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Frances Beck

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Francine Beck

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S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy


Quentin Beck (father)

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The Moon Knight Before Christmas

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Graduation Day: Part 2

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Mary Kate Wiles


Frances Beck currently known as Mysterio is the daughter of the original Mysterio introduced in the episode The Moon Knight Before Christmas.

Physical Appearance


Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

The Moon Knight Before Christmas

On Christmas, Frances Beck changes into her child form and appears to be running from a mysterious assailant. She begs Spider-Man (who is looking after Doctor Strange's Mansion) to save her. He tells her not to worry before asking who is after her. She points at the moon where the assailant is and Spider-Man saves her. The assailant tells her to face his wrath and reveals his name to be "Moon Knight". They fight before Spider-Man manages to knock him down and escorts Francine to the mansion but the magic of the mansion prevents her from entering. Spider-Man manages to use a spell to help her enter and manages to save her from Moon Knight (who knows what she truly is after.). Spider-Man tells her that she is stuck with him and that it was lonely. He asks if anyone she knows is going to miss her and she sadly reveals that there isn't, that she is an orphan and she lives in a home a few blocks from the mansion. She reveals that she didn't want to be stuck in that place for the holidays and left it so that she could find somewhere to spend the holidays. Spider-Man sadly asks if she had a family before she reveals that she had a father who spent the holidays with her in a farm house in the old country but now those times are over and her father is gone. Spider-Man introduces himself before Francine blurts out that everybody knows him before managing to go back to being nice and introduces herself as Francine Beck. He offers to spend time with her and they have a lot of fun. While Spider-Man is looking at the photos of her and him, he thanks her for spending time with him and she welcomes him. She then finds the door to the room where Doctor Strange keeps the weapons and armors away from villains. He stops her from entering there but she manages to get in anyway. She finds a glass bowl helmet which Spider-Man remembers that it belonged to his old enemy "Mysterio" who mysteriously disappeared while battling him on the Brooklyn Bridge. He only recovered the helmet and gave it to Doctor Strange and doesn't know why he still has it. They hear a sound and Spider-Man gives her the helmet before leaving to investigate. After fighting an illusion of Moon Knight, he returns to find Francine changing back into a teenager (and wearing the same costume as Mysterio) and realizes that her child form was an illusion. He asks her if she has something to tell him. Francine reveals that she owes him a debt before revealing that she needed his helmet to become the new Mysterio. He asks her if Moon Knight is her sidekick before she reveals that she used him as a pawn to get into the mansion and thanks Spider-Man for letting her get to the helmet. Spider-Man tells her that she was able to trick him but making illusions into reality would be a little advanced for her. Francine scoffs at this and believes herself to be the real thing tells him to ask her friends. She summons elves to attack Spider-Man but he manages to push them off and climbs to the ceiling. He tells Francine that she has the tech already before asking why she would want the helmet. She reveals that her father is Quentin Beck and Spider-Man is shocked to realize that she is the daughter of the original Mysterio. She blames Spider-Man for destroying him and his legacy before revealing that she will finish what he started and the city will respect his name. Spider-Man explains that he did not destroy her father and had tried to save him but will stop her continuing what he started. Spider-Man flees to the top room where Francine catches up and takes on the form of Doctor Strange to fool him into giving her the helmet. Moon Knight (who is at the window) manages to warn him that it's not Doctor Strange before she reveals herself. She mocks that he thought her father was a joke and uses a spell to get the helmet. After putting it on, she summons giant gingerbread men to attack Spider-Man. Spider-Man manages to use the spell to allow Moon Knight to enter and help fight off the giant gingerbread men. Spider-Man tries to reason with her about having all the time he had with her. Francine reveals her name to be Frances Beck before she suddenly begins to suffer some kind of pain and leaves after rejecting Spider-Man's help. Spider-Man and Moon Knight get a wand that will destroy the helmet before they find her turning snowmen into monsters. She believes that there is no escape from her power before Spider-Man tries to reason with her that the way she is doing will not help her. Francine and her giant snowman monster then chase Spider-Man and Moon Knight into a toy shop where she makes the toys attack them. Moon Knight manages to use the wand to stab the helmet so that he can let it destroy her. In order to make Moon Knight spare her life, Spider-Man pretends that the moon has ordered him to save Frances without hurting her. WHile Moon Knight fights off the monster, Spider-Man i=uses the wand to enter the helmet where he finds that the area is the farm that Frances told him about. He finds her spending time with her father and tries to tell her that everything around her isn't real and that if they don't leave, then the helmet will destroy New York. Frances refuses to believe him and refuses to be taken away from her father. Spider-Man tries to explain what happened before Quentin reveals about the lesson Spider-Man gave him while trying to save him. Quentin reveals that when he put the helmet on, he pursued his desires out of selfishness and wasting the love of his family before begging Spider-Man to let him spend time with his daughter. Spider-Man realizes that Doctor Strange kept the helmet because he knew that Quentin was inside and Quentin reveals that he made a deal with the demon, Dormammu to make his illusions real which made him trapped in the helmet at a heavy price. Suddenly, the reality starts destroying the place, Frances refuses to leave her father again and Spider-Man reasons with Quentin that he can escape the helmet. Quentin realizes this and manages to save Spider-Man and his daughter with his powers. They are able to escape the helmet and they return to their world. Later, Frances and her father spend Christmas with Spider-Man, Moon Knight and Aunt May.

Graduation Day: Part 2

Later, after the defeat of the Superior Sinister Six and the graduation of Spider-Man, his classic team, the New Warriors and the Web-Warriors, Frances enrolls at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy along with Patrioteer, Spider-Woman, Alexander Sytsevich and Adrian Toomes. Spider-Man gives a speech to them about learning responsibility and places them into learning with Agent Venom and Scarlet Spider.



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  • First animated appearance and creation of a female Mysterio, and Frances Beck.


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