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Norma Osborn

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Harriet Osborn (daughter)

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The Spider-Verse: Part 1

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The Spider-Verse: Part 1

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Wendie Malick


Norma Osborn, also known as The Goblin or Green Goblin is a female version of Norman Osborn from Spider-Girl's Gender Flipped Universe who made an alliance with her alternate self.


Not much is known about her except like her counterpart, she is shown to see Petra Parker(Spider-Girl's secret identity) as a better girl than her daughter Harriet.

She was also shocked by the existence of alternate worlds and meeting a male and monstrous version of herself. However, she adjusted to it after talking with him and they were able to team up to defeat their shared foes.


Early career

Not much is known about Norma Osborn, except that she is Spider-Girl's long time enemy and mother of Harriet Osborn.

Season 3: Web-Warriors

The Spider-Verse: Part 1

When Green Goblin uses the Siege Perilous to go after Spider-Men (and Girl) DNA, he comes to the Gender Flipped Universe. In her office, Norma is berating her daughter for getting a C in History and a D in English and asks her why she can't be like Petra Parker. She is then alerted by a security breech and ends her contact with Harriet. She then sees her counterpart in the armory and uses an electric glove to blast him but he uses his glove to block it and pins her to the wall. She is surprised by this before he reveals that he knows who she is and introduces himself as Norman Osborn, telling her that they need to talk. After allying with her counterpart, she suits up and they meet their Spider-Man and Girl after they arrive at Oscorp. Spider-Man points out that the female Green Goblin isn't a goblin and that his Green Goblin is a goblin. Spider-Girl is confused about her counterpart's Green Goblin being a man or a monster before Green Goblin comments about why he can't be both. The female Green Goblin and her male counterpart proceed to throw pumpkin bombs at them but they dodge them. Despite Spider-Man trying to warn her of his Green Goblin's powers, Spider-Girl tells him to take care of her Green Goblin while she deals with his Green Goblin. Spider-Man is confused about her pumpkin bombs and asks if it's Halloween with the female Green Goblin proceeds to throw her pumpkin bombs while giving the "Trick or Treat" comment but he dodges all of them. He admits that he finds what she did pretty good but hasn't seen what happens when he gets mad. The female Green Goblin scoffs at his ego and comments that he'd be adorable if he weren't so irritating. While avoiding her pumpkin bombs, he tries to counter her comment before she throws a pumpkin bomb on him which makes him find not "adorable". Spider-Girl manages to kick him off his glider but he uses a gadget to tie her up. He then uses the bat gadget to collect her DNA. The female Green Goblin reminds him that he got what he wanted and she should get what she wanted. He then gives her a vial of goblin serum from his universe which turns her into the true female version of her Green Goblin counterpart. The female Green Goblin then decides to destroy her arch-nemesis and her "sidekick" as a bonus which insults Spider-Man. She then shocks him down until Spider-Girl attacks her. The female Green Goblin throws bats at her which she webs up but they cut free but Spider-Man saves her before they explode. She believes that a woman can get used to this kind of power making Spider-Girl believe that she is unstoppable but Spider-Man assures her that she's still the same Green Goblin and that she knows her attacks. The female Green Goblin fires missiles at them but they dodge with Spider-Man shooting an electric gadget which shocks her and gives Spider-Girl the advantage to hit her. While Spider-Man's Green Goblin escapes to the next dimension, the female Green Goblin continues chasing Spider-Man and Girl by throwing pumpkin bombs at them which makes them head to Washington Bridge. The female Green Goblin throws another pumpkin bomb but Spider-Man throws it away. Spider-Girl tells him to distract her while she goes for the big knockout which Spider-Man agrees with. The female Green Goblin shoots electric blasts at him but he dodges and taunts her about not being close. This gives Spider-Girl time to shoot her off her glider and she and her counterpart webs her up. Spider-Girl taunts her about getting all the tech and power upgrades she wants but she'll never beat her and her "amazing" friend with Spider-Man glad that he wasn't called a sidekick. The female Green Goblin tells Spider-Girl that she's doomed and breaks free before shooting an electric blast at her which causes her to fall. However, Spider-Man defeats the female Green Goblin by kicking her down and saves Spider-Girl before following his Green Goblin to the next universe.



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  • Her costume bears more resemblance to the classic Green Goblin (along with the green goblin from the spectacular spider-man, who also shares a resemblace to the classic gobby.)
  • Norma Osborn is the only mutated goblin to have pupils in her eyes while her other counterparts don't.


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