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Real name

Martin Li

Alternative name(s)

Mr. Negative
Mr. Nothing

Physical description

Human (Currently)



Personal information

Hammerhead (formerly)

Production details
First appearance

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 3

Last appearance

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 3

Voiced by

Keone Young


Martin Li formerly known as Mr. Negative (Noir) is a villain from the Noir Universe and an enemy of Spider-Man Noir.

Physical Appearance

As Martin Li, he has fair skin and brown hair, and wears a black tuxedo, white shirt, white vest, black tie, and black pants.

As Mr. Negative, he has white glowing skin, white hair, and blue glowing eyes, and wears a white tuxedo, black shirt, black vest, white tie, white pants, and black shoes.


Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 3

When Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid enter the Noir Universe, they see and Hammerhead and his gang fighting Thunderbolt and A-Bombardier which they get involved in until Mr. Fixit arrives. The two gangs fight with Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid trying to stop it but the gangs refuse to listen until Spider-Man Noir saves them. When Mr. Fixit gains the upper hand against Hammerhead, Martin Li arrives with a case and reveals that he made the modifications to a new gun. Martin believes that the "gem" they found could be used for more than just a gun but Hammerhead refuses to listen and reminds him that he pays him to make weapons and to let him do the thinking. Hammerhead fires at Mr. Fixit and has the car explode at him but Martin believes that it's a waste of power. Hammerhead is about to finish him off until he is prevented by the Spider-Men who also web up his gang. Hammerhead recovers and fires everywhere but Spider-Man and his counterpart distract him while Kid Arachnid steals the gun away and destroys it which sends the shard to Martin. Mr. Fixit is about to end Hammerhead but Spider-Man prevents him before asking Kid Arachnid about the shard. Martin appears and reveals that he'll show them what power is and touches the shard which changes his appearance and gives him powers. Hammerhead congratulates Martin and orders him to hand over the "gem" but Martin reveals that his normal self is no more while turning Hammerhead to stone and takes over his position as boss. Kid Arachnid asks if things wre bad for Spider-Man when he first came to the universe with the answer being no. Spider-Man then jokes about calling Spider-Man Noir "Mr. Negative" which Martin likes and takes as his new ego. Mr. Fixit frees his gang and orders them to get Mr. Negative but he turns his gang to stone as well. Mr. Fixit and the spiders fight Mr. Negative but he gains the upper hand against them and they retreat. Mr. Negative then asks the rest of Hammerhead's gang if they have a problem with him being their new boss and they join him out of fear. Mr. Negative and the gang head to a tall building and put a huge light beacon on and swears the New York will be his. The police arrive but Mr. Negative uses his power on the beacon to turn them into stone. He then hears someone mention it being a powerful weapon and he sees Wolf Spider (an evil spider from another universe) there. Mr. Negative becomes annoyed by how many Spider-People are appearing but Wolf Spider reveals that he's not with them and offers Mr. Negative to join him and he will grant him unimaginable power if he gives him the shard. Mr. Negative refuses and fires at him but misses and Wolf Spider leaves for another universe to find the other shards. Mr. Negative then sees his enemies on a rooftop across, he turns Kid Arachnid into stone. This causes the shard in his web-shooter to fall out, which Mr. Negative sees as similar to the one he's got and decides to take it. He almost turns Spider-Man and his counterpart into stone but Mr. Fixit saves them. The heroes retreat and Mr. Negative sends his gang to go find them. However, Spider-Man, his counterpart and Mr. Fixit put aside their differences and use a plan to make Mr. Negative come to them. Spider-Man uses a blimp to get Mr. Negative's attention and he mistakenly turns it to stone which destroys his beacon. Now deciding to do this personally, he sees the lights of the city go out before seeing his enemies on the rooftop of the theater and heads for it. Spider-Man and his counterpart distract him using their shadows which he keeps firing at and demands that they come out and face him like men. Mr. Negative's gang is taken out and Mr. Negative starts running out of power from the shard and make him turn one of his men into stone in the process. Demanding that they face him, Mr. Fixit appears with a mirror to block agreeing with his statement. Mr. Negative struggles with the shard's power but manages to blast the mirror and prepares to turn him into stone but Spider-Man Noir takes the shot. Spider-Man ambushes him but before Mr. Negative can turn him to stone, Mr. Fixit prevents him and takes the shard before using it to turn everyone back to normal and give color to the universe in the process. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid piece together the shards and leave for the next universe. Martin Li is then taken to prison.



Powers and Abilities


  • Terrakinesis: When he had the piece of the Siege Perilous, he had the ability to turn humans and objects to stone.


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  • In the comics, Mr. Negative is from the main universe, while this version of him is from the Noir Universe.
  • In the comics, Mr. Negative's powers come from the Darkforce, while this version of him get's his powers from a piece of the Siege Perilous.
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