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Quentin Beck

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Frances Beck (daughter)


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The Moon Knight Before Christmas

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The Moon Knight Before Christmas

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Paul Scheer


Mysterio (real name Quentin Beck) is a former supervillain introduced in the episode The Moon Knight Before Christmas.

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Early life

Quentin Beck was a stage magician, who out of his selfish desires perfected his hologram technology but sill wanted more. He then struck a deal with the demon, Dormammu to make his illusions real but at a heavy price. After becoming his ego, "Mysterio", he turned to a life of crime for his desires and forgetting that his family should've been first. Spider-Man battled him a few times before their last battle was on the Brooklyn Bridge. Mysterio had clung to the bridge before Spider-Man offered his hand to him and telling him that "He shouldn't throw away everything just because of a few mistakes". However, Mysterio let go of the bridge and fell into the river. He mysteriously disappeared and only his helmet was found. Spider-Man gave Doctor Strange the helmet and it was kept for an unknown reason.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

The Moon Knight Before Christmas

A while later, his daughter, Frances Beck came for the helmet to become the new Mysterio and continue his legacy before becoming trapped in the helmet where she finds him. Spider-Man enters the helmet after Moon Knight stabbed the helmet with a wand from Doctor Strange's Mansion and discovers that he is at the farm house where Frances and her father always spent the holidays together. He finds them spending time together with Quentin telling her that she was the best daughter a father could ask for. Spider-Man tries to tell her that it is all an illusion and that the helmet will destroy New York but she refuses to believe him. Quentin is glad to see Spider-Man again and reveals to Spider-Man about when he offered him his hand and told him the lesson. Spider-Man realizes that the illusion is real and Quentin reveals that his selfishness only grew after he put the helmet on. He also reveals that he didn't take Spider-Man's hand because he knew it wouldn't help and starts to berate himself about wasting the love of his family pursuing petty desires when his family should've came first. He pleads with Spider-Man to make up for that mistake and to let him spend time with his daughter. Spider-Man realizes that Doctor Strange kept the helmet because he knew that Quentin was inside the helmet. Quentin reveals that he perfected hologram technology but he wanted more and struck a deal with Dormammu to make his illusions real but didn't know that the deal would come at a heavy price and that he would be trapped in the helmet as his prison. The reality suddenly begins destroying the farm house and Spider-Man tries to leave with Frances. Frances refuses to leave for the love of her father but Quentin believes that the real world is no place for him, that he can't go back and that his soul is lost. He tells his daughter that she is better off without him but Spider-Man reasons with him that he hasn't lost his soul, that it's still in the real world and that Frances needs him. Quentin starts to believe him before Frances and Spider-Man fall. Quentin uses his powers to save them while reminding Frances about him being the original Mysterio. They are able to escape the helmet and they return to their world. Later, Frances and her father spend Christmas with Spider-Man, Moon Knight and Aunt May.



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  • This is Mysterio's sixth animated appearance, the first in Spider-Man (1967), the second in Spider-Man (1981), the third in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, the fourth in Spider-Man: The Animated Series and the fifth in The Spectacular Spider-Man.
  • In the comics, Quentin Beck was a movie stunt man and special effects person for films before turning to a life of crime while in the series, he is a stage magician.


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