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Michael Morbius

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Dr. Michael Morbius
Pompous Ingrate
Morbius The Living Vampire
Bat Brain

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Human/Bat Hybrid



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The Symbiote Saga: Part 3

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Benjamin Diskin


Michael Morbius is a scientist working for HYDRA who helped Doctor Octopus create Anti-Venom. He will later create the new Carnage symbiote. He became Morbius the Living Vampire later on.

Physical Appearance

As a human, he was of average height and had blueish black hair. He wore a standard scientist lab coat but was seen wearing HYDRA equipment.

After being exposed to mutation formula, he became a man sized bat. At first, he resembled a standard bat in appearance but later evolved enough to resemble his human form.


Similar to Doc Ock, he was an intelligent scientist who had an inflated view of himself.

Originally he had a rather submissive attitude but he did look up to Doc Ock. However, once HYDRA gave him power over Ock and weapons, he had little regard for others, as seen when he ordered his lackeys to kill Doc Ock, after his usefulness ran out.

He prides himself on coming prepared for various situations, while having contingency plans to help him. Indeed, when mutated by Doc Ock, he revealed he expected his betrayal and made him his test subject in revenge. When meeting Carnage Queen, he revealed he anticipated her rebellious nature and built a control device to keep her in line, as well as revealing that he disabled the S.H.I.E.L.D. computer voice commands.

When mutated, he seemed to have lost his sense of reason and went on a rampage. However, he appeared to have regain his humanity after undergoing an evolution and coming to master his abilities.


Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6


During Doctor Octopus's plan to recreate the Sinister Six, he is working on a new white symbiote. HYDRA's de-facto leader, Arnim Zola arrives and at the hidden lab at the port and Doctor Octopus believes that he is going to berate him for wasting his time and resources by chasing Spider-Man. Zola assures him that he isn't and reveals that HYDRA values their partnership and that they only disagree about priorities but to show their support, Zola is assigning Doctor Octopus with Dr. Michael Morbius as his lab assistant. Dr. Morbius excitedly reveals that it is an honor to be working with Doctor Octopus and that he has studied all his work. Doctor Octopus comments that he always should. Dr. Morbius asks him about how he works on the symbiote and Doctor Octopus answers that the question he was asked is not as ignorant as he thought. Before he can tell him anymore, he reminds himself and the two that he can’t give anymore secrets, that he also works alone and demands that they leave his lab. Zola then tells him that it is HYDRA’s lab and reminds him that he must respect their support before leaving. Irritated, Doctor Octopus tells Dr. Morbius to put gloves on and that if he is going to be spying for Zola, then he would have to make himself useful. The two then proceed to work on the symbiote. Meanwhile, Spider-Man, Agent Venom and Patrioteer (who has joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy) locate the lab and infiltrate it and proceed to the lab. Doctor Octopus who is looking at the white symbiote finds it infuriating and that must succeed. Dr. Morbius tells him about being sure that he considered a ten nanosecond neutron pulse rather than a steady string and Doctor Octopus agrees with him and proceeds to do what Dr. Morbius suggested. Dr. Morbius sees it to be upset and Doctor Octopus agrees that symbiotes always are and that change can be unsettling. They both find the new symbiote to be a success before Doctor Octopus comments about his minor contribution to have been noted. Dr. Morbius thanks him but Doctor Octopus claims that he did it. Both of them are then surprised by the white symbiote’s obedience to commands. Doctor Octopus then believes that the new symbiote will be Spider-Man’s downfall. Spider-Man, Agent Venom, and Patrioteer then accidentally enter the lab with Spider-Man commenting about it being a scouting trip. While Dr. Morbius flees and calls for HYDRA Soldiers, Doctor Octopus tells him to remain calm and that it is not together unforeseen. Doctor Octopus then releases the Anti-Venom and it attacks Agent Venom by purifying him before bonding with Patrioteer. Morbius reveals that Anti-Venom is going for the Venom symbiote. Doctor Octopus is surprised that Anti-Venom’s physical being is finally opposed with that of Venom and believes it to be a tool that will annihilate Agent Venom. During the fight, Morbius flees out of the lab into the port. After Iron Patriot arrives to help, Spider-Man catches Dr. Morbius and before he can threaten him, Dr. Morbius quickly agrees to reveal everything. He reveals that Anti-Venom can't be stopped or altered but a specialized inhibitor will be able to knock it out. After Spider-Man uses the inhibitor to knock Anti-Venom out, he along with Iron Patriot carry an injured Agent Venom and unconscious Anti-Venom away. After Doctor Octopus finds Dr. Morbius tied up, he confesses that Spider-Man made him talk but Doctor Octopus tells him that he doesn’t need to apologize and reveals that all is falling into place and that he is always one step ahead.

The Symbiote Saga: Part 1

Later, after Doctor Octopus and the Sinister Seven's failed attack on the Triskelion and Zola and HYDRA Island sunk to the bottom of the ocean, Crossbones becomes HYDRA's new de-facto leader and orders Dr. Morbius to retrieve another sample of the Venom symbiote. He dons a HYDRA armor and after he finds Spider-Man and a recovered Agent Venom, he attacks them. He fires at them with Spider-Man commenting that he just broke out of his shell. He fires webs at him but Dr. Morbius avoids them before firing missiles. Spider-Man tries to get Agent Venom to leave but Morbius blasts a missile onto a water tower to wash Spider-Man away. Agent Venom attacks but is temporarily knocked out by him. Spider-Man uses his webs to throw Dr. Morbius away while asking where he got his new toys. He then asks why HYDRA didn't go off the grid while they sank HYDRA Island before punching him down a building. Unfortunately, Morbius recovers fast by flying again. He then calls Spider-Man a fool and comments about with HYDRA, he can destroy one head. He continues firing at Spider-Man before the roof corner of building that he shot at starts collapsing. Spider-Man webs it up and Dr. Morbius takes the advantage to knock him down and pin him down. Agent Venom is unable to stop the roof from collapsing, so Spider-Man shoots a web on Morbius before webbing the roof up even more. Agent Venom finds that his symbiote is out of control before Morbius takes the advantage to use a gadget to take a sample of the symbiote and escapes back to a tower. Doctor Octopus, who is chained, claims that he is back in one piece. Dr. Morbius comments that he is not surprised and is also disappointed before telling him that HYDRA cannot trust him to leave the lab. Crossbones makes contact and Dr. Morbius reveals the captured Venom symbiote before revealing that he is following Zola’s orders in his absence just like he promised. Crossbones angrily tells him that he doesn’t care if he got the symbiote but he does want him to do something with it and he is also pleased that Dr. Morbius pulled off what Doctor Octopus couldn’t which makes Doctor Octopus very angry. Dr. Morbius reveals that it is only the beginning and with Doctor Octopus as his assistant, he will create a weaponized armor for HYDRA in which no one has ever seen. Doctor Octopus becomes even angrier at having to be the lab assistant and claims that he is one of the greatest minds on the planet. Crossbones angrily reminds him that they watched him waste it on obsessing with Spider-Man. He also reminds him that with Zola and HYDRA Island gone, he is the new leader before telling him that he is lucky that Dr. Morbius needs him alive to finish the experiment before ending the contact. Dr. Morbius asks him if he has the nutrient ready before Doctor Octopus reveals he increased the liquid concentrations to stabilize the reaction that he insisted upon and gives it to him. Dr. Morbius takes it and brags that Doctor Octopus made himself useful before telling him that out of all his creations, this will be the greatest creation he will ever be associated with. While Dr. Morbius's back is turned, Doctor Octopus experiments on a vampire bat formula. Dr. Morbius begins the experiment while also using sonic waves to get it working. The experiment becomes successful and it is revealed to be a red and black symbiote. Dr. Morbius finds it glorious and claims that Venom and Anti-Venom are all just stepping stones compared to the new symbiote and claims that his assistant is witnessing the birth of a perfect weapon. Doctor Octopus tells him that they will see before Dr. Morbius brags that one of them will and reveals that now that they are successful, he won’t need Doctor Octopus anymore. He sends in two HYDRA Soldiers and Doctor Octopus angrily asks him what he is doing before Dr. Morbius reveals that he is finished working with him and orders the HYDRA Soldiers to see to him. Spider-Man and Agent Venom arrive having followed Flash’s symbiote to the experimented symbiote. Doctor Octopus knocks the HYDRA Soldiers out and injects Dr. Morbius with the vampire bat serum. Dr. Morbius asks him what he had done while suffering the effects and Doctor Octopus reveals that he has turned him into his latest creation. Dr. Morbius in return throws the red and black symbiote on him and it turns him into and red and black symbiote version on himself (he is referred also as Monster Ock). While Monster Ock attacks Spider-Man, Agent Venom witnesses Dr. Morbius turning into a vampire bat-like monster. Agent Venom finds that Doctor Octopus and Dr. Morbius are weird before he gets attacks by Morbius. Agent Venom attacks back but Morbius scratches him. Agent Venom finds Morbius's form to be gross before Morbius flies and scratches him again. He fires missiles at him but Morbius flies and avoids all of them. He then swoops in and knocks Agent Venom down before escaping into the city. Spider-Man and Agent Venom remove the red and black symbiote from Doctor Octopus and while being separated from him, the symbiote neutralizes his nanobot form which turns him back into his old crippled form and leaves him in a coma. The red and black symbiote, however, creates its own form and calls itself: Carnage (which is named after the first Carnage symbiote that Green Goblin created.). It then gets blown up so that its pieces can bond with all the people of New York City.

The Symbiote Saga: Part 2

Dr. Morbius is only seen in a flashback when Spider-Man explains the events of the Carnage symbiote's invasion.

The Symbiote Saga: Part 3

Morbius later manages to somehow evolve closer to his human form but remains a vampire (he is referred also as Morbius the Living Vampire). After the Carnage symbiote envelopes Midtown High School, he enters the place. Spider-Man and Agent Venom enter the place and after fighting a few Carnage drones, they meet Morbius. They are surprised by his new appearance before he demands to know where she is because he promised HYDRA a master piece. The two heroes are confused before Spider-Man jokes about his appearance as not the only thing being distorted. Morbius takes this as mockery and flies up. He then decides that if they don't have what he needs, then he will have no use for them. He then swoops at them but they dodge him. Agent Venom reminds Morbius about taking a sample of his symbiote and then decides to attack him for it and also saving Spider-Man in the process. Morbius reveals that the serum that Doctor Octopus injected him with didn't just change his appearance before demonstrating his new life energy draining on Agent Venom. Spider-Man kicks him and comments about it making him have any friends. They fight before Morbius knocks Spider-Man down. He finds it two spiders efficient and in the way of his greatest creation no longer. He then starts draining their life energies before Patrioteer (who was freed from the destroyed Anti-Venom symbiote) stops him and calls him another bully. They fight and Patrioteer calls him a reject. He is surprised by another hero with full life and tries to drain the life energy out of Patrioteer but it has no effect on his armor. Morbius is surprised by this and Patrioteer reveals that it's not magic, that he's just using the science of energy transfer and that his armor was designed to protect him from all different kinds of life energy drainings. They then hear a sound before Morbius reveals that it's the cavalry which is revealed to be Carnage spider drones. Spider-Man wanders how Carnage can do this before Morbius reveals that its just as he hoped and that they're evolving on their own. He then leaves to find his master piece. The three heroes give chase before he reveals that he will find her and that he will search this school until he has found the queen. The queen is revealed to be Mary Jane Watson bonded with the Carnage symbiote. Morbius finds her along with the other three heroes. He asks her if she recognizes him before revealing that he is her creator. He reveals that her host's body had contact with Venom, Anti-Venom and Carnage making her the perfect vessel for the queen. The Carnage Queen dismisses this and believes herself to be the creator before ordering her minions to destroy them. Spider-Man reveals that Mary Jane has a will of iron and that she will be able to break free from Carnage. Morbius reveals a mind control device and taunts that Spider-Man fails where he succeeds. The Carnage Queen attacks him but he dodges all of her attacks before managing to place the mind control on her head. He reveals that he knew that she would uncontrollable and that he had a contingency. He then orders her to capture the heroes. While the Carnage Queen fights Agent Venom and Patrioteer, Spider-Man brings Morbius down and takes the mind control watch. Unfortunately, the Carnage symbiote knocks the device out of his hand and Morbius retrieves it back. He reveals that the symbiote and Mary Jane are bonded for life and that nothing can separate them from each other. He then orders her to capture the heroes in which she does. They are taken to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base under the school where Crossbones and HYDRA are (who were aware of where it was). Spider-Man asks if he's going to gloat but Crossbones reveals that it's not his style and takes Spider-Man's hand to have the computer recognize him. Morbius proceeds to operate the computer while telling Spider-Man to give him some credit as if he wouldn't disable voice recognization. He then proceeds to put the HYDRA missiles back on. Spider-Man reveals that they were disarmed decades ago before Morbius reveals that they are now rearmed with Carnage drones in them and that the Carnage army will secure the planet for HYDRA. Crossbones reminds Morbius that they got what they wanted from Spider-Man and orders him to finish the heroes. Morbius orders the Carnage Queen to destroy Spider-Man but he tells her that she and her host can work together. Morbius angrily tells her to obey him but Spider-Man destroys the mind control device. The Carnage Queen turns on her creator which shocks Morbius. Crossbones angrily tells him that if he thinks he can reason with her then he is a bigger fool than Doctor Octopus ever was. Crossbones escapes with HYDRA for the launching and leaving Morbius alone. The Carnage Queen grabs him before he decides to drain the life energy from her. Unfortunately, the Carnage Queen isn't infected by this and reveals that she is not life and that she is Carnage. She then drains the life energy out of him which kills him in the process. Spider-Man, Agent Venom and Patrioteer manage to break Mary Jane from the Carnage Queen (however, a piece of it still remained in her body) and stop the HYDRA missiles from launching.


Friends and Allies


Powers and Abilities

  • Mutated Physiology: Due to his DNA merging with the DNA of a vampire bat, Morbius has transformed into a living vampire with all the attributes of a regular vampire and none of the weaknesses.
    • Superhuman Strength: He has displayed a certain degree of enhanced strength while restraining the Carnage Queen.
    • Energy Transference: He can transfer the bio-energy produced from any living being's organs, into himself to allow himself to regenerate from damage and to prolong his life and youthful vitality. However, he cannot do so if the being is wearing a protective suit. This is not a supernatural feat, but more of a bio-energy absorption feat.
    • Flight: He has retractable bat wings on his back which he can used for quick flight.
    • Fangs & Talons: As a result of the metamorphosis, he has talons and fangs similar to a Vampire.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: He has displayed a significantly high amount of intelligence, being able to create a Symbiote with the ability to regenerate and evolve at a incredible pace. He is also able to create several devices to suit his needs.



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  • This version of Morbius is the first to be a HYDRA agent.
  • He is one of the few villains to be killed.
  • He is the first and only character to ever be killed by MJ.

Background in other media

  • Second animated appearance of Morbius the Living Vampire, the first in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
  • His bat hybrid form is similar to the one in Spider-Man: The Animated Series episode The Immortal Vampire where the Neogenic Recombinator made him a bat hybrid with wings.
  • In the comics, Morbius tried to cure himself from a rare blood disease with an experimental treatment involving vampire bats but it turned him into a vampire instead, while in the series, Morbius is injected by Doctor Octopus, turning him into a vampire.
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