Mary Jane Watson (Earth-TRN455)
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Mary Jane Watson

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Daily Bugle

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The Spider-Verse: Part 2

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The Spider-Verse: Part 2

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Tara Strong

Mary Jane Watson was an older alternate universe counterpart of Mary Jane Watson from the Noir Universe.


Like her alternate counterpart, this Mary Jane was very supportive of her world's version of Spider-Man and wants to show him that he really is a hero.

She is also very brave, attempting to attack Green Goblin, a villain much bigger and stronger than she is. Her last act was gathering the many endangered civilians from a building and making sure they got out.


Season 3: Web-Warriors

The Spider-Verse: Part 2

When Green Goblin uses the Siege Perilous with Electro as it's power source to open gateways to universes parallel to their own, Spider-Man follows his arch-nemesis to the 2099 Universe, the Gender Flipped Universe before heading to the Noir Universe. He meets Spider-Man Noir and they hear Mary Jane Watson on the radio covering about the new Daily Bugle airship. Spider-Man is happy that she managed to make it as an ace reporter but Spider-Man Noir reveals that he isn't and that he pushed her way as well because bad things happen to dames that hang out with guys like himself. Spider-Man reveals that he thought that as well but reasons that he doesn't have to push friendships away to be a hero. They then hear Mary Jane reporting that everyone in the airship is being attacked by a maniac on a glider and throwing pumpkin bombs. This alerts the Spider-Men that it's Green Goblin before they hear Mary Jane being taken hostage. Green Goblin mockingly assures them that it will be a short flight before Mary Jane defies that he will get away with it. Green Goblin then reveals that Spider-Man Noir will have to stop him. He uses the microphone to bait Spider-Man Noir to come and stop him. Mary Jane tries to hit him with a fire extinguisher but Green Goblin sees this in the window and knocks it out of her out the window. He mocks that she is no threat to him before Mary Jane assures that Spider-Man Noir will stop him. Green Goblin realizes that she cares for him and decides that in order to catch a spider; he will need a fly and uses her to lure Spider-Man Noir by handcuffing her to the ladder and throwing her down. Spider-Man arrives to save her with Mary Jane at first mistaking him for Spider-Man Noir by asking him why he's dressed like a "clown". Spider-Man tells her that her Spider-Man Noir will be along and frees her. Green Goblin joyfully believes that he would've had to go through all of this for nothing. Spider-Man jumps up to put Mary Jane back on board. Green Goblin ambushes him and angrily sees that he is still following him. While commenting on getting a jetpack, he mistakenly kicks Green Goblin onto the float's switch which causes it to go down. Green Goblin then madly uses the wheel to turn onto its side to let a few people fall. Spider-Man Noir arrives and Spider-Man tells him to handle Green Goblin while he saves the civilians. They fight but Spider-Man Noir gains the upper hand and beats Green Goblin down with Mary Jane and a few other civilians cheering him and taking a photo. Mary Jane manages to stop Spider-Man Noir from leaving by calling him "Hard Boiled". She asks him why he brushed her off even after they used to be friends. He finally reveals that he couldn't risk it if aynthing happened to her or anybody else but Mary Jane tells him that he can't live in fear of what might happen, that he cares some much for others and let someone care for him. Unfortunately, this gives Green Goblin the advantage to use his bat gadget to collect Spider-Man Noir's DNA. He believes that one spider is getting closer to his ultimate goal. Spider-Man snatches it but Green Goblin blasts the floats controls and knocks Spider-Man down. He takes the bat gadget back while telling him that nothing gets by him except himself and leaves on his glider. Mary Jane reveals that if the blimp crashes, it will torch Midtown. Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir decide to crash it into the river. Jameson calls for Mary Jane and she tells him to hold on to his hat because there are two Spider-Men in New York. Jameson calls them menaces but Mary Jane calls him out on his before telling him that they're heroes and reveals that she has photos to prove it. Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir take Mary Jane and a few civilians to safety while the blimp crashes and explodes into the river. Spider-Man tells Spider-Man Noir that good things happen when he he lets people into his life with Mary Jane agreeing with him and this gives Spider-Man Noir something to think about and congratulates his counterpart. Green Goblin appears and congratulates his Spider-Man and claims that he's a winner as well before opening another portal to the next universe. Spider-Man reveals that he doesn't like his nemesis with Spider-Man Noir reminding him that he got his DNA. Spider-Man reveals that he must follow Green Goblin alone and bids farewell to his counterpart and Mary Jane while referring to him as "tough guy". Spider-Man Noir wishes him the same while referring to him as "wise guy." Spider-Man then heads into the next universe.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 3

After Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid enter the Noir Universe, they get into a conflict between Mr. Fixit and Hammerhead's gangs. Spider-Man Noir also gets involved where it is revealed that he blames Mr. Fixit for Mary Jane being gone. However, Mr. Fixit reveals that he tried to save her. He reveals that Hammerhead set the building to collapse on him and he tried to warn everyone to leave until Mary Jane went into the building to get people to safety. He tried to hold the building as long as he could but in the end it wasn't good enough and reveals that what Mary Jane did was the bravest thing he ever saw. Spider-Man Noir reveals that he never knew and apologizes for not being a better guy to not misjudge him and that Kid Arachnid earned the process. This makes them work together to defeat Mr. Negative before Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid head into the next universe.


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