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Nightmare inducing, Master of the Dream Dimension


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Strange Little Halloween (cameo)

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Mark Hamill

Nightmare is the lord of the Dream Dimension.


Early life

Nightmare confronted Doctor Strange on his attempts to escape the Dream Dimension.

Consuming the Nightmares

After a while, Nightmare escaped the Dream Dimension and induced New York residents into an endless sleep and fed on their nightmares. When Doctor Strange brought Spider-Man and Iron Fist to the Dream Dimension, he approached them with Dreamstalker and send the Dreamons after them and fought against Strange. After Iron Fist and Spider-Man appeared in the dream world of K'un-Lun, he transformed into Shou-Lao and tried to scare off Iron Fist and pushed Spider-Man to Strange. He scared Strange into believing him that he was powerless, Nightmare grew bigger and conjured up the nightmare of Spider-Man. Nightmare was in shock when Spider-Man didn't show any fear. After he was slammed through a wall, Nightmare grew weaker of his weakness that was realized by Spider-Man that he becomes weaker after the victim realizes that it's a nightmare. Iron Fist defeated the Shou-Lao dragon Nightmare. After that, Nightmare was sealed into a box by the combined efforts of Strange, Spider-Man, and Iron Fist.[1]

Nightmare poses as Spider-Man's bad conscious where he manipulates Spider-Man's dreams in order to help Spider-Man. Nightmare did Spider-Man a favor by showing him what life would've been like if he wasn't Spider-Man. Spider-Man states that he will never give up being Spider-Man as Nightmare attacks by feeding off of Spider-Man's fears, insecurities, and nightmares. Spider-Man turns the tide against Nightmare and defeats him. Before Spider-Man and Nightmare can hit the ground after the bridge collapses, Spider-Man is awakened by Nova.

Powers and Abilities

  • Demonic Physiology: Nightmare is a demon, who reigns from hell, and controls his very own part of a dimension called the nightmare dimension.
    • Immortality: As a demon, he is ageless & immune to illness. He may also be very difficult to kill since he is a demon.
    • Superhuman Strength: Nightmare has incredible demonic superhuman strength, as he is able to hurl Strange over.[1]
    • Superhuman Stamina: He has no need for sustenance for survival, though he needs the psychic energies of fears in order to increase his powers.
    • Superhuman Durability: He was unaffected by Spider-Man's physical strikes, despite Spider-Man having superhuman strength.
    • Telepathy: He was able to dig into Peter's memories in order to bring out the memory of his Uncle Ben's death. During the episode, "Nightmare on Christmas," he was able to dig into Peter Parker's true insecurities, create a nightmare based on them & use the psychic energy generated from his fears to further empower himself.
    • Telekinesis: He was able to push Spider-Man onto the Goblin King's throne with just a small hand gesture. He was even able to turn the entire Goblin Arena upside-down in an attempt to further frighten Spider-Man.
    • Ergokinesis: He was also able to generate green energy blasts.
    • Pyrokinesis: He has shot fireballs from is hands, while attacking Doctor Strange.
    • Reality Warping: In the Dream Dimension, Nightmare is far stronger than the real world, he masters over the Dream Dimension and can change & reshape it at will. He can instantly summon someone's worst nightmares. This power is only applicable in the Dream Dimension.
    • Shape-Shifting: During the episode "Nightmare on Christmas", he was able to take the form of Spider-Man's bad side and then later on, after absorbing enough fear energy, he became a gigantic demon with fiery hair.
    • Fear Manipulation: He is able to conjure up nightmares from everyone, making people lose their powers and shape changing into different animals.
      • Fear Empowerment: He grows stronger, the more fear a being gains from his/her nightmare. He also grows bigger & attains more power. Once he dug into Peter Parker's true insecurities, created a nightmare based on them, he uses the psychic energy generated from his fears to further empower himself.
    • Illusion Casting: Nightmare is also able to make several copies of himself, though Doctor Strange can quickly disband these illusions.
    • Power Negation: He was able to negate the mystical powers of Doctor Strange once. However, this ability only works on magic practitioners.
    • Levitation: He has been seen levitating when he was trying to further frighten Spider-Man in the episode, "Nightmare on Christmas."
    • Sword Summoning: Nightmare can conjure up a sword that he is able to use against Doctor Strange's sorcery.
  • Spell Casting: Nightmare is able to induce people to sleep by a magical incantation, to the extent of New York City.
  • Swordsmanship: Nightmare is able to fend off against Doctor Strange with his handling of his sword.[1]
  • Manipulation: During the episode "Nightmare on Christmas," he was able to manipulate Spider-Man to allow his insecurities to affect his life decisions which in turn generated power for Nightmare himself. He was also almost successful at convincing Spider-Man to become the ruler of the world.


  • Fear Reduction: Being a being that feeds on nightmares, Nightmare gets weaker when the victims realizes that it's just a dream.[1]
  • Fearless Being: If faced by a being who truly has no nightmares, he can be physically harmed by them, even if they are mortal. This was seen when Spider-Man one who was not afraid, was able to physically harm Nightmare.


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Background in other media

This is the second animated appearance of Nightmare. The previous version being "The Super Hero Squad Show".


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