Return to the Spider-Verse Part 3

The Noir Universe is an alternate reality to the one in which Spider-Man Noir lives in.


The Noir universe is a universe still set in the 1930's era, still in the Great Depression. The people existing here are older than their alternate counterparts present in Spider-Man's timeline, namely Spider-Man Noir. The universe was black and white until the Siege Perilous changed it.

Mary Jane is a reporter but is estranged from Spider-Man. Peter Parker cut off ties with his loved ones to protect them from his life. Hulk goes by Mr. Fixit.


The alternate counterparts of those who are heroes in the original timeline became vigilantes in this reality, with the public fearing from them, the grim fighter Spider-Man was one such person of note. He was an older version of Peter Parker who cut off ties with his loved ones to protect them from his life.

The universe was visited in The Spider-Verse: Part 2, as Peter followed Goblin to stop him. Spider-Man meets his counterpart and tells him of his mission. The two then hear Goblin has taken a blimp with hostages on it to lure Spider-Man Noir out into the open. A confrontation and shoes on the blimp but ultimately ends with Goblin stealing the DNA of Spider-Man Noir. Goblin causes the blimp to malfunction sitting in a crash course but the two versions of Spider-Man are able to not only save the people because the blimp to crash into the river .

During Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 3, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid travel through the fabric of reality and arrive in the Noir Universe. They end up in a gang fight between Hammerhead and his gang fighting Thunderbolt and A-Bombardier which they get involved in until Mr. Fixit arrives. The two gangs fight with Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid trying to stop it but the gangs refuse to listen until Spider-Man Noir saves them. Spider-Man Noir revealed that the war between the two gangs has been raging for weeks, thrown the whole town into chaos and offers to let them end each other once and for all. Spider-Man refuses to let it go on but Spider-Man Noir prevents him again. The two counterparts fight each other while Kid Arachnid tries to stop them until he sees the shards in his web-shooters glowing which hints that the other shard is close. Kid Arachnid finally breaks up the fight between the Spider-Men and reveals that the shard is in Hammerhead's gun. Spider-Man Noir realizes that there is more at stake than just a gang war because that weapon is formidable and Spider-Man reveals that the shard is what's causing their universes to crash together. Spider-Man Noir tells him that he doesn't care about what his parallel universe "mumbo jumbo" is but he knows when his city is in danger and that makes them a team now. Spider-Man, Kid Arachnid and Spider-Man Noir then enter the battle and steal the gun from Hammerhead while webbing up all the gangs. After Kid Arachnid destroys the guns, the shard ends up with Martin Li who uses it's power to change his appearance and give himself powers. He turns Hammerhead into stone while claiming himself as the new boss in town. Spider-Man then jokes about calling Spider-Man Noir "Mr. Negative" which Martin likes and takes as his new ego. Mr. Fixit frees his gang and orders them to get Mr. Negative but he turns his gang to stone as well. Mr. Fixit and the spiders fight Mr. Negative but he gains the upper hand against them and they retreat. Mr. Fixit thinks about going back to save his gang but Spider-Man reminds him that they don't know what they're up against and that he'll be no good to his friends if he ends up as a "lawnmower ornament". Mr. Fixit agrees to help but they must also return back to his gang because he doesn't leave his gang behind. With his new power, Mr. Negative takes over Hammerhead's gang.

Spider-Man Noir takes the spiders and Mr. Fixit back to his home with Spider-Man liking what he had done to the place with Spider-Man Noir not taking the joke. Spider-Man reveals that the last time they met, he thought he went to something brighter before his counterpart reveals that things changed. Mr. Fixit enters and agrees with Spider-Man about his home being a dump with Spider-Man Noir angrily reminding him that Spider-Man saved him and if it were up to him, he'd be a statue by now which would have one less monster in town with Kid Arachnid agreeing with him again. Spider-Man manages to stop Mr. Fixit from arguing further and reveals that he knows he's not a monster before he sees the photo of Mary Jane Watson on the wall and believes that she'll agree and knows there's the best in people until Spider-Man Noir reveals she doesn't anymore because she's gone. Spider-Man Noir tells his counterpart to ask Mr. Fixit who doesn't know what he's talking about until he sees the photo which he remembers Mary Jane and tells him that it wasn't on him. Mr. Fixit argues that he won't believe him anyway because he still sees him as a monster and that won't change. Spider-Man reveals that things can change because they need some positivity.

Meanwhile, Mr. Negative uses his power on the light beacon to petrify everyone in the city. He is approached by Wolf Spider to join him if he hands over his shard. Negative refuses the offer and tries to petrify Wolf Spider who escapes to another universe to gather the shards.

Mr. Fixit asks about how Mr. Negative got power from the "cut ice" until Kid Arachnid reveals that it's not from the Noir Universe and that it came from the Siege Perilous like the ones they have. Spider-Man then realizes that the shard absorbs light and color giving it dark energy that feeds Mr. Negative. Mr. Fixit realizes this and should've smashed Mr. Negative and Spider-Man Noir agrees that it would've destroyed both of them and be rid of two "monsters" like them. This causes Mr. Fixit and Spider-Man Noir to fight while wrecking the apartment. After taking the fight to the rooftop, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid break up the fight and reason that they are on the same side. However, Mr. Negative uses his power on the light beacon to turn Kid Arachnid to stone much to the horror of the others. Mr. Negative then tries to turn Spider-Man and his counterpart to stone but Mr. Fixit saves them which gives them all time to escape.

However, Spider-Man is able to make Spider-Man Noir and Mr. Fixit get over their differences and defeat Mr. Negative while Mr. Fixit takes the shard before using it to turn everyone back to normal and give color to the universe in the process. Spider-Man then jokes about turning Martin into a positive which annoys Spider-Man Noir before he becomes surprised by the new color of his universe. Mr. Fixit is also confused but Spider-Man assures him that he's not a monster but a hero. Mr. Fixit gives the shard to Spider-Man because the kind of power it has doesn't suit the city yet and owes Spider-Man Noir a debt with him agreeing that it won't be the last time. The two agree to be friends until Kid Arachnid arrives. The two piece the shards together and bid farewell to Spider-Man Noir and Mr. Fixit before heading to the next universe.

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