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Marc Spector

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The Moon Knight Before Christmas

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The Moon Knight Before Christmas

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Diedrich Bader


Moon Knight is a hero introduced in Ultimate Spider-Man.

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The Moon Knight is first showed chasing a little girl across from the Sanctum Sanctorum, which Spidey is housesitting. Because of this, and the girl looking innocent, though she turns out to be the daughter of villain Mysterio & out to avenge him, Spider Man assumes Moon Knight is a bad guy. Later, however, it's revealed that he's actually on his side.


  • Precognition: He is able to see and hear clear glimpses about the future event concerning sorcery. It is still unknown whether he speaks to either the moon itself or a Lunar Pagan Deity.
  • Enhanced Condition: His natural physical abilities appear to be at superhuman limits, ranging from strength, speed, agility, endurance, healing, senses and stamina.
  • Gadgetry: He uses an arsenal of gadgetry, including a Vigilante Armored Suit with a cape.
  • Martial Artist: He has shown himself to be a very capable combatant.
  • Superior Athlete: Due to his advanced agility and gadgetry, he has shown great free running skills.


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  • First animated appearance of Moon Knight (and Marc Spector).
    • He made a small cameo in the Avengers Assemble series where he was one of the potential recruits and that he was located in Egypt. He will still make his second animated appearance in the series' fourth season Avengers Assemble: Secret Wars.


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