that they should never do it again and everyone agrees. Later after it becomes morning, Harry is then seen with a crowd outside Midtown High. It is later revealed to Peter that Stan is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Venom Bomb

Later, after the team and S.H.I.E.L.D capture Green Goblin, Spider-Man leaves for the Osborn penthouse where he finds Harry on the roof staring out into the city. Spider-Man asks him if he saw the news and tells him that he knows it's a tough time for him. Harry angrily reminds him that his father is "sick" and that nobody's trying to help him before accusing him of throwing his father in jail. Spider-Man reminds him that he promised he would do everything to save his father until Harry asks how he will before Spider-Man leaves. Later, after Spider-Man along with Doctor Octopus's help turns Green Goblin back into Norman Osborn and destroys the Venom symbiote for good, Spider-Man heads back to the Osborn penthouse. Harry asks what he wants until Spider-Man reveals that he has news about his father which surprises him. Spider-Man reminds him once more that he is helping his father and Harry asks to be taken to him. Spider-Man tells him that he can't and uses his S.H.I.E.L.D. communicator to show how his father is doing. Harry asks if he's okay and Spider-Man reveals that Norman still needs a lot of recovering time but he'll be alright and promises that he'll be with him soon. Harry reveals that he'll believe it when it happens, that everything's changed and feels like it will never be what it was before leaving.

Second Chance Hero

Later, after recovering, Norman is playing a board game with Harry and Peter in which it is shown that he takes board games seriously. He loses the game before he tells them that he's out and that they should practice because he will win the next time before he reveals that he's got a few things to take care of in the lab and that he'll see them later. Peter also makes an excuse about meeting Aunt May at her "yoga macramé cooking class". The next day, Harry and Peter miss the bus home and decide to walk until a rainstorm appears which causes them to run. Much to their surprise, Norman arrives in the limo to pick both of them up. Norman offers to take Peter to Queens but Peter reveals that he was going to help Harry with his work. Norman angrily asks which classes before Harry nervously reveals that it's all of them. Norman apologizes to Harry for not being around to help him with his homework and that he promises to be there. Harry is surprised by this and accepts before him and Peter are dropped off at the penthouse. Peter and him voice their surprised opinon of Norman being a whole new person and Harry reveals that he doesn't know what happened but believes that everyone deserves a second chance. Peter asks him if he will give Spider-Man a chance but Harry still grudgingly refuses and believes that Spider-Man's a maniac who ruined every part of his life but believes that someday Spider-Man will be given a second chance before asking why he cares. Later, Doctor Octopus sendsw an Octobot with a hologram of himself and his created Spider-Soldiers to Oscorp where they fought Spider-Man and Norman's new good ego, "Iron Patriot". After Doctor Octopus exposes Norman's past evil deeds of wanting to create an army of Spider-Soldiers and Norman admits the truth making Spider-Man angry about trusting him. When asked why he should trust him, Norman tells him that if he doesn't then who will. Harry then comes in to give his father a pizza until he finds Spider-Man, the Spider-Soldiers, the Octobot with the hologram of Doctor Octopus and his father in the Iron Patriot suit. Harry then accuses Spider-Man of attacking his father and thinks that the Spider-Soldiers belong to him and Spider-Man tries to tell him that they are not with him. Harry angrily asks why he should trust him and claims that he can put two and two together. Harry tells Spider-Man that he hates him and demands that he should leave him and his father alone. Doctor Octopus finds everything amusing and before Spider-Man can tell him that he has got everything wrong, Doctor Octopus demands that they should stop paddling and tells the Spider-Soldiers to destroy them. Iron Patriot tells Spider-Man to get his son to safety while he fights off the Spider-Soldiers. Spider-Man and harry take the elevator but one of the Spider-Soldiers manages to get in. While Spider-Man battles it, he tells Harry to hit the lobby button in which he does before Spider-Man defeats the Spider-Soldier. After Iron Patriot causes an explosion to destroy the rest of the Spider-Soldiers, the elevator starts to fall. Spider-Man breaks the elevator's ceiling and tries to get Harry to jump out because it's the only way to survive. He tries to use a web to pull Harry out but Harry holds onto the railing and refuses to listen to him and accuses him of everything being his fault, he ruins everything and tells him to save himself. Before Spider-Man can tell him to get out and that he's his best friend, Iron Patriot manages to stop the elevator. which gives Spider-Man time to pull Harry out. Spider-Man gets Harry to safety before the elevator crushes Iron Patriot. Harry accuses Spider-Man of trying to kill him and his father but Iron Patriot defends him by revealing that Spider-Man is helping them before sharing a hug with Harry. After S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives to fix things, Director Fury demands that Norman should tell the truth. Norman reveals that Doctor Octopus stole the data on his iron technology and that it looks like he wants a second chance to destroy him. Director Fury reveals that until they can bring Doctor Octopus to justice, he will be keeping an eye on him. Norman reveals that he understands and that he has a lot to make up for. Harry then forgives Spider-Man for everything before leaving with his father.

Season 3: Web-Warriors

Agent Venom

Later, at Midtown High, Mary Jane is with Harry until they get a fright from Peter who looks tired and exhausted. Mary Jane points this out and Harry asks him what he has been doing. Peter jokes about not putting out fires which has the two confused. Flash arrives wearing football pads and gear and greets Peter. The three are confused and Harry points out that it's not football season. Flash pretends that he's been hitting tackling dummies and practicing for something else which confuses the three. They walk together until Peter senses danger. The Beetle arrives by crashing through the roof looking for a piece of the recreated Venom symbiote. The four flee but the Beetle gives chase and knocks Peter away in the process. The Beetle fires missiles at them with Mary Jane pushing Harry and herself down. They believe that he is going to hurt them but he flies past and they realize that he is after Flash who has the piece of symbiote on his shoe. However, Flash bonds with the symbiote and becomes "Agent Venom" and helps Spider-Man defeat The Beetle and Taskmaster before joining the New Warriors.

The Vulture

Later, Spider-Man is investigating one of Doctor Octopus's labs which is occupied by a mutated vulture teenage criminal called "Vulture" (who is one of Doctor Octopus's experiments). He is interrupted by Harry trying to call him but Spider-Man puts him on voice mail. He encounters Vulture who has no memory of his past and is trying to find it. Vulture believes that Oscorp holds the key to his past and heads there to find it's owner, Norman (who had been turned back into Green Goblin and is imprisoned on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier). Spider-Man heads to the Osborn penthouse where he is searching through Norman's computer until Harry comes in with a baseball bat to defend himself until Spider-Man appears and apologizes for busting in and reveals that he is trying to research one of Oscorp's experiments and that he worried that he was not welcome. Harry assures him that he can't say he blames him and even after everything his father did in the past; he wishes he could've done something. Spider-Man tells him to not beat himself up and reasons that he is not his father. He asks Harry in helping him with someone else if he knows his father's password to his computer. Harry reveals that he doesn't but he knows that the password has five characters. Spider-Man figures it out to be Harry's name which surprises Harry until they also discover that there are other unknown children in the files. Spider-Man then senses danger where Vulture crashes into the office and mistakes Harry Osborn as his father. He believes that there is no future without a past and that there is only darkness tomorrow without yesterday's light. He prevents Harry from escaping before Spider-Man reveals that he got the wrong Osborn and Harry adds that his father is not around. Vulture reveals that it is unfortunate for him and flies away with him. Spider-Man gives chase and webs up his eyes before grabbing Harry from him. Unfortunately, Vulture knocks them both down and takes Harry back where he flies above a flag pole. He angrily asks where Norman is before dropping Harry onto the flag pole. Harry answers about fixing whatever his father had done to him and that he'll make it right. He is about to fall before Vulture uses his talons to grab him and asks if he can give him back his memories. Spider-Man tries to make him stop but Vulture threatens to drop Harry because it makes no difference to him. Spider-Man tells him that he is not the kind of person who would hurt an innocent kid while Vulture retorts that he doesn't know the kind of person he is or was. Spider-Man tells him to let him help and reveals that Harry isn’t responsible and that it was Doctor Octopus. Vulture remembers him as a six armed man and lets Spider-Man take Harry to safety. Spider-Man tells him to leave and Harry thanks him before taking his leave. Harry sends him a message about what happened and reveals about not having talked in a long time which saddens Spider-Man for not being there for him as his civilian self due to being busy. After defeating Doctor Octopus, Vulture turns down Spider-Man's offer to join the New Warriors and leaves to follow every Oscorp lead until he finds his past. However, Taskmaster recruits Vulture onto his side by revealing his real name and promises to tell him more if he joins him. The next day, Harry is surprised to find Peter at the door. Peter reveals that he brought food, drink and eight of the worst monster movies ever made. This makes Harry happy to have a marathon with his best friend in a long time and they spend a happy time watching and commenting about the films.

The Spider-Verse: Part 4

Later, after Green Goblin collects DNA from Spider-Men to empower himself to defeat Spider-Man, he also reveals to have found out his arch-nemesis's identity. While beating Spider-Man in a fight, he joyfully threatens to visit his loved ones including his own son, Harry. Spider-Man tries to talk to Norman from the inside about not hurting Harry but Green Goblin no longer sees himself as Norman. He then starts punching him while revealing that love is a weakness and believes that he has no weaknesses because he loves nobody. After Green Goblin turns into Spider-Goblin, Spider-Man gets help from all the Spider-Men he visited while dubbing them as the "Web-Warriors". They are able to cure Spider-Goblin back into Norman Osborn, stop Electro and go back to their universes. The next day, Harry and Peter are visiting the hospital, where Harry tells him that his father is suffering from amnesia and can't remember what happened in the past few years and that it is uncertain if it will ever come back to him. This makes Harry and Peter realize that Green Goblin is gone from Norman forever. Norman is glad that they've come to see him and tells Harry that he is a good son.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy

Harry is only seen in a flashback when Peter remembers everything at Midtown High when it is revealed that he is leaving the school for the very last time and is now learning at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy.

Attack of the Synthezoids

Harry makes a cameo in Spider-Man's dream at Midtown High before he wakes up to find that he is in a tube used by Arnim Zola.

Contest of Champions: Part 1

Harry makes a cameo as one of the hostages of The Collector and Grandmaster's game.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Hydra Attacks: Part 1

Harry Osborn makes a cameo with his father, Norman Osborn which shows him working with his father. Spider-Man reveals that Norman has recovered and is getting along with Harry better than ever.

Hydra Attacks: Part 2

After Doctor Octopus and HYDRA turn the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier in HYDRA Island and capture Spider-Man's team and the New Warriors, Doctor Octopus (whose appearance was changed by the nanobots into configuring him in a HYDRA life-support armor and making him look like a ninety-year-old man) leaves for Oscorp and captures Norman and Harry with HYDRA soldiers who have become goblins. He taunts them about taking the time to see him and that he knows the Osborn family are always very busy. Norman asks if he wants research and if he wants to make a deal. Doctor Octopus uses a tentacle to threaten him. He reveals that he wants nothing from Norman but Green Goblin and believes that his evil ego is someone he can make a deal with to help destroy Spider-Man. Harry yells at him to leave him alone before Doctor Octopus mocks him about being like his father with such spirit that he looks forward to breaking it. Norman reminds Doctor Octopus that his business is with him before Doctor Octopus agrees with him. He removes one of the Goblin Soldiers helmets to show Norman that Green Goblin is the shadow of his former glory. He crushes the helmet while believing that there was always something special about Green Goblin: a servant and viciousness. He reveals about turning him back into Green Goblin and also reveals to have saved a dose for Norman before he injects it into him for the third time. Harry yells at him that he can't do that because it will destroy his father. Doctor Octopus informs him that it will actually make him the head of the Goblin army. Norman suffers through the pain but doesn't change back into his evil ego. Doctor Octopus is shocked by this, believing that his formula doesn't fail. Norman reveals that he created a cure and injected himself to make himself immune so that he will never turn back into Green Goblin. Doctor Octopus finds it disappointing but then realizes that one Osborn is as good as another. He then proceeds to turn Harry into the new Green Goblin. Spider-Man and his new friend Scarlet Spider arrive to save the Osborns. Doctor Octopus taunts him about being in time to watch Harry get turned into the next Green Goblin. Before Doctor Octopus can do it, Spider-Man saves Harry by shooting webs into Doctor Octopus's face and takes Harry away to safety. Spider-Man frees Norman and he happily asks how he knew Doctor Octopus was here before Spider-Man reveals that he didn't and that it was worst timing. Doctor Octopus prepares to kill them but Scarlet Spider prevents him and fights him before Doctor Octopus escapes. Spider-Man defeats the Goblin Soldiers before him and Scarlet Spider turn their attention back to the Osborns. Spider-Man asks why Doctor Octopus went after Harry and not him. Norman reveals that he developed a cure and injected himself before revealing he promised his son that he would never turn into Green Goblin again and that it is a promise he intends to keep. Spider-Man asks if his cure can work on the Goblin army and Norman reveals that it can become a cure. He provides Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider with the cure and after using it on the defeated Goblin Soldiers; they turn back into HYDRA soldiers. Norman reveals that nobody will have to suffer the nightmare of being a goblin. Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider save the other heroes, defeat the Goblin Soldiers with the cure and send HYDRA Island to Saturn. However, Doctor Octopus escapes to continue his plans to recreate the Sinister Six.

Iron Vulture

Later, Peter brings Miles Morales (the Ultimate Spider-Man from the Ultimate Universe) over to hang out with Harry at the Osborn penthouse. They play a snowboarding game and after Miles demonstrates a jump, Harry is amazed by him and asks where he met him in which Peter sarcastically replies that he's good at video games because he's good at pushing buttons. Harry asks him if he's ready for "battle mode" which confuses Miles and Harry demonstrates by having his game character throws snowballs at Miles' game character which makes Peter correct Miles about there being "battle mode". Miles beats Harry in the game in which Harry congratulates him but reveals that he will get "schooled" when the record holder gets back and Miles asks who it is. Norman returns from work and Harry and Peter Parker introduce him to Miles Morales. Norman asks Miles if he wants to try for the game record after learning that Miles beat Harry. Norman beats Miles in the snowboarding game which keeps his record safe (due to him having been using his Goblin Glider for a few years) with Harry revealing that he knew he had Miles the whole time. Norman thanks the boys for coming over because it's good to have a normal night and discovers that pizza was brought. They then hear a screech in which Harry believes to be a sick bird. They are interrupted by the arrival of Vulture who is in HYDRA Armor. He reveals to Norman that Doctor Octopus sends his condolences on his passing. He uses a sonic screech to make part of the roof collapse on everyone but they dodge it. Norman orders the boys to get to the safe room but Vulture follows them. Peter and Miles argue about who protects who before Vulture threatens to use his sonic screech on them while claiming that there won’t be another time and for what it's worth, he is sorry. He uses his sonic screech but the boys duck before Norman in the Iron Patriot Armor arrives and saves them. He tells Vulture that Doctor Octopus can threaten his life but his son will always be protected by him and blasts Vulture before fighting him. Peter and Miles argue about who goes with Harry to the safe room and who calls for help until Harry breaks it up by telling them that all of them should get to the safe room before calling for help. Harry takes them to the safe room which he reveals to be made of vibranium alloy but Peter and Miles leave while Harry gets locked up. Harry accesses the computer and watches his father battle Vulture. When Vulture gains the upper hand against Iron Patriot, Harry becomes worried until he presses a button which activates the room and reveals other armors. The fight gets taken to the halls of Oscorp Tower where Doctor Octopus arrives to help Vulture battle Iron Patriot, Spider-Man and his "Kid Arachnid" which makes the Miles glad about getting a name for this universe. Doctor Octopus orders Vulture to help him destroy Iron Patriot and they will have access to his memories. After they gain the upper hand and are about to finish them off, Harry arrives in one of his father’s iron armor suits and now calls himself "Patrioteer" to help fight Vulture. This makes Kid Arachnid joke about him being a hero for almost two seconds and already has a hero ego. Vulture attacks him but Patrioteer dodges and blasts at him. Iron Patriot aids him in blasting Vulture before ordering him to get away immediately but Patrioteer refuses. Iron Patriot reveals that he created his armors to keep him safe and not put him in danger but Patrioteer reminds him that he is not a kid anymore before Vulture kicks him away and pins Iron Patriot down. He starts ripping his armor apart but Patrioteer kicks him away. Norman starts to become proud of his son when he and Spider-Man watch and Patrioteer gains the upper hand against Vulture. Spider-Man tells him that he is not trained and asks if he should be worried but Norman assures that his son showed him that he needs to give him the freedom to protect himself. After Vulture is defeated by Patrioteer, he demands that he should give him Iron Patriot's database in his helmet before Doctor Octopus angrily accepts. He then proceeds to attack everyone else while Vulture puts the Iron Patriot helmet on and accesses the database. He finds that his memories aren't in the database and becomes angry. Doctor Octopus knocks Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid down before pinning Patrioteer down. He taunts him about dressing up in his father's suit and that every Osborn is pathetic. Patrioteer tells him that he is not the scared child that he knew anymore before Doctor Octopus decides to destroy him. Fortunately, Vulture attacks Doctor Octopus for lying to him after Spider-Man convinces him that Doctor Octopus is lying. Unfortunately, Doctor Octopus, who still wants Vulture to be a candidate for his Sinister Six, uses one of his tentacles to infect Vulture's armor with nanobots, turning it black and mind controlling him. He then orders Vulture to destroy Spider-Man but Kid Arachnid saves Spider-Man from being eliminated by Vulture and Patrioteer stops Doctor Octopus from escaping and before Kid Arachnid defeats him. Norman congratulates his son and apologizes for doubting him. Vulture manages to tell Spider-Man that Doctor Octopus has a spy in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy before losing his free will and escapes.



Later, Spider-Man and Agent Venom are defeating recruits for the Sinister Six like Shocker, Shriek, Grizzly before Doctor Octopus can get to them first. When they fight Beetle, he pushes a button on his arm which makes his armor and appearance into a stronger armor thus revealing that Doctor Octopus has upgraded him and that he is one of the recruits for the new Sinister Six. Beetle gains the upper hand against them and is ready to blast them before he is shot. It is revealed to be Patrioteer who has come to save them. Beetle shoots missiles at him but he blocks them off and kicks Beetle down. Patrioteer compliments his armor and tries to hack him by putting a little robot on him but it fails due to Beetle's armor blocking it. Before Beetle can blast him, Spider-Man webs his arm down and reveals his head to be unprotected in which Patrioteer accepts. He then uses the little robot on Beetle's head to hack into his armor and take control of it before blasting him into the air. Spider-Man is surprised by his second time in the armor before Agent Venom angrily reveals that Beetle "escaped" but Patrioteer points up and Beetle crashes into the ground. Spider-Man is glad but Agent Venom scoffs that he stole their "win". Beetle temporarily gains control of his armor to delete a file until he is shocked in unconsciousness. Spider-Man wonders what file Beetle deleted and decides that once the decrypt it, it will give them Doctor Octopus's secret location. Patrioteer reveals that he can't decrypt is but Spider-Man reveals that S.H.I.E.L.D. can and offers him to come back with them. Patrioteer excitedly accepts having always wanted to see the Triskelion and promises to meet them there before leaving. Later at the Triskleion, Spider-Man and Patrioteer discover that Beetle did try to delete the file on Doctor Octopus's location. Patrioteer is amazed by the computers and Spider-Man decides to give him a tour guide around the academy. He is introduced to the class room and the training course in which Patrioteer finds amazing but Agent Venom jealously makes sarcastic remarks. Agent Venom shows Patrioteer the storage closet while remarking about the labs being dinky compared to Oscorp before Spider-Man takes him to the main lab which amazes Patrioteer even more and reveals that to Agent Venom that he thought he was joking about the lab compared to Oscorp's much to Agent Venom's annoyance. He is amazed that they have an exo-planetary atmospheric analyzer which he thought were years away from being ready before Spider-Man reveals that it's a prototype. Patrioteer asks him about asking Director Fury about joining S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy but Spider-Man reveals that he's not around and away on a secret mission before revealing that he's in charge for the time being and recruits him much to Agent Venom's annoyance. They hear the alarm go off which Patrioteer mistakes as being an alarm that goes off every time they recruit someone but Agent Venom angrily points out that it has to be an intruder. They prepare to fight until the intruder reveals himself to be Iron Patriot. When they ask why he is here, he reveals that he checked the GPS tag on the Patrioteer armor. He is surprised to find him at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy before Patrioteer accuses him of tracking him and not treating him like an adult which makes Agent Venom joyfully believe that he has got to go. Spider-Man reveals that Patrioteer used his tech on Beetle to track down Doctor Octopus's secret location earlier. Iron Patriot tells Patrioteer that he created that armor to protect him and not fly into dangerous situations. Agent Venom believes that Iron Patriot has got a good point but Spider-Man steps in and reminds Iron Patriot about giving his son the room he needed to become a hero. Iron Patriot agrees before reminding them that he lost his son before to the Venom symbiote and that they can't know what it's like. Spider-Man tells Iron Patriot that he can't give Patrioteer heavy coordinates and expect him to sit out on a fight and that it's not the way he looks up to him. Iron Patriot points out that he's only a boy but Spider-Man reminds him that S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy is a school and persuades him to have Patrioteer train in the Academy and that he'll look after him. Iron Patriot tells his son that if he wants to train at the Academy, then he must promise that he'll be safe which makes Agent Venom jealously angry. Iron Patriot gives his son a hug before telling Spider-Man that he is accountable and if anything happens to his son, then taking care of him was a responsibility. Spider-Man tells him that he's good at those before Iron Patriot leaves. The three then hear the computer revealing Doctor Octopus's location at the port. Spider-Man reminds them that Doctor Octopus prides himself on being a step ahead of them and to show him how it feels like to be outsmarted. That night at the dock, Spider-Man disguises himself as Beetle to distract HYDRA soldiers but does a very bad act as him (due to the fact that Beetle never speaks) even though it distracts the soldiers who are knocked out and webbed up by Agent Venom and Patrioteer. Patrioteer wonders where Doctor Octopus with Agent Venom commenting that he's not sure if this is a mission for him and that they could be uncovering a whole HYDRA base. However, they find the HYDRA base in a crater and Agent Venom points out to Patrioteer that if Doctor Octopus finds out that they're coming, it could get messy real quick. Spider-Man agrees with them and decides to call for reinforcements before they see Patrioteer flying into the base who points out that they're not finished scouting yet. Patrioteer distracts two soldier while Spider-Man and Agent Venom take them out. After a discussion about him, Agent Venom shows his disappointment with Spider-Man seeing Patrioteer as his "best bud" even though Patrioteer doesn't know Spider-Man is Peter Parker. The three then head to the lab and spy on Doctor Octopus and his new lab assistant named Dr. Michael Morbius working on a new white symbiote which responds to commands and believe that it will be Spider-Man's downfall. Agent Venom and Patrioteer then argue about who protects Spider-Man from the white symbiote and before Spider-Man can tell them to be quiet, they all fall into the lab with Spider-Man commenting about it being a scouting trip. While Dr. Morbius flees and calls for HYDRA Soldiers, Doctor Octopus tells him to remain calm and that it is not together unforeseen. He then releases the white symbiote and orders it to attack the three. After seeing Agent Venom and Patrioteer argue about protecting Spider-Man, he joyfully taunts them about their irony and protecting Spider-Man before revealing that the white symbiote isn't targeting him. The white symbiote attacks Agent Venom and Doctor Octopus knocks Spider-Man and Patrioteer away from helping. When they see the white symbiote burning the Venom symbiote, Spider-Man asks what it is doing before Doctor Octopus reveals that it is purging him and tauntingly asks about how he feels to watch his friend suffer with Agent Venom sufferingly telling Patrioteer that he was called Spider-Man " daer friend". Spider-Man asks Patrioteer to help but he reveals that he is afraid because he was taken over by a symbiote before he moves away from it to avoid it. After seeing that Patrioteer is afraid of being taken over by a symbiote again and believes that he will be a good host for the new symbiote. Patrioteer then angrily attacks Doctor Octopus, demanding that he leaves everyone alone and knocks him down, freeing Spider-Man in the process. Doctor Octopus then grabs and holds Patrioteer. Spider-Man reveals that the white symbiote is as strong as the original before Doctor Octopus reveals that it is also toxic and reveals its name to be "Anti-Venom". He then proceeds to break a hole in Patrioteer's suit, believing that every symbiote needs a bonding partner better than the original host and the Anti-Venom symbiote enters to bond with Harry. After Patrioteer knocks Doctor Octopus away, he struggles to fight it off but becomes the host of Anti-Venom. Anti-Venom attacks Spider-Man who webs up his arms while trying to talk to Harry on the inside to fight the symbiote off. Anti-Venom pulls him over and punches him. He is about to finish him off before seeing an injured Agent Venom and decides to go for him. It starts to burn Agent Venom with Spider-Man using his web to pull him away while trying to talk to Harry and Agent Venom being his friend before Agent Venom tells him to tell that to Anti-Venom. Doctor Octopus is surprised that Anti-Venom's physical being is finally opposed with that of Venom and believes it to be a tool that will annihilate Agent Venom. Spider-Man tries to stop Anti-Venom but it knocks him on the ceiling and punches him away. It is about to end him but Agent Venom tackles him away while Doctor Octopus tells Spider-Man that Anti-Venom will join his Sinister Six. Anti-Venom gains the upperhand before Spider-Man tries to stop him but gets pinned but he uses water to knock him away. While Doctor Octopus fights Spider-Man, Anti-Venom continues to beat Agent Venom and throws outside the base with Anti-Venom following suite. Anti-Venom and Doctor Octopus prevent the two from escaping and separate them. Doctor Octopus then tries to use a crane which is holding a crate to crush Spider-Man but misses. Anti-Venom pins Spider-Man down and Doctor Octopus orders it to pin him down and believes that Agent Venom is no more. He then proceeds to crush him again but Iron Patriot arrives and saves him before destroying the crane. Spider-Man is glad that he came and Iron Patriot reveals the order distress alarm in Patrioteer's armor signaled a catastrophic failure before asking where his son is. Spider-Man reveals that he is in the Anti-Venom symbiote and apologizes. Iron Patriot angrily tells him that they are discussing about it after the fight before Spider-Man suggests that one of Anti-Venom's creators can help pull Harry out of the symbiote and tells Iron Patriot to stall his son while he interrogates Dr. Morbius. Iron Patriot protects Agent Venom and tries to call Harry from inside the symbiote by telling him to try and control it but Doctor Octopus taunts him about getting his son after all. Iron Patriot then angrily starts attacking Doctor Octopus and shoots him away. Agent Venom tries to escape but Anti-Venom uses his tendrils to catch and hold him while burning him. Agent Venom calls Harry the worst friend, until Spider-Man arrives uses the inhibitor to knock Anti-Venom out after being told by Dr. Morbius. Iron Patriot and Spider-Man take both Anti-Venom and a very injured Agent Venom back to the Triskelion to the medical bay thus making Doctor Octopus lose another valuable recruit. Harry is placed in a bacta-tank while Flash Thompson is in a pod to recover. Dr. Curt Connors reveals that Agent Venom is stable but it's all he can do and it will take weeks before he recovers. Norman is watching his son who is in a bacta-tank before he asks about the odds of his son's recovery. Dr. Connors reveals that they don't know but he has strong life signs and that there is a reason to hope. Spider-Man apologizes for putting his two best friends into danger and promises that he'll fix it. Norman angrily tells him that he'd better do it before leaving.

The Symbiote Saga: Part 1

Later, Mary Jane is at Oscorp watching over Harry who is in a coma in a bacta-tank (and doesn't know that he bonded with the "Anti-Venom" symbiote). She calls Peter (who is in his Spider-Man costume) who tells her that he's really sorry that he hasn't had much time lately and that it's complicated. Mary Jane tells him that he's in a science emergency school (Triskelion) and knows that it's complicated and that it's a huge opportunity for him. She sadly tells him that Midtown High hasn't been the same since he left and especially what happened with Harry. Spider-Man asks her how he is holding up. Mary Jane uses a computer to check and reveals that his life signs are stable and that it's like he's in complete hibernation. She also reveals that whatever this "infection" is, it won't let him go. She tells him that he should come visit Harry and her and he promises that until he gets the first chance. Mary Jane tells him that it's good to hear his voice again and he tells her that he she has no idea and ends the phone call.

The Symbiote Saga: Part 2

After the recreation of the Carnage symbiote, it bonds with the people of New York including Hulk, J. Jonah Jameson and Shriek. The Carnage symbiotes attack Oscorp. Mary Jane calls Peter and tells him that she needs help. Spider-Man then remembers about the Carnage symbiote and asks if she's okay. She tells him that she won't be for long, that the Carnage symbiotes are outside trying to get in and that she can't move Harry. Spider-Man informs her that he will be right there. After getting help from Captain America, Iron Fist, Agent Venom, Cloak and Dagger, they make it to Oscorp but discover that they are heading for the room where Harry and Mary Jane are. Mary Jane calls Spider-Man and asks him where he is and he answers that he is almost there. However, the Carnage symbiotes break in which makes Mary Jane warn Spider-Man that he is too late and that they have gotten inside. The Carnage symbiotes attack her and prepare to attack Harry but to Mary Jane's shock, Harry awakens from his coma and turns back into Anti-Venom. He saves her before heading outside to where Spider-Man and the others are much to Agent Venom's shock. Spider-Man asks Harry if he's alright but Anti-Venom reveals that it needs to burn the "infection". Two Carnage symbiotes attack Spider-Man but Anti-Venom saves him much to the surprise of everyone. Anti-Venom claims the Carnage symbiotes are like and disease and that he must cleanse them before burning them of two civilians. However, Anti-Venom spots Agent Venom as his "Patient Zero" and proceeds to attack him. He manages to move away while Anti-Venom instead lands on Captain America's shield while asking what it's all about. Spider-Man explains that Carnage is just a light snack to Anti-Venom and that it's after the original Venom. Captain America pushes Anti-Venom off while Agent Venom blasts him with missiles while deciding to never let himself get hurt by it again. Anti-Venom attacks them until Iron Fist punches him down and Dagger throws her light daggers at him. Unfortunately, usess tendrils to try and catch her but catches a Carnage symbiote which he burns away while it knockw Dagger out in the process. Cloak assures everyone that she's okay but Anti-Venom claims that everything's not okay because everything must be cleansed. Mary Jane arrives to prevent everyone from hurting him and decides to help by guiding the rest of the city to safety while making Spider-Man promise he'll find "Peter Parker" whom she believs can talk to Harry from inside Anti-Venom. Anti-Venom fights Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Fist until Spider-Man gets an idea of leading Anti-Venom to the heart of the Carnage bomb which is the source of the symbiotes to destroy it. They then use Agent Venom as bait to lure it to the Carnage of bomb with Anti-Venom giving chase to complete his "cleaning" with Spider-Man jokingly comment about notliking his brand of soap. Spider-Man and Iron Fist then decide to slow him down a bit. Unfortunately, Carnage Shriek and a few other Carnage symbiotes prevent them from making it. Anti-Venom is about to take the opportunity to attack Agent Venom but Iron Fist prevents him by punching him away before getting taken over by Carnage. Agent Venom is then infected for only a second when Anti-Venom burns Carnage off of Iron Fist and Agent Venom before throwing them away. Captain Americ and Spider-Man knock him away before Spider-Man carries Agent Venom to lure Anti-Venom to the top while Captain America delays the other Carnage symbiotes. Anti-Venom follows while taking out two other Carnage symbiotes in the process. Carnage Shriek reappears and Spider-Man comments that she has the worst timing and that he has a friend he'd like her to meet. She jumps to attack them before Spider-Man jumps out of the way which allows Anti-Venom to neutralize the Carnage symbiote off her by punching her. She falls but Spider-Man manages to save her and web her unconscious body up. After getting into the center to where the heart is, Anti-Venom appears and Spider-Man believs that his plan won't work. Anti-Venom sees Agent Venom before seeing the heart of Carnage which makes him think to purify instead. While purifying it, the Carnage heart struggles to pull him in which makes him struggle due to too much cleansing. Spider-Man tries to save him but Anti-Venom reveals that he must destroy it, no matter what happens to it's host. Spider-Man tries to talk to Harry on the inside to break out of Anti-Venom and realizes that if he won't listen to Spider-Man, then he will listen to Peter Parker and reveals his identity to him. He manages to tell Harry to break free from. Harry appears out of it, surprised by his friend being Spider-Man but Peter tells him to break free and let the Anti-Venom symbiote do it's job while they escape. Harry manages to free himself from it but it doesn't move which makes Harry realize that it needs him to destroy Carnage but Peter refuses to allow it and tries to band with it but it refuses to. Harry tells him it needs him but Spider-Man tries to tell him that he'll be destroyed. Harry reasons that it's the only way, that he knows it and if anyone knows about being a hero, it's him. Peter tearfully still refuses to allow it but Harry reminds him that the city needs him and his ego. Harry rebonds with Anti-Venom and tells him to go while throwing him and Agent Venom out. Anti-Venom/Harry is shown to be happy that his best friend is Spider-Man and proceeds to enter the heart which explodes which destroys the Anti-Venom symbiote in the process and frees everyone from Carnage. Peter grabs Harry and believes him to be dead until Harry in annoyance reveals that he's fine and that he saved the day. This makes Peter happy and comments him for being better than Captain America and tells him that because of him, the city survived. Now knowing that his friend is Spider-Man, he asks if Mary Jane knows and Peter reveals that she doesn't. Agent Venom then tries to pretend that he doesn't know Peter and asks why Peter's dressed like Spider-Man but Peter assures him that Harry knows while revealing Agent Venom's identity as Flash Thompson which surprsies Harry. This makes him realize that their other classmates like White Tiger/Ava Ayala, Iron Fist/Danny Rand, Power Man/Luke Cage and Nova/Sam Alexander including Iron Spider/Amadeus Cho and Kid Arachnid/Miles Morales are superheroes like Peter and Flash but Peter tells him that not everyone is and questions what tomorrow will bring. Unfortunately and unknown to them, Carnage is revealed to have survived.

The Symbiote Saga: Part 3

Knowing that it's all over and that everyone's gone to catch up with their sleep, Peter comments on Harry could've saved the entire city but Harry jokingly reminds him how he is full of surprises. While heading home, Harry tells Peter that he couldn'tve done it without his inspiration which makes Peter playfully tell him not to get sincere because it goes against their pizza and video games friendship. Flash tackles them down with Peter thinking he's left out until he sees the Carnage symbiote reassembling itself which annoys Spider-Man. They see on the TVs that Mary Jane is reporting that the Brooklyn Bridge has not been blocked or damaged. Spider-Man orders Harry to get to safety but Harry refuses wanting to help like Mary Jane. Spider-Man tells him that she's safe at Midtown High and that he isn't without Anti-Venom to protect him. Harry reveals that he and Agent Venom could be the only ones left and decides to get "help". After battling a giant Carnage symbiote, it envelopes Midtown High in which something has mysteriously brought it to the place. Spider-Man and Agent Venom enter the place but are attacked by Morbius the Living Vampire (Dr. Michael Morbius having been turned into a vampire by Doctor Octopus far earlier) who tries to suck the life energy out of them. Harry who has donned his Patrioteer armor again arrives adn stops him before calls him another bully. They fight and Patrioteer calls him a reject. He is surprised by another hero with full life and tries to drain the life energy out of Patrioteer but it has no effect on his armor. Morbius is surprised by this and Patrioteer reveals that it's not magic, that he's just using the science of energy transfer and that his armor was designed to protect him from all different kinds of life energy drainings. They then hear a sound before Morbius reveals that it's the cavalry which is revealed to be Carnage spider drones. Spider-Man wonders how Carnage can do this before Morbius reveals that its just as he hoped and that they're evolving on their own. He then leaves to find his master piece. The three heroes give chase, before he reveals that he will find her and that he will search this school until he has found the queen. While being chased, Spider-Man reveals to Patrioteer that he may be grateful and asks what he is doing at Midtown High. Patrioteer reveals that he was going for "help" and that he is the "help", that he got his armor from Oscorp and got to Midtown High as fast as he could. Spider-Man tries to remind him that he's been through a lot and that it's not a good idea. While fighting and blasting Carnage drones, he reminds Spider-Man that Mary Jane's his best friend as well. Agent Venom then reveals that it's awesome that they're together at their mold school fighting side by side. They manage to escape and lock the drones out until Spider-Man points out that they locked themselves in to which they see in the media lab egg sacs of Mini-Carnages. Patrioteer analyzes one of them is grossed out and comments about today had already maxed out on creepiness. They decide to destroy them before they hatch but are interrupted by a voice behind them. Spider-Man recognizes the voice and tells Mary Jane that they've come to save her and they've been so worried about her. Patrioteer adds that they've got to leave and that the Carnage symbiotes are out of control. She reveals herself to have bonded with the Carnage symbiote and has four legs much to their shock. Mary Jane reveals that they are not out of control anymore and reveals her title to be The Carnage Queen before revealing that she is in complete control and she is order. Carnage Queen asks if they're the ones angering her pets but Spider-Man tries to talk to Mary Jane from the inside to fight the symbiote off like Patrioteer fought off his symbiote and that she can as well. She struggles but then reveals that she is not just another symbiote and attacks Agent Venom but Spider-Man throws her arm off. Morbius appears having found her at last and asks her if she recognizes him before revealing that he is her creator. He reveals that her host's body had contact with Venom, Anti-Venom and Carnage making her the perfect vessel for the queen. The Carnage Queen dismisses this and believes herself to be the creator before ordering her minions to destroy them. Mini-Carnages hatch and prepare to attack. Spider-Man tries to tell her that they are not with Morbius but the Carnage Queen claims that nobody will survive her wrath and her Mini-Carnages attack the three. Patrioteer blasts at them while commenting that he doesn't know how to tell her but doesn't like Mary Jane's new look. Agent Venom reveals that he kind of likes it which makes Spider-Man and Patrioteer confused before he reveals that he doesn't want her to be the Carnage QUeen and that he just likes her appearance. Spider-Man reveals that Mary Jane has a will of iron and that she will be able to break free from Carnage. Morbius reveals a mind control device and taunts that Spider-Man fails where he succeeds. The Carnage Queen attacks him but he dodges all of her attacks before managing to place the mind control on her head. He reveals that he knew that she would uncontrollable and that he had a contingency. She gives in to his control and asks what his bidding is and he orders her to capture the heroes. She orders her Mini-Carnages to attack them but Spider-Man tries to get her to fight the control. The Carnage Queen dismisses that there is no Mary Jane but only the Carnage Queen. She attacks Patrioteer but he shoots her axe-turned arm off. However, the Carnage Queen creates her arm into a mace while revealing that they cannot destroy all her weapons and that she is a weapon. She continues attacking him and gains the upper hand. Spider-Man brings Morbius down and takes the mind control watch and gets her to his attention. He orders the symbiote to leave Mary Jane's body and it seems to leave her but it knocks the device out of his hand and Morbius retrieves it back. He reveals that the symbiote and Mary Jane are bonded for life and that nothing can separate them from each other. He then orders her to capture the heroes. The Carnage Queen attacks them with Spider-Man trying to tell her that he doesn't want to fight her while dodging her attacks and she agrees with before she uses her knife-turned hand to try and cut him but he holds on to it. Unfortunately, she uses her other arm as a mace to knock him out while her Mini-Carnages knock Agent Venom and Patrioteer out. The three heroes are taken to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base under the school where de-facto leader, Crossbones and HYDRA are (who were aware of where it was). Spider-Man asks if he's going to gloat but Crossbones reveals that it's not his style and takes Spider-Man's hand to have the computer recognize him. Morbius proceeds to operate the computer while telling Spider-Man to give him some credit as if he wouldn't disable force recognizance. He then proceeds to put the HYDRA missiles back on. Spider-Man reveals that they were disarmed decades ago before Morbius reveals that they are now rearmed with Carnage drones in them and that the Carnage army will secure the planet for HYDRA. Crossbones reminds Morbius that they got what they wanted from Spider-Man and orders him to finish the heroes. Morbius orders the Carnage Queen to destroy Spider-Man but he tells her that she and her host can work together with her telling him that the queen obeys as long as she wears the crown. Morbius angrily tells her to obey him but Spider-Man destroys the mind control device. The Carnage Queen turns on her creator which shocks Morbius. Crossbones angrily tells him that if he thinks he can reason with her then he is a bigger fool than Doctor Octopus ever was. Crossbones escapes with HYDRA for the launching and leaving Morbius alone. The Carnage Queen grabs him before he decides to drain the life energy from her. Unfortunately, the Carnage Queen isn't infected by this and reveals that she is not life and that she is Carnage. She then drains the life energy out of him, which kills the scientist in the process. Spider-Man frees Agent Venom and Patrioteer who frees him before they are captured by Carnage drones. The Carnage Queen claims that they tried to control her which was a fatal mistake and grabs him. Spider-Man tries to get Mary Jane to fight the symbiote but she prepares to kill him. Patrioteer at first thinks of blasting her but Spider-Man convinces him use a different method. Patrioteer realizes something and reveals himself as Harry to her and reminds her that she never gave up on him during his time as Anti-Venom. Agent Venom believes it to be crazy but Harry convinces him that it's the only way to get her to come back. Agent Venom reluctantly agrees and reveals himself as Flash to her while reminding that everyone knows him. This causes her to struggle and release Spider-Man. After destroying the Mini-Carnages holding his friends, he reveals himself as Peter and reminds her that she is his best friend, that they miss her and to come back to them. Mary Jane's head pops out and asks if it's really them and Spider-Man confirms it before reminding her that she's the only one who can stop Carnage, that she saved an entire city from chaos and she now has to destroy Carnage once and for all but he knows well enough to say "You've got this Mary Jane!". Mary Jane finally breaks free and destroys the symbiote and falls unconscious. Believing to have lost her, she reveals that she's alright. She believes that they started a super hero club without her and calls them jerks even though it is S.H.I.E.L.D. who recruits new heroes. They then remember the Carnage missiles but Agent Venom has already disabled them, to their combined shock and relief. After they take her to the Triskelion for a check-up but unknown to them, Mary Jane still has Carnage in her. Patrioteer is shown to have rejoined S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy and joined the New Warriors. and is on the roof with Power Man, Agent Venom, Iron Spider, Cloak, Dagger and Kid Arachnid. He asks how Mary Jane is doing and Spider-Man reveals that she is a lot tougher than he realizes but Agent Venom tells him that all his friends are. Spider-Man tells him that it's a good thing and that knowing him is a liabilty. Patrioteer proves him wrong and tells him that knowing him is what makes all of them heroes. The heroes then deicde to get the city back together.

Graduation Day: Part 1

A while later, after Spider-Man, his classic team, the New Warriors and the Web-Warriors capture Doctor Octopus (whose appearance was changed again by the nanobots to a healthy looking man with a green and yellow costume), Scorpion, a lizard-mutated Crossbones, Kraven the Hunter, Vulture and Rhino, they find that everyone they know is at the graduation ceremony including Patrioteer. Unfortunately, while Spider-Man is bringing Aunt May, Doctor Octopus and his associates break out. It is revealed that Doctor Octopus wanted Spider-Man and his teams to bring him and his Superior Sinister Six in and that it was a setup. After threatening to kill Aunt May, Doctor Octopus makes Spider-Man take a cure to cure him of his powers before creating a hard-like shell dome to trap the heroes.

Graduation Day: Part 2

Patrioteer is one of the few heroes trying their best to break out of the dome but keeps on failing. Doctor Octopus watches and taunts the heroes about being nothing before him before he sees that Norman is not in the dome and leaves for Oscorp. After Norman helps Spider-Man get his powers back (he is also revealed to be aware of his identity as Peter Parker after recovering his memories as Green Goblin), Spider-Man defeats the Superior Sinister Six like curing Vulture, Crossbones and Rhino back to normal and defeating Scorpion and Kraven. After battling and curing Doctor Octopus back to normal, Spider-Man redeems him by reasoning with him to think about helping someone other than himself. The heroes are close to being crushed before Spider-Man comes to the rescue until Dr. Otto Octavius arrives and helps him destroy the dome. Patrioteer along with the other heroes are surprised by Dr. Octavius's redemption and after they complete the ceremony, Dr. Octavius willingly turns himself in and is taken by Iron Man to prison to possibly begin his redemption. Patrioteer leaves the New Warriors team and enrols into S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy along with Spider-Woman (Mary Jane Watson having embraced the Carnage symbiote), Frances Beck, Alexander Sytsevich and Adrian Toomes. Spider-Man gives a speech to them about learning responsibility and places them into learning with Agent Venom and Scarlet Spider.



Friends and Allies


Powers and abilities

  • High Intelligence: He has displayed a significantly higher intelligence than most people, being able to build a containment device for Venom on his wrist. He was even able to utilize the Patrioteer Armor's high-tech capabilities with great skill despite not having trained much.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: He has shown remarkable combat prowess while he was the Black Spider-Man.
  • Resources: He has a vast network of connections & allies. He also has all of OsCorp's inexhaustible finances & technological faculties at his disposal.
  • Patrioteer Armor: In a quest to become a Super-hero & save his father, Harry Osborn utilizes a high-tech suit of Armor to gain superhuman capabilities & fight Doc Ock & Vulture.
    • Repulsor Blasts
    • Missile Launchers
    • High-Powered Pulse Bolts
    • Mach 2 Repulsor Boot Jets
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Scanner Systems
    • Communication's Links
    • Life-Support Systems


  • Anti-Venom Symbiote: Doc Ock's new symbiote managed to attach itself to Harry Osborn on a cellular level. It gives him powers much more advanced than the original Venom or Carnage Symbiotes. This Symbiote's main purpose is to destroy all other Symbiotic Life-Forms. It even has the biological features necessary to easily overpower & destroy all other Venom Symbiotes.
    • Superhuman Strength: He is superhumanly strong even stronger than the likes of Spider-Man. He is far more stronger than any Venom or Carnage symbiote. It was easily capable of overpowering Agent Venom's Symbiotic Powers.
    • Superhuman Durability: He is also far more resilient to physical damage than Spider-Man himself. He is also tougher than the Venom or Carnage symbiote.
    • Superhuman Agility: He is far more agile than a normal human being & this improves his remarkable athletic abilities greatly.
    • Spider-Sense EMP: Because Anti-Venom was made from Venom, which was made from Spider-man's blood, it can hide itself from the paranormal spider-sense.
    • Wall-Crawling: Like Spider-man, he can cling to surfaces instantly & even stick to surfaces without using his hands or feet.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: The Anti-Venom has an accelerated healing factor, superior to the likes of the original Venom Symbiote or the Carnage Symbiote.
    • Purging: The Anti-Venom was designed with "healing properties", which can purge off infections from living organisms. It was also able to seemingly de-power Flash's Venom Symbiote for a few weeks.
      • Anti-Venom: The Anti-Venom's "healing properties" allow it to easily "kill" any other Symbiote Life-Form. Its touch is considered "toxic" to any Symbiote & their hosts, giving them unbearable burning pain, while "killing" their Symbiote Suit.
    • Shape Shifting: The Symbiote's original abilities are its virtually malleable anatomy which allows it to create countless tendrils for transport or modifying weaponry & technologies. It can also use these superhumanly strong tendrils in combat. These tendrils are so strong, that they can easily overpower any other Symbiote's raw strength.
    • Webbing Generation: He can generate his own bio-webs from its hands, similarly to other Vemon Symbiotes & Scarlet Spider.

  • Venom Symbiote: The Venom Symbiote had bonded to his DNA on a genetic & cellular level, thus Venom was a part of Harry's body rather than a Hyde.
    • Superhuman Strength: He is superhumanly strong even stronger than the likes of Spider-Man.
    • Superhuman Durability: He is also far more resilient to physical damage than Spider-Man himself.
    • Superhuman Agility: He is far more agile than a normal human being & this improves his remarkable athletic abilities greatly.
    • Spider-Sense EMP: Because Venom was made from Spider-man's blood, it can hide itself from the paranormal spider-sense.
    • Wall-Crawling: Like Spider-man, he can cling to surfaces instantly & even stick to surfaces without using his hands or feet.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: He has a low-level high-speed healing factor, being able to heal broken bones, ballistic wounds & injuries instantaneously. He cannot regenerate missing limbs, organs or a broken neck. However, his healing factor is able to heal infections to an extent that modern medical technologies cannot, such as AIDS, top-level cancers & tumors. The Venom Symbiote can also instantly regenerate it's bio-mass.
    • Shape Shifting: The Symbiote's original abilities are its virtually malleable anatomy which allows it to create countless tendrils for transport or modifying weaponry & technologies. It can also use these superhumanly strong tendrils in combat.
    • Webbing Generation: He can generate his own bio-webs from its hands.


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  • In the original 616 universe, Harry became the second Green Goblin following the death of his father, until he died recently on his redemption, right before they are somehow revived recently.
  • In the Ultimate universe, he became Hobgoblin, similar to his father's version of Green Goblin. He has never bonded with any symbiote.
  • This version can be considered a counterpart to both mainstream and Ultimate Eddie Brock Jr., such as being Venom and Anti-Venom.

Background in other media

  • This is Harry Osborn's eleventh other media appearance and fourth animated appearance.
  • First animated appearance of American Son-like armor.


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