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Octobot is an octopus-like robot created by Doctor Octopus.


The Octobot is a robot which the base is covered with green. Mirroring Doctor Octopus it has four tentacle arms which can elongate.[1]

Tiny Octobot

Octobot 2

Tiny Octobot

Along with the big Octobot, it can hide a smaller version of itself in a tentacle arm and can be used to deliver small equipments like a blood sample like when it did on Spider-Man.[1]


Doctor Octopus invented the Octobot and used it to get a blood sample of Spider-Man. The Octobot gathered the blood sample but got smashed by a train. Although unexpected a small Tiny Octobot brought the blood sample, which the big Octobot received, to Doctor Octopus.


Another Octobot hacked into Stark Industries' computer and took over four of Iron Man's armor, sending the Iron Man Armor MK II to attack Norman Osborn. It stole his security grid and escaped to Octavius, but Spider-Man got one of its tentacles that attacked Norman.

Several other Octobots attacked Spider-Man's team and brought him to Octavius. The team followed a tiny one to Otto's lab and another tiny one took some of Spider-Man's DNA which Otto used to make the Green Goblin serum.


  • Elongated Arms[1]
  • Super Strength[1]
  • Super Mobility[1]



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